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The Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode 2 Wrap-Up

Team Lesnar
Head Coach: Brock Lesnar
Assistant Coaches: Luke Richardson (Strength/Conditioning), Marty Morgan (Wrestling), Erik Paulson (Jiu-Jitsu), Rodrigo Medeiros (Jiu-Jitsu), Greg Nelson (General)
Fighters: Len Bentley, Charlie Radar, Tony Ferguson, Clay Harvison, Myles Jury (Injured), Chris Cope, Nordin Asrih, Chuck O’Neil

Team Dos Santos
Head Coach: Junior dos Santos
Assistant Coaches: Lew Polley (Wrestling), Luiz Dorea (Boxing), Billy Schiebe (Muay Thai)
Fighters: Shamar Bailey, Ryan McGillivray, Javier Torres, Ramsey Nijem, Zach Davis, Nick Bowman, Keon Caldwell

Scoreboard: Team Dos Santos leads 1-0

General Information: Keon Caldwell struggled with his decision to stay on the show, wanting to leave to see his daughter. In the end, he chose to leave the show to be with his family.

Injuries: None

House Stories/Drama: None
Gym Stories/Drama: None

Fight Announcement: Javier Torres (Team Dos Santos) vs. Chris Cope (Team Lesnar) as picked by Dos Santos.
The Fight: Most of the first round was spent in the clinch with Torres controlling. Torres also managed a takedown and cut Cope under the eye with a knee to take the round. Second round was very close with Torres doing a lot of clinching but not much damage and Cope doing a lot of clinch and slightly more damage. They ended up going to a third round. Cope really took control in the third round, dominating the clinch position and doing more overall damage. The judges agreed and gave the decision to Cope.
Result: Chris Cope def. Javier Torres via Unanimous Decision

Javier Torres Report: He clearly won the first round and then either gassed or become overconfident and dropped the last two rounds. He didn’t really show a lot in this fight other than poor conditioning.

Chris Cope Report: It wasn’t an all that impressive performance but Cope did show heart. He came back strong in the last two rounds, starting working harder in the clinch, and really took control in the final round.

Eliminated Fighters: Myles Jury, Nordin Asrih, Keon Caldwell, Javier Torres

  • MCM says:

    Well, there isn’t any drama in the house but at least the fights are boring.

    Seriously, isn’t TUF supposed to be about the best unsigned fighters competing for a chance to win a UFC contract? I can go to any gym in town and find at least two other guys that want to, and have the skills to compete better than these two. This was an amateur clinch fest at its worst. The only thing remotely interesting so far is seeing how many times Brock can insult his students before one of them calls him on it.

    At least next week looks like it has some drama.

  • climbarock says:

    Awful fight. Who do I talk to to get back that 15 minutes of my life? Can’t believe Galvao got snubbed.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “Seriously, isn’t TUF supposed to be about the best unsigned fighters competing for a chance to win a UFC contract?”

    No No your thinking of Bellator… and there fighting for 100G and a shot at the current title holder. :)

    Hmm one of these things sounds better then the other…

  • MickeyC says:

    Anybody but me already tired of hearing Lesnar, use his Chicken Shit/Salad remark?

  • Angry Mike says:

    I wonder if Keon’s daughter is old enough to say “candy ass quitter.”


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