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The Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode 7 Wrap-Up

Team Lesnar
Head Coach: Brock Lesnar
Assistant Coaches: Luke Richardson (Strength/Conditioning), Marty Morgan (Wrestling), Erik Paulson (Jiu-Jitsu), Rodrigo Medeiros (Jiu-Jitsu), Greg Nelson (General)
Fighters: Len Bentley, Charlie Radar, Tony Ferguson, Clay Harvison, Myles Jury (Injured), Chris Cope, Nordin Asrih, Chuck O’Neil

Team Dos Santos
Head Coach: Junior dos Santos
Assistant Coaches: Lew Polley (Wrestling), Luiz Dorea (Boxing), Billy Schiebe (Muay Thai)
Fighters: Shamar Bailey, Ryan McGillivray, Javier Torres, Ramsey Nijem, Zach Davis, Mick Bowman, Keon Caldwell

Scoreboard: Team Dos Santos leads 4-3

General Information: Len Bentley talked to Dana about fighting on the finale and thought his performance spoke for itself. Dos Santos won the coaches challenge, which was a football gauntlet. He ended up giving some of his money to Team Lesnar.

Injuries: None

House Stories/Drama: Len goes around the house saying that he should be in the Wild Card fight and starts to annoy others. Ryan McGillivray tells Len that Dos Santos mentioned that, “Len isn’t ready because of his knee” and that’s why he wasn’t picked. Chris Cope annoys Shamar Bailey in the house with his screaming and Shamar wants to fight him.
Gym Stories/Drama: Len is annoyed that Brock didn’t fight for him to be in the Wild Card and trashes him. Brock told him that his injured knee kept him from getting the spot.

Fight Announcement: Javier Torres (Team Dos Santos) vs. Chuck O’Neil (Team Lesnar) in the Wild Card Fight
The Fight: First round was very close with a lot of it being fought in the clinch. Javier controlled most of the clinch and they both had success with knees. In round two, Javier got an early takedown but Chuck reversed things and got half guard. Chuck worked very hard to finish with a kimura but couldn’t As Javier tried to scramble up, Chuck caught him in a d’arce choke and forced the tap.
Result: Chuck O’Neil def. Javier Torres via Submission Round 2 (D’Arce Choke)

Javier Torres Report: I thought he looked good in the first round with his clinch game and things were going well for him early in the second but when he found himself on his back, he had no answer.

Chuck O’Neil Report: A much better performance from Chuck. I didn’t think he deserved to be in the Wild Card spot because he showed very little in the first fight but this time around he showed a lot of heart and skill with his grappling.

Quaterfinal Fights: Clay Harvison (Team Lesnar) vs. Ramsey Niihem (Team Dos Santos), Chris Cope (Team Lesnar) vs. Shamar Bailey (Team Dos Santos), Chuck O’Neil (Team Lesnar) vs. Zach Davis (Team Dos Santos), Tony Ferguson (Team Lesnar) vs. Ryan McGillivray (Team Dos Santos)

Eliminated Fighters: Myles Jury, Nordin Asrih, Keon Caldwell, Len Bentley, Charlie Radar, Mick Bowman, Justin Edwards, Javier Torres


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