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Thiago Silva makes stark admissions at NSAC hearing for failed drug test

Disgraced UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva stood in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission earlier today as part of a hearing in relation to having tested positive for a masking agent in his urine earlier this year and spoke very openly about his actions as well as what drove him to try and cheat the system.

Specifically, Silva admitted undergoing a series of steroid injections in his back to address a chronic back injury he’s suffered from for years, including one approximately thirty days before his fight at UFC 125 with Brandon Vera, then pouring a vial of doctored urine into a cup while his back was turned to the NSAC inspector overseeing the procedure at the event. When asked if he felt similar actions happened with regularity in MMA Silva responded in an affirmative fashion.

As far as reasoning, besides simply a means of trying to address the pain of three herniated discs, the Brazilian striker also referred to being broke and the desperation he felt in regards to providing for his family.

After listening to Silva and admitting their own fault in terms of not having detected his deception at the time of occurrence the NSAC made their ruling with the ATT-trained competitor’s punishment including a significant fine ($33,750 total), a year-long suspension, and the performance against Vera being changed to a “No Contest” rather than remaining a victory.


  • Rece Rock says:

    “then pouring a vial of doctored urine into a cup while his back was turned to the NSAC inspector …”

    Let me ask a dumb question -Not that I’m condoning this shit BUT If your going to take that risk and pull out a vile and pour it into the cup wouldn’t you simply get some of your friends clean piss and do the same shit??

    sofa king we tar ted.

  • Makington says:

    Yeah I see your point Rece. It’s almost like that video where the robber got caught in a jewelry store because he was pushing on the door for 5 minutes only to realize it was a pull door when an old grandma walked in.

    It’s like he manage to get that far and was able to swap urine samples without any of the commission even noticing thus hiding his steroids only to find out that his ‘new’ sample tested positive anyways.

    Come on Thiago…I’m definitely glad he didn’t get away with it but what a fuckup on his part.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m happy that Thiago is being upfront and honest about all of this, even though he did try to lie and hide it at first.

    If he was doing this to help pay the bills and to take care of his family, well it seems to have backfired. A one year suspension isn’t that big of a punishment, in my opinion, but the $34k fine is nothing to sneeze at.

  • MCM says:

    I was just looking into that statement about being broke. He made 55k for his fight with Rashad, that doesn’t include any “locker room” bonuses (which I’m sure he got) or sponsor money. Florida ain’t the cheapest place in the U.S. to live and with doctors bills and training expenses, I can kinda understand the desire to make more, but a lot of people in this country make a lot less and support families and pay bills without sabotaging their careers.
    I wonder if Dana is gonna take away his win bonus. If so, Thiago needs to really get to work on sticking to a budget.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Thiago showboated by bitch slapping Vera during their fight. How’d he like it when the NSAC bitch slapped him? What goes around, comes around.

  • triangleman says:

    Florida actually is a pretty inexpensive place to live! Compared to Massachusetts, California, New Jersey etc….If he is making 55k per fight with other areas of income such as win bonuses. The average attorney makes 68k in Florida. If he is making 100k a year he is either living a frivilous lifestyle and spending outside of his means or being scammed by his managers etc. He needs to take ownership in his decisions not make excuses ie..bad back, im broke etc….own up, man up and deal with the punishment!!! You cheated you got caught!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    MCM, I understand what you are saying, but he has a lot more going out than any of us know. Trainer fees, dr bills, family bills etc. Just imagin how much it costs to keep yourself in that kind of shape and then pay for Doctor care on 3 herniated disks with no medical insurance. I am not excusing what he did but I belive him when he says he needs that money.

  • If he has no medical insurance to cover his doctor bills…he’s living a frivilous lifestyle and like MCM said, needs to learn to live on a budget.

  • Dominance says:

    Sure has a lot of new (ish) tats for a broke guy…


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