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UFC 130 Conference Call Highlights

The four major players from UFC 130 participated in a conference call earlier today and Five Ounces of Pain was on hand to pluck out a handful of interesting nuggets from their responses.

Read ahead as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Matt Hamill answer questions and offer commentary regarding their main event match-up with co-headliners Frank Mir and Roy Nelson also opening up to discuss their date in the cage on May 28…

Frank Mir:

– Feels Junior dos Santos relies too much on his boxing an would have likely lost had he faced Brock Lesnar
– Struggled mentally at first with fighting Nelson because of their friendship
– Says he loves fighting in Vegas because he was born and raised, appreciates being able to drive to the arena rather than pack up his family and fly to a different city
– Isn’t concerned about the result of their grappling match when Nelson submitted him because they’ve both grown and it was a long time ago

Roy Nelson:

– Respects Mir’s striking and admits that because Mir is bigger/stronger than dos Santos (a former opponent) he assumes Mir will hit harder than him
– Says family comes first before friendship and that’s what it boiled down to in terms of taking the fight with Mir
– Feels it’s been “Groundhog Day” for the last ten months while referencing the amount of time spent training for Mir in comparison to his normal six-week camps
– Admits he is a “bigger and fatter guy now” than he was when he beat Mir in submission-grappling

Matt Hamill:

– Feels he has taken his skills to the next level and earned big fights like the “Rampage” one after beating Tito Ortiz
– Understood where Jackson was coming from in terms of expressing his disappointment about the match-up and admits he isn’t a “Top 5” fighter but is honored to have the opportunity
– Said “Rampage” is one of his favorite fighters to watch compete and was mildly surprised Jackson took the fight based on divisional standing
– Learned from his mistakes against Rich Franklin and was emotionally conflicted when they fought based on their friendship and Franklin’s role in getting Hamill into the UFC
– A movie made about his life receiving solid reviews on the festival circuit has been bought and will be distributed in theaters this fall

Quinton Jackson:

– Said in the end the change in opponent from Thiago Silva doesn’t matter to him because he’s a fighter and he trains to fight
– A title-fight is the last thing on his mind
– Feels he did enough to beat Lyoto Machida now that he’s watched the fight even though he initially looked surprised after the decision
– Doesn’t regret passing on a title-fight against Mauricio Rua based on his weight at the time and his wish to face “Shogun” while 100% healthy
– Clarified that he doesn’t get excited to face anybody anymore – that fighting is his job – and that his comments about Hamill were not personal
– Likes exciting fights and wants to make a run at the belt “It’s important to me to put on a good show but you know, being champion is good too. You want to be the best.”
– Has worked on his wrestling “a lot” in preparation for Hamill because he respects what “The Hammer” brings on that front but also feels he is a “pretty good MMA wrestler”
– Has movie offers on the table but can’t go into detail though says he has spoken to John Singleton about working together in the near future
– Admitted Hamill “lit a fire under my ass” recently when saying he was going to break his will
– Has felt he would be done at age 35 since the day he started fighting and said as much years ago in various interviews
– Started off as a wrestler but has turned to boxing more because he loves to knock people out


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