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Zuffa Summit Conference Call Highlights

Zuffa CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC President Dana White are in the process of discussing the company’s new policy in relation to doling out additional insurance to fighters, as well as a handful of other topics, on a conference call in conjunction with today’s summit in Las Vegas.

Read below for highlights from the call:

– Fertitta said the groundwork was laid three years ago after sitting down with White to develop a structure to cover their athletes in a more comprehensive manner
– Will cover fighters worldwide meaning Mixed Martial Artists living in Asia, South America, Canada, Asia, Australia, etc. will receive the benefits
– The UFC will pay 100% of the premium covering up to $50,000 per fight per year
– Starts June 1, 2011
– White confirmed Edgar/Maynard are out of UFC 130 and cited back/rib injuries for Edgar, a knee for Maynard
– Fertitta explained part of the difficulty in finally emerging with a proper plan was based on the line of work they’re in
– Fertitta said the acquisition of Strikeforce had nothing to do with the decision with White adding it would’ve been impossible to develop the coverage in the amount of time between then and now
– Fertitta made it clear that the insurance will cover “any kind of accident”
– The policy supplements existing insurance meaning fighters are covered separately when in the ring during a bout
– Fertitta said he doesn’t feel their decision will influence the legalization of MMA in New York
– The coverage lasts as long as an athlete is under contract meaning before, between, and after fights
– Explained no UFC athletes are currently under contract featuring stipulations preventing them from doing other physical activities as is sometimes the case in other professional sports
– White said Edgar/Maynard are out 6-8 weeks and may be re-matched in August or September depending on how recovery goes
– A UFC legal representative explained life insurance was also part of the deal meaning money would be available for families in the event of a catastrophic/fatal injury
– White ended the call by explaining how big this deal was for the lower-tier guys who “aren’t Georges St. Pierre” for example


    This is absolutely great news for all of the fighters under Zuffa

  • Dufresne says:

    The coverage lasts as long as an athlete is under contract meaning before, between, and after fights.

    My question on this is, what happens if a fighter gets hurt immediately after a fight and they get pink slipped? Are they still covered by the insurance if the decision is made to release them Saturday night, they get hurt Sunday, but because it’s not a traditional business day they don’t get the notice until Monday morning?

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fact that they’re providing insurance outside of the traditional insurance provided for in-ring injuries. And they’re not only providing health insurance they’re providing life insurance as well, and to every fighter regardless of residency. That’s phenomenal.
    It’s just that I’m in the healthcare field and insurance companies seem to always throw in some bs stipulations and fine print so that they can get out of paying for crap, so I’m wondering what they’ve hidden in the legalese this time.


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