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Spike TV set to host pair of UFC 129 prelims

Hours before top welterweight contender Jake Shields has a crack at dethroning 170-pound king Georges St. Pierre at UFC 129 one of his Scrap Pack teammates will have an opportunity to bring a win home to California, as the UFC has announced Nate Diaz’s bout against Canadian Rory MacDonald will serve as one of two preliminary card fights being shown live on Spike TV. Both coming off losses and should be looking to impress given the stakes and 55,000 fans expected to be in attendance.

Joining them come April 30 on the 8:00 PM EST broadcast will be Jake Ellenberger and Sean Pierson who are also set for a showdown in Toronto.

Diaz was last seen in January being outpointed by Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 125 after having won back-to-back bouts entering the event. He is 8-4 in the Octagon with impressive wins over Marcus Davis, Kurt Pellegrino, and Melvin Guillard.

Comparably, MacDonald is only 1-1 since joining the UFC and most recently drew the unfavorable task of facing Carlos Condit a little less than a year ago at UFC 115. The resulting loss was the first in eleven professional appearances after going 10-0 with finishes in every bout.

Not originally scheduled to face off at UFC 129, their prelim peers Pierson and Ellenberger are both currently riding positive streaks and six and three respectively. The 23-5 Ellenberger, who was a late replacement for Brian Foster, notched TKO wins over John Howard and Mike Pyle in 2010 while Toronto native Pierson (11-4) debuted in successful fashion at UFC 124 in December with a Unanimous Decision over Matt Riddle.

No word has surfaced on whether or the UFC’s Facebook page will host any fights though, were they to do so, possibilities include Claude Patrick vs. Daniel Roberts, Charlie Valencia vs. Ivan Menjivar, and Jason MacDonald vs. Ryan Jensen.

  • Creature says:

    This is a pretty stacked card all the way through, i cant wait

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Really looking forward to this event, really looking forward to Aldo vs Hominick. I think Mark has all the tools to really give Aldo a serious fight. Randy as always will be fun to watch. Dont understand Brilz vs Vladimir on the main card, but still worth $65

  • Creature says:

    Agree on the Brilz/Vlad statement, when i saw that i was like wtf? but that will prolly end up being a good fight

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Looking at the whole card though I think only 1 other fight qualifies for the main card (besides the prelims) and it is Jason MacDonald vs Ryan Jensen. Personaly I would rather see MacDonald fight but The Janitor does have a name.

  • I like this card all the way through, Im really lookin forward to Benson vs. Bocek. Ben’s gettin no love for his first outting, and Bocek is gettin an extremely tough fight as well…this one could get violent.
    and I cant wait to see Nate beat up Rory in front of his home state(or is it province?) Rory will start asking to never fight in Canada again if that happens as it’ll be his second straight loss at home.

  • Niv says:

    Hey Superdave, the kid (McDonald) is going to win big this time out.

    He’s a good Canadian kid who is also bright. He gave Condit the fight of his life and almost weathered the storm at the end which would have given him the win. Watching that fight live, I as well as the rest of the crowd felt the stoppage was early but that’s the fight game.He also changed gym’s and works out with GSP, I think he’s going to go out and make a statement.

    Rory McDonald by tko 3rd round, Go Canucks!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Rory is one impressive kid. His fight against Condit was epic! People keep throwing Carlos’ name around for contendership which is valid but don’t forget Rory lit him up for 2 rounds in Vancouver last year. Nate is as tough as they come, and if you’re not a stud wrestler there’s no guarantees you’ll win against a Diaz so I think this tilt will be a bloody battle to the end. Though Diaz is one of my faves (both bros) I’m taking Rory. He is one of the first fighters in the UFC to come up with a MMA base, not the orthodox wrestling, boxing, jui-jitsu etc. but actual mixed martial arts. And Niv, you’re my new favorite too now> GOOOO CANUCKS

  • Niv says:

    bigbadjohn, a NUCKS fan yeah! I’m feeling the love man right back at you, enjoy the fights and the games man.

  • Niv and John have no clue what fight YOU were watching but Rory didnt light Condit up or give him all he could handle, he basically took Carlos down and Laid on him while Carlos locked up his trademark meathook guard and beat on Rory’s face. The only decent shot I remember Rory hitting Condit with was a chest kick while NBK throw a front head teep and it pushed Carlos over.
    Rory’s got alot of talent and a lot of heart but The scrap pack is on a roll right now. The four primary members have all been training each other for huge fights and training with Chael Sonnen(which if that wont teach you some TDD WTF will?)
    If Rory cant get the takedown Nate is gonna box him to death forcing Rory to get a off color takedown wherein Nate’s crazy triangle legs will come up and submit him in less than a minute from that moment.
    That’s the official SuperDave prediction.
    Rory’s gonna wear gold some day Im sure….just not before Diaz.

  • MCM says:

    I’m gonna have to watch that fight again superdave. I remember it the way Niv and BBJ say it happened.
    Even if he did just take him down and lay on him, that’s pretty much Diaz’s weakness anyway. He has always struggled against good wrestlers and training with Sonnen doesn’t mean he’s learned TD defense, it could be that Chael is learning Triangle defense. Rory takes this one to the judges with a UD. Official MCM prediction. :)

    on a side note,
    did you guys see the pic of Chael with the scrap pack. He looked like a monster (literally), where as Nate looks 20lbs lighter than Melendez. I know Nate’s happier at 170, but I think he could seriously make 145 (which would be his only chance of even smelling UFC gold).

  • Niv says:

    Yeah Dave I suggest you go back and watch that fight again, I’m not sure what fight you saw that night.

    Everybody saw a 20 year old kid control the fight for the first two rounds. Credit to Condit to pull it out, but the ref could have easily let that fight go on and McDonald would have a W in the win column instead of a L.


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