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“UFC Live 4: Marquardt vs. Story” Conference Call Highlights

The UFC is scheduled for a return to the Versus airwaves in a little less than two weeks with UFC Live 4, an event featuring a headlining bout between new welterweight Nate Marquardt and rising star Rick Story as well as a ton of other interesting match-ups including Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo and Tyson Griffin vs. Manny Gamburyan.

Story and Marquardt participated in a conference call with media today and Five Ounces of Pain was on hand to pluck interesting nuggets of information and relay them back to readers. Read below to see what the two dynamic 170ers have to say about their upcoming bout and more…

Nate Marquardt:

– Isn’t worried about the weight-cut, as he’s done it in the past and has brought in a dietician to help. His focus is on Story, not making weight
– Says his gameplan against original opponent Anthony Johnson was basic and hasn’t changed much with Story stepping in
– Believes a win over Story could put him at the top of the division
– Wasn’t surprised by Story stepping in on short notice based on toughness and felt a number of other fighters would have been willing to do the same thing
– Was “very light” for his last fight and hadn’t felt better in years, that 170 is a natural weight for him and his stamina is where it was when he was 20
– Hasn’t actually cut to 170 yet on a test run but feels 100% confident he will make weight based on past attempts
– Feels welterweight is a permanent move for him based on how positive a result he’s seen in the gym and his comfort with the weight-cut

Rick Story:

– His camp had asked the UFC for a fight fairly quickly after his win over Thiago Alves, though wasn’t necessarily expecting it to happen so soon
– Isn’t sure what to expect from Marquardt but sees the fight as a huge opportunity to further his caree
– Explains was challenging to stick with an intense training regiment after having just fought
– Feels a win over Marquardt will open peoples’ eyes and possibly put him in line for a title-shot
– Admits he was sore after the Alves fight but always trains hard and is used to the feeling, was back in the gym Wednesday after the victory
– Isn’t viewing the fight as a “risk” to his divisional momentum given his six straight wins
– Doesn’t look at the bout with Marquardt as a “big deal” (“We’re in the fight game and we’re gonna fight.”)
– Thinks he would need one more win after Marquardt to arguably be considered the top welterweight contender


  • THEGUNNER says:

    I like nate but storys heart is huge taking this fight on short notice after fighting a top level striker is very respectable if he wins he deserves a title shot.

  • elkymbo says:

    Which Nate are we going to see here. Boring Greg Jackson Nate? Or Nate The Great? Hopefully the latter. I’ve lost a little bit of love for him lately.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I just want to see Hype or Die throw some viscious kicks and hopefully disconnect Kongo from consciousness.

  • MCM says:

    I get the feeling we’ll see Nate the Great in this match. He puts on good fights when he’s not up against bigger wrestlers. He’s not the best counter puncher though, so I’m interested in how he’s gonna answer Story’s continuous forward movement.

    And I get the feeling Barry is getting beat down by a little old fashioned GnP.


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