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Askren stays undefeated, Hieron and Chandler roll forward to finals at Bellator 40

The Bellator Season 4 train rolls through Oklahoma tonight with an event featuring two tournament semi-final pairings in addition to a promotional champ in action! Set for a live broadcast on MTV2 at 9:00 PM EST, Bellator 40 is highlighted by Michael Chandler and Lloyd Woodard mixing it up in hopes of facing lightweight finalist Patricky Freire for an opportunity at Bellator gold, while welterweight Brent Weedman will do his best to pull off the upset against seasoned veteran Jay Hieron with his sights set on Rick Hawn in the tournament final.

Also scheduled to take to the cage, undefeated 170-pound champion Ben Askren faces journeyman Nick Thompson in a “super-fight”. Thompson will enter the bout with nearly 8X Askren’s experience in MMA and a respected submission arsenal.

Read below for a breakdown of Bellator 40 action:

Cody Carrillo vs. Michael Osborn
Tyler Stinson def. Nate James via Split Decision
David Rickles def. Dylan Smith via Submission Round 1 (Triangle Choke)
Eric Prindle def. Josh Burns via TKO Round 2 (Doctor’s Stoppage)

Lloyd Woodard vs. Michael Chandler

ROUND ONE: The men touch gloves and we’re underway! Chandler moves forward aggressively and presses Woodard up against the cage. He scoops Woodard up and slams him down, then works some mild ground and pound from half-guard. Woodard gets back to his feet for a second and gets thrown back down to the mat by the decorated wrestler. Woodard defends well from the bottom and prevents Chandler from passing or doing much damage from the top. Woodard wall-walks his way back into a standing position and circles out to separate. Chandler shoots in and gets Woodard to his knees, then pulls him down to his back and works from guard. Woodard puts his foot on Chandler’s thigh and pushes him back. The space allows him to get back to his feet but the moment is short-lived as Chandler shoots in again and gets the takedown. Round closes out with Chandler on top and easily getting the 10-9 nod.

ROUND TWO: Much more stand-up to start the second round out. Chandler finds himself in trouble a minute in while against the cage and takes a knee to the face. However, he doesn’t appear hurt and circles away from the fence. Shortly thereafter he scores another takedown on Woodard. Woodard backs up to the cage and wall-walks his way back up but Chandler is glued to his waist. Ten seconds later and Chandler gets another big slam on Woodard. The Montanan tries to get a Kimura but Chandler defends and keeps working on top. Woodard scrambles and slides behind Chandler. Chandler stands up with Woodard on his back who sinks in a RNC. The submission looks extremely close to finishing things but the round expires. Chandler definitely has a “saved by the bell” look on his face. Still likely a 10-9 frame for Chandler though but Woodard could have stolen it with the late flurry.

ROUND THREE: Chandler fires an uppercut right off the bat with Woodard offering up some strikes of his own. Chandler throws another punch, then goes for the double-leg takedown. He clinches his arms around Woodard’s waist, then yanks him up in the air for another slam. Chandler works from Woodard’s guard with some decent ground-and-pound. The referee re-starts them after a bit of stalling but action returns to the ground within seconds after another takedown from Chandler. Chandler moves into mount for a tick before settling into half-guard. More GNP for the final thirty seconds of the fight. Almost certainly a Unanimous Decision for Chandler.

Winner – Micheal Chandler def. Lloyd Woodard via Unanimous Decision

Jay Hieron vs. Brent Weedman

ROUND ONE: Hieron stays active early, circling Weedman and moving in and out. Weedman lands a solid left during an exchange and drops Hieron. He jumps on top but Hieron is defending well and seems to have recovered for the most part. Weedman has mount for a minute but Hieron spins, narrowly avoids a Rear Naked Choke, and then turns back again to get on top. Hieron locks in a D’Arce Choke but Weedman survives long enough to cause the New Yorker to give his position up. Hieron pushes Weedman backwards to the mat and works from a closed guard. Hieron moves into half-guard and goes for another D’Arce Choke. He can’t seal the deal and goes back into Weedman’s guard. Hieron stands and barely avoids an upkick. He pounces back on top of Weedman and fishes for submissions while landing a few strikes in the process. Hieron stands back up and the two throw a few blows as the round expires including a nice knee to the body from “The Thoroughbred”. Close round with 5 OZ giving it to Weedman based on actual damage done.

ROUND TWO: Weedman comes out swinging but can’t find the mark. He continues to move forward with Hieron firing back shots in return. Hieron’s face is showing same damage and he looks to have slowed down slightly. He attempts a half-hearted takedown and backs out. Weedman lands a nice leg kick and continues being the round’s aggressor. Hieron tries a crowd-pleasing Superman Punch off the cage but doesn’t land the strike. The two go back to exchanging shots for the final minute with Weedman still pressing the pace. Easier round to score than the first with the nod definitely going to Weedman.

ROUND THREE: Round looks similar to the second until Hieron times Weedman’s attack and lands a takedown. Weedman goes for a Guillotine Choke causing Hieron to go on the defense. He backs off Weedman into a standing position and the two separate. Hieron’s left thigh is noticeably purple at this point. Weedman lands a leg kick that catches the back of Hieron’s foot and trips him. Weedman works from the top and makes his way into mount. Hieron slides out the back door and turns Weedman over while moving into guard. The frame finishes with Hieron on top. Another 10-9 round for Weedman on the 5 OZ scorecard should give him the win and spot against Rick Hawn…except he gets robbed by the judges. Terrible decision forthcoming…

Winner – Jay Hieron def. Brent Weedman via Unanimous Decision

Ben Askren vs. Nick Thompson

ROUND ONE: Thompson dances around the ring showing he has a little funkiness of his own, Askren shoots in and slips. Thompson takes advantage of the opening and hops on top but quickly finds himself on the bottom after a transition. Askren works into side control and mixes up elbows, punches, and knees to the body. He teases a choke but goes back to the ground-and-pound approach. Thompson tries to roll out of the jam he’s in but can’t escape Askren’s control. The fro’d phenom continues doing damage from various positions over the final minute of the frame for a 10-9, if not 10-8, round.

ROUND TWO: Askren latches onto Thompson’s waist and has “The Goat” on the ground within thirty seconds. He lands a few punches, then stands up and fakes a stomp before going back on top of Thompson. The former Mizzou Tiger works his way into mount and then onto Thompson’s back. Askren attempts a Rear Naked Choke but can’t get it locked up. Thompson transitions and Askren decides to stand up. Within moments he’s back on top of Thompson in half-guard. Askren moves to side control and lands a few knees to Thompson’s ribcage. He teases a D’Arce Choke but gives up and goes back to business from above. Another easy 10-9 round for the Bellator welterweight champ.

ROUND THREE: Askren tries an early spinning backfist but misses the mark. Askren plods forward, absorbs a punch, and drags Thompson to the canvas. “The Goat” throws up a Triangle Choke but Askren scoots over and negates the danger. Askren continues to dominate from the top, occasionally changing positions but always working with punches to follow. Repeat and rinse. Askren wins the third round and fight.

Winner – Ben Askren def. Nick Thompson via Unanimous Decision


  • Rece Rock says:

    Enjoying Bellator…

  • Jak says:

    I thought Jay Hieron looked bad against a guy he was easily supposed to beat. I watch a round and a half of him getting picked apart(2 and part of 3) he must have been doing some crazy fighting in the rest of the fight, because he certainly was’t winning any of what i was watching.

    The Pringle Burns fight was great.

  • cutman says:

    Thought it was a good night of fights,,,guys i personally thought the herion weedman fight was closer than most jay was puttin some nice combos together still it wasn’t enough to win I thought….

  • cutman says:

    The Askren fight was a great dis play sry fell asleep of wrestling if you don’t like it don’t let him take you down, guys better get some tkd defense then bring it to him……..

  • MCM says:

    Jak says:

    The Pringle Burns fight was great.

    “Pringle Burns”!? sounds itchy, but delicious.

  • Guthookd says:

    God damn Jak!!! I was just about to say that Eric Prindle/Josh Burns was one of the WORST HW fights ever. Further evidence that they need top scrap the HW div, IMO. It fucking sucked cock and balls.

    The rest of the card was great though. Anyone who fights Askren needs TD defense in a big way because the guy is like a quick sand on the mat….once he’s got you there it’s going to be a long slow grinding battle.

  • Rece Rock says:

    yeah that shit looked like a TUF 10 episode… 😉


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