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Marlon Sandro, Pat Curran continue on to “Summer Series” tournament final

The final foursome of featherweights left in Bellator‘s “Summer Series” tournament met Saturday night in front of a raucous Canadian crowd and delivered a pair of competitive clashes. Emerging from the semifinals were former Bellator 155-pound title-contender Pat Curran and 19-2 Brazilian Marlon Sandro who both outpointed their opposition in clear-cut fashion. The two well-rounded fighters will meet next month with the winner earning $100,000 and a shot at divisional champion Joe Warren.

Sandro kept things standing against his submission-savvy Nazareno Malegarie at Bellator 47, avoiding his adversary’s takedown attempts and getting the best of the striking exchanges. The same was true of Curran who did well-enough on his feet to fend off talented youngster Ronnie Mann and come away with the Unanimous Decision victory.

Read below for a full breakdown of Bellator 47 action including play-by-play from televised events:


Daron Cruickshank vs. Sergej Juskevic
Alex Ricci def. Alka Matewa via TKO Round 2
Will Romero def. Daniel Langbeen via Unanimous Decision
Alexandre Bezerra def. Jesse Gross via Submission Round 1 (Rear-Naked Choke)


Neil Grove vs. Zak Jensen

Round One: Both men cam out swinging. Jensen dropped Grove in the exchange and tried to finish him on the ground but Grove survived and put Jensen on his back. Grove landed some heavy punches from the guard before dropping back for a leg lock. As Grove had the leg lock with one arm, he punched Jensen in the face with the other while Jensen punched him in the body. Grove got back on top, avoided a triangle choke, and then pounded out Jensen with elbows, punches, and hammerfists, forcing the ref to stop the fight. Very entertaining slugfest while it lasted.

Result: Neil Grove def. Zak Jensen via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Chris Horodecki vs. Chris Saunders

Round One: One the feet early with both men trading kicks. Most significant strike with Saunders landing a spinning back fist. Horodecki got a takedown as Saunders went for a guillotine choke. After a scramble, Horodecki ended up in side control, where he went for a guillotine and rolled to his back but Saunders escaped. Horodecki reversed things though and ended up back on top. Saunders got to his feet but Horodecki put him back down. Saunders went for a kimura but Horodecki escaped. Horodecki ended the round on top, landing some good ground and pound. Strong round for Horodecki with his ground control. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Horodecki.

Round Two: Horodecki went for a takedown off a body kick but Saunders grabbed a guillotine on the way down. Horodecki managed to escape though. Horodecki was on top for nearly two minutes, landing short punches, before the ref stood them up. On the feet, Horodecki did a nice job landing a counter left hook when Saunders would throw. After trading knees to the body in the clinch, Horodecki scored with another takedown. Horodecki remained on top the rest of the round, landing short body shots and controlling Saunders. Another strong round for Horodecki on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Horodecki.

Round Three: Horodecki scored with an early takedown. Saunders got to his feet but Horodecki pushed him against the cage, where he controlled him until the ref broke them. Saunders went for a superman punch and once again ended up on his back as Horodecki ducked under and got the takedown. Horodecki stayed on top and had mount for a brief period of Saunders controlled his posture and Horodecki couldn’t break it. Horodecki remained on top the rest of the round though, staying busy with strikes. Another round for Horodecki based on his top control, should be a clean sweep. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Horodecki and the fight 30-27 for Horodecki.

Result: Chris Horodecki def. Chris Saunders via Unanimous Decision

Marlon Sandro vs. Nazareno Malegarie

Round One: A lot of missing early with both guys trying to find the range. Malegarie landed some good counter punches but looks a lot less comfortable on the feet. Sandro started to establish his jab and then wobbled Malegarie a bit with a right hand. Malegarie worked hard for a couple of takedowns but Sandro stuffed them. Malegarie continues to find a home for the left hook but not as much pop on his punches as Sandro has. Sandro continued to land the harder punches but Malegarie hung tough and fired back. Sandro slipped but regained his footing before Malegarie could pounce on him and the round ended. Good round for Sandro thanks to his power punching and jab. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Sandro.

Round Two: Sandro again started working his jab. Malegarie very wild with his striking but tagging Sandro with some good shots. Sandro is landing his fair share of punches as well though with more accuracy and power. Sandro scored with a takedown but Malegarie was right back up. Malegarie landed a good couple of straight right hands. Sandro got another takedown and landed a flurry of punches as Malegarie got to his feet. Sandro landed a beautiful jumping knee but Malegarie took it. Sandro controlled the end of the round in the clinch. Malegarie landed some good punches in the round but Sandro again landed the harder strikes and mixed in some takedowns. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Sandro.

Round Three: Sandro took it too Malegarie early in the round, landing some very good leg kicks and more power punches. Sandro really started to pick Malegarie off with the counter jab and left hook along with the straight right. Malegarie landed some good straight rights of his own but they weren’t as effective as Sandro’s. Sandro continued to land the harder punches but Malegarie hung tough and fired right back. Good exchange to end the round. Probably Malegarie’s best round but not quite enough to win it, or the fight as Sandro was just too powerful. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Sandro and the fight 30-27 for Sandro.

Result: Marlon Sandro def. Nazareno Malegarie via Unanimous Decision

Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann

Round One: Some quick exchanges early but neither man got the better of the other. Curran landing a good jumping knee but Mann took it well. Curran landed another knee followed by a left hook but then clinched. Curran got a takedown off the clinch but Mann neutralized him with the rubber guard. Curran passed to half guard and landed some good short punches as the round ended. Good round for Curran. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Curran.

Round Two: Both men patient on the feet to start the round. Mann started finding his rhythm a bit, putting together some good combinations and mixing things up while Curran was mainly throwing a jump knee and his right hand. Curran is the more aggressive of the two but Mann is landing the better volume. Curran went for a late round takedown but Mann turned it into a guillotine. The round ended though as Curran was about to escape. Close round but Curran was the more aggressive fighter and did more damage. Could go either way though. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Curran.

Round Three: Curran continued to use the jump knee to back up Mann and then throw his hands. Mann couldn’t seem to get anything going in this round and Curran started to take over with his jab and leg kicks. Mann landed some good counter rights but they were few and far between. Mann got a takedown off of Curran’s jump knee, got the back, and then went for a guillotine in the scramble as the round ended but couldn’t finish it. All Curran until the ending flurry, which wasn’t enough for Mann. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Curran and the fight 30-27 for Curran.

Result: Pat Curran def. Ronnie Mann via Unanimous Decision


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