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Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz officially announced for October at UFC 137

The roller-coaster ride of whether or not the UFC could coordinate a clash of champions has come to an end. Earlier today UFC President Dana White took to Twitter where he relayed six words changing the face of Mixed Martial Arts forever – “You wanted it, you got it!”

To the delight of countless MMA enthusiasts, White’s joyful exclamation was in reference to the organization having finally put together a long-anticipated bout between UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre and Strikeforce’s title-holder Nick Diaz. The bout will take place on October 29 in Las Vegas and serve as the headliner at UFC 137.

Diaz and St. Pierre had both been seen as having a lack of legitimate challenges left within their home-organizations though as recently as last week the UFC brass denied the likelihood of a super-fight between the two based on “roadblocks” believed to have been related to Strikeforce’s television deal with Showtime.

The two talented welterweights have combined for nineteen straight wins between them with St. Pierre streaking through the likes of Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves, Matt Hughes, and most recently Jake Shields, while Diaz’s run in the ring includes victories over K.J. Noons, Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos, and Paul Daley.

While it’s too early to know what today’s groundbreaking news means for future crossovers between the UFC/Strikeforce, one thing is certain – it looks like fans will be getting a huge treat wrapped in an eight-sided cage this Halloween!



    Holy ISH!!!!-EFF yeah!!!!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    here we go GIKE, GSP via Nick’s back never leaving the canvas.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    From what I understand (per a report on HeavyMMA) the crossover-contracts are supposed to be standard deal moving forward meaning fighters will be able to compete for either promotion.

  • MCM says:

    Wow, when you look at there list of opponents, it’s even more apparent how little talent Diaz has faced.
    We know Nick hates wrestling and elbows, so what do you think the over/under is on Diaz starting a brawl after he gets put on his back and elbowed for 5 rounds?

  • Angry Mike says:

    GSP has some of the smartest game plans in MMA. I predict a repeat of his win over Dan Hardy. Non-stop takedowns and gnp. GSP’s striking is better than Diaz’s, but why give Diaz any chance at all? Take away his striking and all that’s left is submissions off his back, and GSP can handle that all night long even though Diaz has good BJJ.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I am so fn happy about this fight acually taking place

  • Creature says:

    To everyone who said there wasnt gonna be any superfights.. in your face! haha but seriously, GSP by dec here, like said on here already its gonna be like the dan hardy fight, sure Diaz has good BJJ but is def not at shields level and GSP wont be scared to take it down here, so it will lead to him opening up a LOT more than the shields fight, then GNP for a dec

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I am more excited for the build up to this fight- 2 completely opposite personalities. One’s all respect, one’s no respect. Both endearing. But plain and simple: this fight won’t deliver. This won’t be a “scrap”, it will be a methodical breakdown of another over-hyped opponent. I’m not a Diaz hater in the Slightest bit but beating Shamrock, Zaromskis, Noons, Cyborg or Daley does not put you anywhere near the level of competition to contend with St Pierre. Georges has pulverized fighters who beat Nick in the UFC. Nick, this is the big leagues, homie.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Seriously, for nostalgic sake, watch St Pierre – Riggs

  • bigbadjohn says:

    My bad, why do I mix up Trigg and Riggs? lol

  • locoRover says:

    Bigbadjohn: its cuz they both have super beat tattoos. Haha. But anyways…

    Every part of me wants diaz to win this fight. But I just don’t really think its in the cards. I love parity. That’s what made me fall in love with this sport in the first place… But gsp’s level is out of this world.

    The best part of this fight coming to fruition is the eight fight deal that supposedly let’s diaz fight in either promotion. If this is a sign of things to come when showtimes deals up and/or strikeforce guys renegotiate their contracts, then I can’t help but be excited.

    This will, in theory, allow for both promotions to exist. It will make sure that each has depth. More fights can occur. And, as I’m sure Dana and the fertittas are thinking, that the best champs and fighters are fighting in the ufc. Strikeforce will slowly become the ufc developmental league, where the ufc sends guys who aren’t quite ready but can be called up for their shot at a moments notice without having to jump through contractual hoops. Its gonna be good, if things are done right.

  • Dufresne says:

    First Fedor v Henderson and now GSP v Diaz. I must have done something right for the mma gods to keep giving these caliber gifts.

  • Creature says:

    After Hendo beats fedor (yes im saying that i believe he will) id like to see him fight shogun.. or maybe Alan Belcher or his much deserved rematch with Anderson, even if they gotta be at 205. Id love to see Hendo get some payback for that rear naked in there title fight

  • mu_shin says:

    Really most interested in this matchup because of what either will or will not take place in the cage the night Nick Diaz stands across from St. Pierre in the octagon. Either Nick puts up, and takes it aggressively to one of the best pound for pound fighters active currently, producing some variant on victory, or GSP proves everyone right that he’s worlds above Diaz because of a disparity in the quality of their respective opponents. I’m most happy that this one gets decided for real in the cage, and will no longer be the object of speculation, but a reality.

  • stone says:

    I’m hopin Diaz pulls something out of ‘who knows where?’ and wins this fight! I got an amazing 12 thumbs down for sayin “GSP will drag this out to a borring 5rd fight like he always does” BUT, I’m sticking to that! Why would anyone think this is going ANY other way? I would have rather seen Diaz vs Penn, Condit, P.Thiago or even a rematch with Diego over this trash! GSP fought totally different when he wanted that title, now he’s got the belt and he’ll keep it no matter what! Even if it means ripping off fans with his bullshit, borring decision wins… If I wanted to see dec win after dec win, I’d start watching boxing again! How about going for a finish fight at least every now & then, GSP? He has drug out decision wins with guys that WE ALL know damn well he can finish, but won’t for risk of gettin hurt… That’s just lame when you’re fighting for the best MMA league in the world! I know this is a “sport” but remember everyone this “sport” is still a FIGHT, damn it!

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Angry Mike, to refresh your memory GSP never threw any GnP for Dan Hardy, he just controlled him and fished for submissions he never fully committed to anyway.

    It will be a GSP lay and pray decision win but I really hope that Nick Diaz catches him in a submission in the 5th round like Anderson Silva, sherdog will probably be wiped off the planet if that happened.

  • Sykotick says:

    You MUST be stone(d)

    Gsp stopped Hughes to get the interim title, the stopped Serra to win the unified title, then smashed Fitch so bad, half of his face was unrecognizable. The he stopped Penn (ended early, its a stoppage), Lyoto didn’t do that! Then he smashed Alves, another one who looked pretty beat up after their “sporting event”.
    That’s 5 solid smashing performances, with 3 defenses, not “rip offs”.
    Now after Alves, he fought Hardy, and IMO if he weren’t such a good sportsman, he would have snapped his arm in the arm bar, or ripped his shoulder apart in the Kimura.
    Now I don’t know if you know this but if Rush had an Armbar and a Kimura locked in, he was going for the finish.
    Then came Kos, who looked unrecognizable afterwards. Then finally, Shields, who was the greatest threat and blah blah blah yet he couldn’t beat the champ. Now idk if you have any combat sports or combat training experience but if you’re eye is swollen, it throws your timing off which is ROYALLY GAY if you’re a timing based fighter like GSP is.
    Go back and look at shit before you say something dumb like “He doesn’t stop anyone!”
    Finishes: Hughes, Serra, Penn.
    Nonfinishes: Fitch(who never gets finished)
    Alves (pulled his groin)
    Hardy (refused to tap)
    Kos: ehh ok I’ll give you that one.
    Shields (Who EVER stops him?!)

  • Sykotick says:

    A fully locked in Armbar and Kimura is NOT noncommittment, thd fact that the opponent refused to tap is a different story

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Hughes ok, but Penn who he outweighed by like 30 pounds? Even then all he did was get into side control and just knee them in the ribs till they gas or can’t take it anymore, it was still a slow paced fight, he did the exact same thing with serra, who’s pretty much a stocky lightweight

    Hardy, didn’t refuse to tap, GSP applied improper technique this was said by even his BJJ instructor, and he didn’t commit enough to the submission because he was still trying to control dan hardy at the same time rather than fully cranking

    if dan hardy refused to tap he would’ve had like a broken arm in 3 places….and the fight would’ve been stopped, if it was a full committed arm bar or kimura

    and even after all those attempts he didn’t start to use GnP to bust open dan hardy, he was just content on controlling him…

    not the point who stops shields, GSP didn’t make any effort to finish when he wobbled shields once or twice

    he didn’t smash alves, he did a good job of mixing striking and takedowns to get the decision, he kept alves guessing with the constant threat of the takedown, but he never came close to finishing thiago

    he laid the beat down on fitch though, that fight i liked

    all these blind GSP fans think he’s P4P best but if he’s so great, if he’s a champion, why doesn’t he put people away? or at least actually TRY to finish, there are plenty other champions that are great at it

  • Rece Rock says:

    I’m glad to see the match up come to fruition… GSP for the win BUT Diaz will get to him here and there and force GSP to show much more of his arsenal and really have to FIGHT for the win for a change.

  • boomnutz says:

    Creature you really want to call this a “super fight”? It’s just another WW title fight imo. I also disagree with you about Hendo, I love Hendo and hate Fedor (I guess hate’s a strong word, I just think he’s overrated) but I still think Fedor’s going to be the first to knock Hendo out. Hendo doesn’t really use a double, his TDs come from the clinch and that’s one of Fedor’s strengths, and Fedor is WAY better standing, ultimately it’s the size advantage that will be the difference.

    JBH…I would hardly call GSP a lay and pray artist. He’s constantly working to improve position, attempt subs or using ground and pound. And you’re just a hater if you don’t give Hardy credit for not tapping, I don’t care if he used improper technique his arm was still nearly broken off, technique aside, 99% of fighters would still have tapped.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Did I mention anything about GSP being a full on LnP fighter? But he has done it on some occasions, you just completely miss my point about him too scared or cautious to go for the finish. I’m a hater? No I actually train and I’d know all that dan hardy had was very good flexibility, the more flexible you are the more the submission has to be applied with proper technique and commitment. Hardy would’ve tapped if he really felt like his arm was gonna break off, just look at all his fights he was submitted 3 times before, so he tapped. I’m not a hater, I’m realist, and GSP doesn’t deserve to be in the talks of P4P greats until he starts to finish his fights.

  • Dominance says:

    Finally! I know the obvious gameplan for GSP would be to take him down and grind him out for the decision but with all the criticism GSP’s had for not finishing opponents this would be the best time to do it. If he wants to prove his stand up or ground game, why not finish a guy who never gets finished? Diaz has the ability to keep a pace that could be a huge issue for GSP. GSP won’t just take him down and lay n pray like the haters say he will, he will lose too many fans AGAIN. I think this will be a much better and closer fight than a lot of people think it will be. Could it be a one sided decision for GSP? Heck ya…but I think he really wants to knock out or sub an opponent, and who wouldn’t want to do it to Diaz? This is a great match up. Sorry GSP, but I’m rooting for Diaz in this one!

    PS: PLEASE NICK, Learn some sort of wrestling for this fight….just some!

  • boomnutz says:

    what does you training have to do with anything??? I played plenty of sports in my life, so does this make me a subject matter expert on everything I played? Let’s see i’m an expert wrestler, football player, baseball player, soccer player and basketball player…

    Frankly, isn’t the reverse true? Why aren’t you complaining about any of these other fighters? They can’t do anything. It’s GSP’s fault he’s so good that others can’t find a groove? Is it Anderson Silva’s fault Thales Leites flopped everytime he got near him? You should ask Matt Serra or Matt Hughes if GSP can finish a fight? He takes away any advantage the other person may have, he fights the best of the best every time out, his gameplans are masterful and executed to a T. You should sit back and enjoy the fact that you’re watching an athlete with almost no peers. a la Ali, Tyson, Tiger, Russell, Jordan, etc.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Ali and Tyson finished fights a lot, I wouldn’t compare them to GSP.

    Training gives you an insight especially into fighting, you know how to gauge a fighters skill and technique relative to the opponent they are facing. I used to be a fan of GSP but every performance after the Jon Fitch fight has left me disappointed. But if GSP is dominating Hardy on the ground with his wrestling, the submissions aren’t working….why isn’t he going for the GnP to bust open Dan hardy and do more damage? If he had Kos seeing out of one eye and wobbly from the left hooks in round 3, why not go for the finish?

    Leites didn’t really come to fight Silva he just hoped to that it would go on the ground and he would somehow get a submission. The Maia fight was bad but Silva came back with exciting performances afterwards…

    Its been a streak of decisions lately for GSP…I wouldn’t have a problem if he tried to finish and his opponents were too tough but so far he just outpoints them which IMO shouldn’t make him P4P #1.

    GSP already sets up a game plan to finish opponents in the later rounds like with Kos…with that strategy the risk is less than going crazy for in the first round which GSP is smart enough to know already. If he does that I would have a much higher opinion of him, I’m not hating I just see that GSP doesn’t have that killer instinct anymore.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I bet this is the first championship fight that the UFC sanctions as a 7 rounder.

  • stone says:

    Sykotic…. Well like I said… When he wanted that title shot or fighting for the title, he fought more aggressively with intentions of finishing… Now he doesn’t, PERIOD. I’ve been watching… No need to look up shit, it is what it is… He wrestles with an olympic team, MMA Jackson training camps & freddy roach boxing training. He’s the fastest, most athletic WW! How about a finished fight at least every now and then…
    OH YEAH!, I’m betting if Daley would’ve beaten Kos, GSP would’ve “controlled” him for 5rds like everyone else… Diaz whooped Daley in his own realm (striking)… A lot of people said he fought a stupid fight. Fuck that, Diaz FOUGHT Daley… I don’t even order GSP PPVs anymore & at the sports bars, people subliminally don’t even watch after the 2nd rd anymore! The fights are boring. In any of the GSP fights (lately), if you’ve seen the 1st (feeling out) round, you’ve seen all 5! Thumbs down me, disagree, call GSP “the best” or whatever. Let’s just hope Diaz doesn’t do something ‘uncalled for’ out of fustration of gettin layed on in his main-event return! PROPS 2 JabCrossHook!

  • Dufresne says:

    Just for giggles I went back and looked at GSP’s opponents while he was defending the belt to see how often they get finished.
    Shields has been finished once in 32 fights, and that was back in his 3rd pro fight.
    Kos has been finished twice in 20 fights.
    Hardy has been finished four times in 33 fights.
    Alves has been finished 3 times in 26 fights.
    Penn has been finished twice in 25 fights.
    Fitch has been stopped twice in 28 fights and both of those were in his first four pro fights.

    So we’re complaining about GSP not finishing guys who have been finished a grand total of 14 times over the course of 164 fights. I don’t think it’s exactly fair to get on a guys case because he’s not finishing his fights when he’s literally being matched against guys who are known for not being finished. That’s the point of being a champ, you only face the best. And the best are a bitch to stop.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Nice assessment Dufresne… Definately food for thought.

  • danw84 says:

    I don’t get why people call GSP a lay and pray fighter. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he does it perfectly, and he knows it will get him the win.

    He doesn’t pray to anyone hoping the judges give it to him.

  • locoRover says:

    Boomnutz: all those athletes you listed are separate from gsp for one big reason. All of those guys had a killer instinct.

    Gsp HAD a killer instinct, FINISHED fights, and WAS one of my favorite fighters to watch. When he wasn’t defending a belt. When a belt goes around gsp’s waist, he’s a different fighter. His finishes of hughes and serra? Uh he didn’t have the belt…

    So I will not sit back and enjoy watching gsp fight and be better than people cuz its NOT fun to watch him fight anymore. The greatest champions (Jordan, Tiger, Tyson, Ali, ANDERSON SILVA) have that killer instinct to prove that they are the best by putting the FINISHING touches on a performance.

  • stone says:

    Dufresne… Honestly, do you think GSP fights to finish or safely outscore opponents?
    We will see ALL of GSP’s title defense opponents get FINISHED in the near future (minus Jon Fitch). P4P best fighters beat there opponents at their own game!
    Just some quick examples… A.Silva 1st rd KO’n Vitor, Sandman, Forrest, Leben, etc etc… Finishing Chael & Lutter on the ground! Cain Velasquez & Jon Jones just completely demolishing anyone in the way! BJ Penn moving up to fight the best & willing to fight way bigger fighters like GSP, Lyoto & Fitch (win or lose)… These are the things IMO that count as P4P material.

  • Niv says:

    I’m very excited about this fight and expect it to be a good hard fight.

    Diaz is very different from fighters GSP has recently fought, and that comes directly from his nasty demeanor.

    I expect GSP to win this fight, but Diaz is going to make it a very tough fight.

    I think GSP is one of the greatest fighters on the planet, he brings phenominal skills along with a professional attitude. It’s a free world and you can hate GSP, but I think it’s small minded stuff if you think he’s not good enough becaue he hasn’t finished many fighters in recent times. Look at the body of work and how he’s completely dominated his opponents, he’s barely lost a single round in the past few years, he’s in a class alone right now, I’ll enjoy his fights wether some of you do or don’t.

    On an important side note, the Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup in 5 games, WOOOOO!!!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Stone and JabCrossHook are out to lunch. GSP will do to Nick what he did to Thiago. I loved watching that fight. Methodical and never once in danger because for an athlete like GSP it’s unecessary. He’ll go down as an all time best whether you can appreciate or not. Fitch or Kos will send Nick back to SF soon after, I’m sure of it.

  • Creature says:

    “but I still think Fedor’s going to be the first to knock Hendo out. Hendo doesn’t really use a double, his TDs come from the clinch and that’s one of Fedor’s strengths, and Fedor is WAY better standing, ultimately it’s the size advantage that will be the difference.”

    I completely disagree with that entire statement Boomnutz.. Hendo has taken the best strikes of some of the best strikers in MMA, “Rampage, Anderson, Vitor ..etc” and has been hurt but in my opinion far from being KO’d. yes Fedor has a powerful Right, but Hendo does as well. and Fedor is a fairly good striker but i think your not giving Hendo the credit he deserves, hes shown well rounded striking as well.. idk if id say fedor is a better striker all in all than hendo, but hes def far from being “WAY” better. Also, Fedor walks around at 230.. Hendo about 210-215. but you have to remember fedor is a bit chubby, so i dont think theres really any of a size advantage, and in his last fight, feijao came in at around 230 and very solid. Hendo is a clinch master and has shown he can handle guys bigger than him in the clinch, so therefor i honestly think none of what you stated is true..

  • Dufresne says:

    stone, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I miss the finishes and the killer instinct he used to show up with. I still see it every now and again, but always see it against the toughest guys. He beat the holy hell out of BJ, but BJ’s tough as nails. He rocked Fitch a number of times, but Fitch isn’t exactly easy to stop either. But conversely when he’s fighting guys he should absolutely steamroll, guys like Hardy or Kos, he seems to let off the gas.

    The only reason I didn’t throw Alves or Shields in there is because GSP got injured in those fights and the injuries he had were the worst he could have had against those opponents. He wanted to GnP Alves, and tore his groin making wrestling, posturing up, or passing guard painful, and he wanted to strike with Shields and was blinded in one eye.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Hendo got hurt by Rampage, but early in his career he never took that much damage, people think if a fighter has an iron chin, he can’t be knocked out. Its not that simple, why does AS have a great chin? Because he knows how to roll with the punches and absorb the blow properly, guys like Leben, Chuck, and Wand are punching bags that relied on their ability to take punishment to give punishment. The problem is that all those hits add up and make them more susceptible to being KOed later on in their career.

    Hendo’s striking is very basic, his boxing is nowhere as fluid as fedor’s. He constantly relies on his right hand, and when he faced a decent boxer he looked outclassed on the feet. Particularly against Anderson and Rampage.

  • Creature says:

    Henderson does tend to rely on his right more than any of his other strikes, but he does throw leg and head kicks, even seen him do a spinning back kick a few times, but you also have to take into account that hes VERY accurate when using the right, how else can you explain guys getting ktfo by it even tho they know its coming? and i actually love his fight with rampage, its a great fight and a kinda close one, i also dont believe he looked “outclassed” by rampage, i watch that fight often.. hes also not leben, he doesnt leave himself open to huge strikes and throws wild wild shots, watch the bisping fight closely, he got hit with jabs but when bisping tried almost any shot with any type of power, hendo blocked it

  • We’ll see….Whoever said GSP has better striking than Nick apparently never watches Nick fight and his blinders go on when GSP fights. GSP has great mixing of strikes with OUTSTANDING takedowns. He lost two rounds to Shields in a striking battle. The question here is can Nick stay off of his back. My Answer is I doubt it but if he can, his boxing and iron chin are going to give GSP fits….GSP might win this by 5 rounds of great passing of guard followed by his usual no damage while he keeps good position…past that I would love to see that title come to Cal.

    and for those to say GSP has beaten people who’ve smashed Nick.. my question is who? and my response to you saying Karo is that it was a split with a 20 year old Nick…this’ll be a great fight if Nick sharpens up his TDD…if not…well we’ll see.

  • Creature says:

    “this’ll be a great fight if Nick sharpens up his TDD” hes training with chael so im sure hes def trying

  • locoRover says:

    Nicks brought Chael in to learn camera and interview skills

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Every time Hendo tried to close the distance on Rampge he got caught twice as much as when he caught rampage. And I remember in one moment where Rampage caught Hendo with a devastating hook combo and Hendo looked a bit wobbled. He was outclassed in the striking department.

    and a lot of bisping’s shots were going through hendo’s guard in the first round, Bisping just doesn’t have real KO power. if you knew mma you could tell that hendo was just going to eat bitchping’s shots and come back with a right hand…

    I wouldn’t say its the accuracy that catches people, its the explosiveness and power behind his right hand that catches people. Well except Anderson, he completely destroyed hendo on the feet…. Cavalcante was doing a good job against Hendo until he got caught..

  • Creature says:

    “Every time Hendo tried to close the distance on Rampge he got caught twice as much as when he caught rampage.” Are you serious right now? no he didnt lol. def wasnt outclassed i think you need to really watch that fight again. a lot of bispings jabs were going through his guard, not to many others..

    id say its accuracy, you cant land that punch that often and hurt people that badly on just power and explosiveness, especially when everyone knows your going to throw it, and can see it coming. I wouldnt say anderson destroyed hendo on the feet, he def out struke him but didnt destroy him. And Henderson was doing just as well on the feet as Cavalcante was in there fight.

  • I love how this forum has turned into Hendo vs. Fedor…I cant wait for the latter part of this year…we’ve got some gggooooooooooddd fights comin up.

  • MCM says:

    locoRover and Creature,
    I think Chael went to Diaz to learn Triangle defense.

  • locoRover says:

    Well played MCM. But at this point it may just be a lost cause… Hahaah

  • JabCrossHook says:

    “Are you serious right now? no he didnt lol. def wasnt outclassed i think you need to really watch that fight again. a lot of bispings jabs were going through his guard, not to many others..

    id say its accuracy, you cant land that punch that often and hurt people that badly on just power and explosiveness, especially when everyone knows your going to throw it, and can see it coming. I wouldnt say anderson destroyed hendo on the feet, he def out struke him but didnt destroy him. And Henderson was doing just as well on the feet as Cavalcante was in there fight.”

    Bro you have no idea what you’re talking about, I just spent the last 25 min re-watching the fight and it was hendo trying to take it to the ground and everytime he came forward with the right hand, rampage just weaved out the way and caught hendo with combos, after that happened twice hendo went for a TD and stalled on top of rampage. yeah that shows how much confidence he has in his stand up

    3rd round, rampage caught hendo with a 4 punch combo to the face…..beginning of 4th round rampage dropped hendo when he was off balance, just shows rampage is much better a counter punching sounds like getting outclassed to me, you rewatch the fight and stop putting up dan henderson like he’s some world class striker, he’s far from it, he got countered by rampage with hooks and uppercuts every time they were on the feet long enough

    seriously what the hell are you talking about? rampage was landing like 3 punch combos on dan’s face towards the end of the 5th, lol i’m done arguing because there’s nothing left to argue, you’re wrong, go rewatch the fight. also if you pay attention hendo’s right hand barely lands cleanly on rampage, so you’re wrong on the accuracy portion just like you’re wrong about his fight with rampage and silva dropped hendo with punches before choking him out so i don’t think you an reality are on the same page

  • bigbadjohn says:

    GSP is a better striker thank Nick. More diverse striking at least. Diaz has a boxing advantage definitely but he rarely checks kicks. I keep reading people saying Shields won 2 rounds of striking. For one, only One judge had Shields taking 2 and more importantly St. Pierre had one eye essentially! He took one unlucky (arguably a finger) jab and couldn’t get his timing back, and still won rounds. Bet your bottom dollar, Shields would have ended up looking like Kos if not for that retina issue.


    Nick is GSP’s worst nightmare-a guy who isn’t afraid to take one to get one-good off his back-and can beat you on his feet-Mark my words-Diaz by TKO in the fourth-GSP ain’t built for a battle with this NORCAL champion

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I was wrong. Very surprised about this. What happens if Diaz wins? Does he remain in the UFC? Is this a sign that SF is phasing out?

  • stone says:

    God!, Gike, I really hope I can tell ya, “you called it!” later this year…

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Oh Gike. I don’t know how to say this without coming off condescending: have you ever seen Nick’s TDD challenged in SF? No, because he was one of the few marketable fighters and SF needed his success ( along with a lack of good welterweights). Nick’s contendership in a big MMA league ends come October. Stop letting the fan boy in you predict fights and use precedent and style matching. My prediction? Nick gets out wrestled, out struck, out muscled, and cut up to hell from his Achilles heel ( and GSPs specialty ) elbows from top position. I will miss watching Nick tear through cans in SF. Damn GSP is going to expose perhaps the most exciting fighter today!

  • JabCrossHook says:

    GSP specialty is not elbows, it was never elbows, get that thought out of your head. He hasn’t used elbows since the last BJ penn fight and he

    He will not out strike Diaz because his boxing is a level or two below Nick’s if he does outstrike nick it will be by a small margin and only because he will be taking Nick down the entire fight, what he will do is win with wrestling with another boring fight. Stop letting the GSP fan boy side of you predict that GSP will make it an exciting fight or win on anything other than points. I hope GSP does throw some GnP and gets caught in a submission, that would be the best. But he will probably win by the usual wrestlefuck strategy. And then he will be like i can’t finish the fight because my groin hurt from putting so much pressure to keep my opponent down


    Stone and big bad john-I seriously think that both of you have a chance to win-the problem is that I know for a fact that GSP is a sissy and doesen’t have the nuts to make it happen

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I never predicted the fight would be exciting. Besides that’s so subjective. I’ve found most of GSPs fights exciting given his domination over so many first tier fighters. If fighting a smart fight ( and not just standing and banging like all these entertainment, oops.. Sports fans want them to do regardless of what’s in the fighters best interests) is so effective, why hasn’t it been employed against GSP? Because he’s just so much superior right now. Exciting doesn’t always run parallel with Best. Watch ANY other sport. So you want Nick to win? Buy your popcorn and cheer.


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