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Tito Ortiz accepts main event match-up with Rashad Evans at UFC 133

After almost a full day of speculation since it was reported that Phil Davis was out of the UFC 133 main event against Rashad Evans with an injury, UFC finally found a replacement in the form of Tito Ortiz, fresh off his UFC 132 victory just 11 days ago. Evans and Ortiz previously met at UFC 73 all the back in June 2007. The fight ended in a draw after Ortiz was docked a point for grabbing the cage.

Dana White confirmed the fight on his twitter feed.

Ortiz was rumored to be the replacement for Davis just after news broke last night that he was out of the fight but turned it down stating that he didn’t feel the timing was right and that he wasn’t sure his body could peak again so soon after just fighting less than two weeks ago. Once Ortiz’ name was out of the race, UFC turned to Lyoto Machida to step in and face Evans but Machida turned down the bout as well, citing that he wouldn’t have enough time to prepare for the bout.

It appears that Dana and company made it worth Tito’s time as he’s done an about face since last night, accepting the fight and saving the UFC 133 main event. Ortiz will be returning to action on August 6, 35 days after submitting Ryan Bader on July 2.

The opponent likely made no difference for Evans, who was just eager to get back in the cage after being out of action since May 2010, when he defeated Quinton Jackson. Evans had the chance to fight last fall but declined in order to wait for his promised title fight and then when he was scheduled to face then UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua in March, Evans had to bow out of the fight with an injury. Now Evans looks to get back in the title picture with a win in August.


  • matt says:

    Yes!! I like this fight better than the original main event and I really liked the original main event. Tito and Rashad have a history of not liking each other and fought to a draw four years ago. Both are great trash talkers and both have their own problems to deal with. Rashad has been out of the cage for almost a year and a half and Tito is stepping in on very short notice.

    I was never really a Tito fan but after his last fight and by him stepping in to take this fight on 3 weeks notice against one of the best in the world Tito has gained a new fan in me.

  • MCM says:

    Much better fight than the original main event. Tito is ridding a high he hasn’t had in years and Rashad is coming off a Mir layoff. The last fight was pretty close and this one should be too, unless Rashad copies Hamils game plan. Man, I’m pumped for this one!

  • stone says:

    I’m pulling for tito… I’ve been a fan of his for a while. I was really thinking his career was done after Hammil but, with that win over Bader and a finish win over Rashad he’s suddenly fighting in a contender match… If Rampage gets injured, then suddenly he’s fighting for the “strap”… If he beats Jon Bones Jones then…. ummmm, now I’m just talking dumb shit! Hahah

  • qat says:

    Somehow surreal how fast Ortiz gained relevance again after he was as down as a fighter of his previous achievements can be. But im really pumped for this one as well!

  • JOEgun says:

    i didnt think i would ever be saying this .. .

    GO TITO !!!

  • Rece Rock says:

    Wow…. Its almost impossible to not be pulling for Tito in this one. Props to him for stepping up… i was in support of his original decision to pass on the fight, but when you think about it asking as he performs at a high level and puts on a good fight win or lose he still gained from this, and I guarantee he will NOT get cut if he loses. I would like to see Tito come out on top & get a huge win…

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i agree i prefer this fight, and i’d love to see tito win, however i like rashad as a strong minded balck man, not a massive fan of his fights though

  • hindsightufuk says:

    balck man?
    cleary i meant black man brother man

  • YetiLee says:

    After reading the comments I just have to say wow! It is truly amazing seeing all these same guys who have bashed Tito for years jumping on the bandwagon. A few weeks ago you all were bashing me for saying Tito would win against Bader and all of you were calling him a has been and that he needed to retire. Now just a few short weeks later, you all are cheering him on and singing his praises. I find it funny how quickly you have all flip flopped and I know if Tito loses to Rashad all you same people are going to be saying what a joke he is once again. I hate fairweather fans, but us true Tito fans will always love the guy no matter what for all he has done for the sport.

  • Dufresne says:

    I still don’t like Tito, but I’m gonna pull for him here because while I don’t like Tito I really hate Rashad. He’s a great fighter and a hell of an athlete, but I just can’t stand the man.

  • adamsfamily says:

    I will always support Tito despite all his antics – and I think he was allways competetive in recent years and not as irrelevant as some thought of him. Question is, can he beat Rashad? After a long layoff ..maybe.
    We may see a really good showing from him here, but I’m predicting a split decision in his favour but with the judging the way it is – who knows.


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