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Title-fights set for Toronto as UFC champions and contenders all make weight

The final leg of the journey towards tomorrow night’s historic UFC event in Toronto arrived earlier today, as the field of UFC 129 competitors sweated out their remaining pounds and stepped on the scale in hopes of making their necessary marks. Featuring a pair of title-fights in addition to the likely swan song of an icon, UFC 129 is expected to be one of the most memorable shows in the sport’s history and for good reason too considering the 55,000-plus set to attend Saturday’s show.

Headliners Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields were both on target for their welterweight title clash with GSP coming in at 169.5 pounds and Shields 169 respectively. St. Pierre’s fellow UFC champ, featherweight Jose Aldo, hit 145 on the head for his defense against Mark Hominick who weighed 145.25 pounds. Finally, Randy Couture clocked in at 203.5 pounds for what may be his final appearance in the Octagon with opponent Lyoto Machida a notch higher at 204.5 pounds.

The lone exception to the UFC 129 competitors making weight was former WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson who came in a half-pound heavy for his main card fight against Mark Bocek. However, “Bendo” was able to cut the extra weight and is now officially set for a showdown with the Canadian grappler.

Here is the rundown of UFC 129 weigh-in results thus far. All figures have been rounded to the nearest quarter-pound:

Pablo Garza (145 lbs) vs. Yves Jabouin (146 lbs)
Kyle Watson (155 lbs) vs. John Makdessi (155.5 lbs)
Jason MacDonald (185 lbs) vs. Ryan Jensen (185 lbs)
Ivan Menjivar (136 lbs) vs. Charlie Valencia (135.5 lbs)
Claude Patrick (169.5 lbs) vs. Daniel Roberts (170.5 lbs)
Sean Pierson (170 lbs) vs. Jake Ellenberger (170 lbs)
Rory MacDonald (170.5 lbs) vs. Nate Diaz (171 lbs)
Benson Henderson (156 lbs) vs. Mark Bocek (155 lbs)
Vladimir Matyushenko (205.5 lbs) vs. Jason Brilz (204.5 lbs)
Randy Couture (203.5 lbs) vs. Lyoto Machida (204.5 lbs)
Jose Aldo (145 lbs) vs. Mark Hominick (145 lbs)
Georges St. Pierre (169.5 lbs) vs. Jake Shields (169 lbs)

  • hindsightufuk says:

    still can’t get my head around Matyushenko and Brilz on the main card

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Of all the prelims being shown under Matushenko vs Brilz I would much rather see Jabouin vs Garza. Yves has some serious striking and is always exciting to watch.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I struggled with the Vlad vs. Brilz fight on the main card but they do have reasonably known names and putting Nate and Rory on Spike is an obvious marketing scheme, it has the makings of a real beauty. What casual fan is not going to want to watch the PPV if it’s a classic Diaz fight?

  • JOEgun says:

    yeah when i first heard diaz vs mcdonald wouldnt be on the ppv cardi was a bit confused, but putting them on spike makes excellent sense

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Aldo by a rapid, unidentifiable flurry of random limbs. He might rip off one of Hominick’s arms and knock him out with that. Machida by frustrating decision, with Randy missing takedowns, eating a few shots but absorbing them, rinse, repeat, I don’t think Randy can grab him and I don’t think Lyoto can seriously hurt him on the feet. He will more likely just wear on him for three rounds and get the decision. GSP by head kick in the third. Jake will eat more shots in the first then he did against Hendo and he won’t be able to get GSP down. I will go out on a limb and say Jake will dive in for a shot and eat a perfectly timed kick to the head or face region.
    Also, I like the Janitor by gnp and Ben Henderson by highlight KO, both of whom will be looking to erase the nasty taste of previous fights, Matyushenko to Jones by gnp, and Henderson by that crazy ass Pettis kick. I’m sure he wants to deliver one of those KO’s that get millions of youtube plays, after having heard so much about the kick that he was closest to but saw the least of anyone in the building.


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