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Dan Hardy booked for bout against Chris Lytle in August

British welterweight Dan Hardy looks to have gotten his wish in regards to facing an opponent who won’t be afraid to strike with him after being repeatedly taken down and controlled in his last fight by Anthony Johnson, a solid wrestler with powerful hands who had promised to keep things vertical in the lead up to their match-up this past March.

According to statement on the UFC’s website, Hardy will meet Chris Lytle on August 14 as part of UFC Live 5 on the Versus Network.

The Indianapolis firefighter is without question an apt grappler as indicated by the twenty-one submission wins on his record but has never shied away from engaging in heated exchanges with his adversaries while standing. His battle with Ebersole was good enough to earn “Fight of the Night” honors, the eighth event-specific bonus in Lytle’s UFC career. After the bout it was reported that Lytle had torn the meniscus in his right knee removed and was considering retirement. Apparently he’s put those plans on hold in order to trade leather with Hardy in August.

While only three of Lytle’s thirty total wins are TKOs with the last coming three years ago, the 36-year old is a former boxer who compiled a 13-1-1 record in the sweet science and has yet to be knocked out in a 50+ fight MMA career including bouts against talented strikers like Thiago Alves, Nick Diaz, and Robbie Lawler. Additionally, he holds past wins over respected competitors Kazuo Misaki and Matt Serra among others.

Regardless of where the fight actually ends up taking place it should not only be fast-paced and fun given the stylistic pairing but one with more on the line than simply a win, as Lytle is coming off a loss to Brian Ebersole at UFC 127 and Hardy has fallen in three straight after starting out his UFC career with four consecutive victories.

“The Outlaw” holds an overall record of 23-9 with in-ring success against Marcus Davis, Akihiro Gono, and Mike Swick but went winless in 2010 after suffering one-sided outpointing by 170-pound champion Georges St. Pierre and the first knockout of his career against Carlos Condit before running into Johnson at UFN 24.

UFC Live 5 will also feature a recently announced bout between former WEC lightweight champ Ben Henderson and top 155-pound contender Jim Miller as well as still-green Ultimate Fighter Season 7 winner Amir Sadollah continuing his growth by taking on hard-hitting veteran Duane Ludwig and original TUF finalist Stephan Bonnar in action against 8-1 Karlos Vemola.


  • Dufresne says:

    For as much is made of Hardy’s striking he hasn’t really KO’d anyone of note other than Rory Markham, who isn’t exactly known for his chin.

    I always love watching Lytle fight and I’ll be pulling for him in this fight.

  • Creature says:

    Hey do you know you guys have mike swick listed as an opponent hardy has beaten twice..? and im gonna say lytle takes this, he has a more solid chin than hardy, and hits pretty hard as well along with good conditioning, and if he was to get rocked and hardy followed ti the ground to try and finish.. i think lytle would sub him

  • Matthew says:

    I’m incredibly biased in saying these comments. If Chris was fighting my mother i’d go for him. Never the less it doesn’t make them false.

    He’s not silly. To the ground for the sub within 3 mins.

  • MCM says:

    I know I’ll get thumbs downed for this, but I was actually pretty impressed with Hardy’s last showing. I know he got smothered by Rumble, but he wasn’t taking a lot of damage and was really working the subs. And AJ is a natural LHW so I’ll give Dan a pass on not being able to get out from the bottom of such a big fighter. Lytle is light years ahead of Hardy on the ground, and Chris won’t hold back like GSP did, but I don’t think this fight sees the ground much. Hardy’s gonna keep it standing in a FOTN performance.

  • elkymbo says:

    Gotta admit I’m getting pretty sick of Dan Hardy. Maybe he should go to K1 if he wants to ply his trade as a kickboxer because he’s certainly not a well rounded mixed martial artist.
    Constantly calling guys to stand and trade with you is just asking to be taken down and smashed or subbed and a well deserved beating it would be as well. He’s basically asking to be taken down.
    I know Lytle likes to stand and trade but the smart thing is to go to ground and I’m sure that’s what he’ll do.
    The fight for Dan Hardy is vs Paul Daley and I reckon he’d get knocked in that as well.
    Don’t get me wrong I like Dan Hardy but it’s time he pulled his finger out of his arse and started working on being more well rounded. He’s been exposed now and any fighter with good wrestling skills would most probably beat him.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Hopefully the reports about Lytle’s knee injury were exaggerated, but I wonder. It clearly affected his mobility in his fight with Ebersole. Has he recovered enough to fight like his old self? Is he still hampered and hanging on too long? Can he compensate for a bum knee by using his excellent bjj? Would he be willing to back away from his striking to extend his career? I love to watch the guy fight, but I don’t want to watch him end his career after a series of losses to lesser opponents.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I like Hardy but also agree 100% with Elykimbo about him talking way to much about guys standing with him. Chris seems to be on the decline, and thats not just from his last fight but rather his last 5 or 6. I think his new stand and bang with everybody attitude is starting to show on his chin but still he is a tough fight for most WW fighters and if he just wants a win here he knows all he has to do is go for the takedown.

  • Fan of TNA what Chris lytle fights have YOU been watching?
    He’s 5-3 in his last 8 and other than the Koscheck all of them have been ultracompetitive.
    I think Hardy might taste canvas again….still would’ve rather see Condit vs. Lytle, but either way I dont See Hardy winning this unless he cracks chris with afew good ones and moves his head alot.

  • stone says:

    Yep… Lytle will win this fight standing or grounded… I mean REALLY? Where does Hardy have an advantage in this fight? Wrestling? NO! BJJ? NO! Clinch or overall control? NO! Striking? I THINK NOT!… I wouldve like to see Lytle in a better fight, even coming off a loss, fuck it! Lytle is always game!


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