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Rick Story steps up in place of injured Anthony Johnson at UFC Live 4

Rising welterweight Rick Story’s nickname may be “Horror” but the tale the 26-year old has written in the ring since late 2009 should have him considering a change to “Epic”. Fresh off a gutsy decision win over knockout artist Thiago Alves less than a week ago at UFC 130, the 13-3 Story has agreed to head back to the Octagon before the end of June against another apt adversary in the form of former middleweight contender Nate Marquardt.

News of the replacement was reported through the UFC’s website where it mentioned Marquardt’s original opponent, Anthony Johnson, had been scrapped from their headlining bout at UFC Live 4 due to an undisclosed injury.

Including his outpointing of Alves, Story has won six straight fights and twelve of his last thirteen including victories over Dustin Hazelett, Nick Osipczak, Johny Hendricks, and Jake Ellenberger.

Though the match-up for Marquardt may have changed, it is likely his camp won’t as Johnson and Story are both talented wrestlers with powerful hands. Their June 26 pairing will mark the divisional debut of Marquardt at welterweight after a successful run at 185-pounds. He holds an overall record of 31-10-2 and was last seen beating Dan Miller by Unanimous Decision in March at UFC 128. Other notches on his belt include Martin Kampmann, Kazuo Misaki, and Demian Maia.

  • HevyHitters says:

    What a good fight, looking forward to it..I like both fighters, but gonna go with story in this one…we don’t no how the cut is gonna affect nate, story looked very good against alves…props for stepping up against tough competition after just fighting

  • Creature says:

    Even tho this is Nates 1st drop to 170, i still think hes just gonna outclass story here, nate is gonna be a huge 170, has tons of experience, and is extremely well rounded.

  • locoRover says:

    I thought johnson was a good way to introduce nate to 170, and I think story is to. How nate will do will decide whether cuttin down in worth it.

    We’ve seen nate ground out by wrestlers in his last two losses at 185, so the weight cut will HAVE to help him with that in the wrestling shark tank that is the welterweight division. If not, he might as well not make the cut.

    All in all, I think story takes this fight, which propels him within a fight of a title shot. (Story v condit? For a shot)

  • locoRover says:

    *if condit gets past donger

  • bigbadjohn says:

    This card is shaping up to be better than most PPVs. Kongo and Barry, Mitrione and Morecraft will be fun too

  • I almost like this better…Johnson has been showin improvement in every level but I feel Nate was gonna outclass and out cardio him in short order. Story is already in shape and the guy never quits movin forward…however I think Nate’s got this…Thiago might be more of a KO artist than Nate but he’s certainly not as big or as well rounded and were he not focused on stayin on his feet the first two rounds he probably could’ve won that fight. Story’s chin is iron though…this could be good.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Im just wondering whats up with josj kos this could have been a good fight for him to take winner on

  • MCM says:

    I used to think Nate was huge (remember him on the cover of Muscle and Fitness!), but I think it was after the Maia weigh in, that I thought he didn’t look so big. And he looked relatively small against Chael and Okami. I don’t think he’s gonna come in much (if any) larger than Story, and I think that’s gonna work to his advantage.
    Nate does really well fighting against guys his own size. Chael and Okami were both the bigger, stronger wrestler and were able to take him down, but I’m not sure if Story is as good as Sonnen or Okami.
    Story is riding a career high right now (and it’s a deserved one), but I don’t see him as being as much as a threat as A.J. in this particular match up. They say stiles make fights, and I think that Nate is gonna bring it to Story like no one he’s ever faced and show him that he needs to work on a few things before he cracks the top 5 of the WW division.

    Then again, I thought the Sonnen was a gimmie fight for Marquardt so……..

  • Kamakosmo says:


    From Wiki:
    Koscheck suffered a broken orbital bone on the right side of his face in the fight with St-Pierre. Unable to fly because of air pockets that formed around Koscheck’s right eye, the UFC arranged for him and his trainer to drive to Boston where Koscheck received the corrective surgery.[17] He is expected to be out of action until mid 2011.

    So, there ya go….


    Story is making a huge mistake by taking this fight without a proper(6 to 8 week) training camp-Marquardt is going to KO him in the second if not the first-also looking forward to Mitrione and Morecraft-could be fight of the night-Kongo and Barry-Not so much


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