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“Korean Zombie” among Fight Night 24 bonus-winners

When Chan Sung Jung discussed his highlight-reel tapping of Leonard Garcia in a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan he made sure to give credit to BJJ expert Eddie Bravo for having indirectly taught him the “Twister” technique through a series of online videos. It now appears Jung can also afford to send a Thank You card or thousand to show his gratitude, as “The Korean Zombie” was awarded $55,000 and “Submission of the Night” for his last-second sub of Garcia at “UFN 24: Nogueira vs. Davis”. The performance broke a two-fight slide for Jung and marked the first time Garcia had been finished in more than two years.

News of Jung’s windfall was announced along with the card’s other bonus-winners from Saturday’s show in Seattle at a post-event press conference.

A trio of undercard competitors stole the show in terms of taking home the remaining distinctions and attached paychecks, as Johny Hendricks received “Knockout of the Night” (and $55k) after TKOing T.J. Waldburger a little more than ninety seconds into their preliminary pairing. Hendricks improved his overall record to 10-1 with the successful showing with the bulk of the decorated amateur wrestler’s wins coming by way of strikes.

Finally, bantamweights earned the event’s coveted “Fight of the Night” slot as a result of Michael McDonald’s hotly contested decision victory over Edwin Figueroa. Similar to the other bonuses, both men were given $55,000 for their award-winning efforts. McDonald has emerged with his hands raised in five straight fights including knockouts of Cole Escovedo and Manny Tapia.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Joe Rogan knew zombie was going for the twister as soon as he transition from the back, he called it… No one does it better, say what you will but Rogan is the man.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    what you reckon the chances of garcia, nog and hardy being cut after last night?

  • Rich S. says:

    To be honest, Nog and Hardy probably should be cut. I’d like to see Nog stick around because he always has that potential to win big. I doubt Garcia will be let go. Personally, his style kind of annoys me, but it’s a style that the people want to see.

    I was filled with joy when Chan won. I still can’t believe Garcia tapped. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to find myself on the wrong end of a Twister, but I always took Garcia for the type of guy you’d have to choke to sleep, especially with ONE second on the clock. Overall I was impressed with Jung’s ground work and I hope we see more in the future.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Jung’s twister submission was the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. And I don’t blame Garcia for tapping. That didn’t look like a choke to me. It looked as if it torqued his spine, especially his neck. Spinal injury v. tap = tap even if you’re a tough guy.

    I don’t think Hardy gets cut because UFC is trying to develop the UK market, and he’s the only UK fighter who had a title shot. He lost to GSP, but still took him five rounds. Hardy’s loss to Condit could’ve happened to anybody. Condit caught him with a brilliant shot; it happens. Hardy’s loss to Jung reinforced the hole in Hardy’s game–wrestling. He needs to get into a camp that forces him to wrestle all day, every day. He may never become an elite grappler, but it should improve his defense.

    No reason to cut Nog. If he’s worn out his welcome, just let him complete his contract and quietly decline to renew it. There’s no reason to embarrass a guy who’s a legend, and seems to be decent enough.

    Garcia shouldn’t be cut, either. His first fight with Jung was fight of the decade according to Rogan, and he may be right. Those kind of fireworks sells tickets, so he’ll be around for a while longer. Garcia could be a lighter version of Chris Lytle. Not a contender, but an exciting guy to watch. Garcia does need to put together some wins, though.

  • qat says:

    @Rich S.
    I dont think Nog and Hardy should be cut, they are both recognizable names and deliver action mostly. Instead they both could make their way to Strikeforce, i can see some interesting fights for them there.
    But Hardy needs to train some fuckin wrestling already, with this big weakness he is going to go nowhere in the WW-division.

    I share your feelings regarding the win of the Zombie, but i doubt that Garcia knew the clock in that situation. Also, you are not going to sleep in a Twister. If you are not tapping to that, you can get seriously hurt..

  • 3OAM says:

    Rogan knew it because he trains with Eddie Bravo at 10th Planet. I’ve accepted Joe Rogan as my personal savior. His podcast is second to none.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    If I was Garcia I would be a bit annoyed my corner wasn’t screaming their head off about time remaining in the round. I’m sure the hold hurt something crazy but, 1 more second until you had a chance to recover and possibly win in the next round.

    That being said he was losing both rounds in my book but, never know what could have happened in next round.

    Hardy had nothing last night. When he was on his feet his punches were quick but, he spent most of 3 rounds on his back. I think overall the dominant discipline is becoming wrestling when everything else is equal. I doubt Hardy gets cut but, he clearly can’t handle the bigger guys in his division.

    Little Nog needs to work on his wrestling. 3rd straight wrestler that totally dominated majority of the ground game. Elite BJJ is great but, if you spent the whole time avoiding GnP and being defensive it doesn’t help you get a win.

    Phil Davis looked sharp as usual with his wrestling but, he needs to work on his striking as he looked a bit uncomfortable when he was forced to stand for an extended amount of time. Not ready for Jon Jones just yet.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i agree garcia wont be getting the cut, his record is actually better than i remember. i forgot his last three decision wins could have gone the other way but actually went to him.
    Hardy, much as i like him, cant wrestle (or anti-wrestle) for shit and has three consecutive losses. maybe he gets a pass like matt brown? maybe ufc are making people go 0-4 before cutting them if they generate the revenue?
    lil nog, again as much as i like him, has been living off his brothers name. people always equate him with submissions, but he doesnt fight off his back like his brother. i can only recall the one submission from him in years, triangle over dion starling in jf couple years ago. he is a very one dimensional fighter, no kicks, no take downs, no clinch work, just average boxing, he has never lived up to his potential he showed early against shogun and overeem in pride. maybe he gets one more fight but i dont see him lasting long

  • Rich S. says:

    I know the Twister isn’t a choke. I meant, Leonard seems like the kind of guy that could only be submitted by going to sleep. Like the kind of guy that would power through a crank or joint lock if it meant he could fight a bit more. But, I’m sure all fighters are smart enough to tap when it comes to the back/spine.


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