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“The 5 OZ Submission: Ultimate Gracie” Winner

Though May 1 will go down in history for reasons entirely unrelated to Mixed Martial Arts based on the long due removal of Osama Bin Laden from this planet, yesterday also marked the anniversary of one of the most important events since the sport was conceived – Royce Gracie’s epic 90 minute encounter with Kazushi Sakuraba on a PRIDE card in 2000.

In conjunction with the date’s significance, as many of you know, Five Ounces of Pain is giving away a Blu-ray copy of “Ultimate Gracie” a week before it’s available in stores, and the time has finally come to reveal who will be taking home the documentary on Gracie’s life in addition to copies of his most memorable match-ups (including his scrap with “Saku”).

Before getting into the details we at Five Ounces want to thank you all for entering. The winner was selected randomly and fortunately so for the staff here, as it would have been extremely difficult to pick a “best of” had the contest been structured in such a way.

Without further adieu, your winner is…William Doggett! Mr. Doggett’s submission was blindly picked from the lot and can be found below a handful of other stand-outs from among the group who we felt deserved to see light.

Again, thanks to all who entered “The 5 OZ Submission: Ultimate Gracie” and rest assured we here at Five Ounces look forward to bringing more giveaways like this one to the site throughout 2011 and beyond.


“Royce Gracie is MMA…There wouldn’t be a UFC if it wasn’t for his family’s entrepreneurial spirit. UFC Hall of Famer…UFC’s first Tourney Winner… His family’s techniques are a staple in modern MMA and he is one of the most influential and recognizable figures from the early days of MMA. He is quite possibly your favorite fighters’ favorite fighter. Even if it’s just as a special guest or in the corner of a fellow Brazilian I hope to see Royce Gracie at UFC 134 BRAZIL!” – Rece Rock

“Royce Gracie is the THE reason for the popular explosion of MMA. While jiu jitsu wasn’t his invention, successfully showcasing it with honor against much larger opponents impacted MMA like Sam Colt’s revolver in the Wild West. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu inspired average-bodied fans to dream of being “Giant Killers” and made fighters dangerous and defensive in new and exciting ways. Royce Gracie brought intrigue and suspense to MMA, and changed the environment from brawling bloodsport to technical athletic competition appreciated by the masses.” – Mark

“An often overlooked aspect of Royce’s sensational career is his win over Dan Severn in the finals of UFC 4. If you recall, Severn displayed some awesome wrestling power in his fight with an admittedly grossly outweighed Anthony Macias. To be sure, those 5-point suplexes would have won Severn any match under freestyle wrestling rules and surely impressed everyone watching. However, Royce’s match proved — for the first time I can remember — that pure wrestling cannot finish fights, and after spending 15 minutes in his guard Royce threw his legs up, locked in the triangle, and forced a reluctant tap. That tap was a warning shot to all those in the wrestling community with MMA aspirations and cast off any doubt that dominating positional control from wrestling, without more, can still be overcome by expert BJJ.” – William D.


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