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CSAC reverses course on Chael Sonnen after misinterpretation of policy

A glimmer of hope for Chael Sonnen sprang forth from the dark cloud currently hovering over his career after the California State Athletic Commission came forward on Friday to announce they’d erred in how his case had been handled and that the outspoken middleweight would actually be eligible to reapply for a license after June 29 of this year rather than in mid-2012 as had originally been expected.

According to a statement from the CSAC, officials mistakenly interpreted a rule stating a fighter whose license had been “revoked” or “denied” would be forced to wait a year before appealing for reinstatement or applying for a new license. However, as neither term applied to the actual status of Sonnen’s license, as the press release phrased it, “the rule does not apply” either.

Yesterday’s change came on the heels of the CSAC’s previous decision to hand out an indefinite suspension running until the middle of next year based on Sonnen’s role in a federal money laundering case and disingenuous testimony during a recent appeal relating to having shown elevated levels of testosterone after fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 117 – a ruling Sonnen said would effectively end his career as a Mixed Martial Artist.

Assuming he chooses to file for a license in California once his current suspension for the positive drug test runs out in late June, next up for the brash grappler is another date in front of the CSAC where the commission will again pass sentence on his status. If the board maintains their stance from this past week at the meeting and denies Sonnen’s application he will then be forced to sit on the sidelines for another year where licensing is concerned.


  • bigbadjohn says:

    Music to my ears

  • Creature says:

    I hope like hell that when there about to pass judgement on sonnen once again they hear “what would jesus do” in there ears and realize nobodies perfect ESPECIALLY Chael but give him back his license to beat on people in the cage…

  • MCM says:

    Does anyone else see the irony in this?

  • Dufresne says:

    Sounds like they were embarrassed by the schlacking they were taking in the public forum and needed a way to reverse course without admitting they were completely wrong.

  • MickeyC says:

    100% Dufresne. They were getting criticism not only from the fans_ but sports media as well.this was about the only out cally comishion had.

  • TerribleT says:

    Damn this is excellent to hear! He mop’d the octagon canvas up with the Spider for 23 minutes B4 he tripped on the finish line tape so I think he deserves another shot at Silva and there are millions of ppl that wanna see a Sonnen/Silva Superfight II !!!!!!

  • Creature says:

    Im curious as to whos disliking all these comments.. all im seeing is people posting about how they like this and what not.. so whos left to thumbs down everyone

  • stone says:

    I wanna see Sonen n Bisping coach TUF and fight!… It makes for an entertaining show & fight. Make it happen already!

  • elkymbo says:

    Gotta admit Sonnen and Bisping coaching TUF would be freakin sweet. And no creature it wasn’t me thumbing everyone down. I get the feeling that someone out there doesn’t like the little five ounces fam.
    Whoever that individual is can eat a corn hole!

  • MCM says:

    Sonnen won’t be coaching on TUF. He can get his license issue sorted out in time. The job starts in a few weeks and Sonnen is still suspended. Depending on how his renewal goes, he may not be able to fight for another year. I know he won’t be fighting on the show, but I don’t think the UFC wants to dedicate an entire season to a Bisping/Chael rivalry and not be able to capitalize on it right away. Look at the interest that was lost with both the Hughes/Serra and Rampage/Rashad fights.

  • stone says:

    Sonnen needs his liscense to coach and talk shit on the show? The fight won’t be for at least 4 to 6 months away anyways, ya think?… It all seems to be “ironically” falling in place. The show’s really going down hill. It could definently use a lil “personality”

  • Rece Rock says:

    I know roids don’t increase skill level but they do increase power so the bottom line when it comes to those 4 rounds sonnen dominated silva- it doesn’t matter… He fucking cheated, & he’s a liar, and I don’t give a fuck what kind a beating he was throwin cause he got sub’d by the champ, this reoccurring convo is pointless sonnen is a all mouth and in the end a cheater and a manipulator. I guarantee he won’t be on TUF. This guy told the commission last week he has the testosterone levels of a 94 yr old, well let’s think about how much testosterone he would be pumping into his body to not only bring himself up to par but then to be over the allotted amount to red flag the commission! That’s alot of testosterone! You gonna tell me fighting him all juiced up like that is fair?!? Fuck Cheal Sonnen and the mindless trolls who hang to his trash talk like marks at a sales pitch. He is talking himself into positions he doesn’t deserve to be in…

  • YetiLee says:

    Just because he can reapply doesn’t mean that they will allow it. In fact I am sure that they won’t, Sonnen will try yet again and be told that they are going to uphold it and that he can try again in a year. It really is a shame but then again if you do what he did then there will be consequences to deal with.

    I just hope with Sonnen out of the way the UFC will look seriously at Mayhem as a good because he would be pure gold no matter who they put him up against.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Well this “mindless troll” thinks the same Chael who showed uP to the Yushin or Marquardt fight and pissed clean would do the exact same thing to Anderson as he did at 117. This same “mindless” guy doubts testosterone excess gave Mr Sonnen the will and mental fortitude to neutralize the top of the MW division using wrestling and not even falling prey to all the “lay n pray” haters who expect MmA to cater to their entertainment needs instead of maintaining integrity as a sport by rewarding those who put W’s on their resume against the best fighters
    In the world. And for the record, to all you moral men – UFC 130 is coming up and is being headlined by a man who went on a rampage across his city in a monster truck causing multiple dangerous incidents and quite possibly causing the miscarriage of a victim’s child, but he’s a Pride O.G. so all love, right?

  • Creature says:

    Im with you Bigbadjohn.. how is sonnen all mouth i wonder? when he dominated okami and marquardt doing the EXACT same thing he did to silva for 4 1/2 rounds? the only difference was he got caught “cheating” in the silva fight, i may be wrong on this but if i recall correctly, in the hearing with the CSAC where chael had his sentence reduced he got popped not for high amounts of testosterone but for a irregular kind or something like that.. if thats so then rece none of your argument makes any sense what so ever

  • mu_shin says:

    I watched the whole original CSAC hearing when Sonnen and his doctor testified, and the evidence they presented verified the presence of exogenous testosterone, meaning test from outside the body and sources not natural to the body, but no evidence was presented by the CSAC to refute Sonnen’s claims that the level of testosterone in his body was at no time higher than the normal range. This is significant in that to get a performance enhancing effect, meaning an effect greater than allowed by normal levels of testosterone, one has to have supra-physiological levels of testosterone or its analogues present in the system to provide an athlete with an unfair advantage. No argument that Sonnen broke the rules by not applying for a medical waiver, and there were steroids present in his system, but no one has produced evidence that I’ve seen that he was jacked on test to a level that would have given him an unfair advantage over Silva, especially in light of medical evidence presented to support a diagnosis of hypogonadism.

    I’m not naive, and know full well that hypogonadism is a well known side effect of steroid abuse. I just want to see Sonnen reinstated with all of his medical issues above board, and let this issue be sorted out in the ring. Test Chael nine ways to Sunday for every known PED metabolite, but give him a license to pursue his livelihood so the fans can see him compete. If his mouth is to be closed, let it be closed by Anderson Silva or anyone else who can do it in the cage, and not by a bureaucratic entity that appartently cannot even clearly understand and follow its own rules and regulations.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Big Bad John that’s the thing he wasn’t clean during those test either it’s more stringent in Cali… He admitted he has been battling this deficiancy for a while and he has disclosed these “treatments” in the past to other commisions ( his words not mine)… Big Bad John think about it You just don’t suddenly have the testosterone levels of a 90 yr old in one day it’s a gradual decline that he apparently has been “treating”… the guy has been doing these “treatments ” for a while and he’ll be the first to tell you that.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Thank You Mu_Shin….

  • Rece Rock says:

    “And for the record, to all you moral men – UFC 130 is coming up and is being headlined by a man who went on a rampage across his city in a monster truck causing multiple dangerous incidents and quite possibly causing the miscarriage of a victim’s child, but he’s a Pride O.G. so all love, right?”- BigBadJohn

    True…BUT Where in this thread is there love for Rampage? I’ll be the first to tell you Mir/Nelson is the main event on that card. And no Rampage is no saint but he paid for the damage ( was found not in fault of the miscarriage) and paid his dues to get back into the spot light not just belly ache woe is me… Sonnen doesn’t even want to admit any wrong doing he just wants the commision to feel sorry for him because he can’t earn an income… maybe he should of thought about his earning abilities when he broke laws and regulations in BOTH of his careers.

    I’m not mad about the use of the Roids ,PEDs or what have you, what pisses me off is the cockiness of Sonnen to think he should be non apologetic and just be able to move forward with out a hitch mean while everything this guy touches goes to shit and he leaves a mess in his path but just wants whats due to him like the sport owes him a favor for great trash talk…?!? yes thats quite a contribution to the sport.

  • RicM says:

    …….hey Rece,easy on the thumbs down button…….you’re gonna break that shit…….lol……

  • Rece Rock says:

    Ha Ha.. on the Regular I get more thumbs down then most other posters sooo not quite sure what your using to gauge your assumption upon but I gave you a thumbs up for adding nothing to a meaningless thread… Thumbs up RicM, your an inspiration.


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