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Alistair Overeem says Scott Coker promised him October date for Grand Prix

With the term “Golden Gate” referring to more than a historic bridge in San Francisco over the past week, it was only a matter of time before the publc heard from the man whose release from Strikeforce kicked off Zuffa’s professional separation from Holland’s Golden Glory gym – Alistair Overeem.

The former Strikeforce heavyweight champ sat down with HDNet’s “Inside MMA” where he discussed the circumstances surrounding his newfound free agency.

“I was promised personally by Scott (Coker) that the second round of the Strikeforce Grand Prix was going to be held in October,” Overeem began when asked about his adamant opposition to fighting a month earlier as was eventually requested of him. “Well that all changed. I heard about two-and-a-half weeks ago that they wanted to change the date to September 10.”

“The reasons are unknown,” he continued before speculating that the decision may have been related to the UFC holding other events in October and attempting to avoid competing against their own programming.

Overeem went on to explain injuries he’d suffered against Fabricio Werdum in June prevented him from training, a fact he relayed to his bosses only to be told he would be removed from the tournament if he wasn’t able to compete when required. Then, after again communicating his inability to properly prepare for his quarterfinal fight against Antonio Silva, the Dutchman said the “threat” changed to him being dropped from the roster entirely.

“I said, ‘Well then go ahead and cut me,’ and they went along and cut me.”

Questioning whether he’d made his decision hastily, “The Demolition Man” opted to see a doctor and make sure the damage was as bad as he believed. It turned out things were actually worse when an X-Ray revealed a broken rib requiring an additional month of recovery time (documented on video).

“The strange thing is Strikeforce they cut me…but they didn’t ask me for any medical evidence. I don’t know what they were thinking. Maybe they were thinking I was bluffing or something. I don’t know.”

Answering to critics who felt he may have been using his injuries as leverage in contract negotiations, Overeem quickly dismissed the notion though admitted it would have been a “golden situation” to be in the Grand Prix final without a deal in place. He also revealed the extension he was originally offered to stay involved an exclusivity clause meaning he would no longer be able to compete in K-1 or DREAM.

The conversation ended with Overeem expressing his interest in eventually fighting in the Octagon, alluding to Junior dos Santosand Cain Velasquez as opponents he’s interested in facing, but saying he didn’t know if it would ever happen at this point.


  • Rece Rock says:

    whatever… mma is bigger then just you Overeem.

  • G-DUB says:

    For the fans, MMA needs Overeem. MMA needs Fedor. MMA needs Coenen. Not having these top fighters in the mix robs fans of fights they desperately want to see and the sport needs to build excitement and answer questions. Up to this point, I’ve generally been on Dana’s side. However now it seems he’s simply taken his bully mentality too far. Either that or he’s not doing a sufficient job explaining the reasoning behind his actions to the fan base.

  • I’m on the Alistar leash. I watch where he goes. Rest is needed for fighters and the promotions will have better fights if they let fighters rest and there are fighters out there like Randy Couture I want to watch fight for a very long time so PROPS to Overeem. Overeem is World wide.. I think Zoofa/StrikeForce forgot that even they are not bigger than some fighters.. a least not Zoofa/StrikForce alone.

  • Angry Mike says:

    No athlete is bigger than the sport. The sport always continues after the athlete is gone. Ask Ali, Jordan, Montana, Gretzky, Dimagio or Williams.

  • Niv says:

    True no player is bigger than their sport, but the sport isn’t offering it’s best if they exclude top talent.

    I said from the beginning that this is just a power play by Zuffa. They stomp on anyone they sense is, or will be a threat; the cost of course is in the end where we’ll never truly know who the best actually is.

    I’m a little surprised more people aren’t pissed with Zuffa over this, when these tactics seem to jump off the page. I think about John Fitch and AKA being banned from the UFC for refusing to sign away likeness rights. This here is another example of the UFC throwing its weight around because it wants to do things its way or the highway.

  • Niv says:

    Angry Mike just for arguments sake if Ali, Jordan, Montana, Dimiagio or Williams never played in the leagues they did we never would have known how high the bar could be set, would we?

    So without the Reem, or Coenen or even Fedor we still are left where we were a year ago as far as mma goes, just a lot of opinion on who the best really is but no-one will really know for sure.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    When the ZUFFA purchase was anounced I was ripped to shreds for saying it was the worst thing for fans, well look what is happening. No overeem, no Golden Glory, SF gp is a farce, we have no SF WW champion, those that had been shelved in SF are still shelved, Fedor has been dropped and no doubt M1 will be too. So fans loose, fighters loose but Dana is rubbing his hands because he is making money and fucking fans and fighters to do so. Still we will have the guys saying but SF was this and SF was that to which I say, SF is truely fucked now, you happy?. Ohh and those FOOLS that said that boxing is bad cuz the best dont fight and then naming 1 match up involving Pac Man and Mayweather, well that fight can happen but you could name dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of fights that have been prevented from happening and continue to be prevented. Thats right they CANT HAPPEN, at least in boxing they can and mostly do. The UFC is something that will eventually fall or change it’s ways, I will be looking forward to that day. Good luck to those that think we owe Dana White for getting it sanctioned, which is false, or that he started The UFC, which is false or that he is good for MMA, WHICH IS FASE!

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Um FALSE

  • Rece Rock says:

    You guys are missing the whole point… The business side of things is what these fighters aren’t compliant with… They need to drop there mgmt or force them to do things the right way… Look at Nick Diaz his couch also manages him is there any issues with getting Nick bigger n better opportunities? NO! Because his camp/ mgt is playing the game and doing what they gotta do…. Golden glory wasn’t so it’s on them & Reems dumb commentary… Let’s see if GG can line up Reem against one of the Klitsckos, like he was flapping about… Yeah good luck with that. Golden Glory supporting there fighter not fighting in Sept for his emoloyeer BUT then signing him to fight for Themselves in Oct just shows you the lack of business savvy or sense these guys actually have… I repeat Overeem isn’t bigger then mma, he didn’t defend his title for over 2years and no one cared until Fedor got signed and even then the back & forth btn M-1 & GG showed you how much they care to put on the fights fans want to see… Think about it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Who gives a fuck about biz. Why do you care so much for the UFCs profit margin and Dana’s retirement fund. Fuck Dana and ZUFFA. I want to see the best compete and they, like fucking always, are stopping it from happening.

  • MCM says:

    Who care about business? Fedor and Overeem.
    Fedor could have made just as big a paycheck (or more) fighting for the UFC, but he couldn’t have his business, M-1, co promote. It was a better business move to go to SF. Not because they had better fighters, but because he could make more money.
    Overeem wants to make 3 paychecks instead of one, so he told Zuffa to fire him if they wouldn’t let him compete in Dream and K-1. Overeem/Golden Glory thinks that he can make more money fighting for smaller orgs, so they made a business decision to risk losing the one high profile contract they had.
    It’s easy to blame Dana but fighters have choices too. The UFC has rules, that apply to every fighter under contract. Those rules have to be followed to be allowed to play in their “league”. As a fighter, you don’t have to play for them. You can choose to fight in other orgs, in other countries and that’s entirely your right.
    Henderson moved to SF cause it was a better business decision at the time. And I don’t recall you ranting an raving about how unfair he was being cause now we wouldn’t get to see him compete against the best.

    And remember, no one owes you anything. If you like watching MMA, then watch it. But if you don’t, neither Dana, Overeem, Fedor, M-1, S.F. or the UFC is gonna even notice.

  • Rece Rock says:

    The NFL lock out just ended
    The NBA is in a Lock out
    The NHL & The MLB have teams facing Bankruptcy…

    Your right Logic who gives a fuck about business when it comes to sports… money makes the fucking world go round… Zuffa isn’t doing this for shits & giggles.

  • and besides…Overeem doesnt give a fuck about the best fighting the best and Neither does Fedor…Todd Duffee Brett rogers, Andre Arlovski….none of these guys are the best…they care about their pocket book. So to further Rece’s Point….Pride was on its way down…thankfully Zuffa bought them and brought us such fights as Nog vs. Sylvia…Chuck vs. Wanderlei…Rampage vs. Chuck 2…Shogun vs. Forrest…and alot of less marquee fights that Im not even mentioning. Dream doesnt pay people or tries to hold them up when they want some of their guarantee up front to make sure they get SOMETHING.
    Affliction went under due to throwing too much money at people who werent worth it and while both of their cards were good…if the UFC loses a fighter they can replace him, or scrap the fight and move another one up from the undercard. Not scrap the event let alone the whole fuckin promotion.

    You act as if SF had any WW depth before Diaz left…as a matter of fact, I think that’s WHY Diaz left…a better payday, For more notoriety…to fight the best.(Overeem did the opposite)

    No Dana didnt sanction MMA..or invent it…but he is the force of the biggest and all around best Organization there is that shows it on tv. Best in everyway exxcept for your opinion on how they handle primadonnas.. Einemo and coenen..i still feel for them.

  • JBAR says:

    I have a love hate relationship with zuffa / Dana. On one hand they and their business practices have made MMA what it is today in the US. Prior to that the UFC was struggling to even find a location that would allow them to hold an event or cable and sat. companies to show events even on PPV. Given where the UFC was and where it is today it is hard to question the effectiveness of their business model. As a fan, I still think it sucks when the Fedor, Overeem, Fitch type stuff happens but I get over it and enjoy the next card of great fights. When money get’s involved some things get better and other things suffer. I was a competitor 20 years ago, there was no money, little or no rules and we had a blast because we were fighting just for the love of it. There was not a lot of really top notch fighters at that time because there was no money in it, who is going to train and get the shit kicked out of them for free unless they are one of the few who just love the sport and have a family situation that will allow it? When the money get’s involved you attract more talent but now business decisions have to be made. I still hate some of the rule changes but they were business decisions needed to secure the approval of states athletic commisions, I get it and I got over it.
    Without Zuffa and Dana’s efforts and money the UFC would be just as dead as affliction instead we get 12+ PPV’s and countless free fight night’s a year with top notch competition. So as a fan what happened with the fighter’s this week sucks but damn, get over it and get ready for Bones Jones and Rampage, the glass is not half empty my friends, not even close.


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