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More than $250,000 in bonus money handed out at UFC 130

When Brian Stann entered the Octagon against Jorge Santiago for UFC 130 he likely did so with a unique mindset given the show’s attachment to Memorial Day Weekend. A decorated military veteran, Stann not only turned in a tremendous performance against the talented Brazilian but also made the occasion even more memorable by walking away with an extra $70,000 for his role in the card’s “Fight of the Night” (as did Santiago).

News of the middleweights’ distinction was announced at a post-event press conference along with their fellow bonus-winners for “Submission of the Night” and “Knockout of the Night”.

The latter awards were undoubtedly easier to pick given the evening’s limited number of finishing performances. In fact, outside of Stann’s second round smashing of Santiago there were only two other fighters who sealed the deal before scorecards came into play – Gleison Tibau and Travis Browne.

Tibau earned “Submission of the Night” for his Rear-Naked Choke of BJJ blackbelt Rafaello Oliveira, while Travis Browne not only took home “Knockout of the Night” for the organized demolition he performed on 6’11 Stefan Struve but was also given the third spot on ESPN’s “Top 10” plays of the day for the highlight-reel finish.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    bit of a damp squib of a card, good start with Stann and Santiago but went down hill from there, just never caught fire, and proved why each show needs a real main event

  • adamsfamily says:

    I agree, made worse for me – I had to watch it at a local pub claiming to be a ‘sports bar’.
    They dont normally put the ufc on but I asked politely and they switched off the re-run of the fucking european cup, and I picked a quiet corner with a big TV. the place was full of girls screaming ‘oh my god he’s hitting him on the ground!’ and guys complaining about men hugging one another.

    Eventually the bar owner turned it off so the whole place could do karaoke. I complained to the guy as I had come especially to watch sports and he left one small flat screen on next to the gambling machines where I had to stand to watch.
    Throw in that it was a mediocre card, and I had to keep justifying to people why I wanted to watch it – not a great night really.
    Maybe I should move to a city


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