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“Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson” Conference Call Highlights

Four of Strikeforce‘s top fighters including champions Dan Henderson and Marloes Coenen participated in a live conference call with media today telating to their upcoming bouts at “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson”. Also on hand were their opponents, Fedor Emelianenko and Miesha Tate respectively, as well as Strikeforce’s head-honcho Scott Coker.

Five Ounces of Pain listened in and is here to report back a handful highlights from the call including occasional soundbytes and other interesting nuggets of information. Read ahead and see what the quartet of Strikeforce stars have to say about the show, their opponents, and MMA in general…

Dan Henderson:

– Not gaining weight for the match-up wasn’t a conscious decision, as he has a hard time putting pounds on and joked that he ate well in preparation for the fight
– Feels he already has the strength to handle Fedor on the grappling front and still retains a speed advantage
– After cornering Matt Lindland against Emelianenko he learned to avoid getting caught in an Armbar
– Isn’t sure that Fedor fears him on any level but knows he is dangerous too
– Thinks Fedor was “a little out of shape” against Antonio Silva and could be more of a threat because the Russian’s back is against the wall after consecutive losses
– On the subject of who has the better right hand he says he isn’t sure but we’ll find out next week
– Fighting Fedor excites him / “He isn’t just another name.”
– Has no plans on leaving Strikeforce and would like to defend his title next
– Contract status aside he still plans to go out there and finish the fight, has no intention of playing it safe even though he isn’t sure what to expect in terms of options afterwards

Fedor Emelianenko:

– Beating Henderson would be a “very important victory” for him based on his reputation as a great fighter and champ
– He would like to be heavyweight champion again one day
– Has not prepared any different for this fight than he has in the past
– Says whether or not he will compete again after next weekend is up to “God’s will”
– Never felt he had any special talent in particular, that he kept fighting and kept winning so that’s how he’s arrived to the place he’s at now
– Isn’t thinking about whether he will win or lose so he hasn’t considered what or who is next
– Confidence hasn’t been affected by his two losses / “God has given me a certain path for my life and I have to go down that path.”
– Would rather answer questions about whether it’s time or not to retire AFTER the fight with Henderson
– What he learned from his losses is how to be more thankful to God
– Was not willing to commit to fighting beyond July 30, again deferring to God’s plan
– Expects to weigh a little bit less than he has before but isn’t sure exactly what it will be

Marloes Coenen:

– She’s been focusing on “small details” in training for Tate and learned a lot from her last fight (against Carmouche)
– Wrestling has been a big part of her preparation for the title-defense
– “Having a belt, trying to hold onto it, and chasing after a belt is part of the game and it’s exciting for me.”

Miesha Tate:

– Doesn’t feel Dana White is truly informed about Women’s MMA to make a judgment call on it and thinks he’ll pay more attention now that Strikeforce is a Zuffa property, says the opportunity to prove the sport’s worth has provided extra motivation
– “Ring rust is more of a mentality than anything else. If you let it get to you, you think ‘Oh my gosh it’s been a year since I’ve competed,’ then it’s going to get to you. It hasn’t been a year since I’ve fought – I do that on a daily basis with men in the gym.”
– Her knee is 100%

Scott Coker:

– Doesn’t think Fedor’s losses diminish his acomplishments and that Emelianenko is a legend of the sport / “With Fedor, losses are going to happen. He fought some really good guys.”
– Has not decided if the winner of Liz Carmouche vs. Sarah Kaufman will be named top contender to the winner of the title-fight between Coenen/Tate

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