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Rich Hale and Christian M’Pumbu move on to Bellator LHW title fight

Tonight, the lone set of remaining Bellator Season 4 Tournament finalists will be unveiled in the form of light heavyweight action at Bellator 42 in Concho, Oklahoma, as 9-1 D.J. Linderman attempts to avoid any Inverted Triangle Chokes from Richard Hale on one side of things with the other featuring undefeated Tim Carpenter taking on Frenchman Christian M’Pumbu.

Five Ounces of Pain will be here to bring you live results starting at approximately 8:00 PM EST including play-by-play from televised bouts. Fans can watch things unfold live on MTV starting at 9:00 PM EST.

In addition to the 205ers, tonight’s broadcast is also highlighted by the Bellator debut of 24-year old Ronnie Mann. With an 18-2-1 record Mann is considered to be one of the top featherweights competing outside of the UFC.

Here is a full breakdown of Bellator 42 results:

Mark Holata def. Tracey Willis via Submission Round 1 (Strikes)
Shane Howell def. Mark Oshiro via Submission Round 1 (Brabo Choke)
Jared Hess def. Chris Bell via Submission Round 1 (Triangle Choke)
Owen Evinger vs. Brandon Shelton

MAIN CARD (9:00 PM – MTV2)

Jerod Spoon vs. Luiz Nogueira

ROUND ONE: The two feel each other out for the first thirty seconds before Nogueira rushes in with a leg kick combo. Spoon fires back with a big left and gives the Brazilian something to think about. Action slows with each man waiting patiently to strike. Spoon scoots forward and catches a straight shot from Nogueira. Nogueira rushes in and delivers a flying knee. Spoon backs up while covering his face. Nogueira keeps the pressure on, wobbling Spoon with a thigh kick, then resets his attack. Nogueira gets a takedown and works from the top for a few clicks before the fighters end up standing again. Some more stand-up ensues with Spoon shooting in for a takedown at the last second. Fairly competitive frame with the edge going to Nogueira on the 5 OZ scorecard.

ROUND TWO: Spoon goes for a takedown off the bat but can’t get Nogueira to the ground. A minute into the round and neither has landed any significant offense. Nogueira locks Spoon into a clinch and lands a knee but Spoon backs out and the two go back to exchanging on their feet. Spoon starting to do a nice job moving forward to land straight shots, then backing out to avoid any returned fire. Nogueira locks his arms around Spoon’s body and scoots him up against the cage. Spoon reverses position for a tick, then the bantamweights separate and go back to striking. Spoon throws a number of looping punches but can’t connect. Nogueira times a shot in the last fifteen seconds and gets the takedown. Close round I’d score 10-10 but probably went 10-9 to Nogueira based on the late takedown and aggression.

ROUND THREE: Nogueira comes out firing and lands a nice thigh kick. He starts throwing body kicks and finds the mark a few times. Nogueira catches a leg kick from Spoon and works for the takedown. Spoon almost defends but ends up on his back. He works a half-hearted Kimura and quickly gives it up, then scrambles to his feet. Nogueira maintains his hold on Spoon before backing away. Another flying knee from Nogueira but this one doesn’t find its mark. Spoon ducks under a punch and shoots in for a takedown but can’t keep Nogueira on the mat. Nogueira returns the favor with a timed shot and also fails to hold his opponent down. The round ends with a one last striking exchange. The decision should almost certainly go to Nogueira.

Winner – Luiz Nogueira def. Jerod Spoon via Unanimous Decision

Tim Carpenter vs. Christian M’Pumbu

ROUND ONE: Carpenter pressing forward from the get go with M”Pumbu circling out of the way when necessary. After a few minutes M’Pumbu gets Carpenter’s timing down, lands a beautiful right cross that staggers Carpenter, and then rushes in with an uppercut sending Carpenter in a heap to the mat.

Winner (and 205 finalist #1) – Christian M’Pumbu def. Tim Carpenter via TKO Round 1

Ronnie Mann vs. Josh Arocho

ROUND ONE: The featherweights touch gloves and begin. Mann slips after a combo but quickly recovers. Mann lands a high front kick to Arocho’s face reminiscent of Silva vs. Belfort but without the same result. Arocho times Mann and gets a trip to take him down. Mann sweeps him and puts Arocho on his back while ending up in half-guard. Mann lands a few elbows from the top and continues to work ground-and-pound from guard rather than attempting any submissions. The two look to be talking while trading shots on the ground with Mann even smiling at one point. Mann lands a big elbow and cuts Arocho. Round ticks down with Mann avoiding a Triangle Choke, then landing a few solid strikes until the bell sounds. Clearly a 10-9 round for the Brit.

ROUND TWO: Bottom-feeders in the crowd chanting “USA” to open up the second. Arocho loads up with some power but can’t land anything solid. He’s looking beat up at this point from the previous frame’s ground-work with a lot of swelling around his left eye. Mann times another takedown and works from full guard. The youngster continues to dish out punishment with his elbows and fists. The second stanza expires with Mann on top and winning another clear-cut round.

ROUND THREE: Arocho comes out aggressive likely sensing the fact he almost certainly has to finish things in the third to win the fight. Mann throws a head-kick but Arocho ducks under. Arocho shoots in for a takedown but Mann stuffs it, then moves on top and attempts a Keylock. Mann works from side control and rains down elbows in the process. The Brit moves forward and gets an Inverted Triangle from the bottom and uses it like a Crucifix to land a few punches from above to the exposed face of Arocho. Mann loosens Arocho up with some elbows and almost moves into position for a choke but gives it up. He goes to half-guard and keeps ground-and-pounding towards victory. The fifteen minutes are up and, barring what would be an unforgivable mistake on the part of officials, Mann should pick up a win in his Bellator debut.

Winner – Ronnie Mann def. Josh Arocho via Unanimous Decision

Richard Hale vs. D.J. Linderman

ROUND ONE: Linderman stalking Hale from the outset with Hale countering with leg kicks. More stand-up exchanges ensue with neither really getting the better of the other. Linderman presses forward but can’t get a hold of Hale. The two 205ers clinch for a few seconds against the cage but nothing significant comes from it. Hale throws a head kick but Linderman defends adequately. Extremely even round. Probably could go either way which makes me say 10-10.

ROUND TWO: Both men come out swinging with Linderman landing a spinning backfist that staggers Hale. He pushes Hale up against the cage and gets the takedown but can’t keep Hale on the ground. They end up against the cage again. Action is momentarily paused after an inadvertent groin shot from Hale courtesy of a low knee. Things start back up with frenzied striking. Linderman remains the aggressor and keeps pressing forward. A strange moment occurs as Linderman attempts a standing hammerfist but goes back to more traditional striking and catches Hale a few times on the chin. Final minute of the round features more of the same until Hale lands a Superman Punch, then mixes in a few well-timed strikes to get Linderman’s attention. Great fight, another closer round. Let’s go 10-10 again, shall we?

ROUND THREE: Linderman tries something different to open things up and goes for a takedown. Hale keeps his balance and gets his back up against the fence. Hale adjusts his positioning and falls forward into mount. He gets Linderman’s back and locks in the RNC though it doesn’t appear to be under the former super heavyweight’s chin. Linderman temporarily escapes with Hale spinning back into mount, then once again behind “The Protege”. Linderman keeps defending and looking for an opening to escape. He tries to stand but can’t get to his feet. Linderman turns but can’t get away from Hale’s ground assault. Round ends with Hale having the only true dominant round in the fight. 5 OZ gives him the nod after a really entertaining showing from both men. And your second finalist is…

Winner – Rich Hale def. D.J. Linderman via Split Decision



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