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Strikeforce terminates Alistair Overeem’s contract with one fight remaining

Shockwaves were sent through the MMA world this evening when it was revealed the owner of Strikeforce’s much-maligned heavyweight championship, Alistair Overeem, had been dropped from the promotion with one fight remaining on his contract.

The jaw-dropping news came via a report on HDNet’s “Inside MMA” where injuries were cited as the reason for his release with a reference also made in regards to the Dutchman’s refusal to fight in September as part of the promotion’s World Grand Prix semifinal round.

Overeem exits Strikeforce with a 4-0 record including wins over Vitor Belfort, Brett Rogers, and Fabricio Werdum. His last appearance under the Strikeforce banner came in June against Werdum where he outpointed the submission artist in a lackluster result to what had previously been billed as a “must see” heavyweight fight.

While his MMA future is unknown, one certainty for the 31-year old appears to be an October date in the Netherlands as part of a United Glory kickboxing event. Overeem has also expressed interest in trying his hand (or hands as they case may be) in boxing.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    Holy Crap…….

  • MCM says:

    So, why wasn’t this an option when he didn’t defend his belt for 21/2 years?

    Probably cause Dana didn’t want him then.

  • Alistar must have really pressed the issue of not fighting untill octoaber.. I don’t think its that far away. Alistar has a right to fight as healthy as he can. . .he only asked for a extra couple months. I think the UFC is making a selfish decision. I want to see Alistar fight big foot..bottom line though..Alistar is loved all over the world and be the main draw so he really doesn’t have to care about this at all. With that being said it is a huge loss with Fedor being out and now Alistar. Those are the two I wanted to watch. Daniel Cormier is a serious stud but come, does anyone really think he is the next big thing at 32 years old.

    My last statement is that I don’t think the UFC should own and keep separate fight companies if they aren’t going to fight the guys against each promotion I mean.. they ask guys in the same training camps to fight why not Strike Force vs UFC

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Hard to read what is going on here. 1 of 2 things could be happening. He may either be headed for the UFC or he may be 1 of the best fighters in the world that refuses to play ball with ZUFFA and as a result, we dont get to see him fight the UFC or Strikeforce elite.
    I hope he is headed for the UFC but it wouldnt surprise me if dana gets on twitter and trash talks Overeem in the next few days. God I hate the false spin that guy peddles when he doesnt get his way or he has a disagreement with a figher. The guy is just a real catty bitch.
    My opinion is that Overeem and the UFC had a little fight over pay etc. This would not have happened if Overeems last win was better. The UFC tries to stand over fighters after poor performances and does not like it when fighters are not cooperative or intimidated (see Fedor + M1, Hendo, Arlovski, Werdum, Duffee etc). This sux, now if a figher has a falling out with ZUFFA we not only do not have the oportunity to see him fight in the UFC but we dont get to see him fight Strikeforce fighters either.
    Hope Im wrong.

  • Rece Rock says:

    oh well… the guy is a flake any way.

  • elkymbo says:

    I hope you’re wrong too Logic. It’ll be a fucken shame if Overeem doesn’t fight in the UFC. Interesting times in the world of mma at the moment.

  • Sykotick says:

    Good riddence if you ask me, what’s the point in having him around when he won the belt how many years ago and has defended it how many times?!
    One of the best fighters in the world?! The guy wilts under pressure when in there against the best in the world!
    He did it against chuck and shogun and everyone screamed that those fights are irrelevant cuz they happened so long ago, yet look what happened against Dum.
    That fight was supposed to be a walk in the park for him cuz he has good takedown defense and is an “elite” k-1 level striker, which is justified by people because he beat a Badr Hari who was at like 45% when he fought him the first time, yet when they got together again for the rematch Hari put Mr. Dman down.
    Fuck where was I? Oh yeah, he was supposed to smash Dum cuz of his takedown defense and K1 striking, yet when Dum put a little pressure on him he backed up and turtled. Imagine how bad Bigfoot would have dropped him with the size advantage and how he pressures.
    Don’t remember where I was going with this and unfortunately I dropped my phone and can’t scroll up anymore but Overeem is a good fighter but one of the best he is not. I would bet on him against Bigfoot or Fedor or Barnett, hell I wouldn’t bet on him against Pat “Mr. Inconsistent Hype” Barry.
    As for the ufc being selfish, lol get over it. The Zuffa is boss and like any boss, when they tell you to come in to work you don’t say “mmm no, not today maybe in a week”.
    I can’t remember who said it but it was a brilliant line and thought, he just can’t fight cuz of his cycle.

  • elsicilian says:

    “I don’t think the UFC should own and keep separate fight companies if they aren’t going to fight the guys against each promotion I mean.. they ask guys in the same training camps to fight why not Strike Force vs UFC”

    I am pretty sure that Zuffa is only maintaining separate fight companies to ensure compliance with the vagaries of existing television/promotion deals and fighter contracts. Once those run their course, I would expect that Strikeforce will be folded into the UFC (a la WEC). Every time Zuffa wants to stage a meaningful Strikeforce/UFC fight (like the upcoming Nick Diaz vs. GSP), Showtime probably threatens to sue them, and Zuffa ends up having to split the PPV revenue. That’s just the cost of doing business, but you can see why Zuffa might prefer to avoid doing too much cross-promotional stuff right now …

  • THEGUNNER says:

    This is an example for future fighters of u van work through an injury do it or get fired.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    its always the same, when a top fighter comes close to fighting in the UFC, but for whatever reason it falls through, everyone shouts he’s a flake, over rated, that he’d never make it in the ufc, and look what happened in this and that fight 6 years ago. truth is, we may never find out how good Alistair is now. just like with fedor, or Gegard, or wether Hendo could still cut it, or gilbert, or eddie alvarez, or joe warren etc. and that is a crying shame for all of us. for the best fighters in the sport we all love, to maybe never be tested against the current other top fighters because they won’t play the UFC game

    while some people say good riddance to him, i am absolutley gutted i dotn get to see potentially one of the best hw’s out there fight other great hw’s and prove all of our obviously correct opinions either right or wrong. it really fucking sucks.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Look Reem beat Paul buenatello ( huge challenge) for the title… Did nothing for 2 1/2 years with it… Beats Brett Rogers ( another big challenge)… Enters the GP puts on a lack luster performance with Werdum who didn’t do much either… Somehow gets injured in a boring fight and pulls out of the GP… Signs on to fight in Oct. Which is a matter of a few weeks difference after the sept.10 fight he couldn’t be ready for …

    FUCK this flake… He’s not even worthy of this much concern…. Realistically he isn’t beating any of the top 4 HWs in UFC sooo who cares.

  • Niv says:

    Well this was my single biggest concern when Zuffa bought out SF.

    This is Zuffa playing hardball to show no-one is allowed to stand up to them. In the end the fighters and fans lose and we’ll be fed propaganda that these TUF noobs are the best fighters in the world fighting on it’s biggest stage.

    I sense the Reem probably made a few hard demands and Zuffa said F U now before he earns a possible title shot in the UFC and then they have bigger issues. Too bad really as I was hoping for a future JDS vs Reem slugfest, but now we can all go on and slag him as he lost to Chuck Lidell in 2005 when Lidell was the UFC’s biggest hitter and Reem was a 205lb 22 year old up and comer.

    Either way it sucks and I’m losing respect for the UFC again.

  • TerribleT says:

    I agree 100% with hindsightufuk . . . . .I’m on the fence with Overeem,I don’t know if he’s really legit or if he’s just a pretender. I know 1 thing for sure,I was chompin’ at the bit to find out bcuz he certainly looks like a chiseled beast from hell ! . . . . . .but now sadly we may never know bcuz he may never get to fight any of the top MMA HW’s & all we will have is the speculation & opinions that I already hear too much of

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Man I had hoped this whole Heavyweight Tournament idea wouldn’t turn into a joke.
    They posponed the second event for so long.
    I don ‘t get why they won’t let the third one slide a month or two til Overeem says he’s ready.
    I understand that Zuffa is now running the show, but I still feel that they shoulda given THE CHAMP an extra month to recover.

    Here’s an idea ….drop the Heavyweight Champion from our company.
    It’s times like this where I love the current CM Punk angle.

    Although I understand that there may be more politics involved, I fully expect that Overeem will fight again under the Zuffa banner.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Winner of the GP awarded the belt… why the hell not?

  • El Sicilian….AWESOME point, very well thought out.

    Hindsightfuk, I agree, I want more than anything to put those discussions to rest and see Eddie Alvarez Gil and all the others you mentioned in the UFC fighting the best to prove us right or wrong.

    But finally on the subject of Overeem I want to state this properly.

    FUCK this flake…just like Rece said…couldnt have said it better, the guy has held up the secondmost premier organization’s talent pool for almost three years because Strikeforce let him. The guy is an OUTSTANDING fighter who has a great legacy and should be fighting the top of the HW heap wherever that may be, not fighting Todd Duffee on New years Dynamite. Strikeforce could be leaps and bounds ahead of where they are had they been able to get the big money fights done (Fedor vs. Overeem, Either vs. Barnett, Kharitov, etc.) instead we got to see him take on a glorified brawler in Brett Rogers after 2 1/2 years . I understand and support stickin it to the man but playing the UFC game leads to a bigger chance at notoriety which in the end leads to better longterm pay for yourself. Think of how awesome a UFC in Russia or The Netherlands could’ve been had either Alistair or Fedor played the game a little better.
    Everyone loves to blame the big bad corporation but let’s face it, had the UFC not taken off when and how it did, we here in the US would not get to watch MMA on primetime tv today. They always advance their business and had two of the greatest international stars got on board, the sport could be even bigger worldwide.
    Did anyone ever think of THAT?


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