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Elevated testosterone level at root of Nate Marquardt’s release

When word surfaced late Saturday that Nate Marquardt had been scratched from the following day’s UFC Live 4 lineup and unceremoniously cut from the company’s roster as a result, the news quickly gave way to rampant speculation from all angles on the reason for the sudden shift from headlining athlete to free agent. Had he tested positive for illegal drug use? Was he injured while training and failed to inform the UFC of his condition?

The answer to those questions were given earlier today when Marquardt went on The MMA Hour to clear the air while also explaining the factors leading him to potential banishment from the UFC.

According to the 32-year old fighter, his circumstances are the result of having shown an elevated level of testosterone brought on by hormone replacement therapy he’d opted to undergo starting in August 2010. His decision to do came at the advice of a doctor after test results showed a testosterone deficiency was likely leading to some fatigue issues Marquardt had been experiencing prior to the appointment.

With the road seemingly clear after receiving an exemption in New Jersey for his bout at UFC 129 in March, Marquardt then turned his attention towards approval in Pennsylvania where UFC Live 4 was held this past weekend. However, after going eight weeks without an injection in order to satisfy a condition of his previous agreement with New Jersey Marquardt’s testosterone level had again dropped enough to merit the need for him to return to his physician for treatment less than a month ago.

Marquardt continued on to say his testosterone level was actively monitored leading up to the fight and was in decline but come time for weigh-ins it still exceeded the State’s required limit.

Citing concern about his choice of doctors, Marquardt seemed genuinely upset in the interview and revealed he learned he’d been released along with the rest of the world when Dana White posted a short, scathing video through his Twitter account.

“I just want to get past this situation right now, get off suspension, let the dust settle, and go from there,” Marquardt concluded.

The 31-10-2 former title-contender also mentioned he’d already started receiving offers to fight for other promotions and would do so at welterweight when the time comes for him to sign a deal.


  • Angry Mike says:

    Wow. I guess there’s two sides to every story, and Marquardt’s sounds plausible. Sounds like he’s still suspended, though.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey Nate u want ur job back? spew worthless negative comments on the Internet,and have some illegal business dealings, stroke the bosses ego and you to can be an ultimate fighter well atleast one with a frozen contract

  • edub says:

    Rece Rock- Completely agree.

    This whole situation makes Dana look like a huge hypocrite (if the years of him going back and forth in the media didn’t do that in the first place). He fires Marquardt for messing up a main event because of bad testosterone levels that were caused by a treatment an athletic commission already new about.

    On the other hand he publicly defends Sonnen when he has never taken responsiblity for his actions, lied to an athletic commission to try to cover his ass, and still has not participated with a commission the way Marquardt did to justify his TRT treatment.

    Definitely going to be tweeting Dana to “man up” and release Sonnen for doing the exact same thing Marguardt did.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    E dub and Rece Rock, I couldnt agree more. This whole thing makes Dana look like a pos. Not to take all the blame away from Nate though as he had 6 weeks to tell the UFC and waited until thursday, just4 days from his fight to let them in on what was going on. As a professional he should have brough this to his employers attention MUCH sooner and even though it worked out for Story vs Brenamen, something could have been set up in advance and Nate would most likely still have a job.

  • Dufresne says:

    It may make Dana look bad, but does anyone else think it’s kinda odd that more and more elite fighters are coming out with “testosterone deficiencies”? I know it happens as men age, but come on.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Although it does seem a little bit of a double standard, Chael never had to pull out of a main event with 24 hrs notice. Not to mention he hasn’t been able to fight for a year now which is his living. I don’t think he’s exactly getting off scot free

  • qat says:

    There are some factors which can cause low testoterone-production, roids beeing a big one of them.
    Nate is a known multiple hot pisser, and he himself said he can think of a link to a substance he took a few years ago (which was legal when he took it), but im sure he can think of links to other substances too..

    He really should have been more pro-active about that stuff, including with the media!

    On the other hand i agree that it makes Dana look arbitrary, but Nate is the kind of guy who has the talent to make himself look like a good guy while operating a shitstorm. We only heard his side, dont forget that.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    so Zuffa are saying if it was in another state and Nate had been able to fight, but then questions arose afterwards about the testosterone levels, that would be ok and he’d still have a job. the fact that he fucked up a live show is the offense, not the possible questionable levels of testosterone

  • JBAR says:

    I am not a lawyer but I would think that if one guy is still employed with the company and one is released and both did essentially the same thing that there would be grounds for wrongful termination lawsuit.

  • stone says:

    Keep in mind I’m a huge Nate fan…… Bottom line is, Nate is a good talker. Dana White said it best when he said, “acting right & actually doing right, are 2 totally different things” Don’t let Nate’s soft demeanor change your mind. Let’s face the facts, Nate doesn’t have a testosterone problem, he was trying to gain an edge by cheating & it just didn’t work out in his favor like it has in the past. Sounds like his method is almost “down to a science”… I read that on the day of the fight his testosterone level was just a hair in the tolerance of the commission… Sorry Nate, you’re a day late & a dollar short. He really fucked Dana & the UFC bad by pulling out the main event the day before & it wasn’t his 1st offense… I’m not sayin he shouldn’t ever fight in the UFC again but he definently deserves a severe suspension.

  • Kuch says:

    Nate Marquardt is a nice guy and a decent fight but his last few fights have been forgettable. Add to this situation that this stunt ruined a main event fight the day prior to the event, and I tend to think just about any promoter, no matter how charitable, would be pissed.

    In contrast, while I detest Sonnen, he is a heck of a talker and is a master at making himself a spectacle. He also fought one of the P4P greatest fighters and MW champion to within minutes of capturing his title. Plus, his situation didn’t ruin a main event the day prior to it happening. While the underlying causes might be the same, the situations are different.

    I agree with Stone; this hormone replacement therapy is just another way to cheat that the athletic commissions haven’t closed the loop on yet. I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate cases of fighters needing it, but when an otherwise healthy guy in his mid 30s is getting it, it points directly towards previous steroid use.

  • elkymbo says:

    I think we’re all forgetting the main point here. How the fuck am I supposed to wear my Nate the Great shirt out in public now?

  • hindsightufuk says:

    more to the point my Aussie friend, why you rocking a Nate the Great t-shirt anyway?

  • elkymbo says:

    My cousin bought it for me for Xmas. He used to be my favourite fighter but then Greg Jackson got him and turned him into a snooze fest :)


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