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K.J. Noons next in line for title-shot with win over Jorge Masvidal

The rivalry between K.J. Noons and Nick Diaz dates back to a 2007 doctor’s stoppage in their original meeting and a series of subsequent run-ins, though a recent five round war has turned both fighters’ focus towards other opponents with Jorge Masvidal lined up next in the case of Noons.

However, if the 10-3 striker is able to get by Masvidal on June 18 at “Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum” it appears he will likely cross paths once again with Diaz, only this time with the outspoken welterweight title-holder cornering 155-pound champion Gilbert Melendez rather than personally playing the role of in-ring adversary.

Noons laid out the contendership plan in an interview on MMAWeekly Radio where he also revealed he was originally set for a crack at divisional gold last year before getting an opportunity to settle the score with Diaz.

Though victory over a fighter of Masvidal’s caliber is anything but guaranteed, the decision to set up a bout between Melendez and Noons would make sense given the history between camps, as well as his success at lightweight including four consecutive wins and TKOs of Yves Edwards and Jorge Gurgel.

Masvidal is 21-6 in his career and was most recently seen outpointing Billy Evangelista in March at “Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson”. In addition to the then-undefeated Evangelista the 26-year old holds wins over the aforementioned Edwards, Ryan Healy, Satoru Kitaoka, and Joe Lauzon.


  • locoRover says:

    Gil finishes Noons. I just can’t get behind Noons as an overly impressive fighter. He’d never be a threat at the ufc belt. I firmly believe that Gil is among the top 3 in the world (pickem with edgar and maynard). Gil vs maynard/edgar is THE superfight I want to see.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Yeah the longer they wait to unify belts the less relevant the fights will be… With the 155 lb division in a small state of limbo with the champ and the #1 contender hurt why not set up Gil with a top UFC 155er?? Let him test the waters and introduce himself to the fans and take it from there?

  • sean9386 says:

    They should send Pettis over to face Gilbert should he get past Guida, which I’m not as sure as other people are that he will definitely do

  • locoRover says:

    Pettis is good, but I too am not convinced he’s as good as the hype makes him up to be. Nor do I believe he should be fightin for the belt. I think guida takes this, and that would probably propel him to a title shot because 1.he just beat the man with the most famous kick in mma history and 2. MARKETABILITY!

    These superfights need to happen soon! The strikeforce guys all have been admitting that they want to make the crossover. I think once the hw tourney plays out, it will be time.

    Cuz let’s be honest, there aren’t more than a few fighters in each strikeforce wt class that would make a big impact. The one plus strikeforce has is an arguably deeper and tougher heavyweight division. So let that tourney sort itself out, bring over anyone worth anything (and ship any ufc guys not as hot over to sf if u insist on keeping it around), and unify them belts!

  • JBAR says:

    I don’t mind the UFC and SF being seperate but it would be awesome if they had one huge event every year or two where the champs faced off against one another.

  • MCM says:

    I don’t see why Zuffa wouldn’t keep S.F. around. They have decent marketability, good distribution deals and are a much better “farm” league for the UFC than the WEC was.
    Everyone keeps talking about super fights and merging the two companies, but in truth there are only two fighters that are not being challenged in SF. Diaz and Melendez.
    The fact that Noons is anywhere near a title shot, much less two, speaks volumes about the level of competition in both the LW and WW divisions. Diaz needs to move to the UFC. Gilbert needs to move to the UFC. All the other belt holders still have legit challenges to their titles. Two guys are head and shoulders above the rest of their divisions but the rest of Strikeforce is still a pretty solid organization.

  • locoRover says:

    JBAR… Doesn’t seem feasible to have superfights every year or two. Especially when fighters have cleaned out their divisions. And what does that leave the loser to do?

    Try this on for size. As of july 11th of this year, gsp will have fought a grand total of four times in the past two years. So if they did it every year or two, 1/2 or 1/4 of gsps fights woulda been against sf guys.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Noons is a top quality striker (better than Maynard or Edgar) and he has outstanding take down D. He has beaten every MMA fighter he has faced except 1including Edwards, Diaz and Gurgel. You may not consider him as a high quality fighter but how you come to that conclusion based on a 75% finishing record and a losing record against 1fighter via flash KO is a mystery. In fact he is 32-5 in combat sports. I think he would be a big threat to Maynard or Edgar because he WOULD have 5 rds to try and KO them cuz it is not as if he would have to worry about being finished. It is just my opinion but I think both Maynard and Edgar are pretty ave in comparrison to many other LWs from in and out of the UFC like Melendez, Alvarez, Miller and a few others. Edgar and Maynard are 1 dimensional fighters who find it difficult to sub, KO or stop any top fighter.

  • MCM says:

    First off, welcome back Logic. You’ve been missed.
    Secondly, I don’t think KJ is without skills, it’s experience and quality competition he lacks. His best competition was are Diaz, Edwards, Bennett and Gurgel. That’s 4 out of 13 fights (and he lost to two of those guys and should have been DQ’d against another.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you give both Carwin and JDS shit for getting title shots without facing top competition?
    Noons has skills, and in SF’s light weight division he’s a good fit. But Gilbert is a top 5 LW. My point was that Melendez needs to move to the UFC to face comparable competition. KJ may be top 10 one day, but not at this point in time, and Gilbert needs to face top guys now.


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