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Shane Carwin vs. Jon Olav Einemo scheduled for UFC 131

After months of speculation and various rumored opponents, Shane Carwin finally has his next bout scheduled. The former UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion will take on jiu-jitsu black belt Jon Olav Einemo at UFC 131

Dana White made the announcement during a live chat with The Seattle Times.

Carwin had been steamrolling everyone in his way leading up to his UFC 116 bout with then UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. After a dominating first round that saw Carwin rock and nearly finish Lesnar, Carwin drastically slowed down in the second round and was eventually taken down and tapped out by Lesnar. Carwin was originally scheduled to return to action at UFC 125 against Roy Nelson but neck surgery forced him off the card. After successful surgery, Carwin returned to training on January 4.

Einemo hasn’t been seen in MMA since November 2006, where he submitted James Thompson. His most notable MMA fight was a PRIDE 31 bout against Fabricio Werdum, where he lost by unanimous decision. Einemo won the 2003 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, submitting Alexandre Ferreira in the 88-98 kg weight class finals. Einemo trains with Team Golden Glory and is the only man to defeat Roger Gracie in ADCC competition He was signed by UFC on March 7.

UFC 131 is scheduled for June 11, 2011 at the Rogers Center in Vancouver, Canada. The event will be headlined by a heavyweight showdown between Ultimate Fighter 13 coaches Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    WTF this looks like a very shitty attempted to get Carwin back in the mix. He may be a very noteable submission guy but damm, to put him in with Carwin whos last fight was for the title is just nuts.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Only reason Carwin was even in “the mix” was his blog dissing Lesnar. He basically talked his way into contention and then wilted under the pressure.

    I think he needs a few wins to be back in the mix and some guy who very few know about but, is supposed to have a top notch ground game is a good start. If Carwin can avoid being subbed and KO this guy then maybe next fight could be against Nelson.

  • Angry Mike says:

    No fights in five years since submitting Thompson? On paper this looks like a gimme.

  • Dufresne says:

    Carwin was only in the mix because of trash talk? What? Carwin was in the mix because he was 12-0 with 12 first round stoppages including a demolition of a former champ, not because of a blog.

    This is a weird matchup. Carwin’s only loss is via submission and they match him up with an Abu Dhabi champion who’s also the only guy to beat Roger Gracie in ADCC.

    If Einemo can avoid the refrigerators Carwin calls fists and get this to the ground, it’s a lock. But he’s gonna have a hell of a time doing that. Carwin has very solid takedown defense combined with the crazy punching power that let’s him KO people with just a few inches of space. If Einemo shoots for a takedown and gets stuffed, there’s a real chance that his face is gonna get pushed in. Add that to 5 years of ring rust and I don’t see Einemo making his debut very successful, but you never know what could happen when a guy has his level of BJJ skill

  • MCM says:

    Alot of people thought Dos Santos was being spoon fed to Werdum and look what happened there.

    But I’m just arguing for the sake of arguing. I agree with fanoftna33 What The F*ck?!

  • Creature says:

    Well i was gonna comment on here arguing with Mad_Hatter_XX but Dufrense beat me to it and said everything i was going to.. depending on how big this guy is.. id say carwin stuffs the takedowns early and add another 1st round stoppage to his record

  • marmalade_sally says:

    This is the classic striker vs. grappler match I loathe. Someone is just going to get dominated by the others discipline. Either quick tap or quick KO. I like to see similar fighters matched up.

  • marmalade_sally says:

    Alot of people praise Joe Silva’s matchmaking but i am sick of these kind of matchups. Its like Nate Diaz, one of the most exciting fighters being put up against wrestlers(his weakness) over and over. If a guy is not a contender, an exciting matchup should be the priority.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    No dickin’ around on the ground with this guy. I hope Shane’s conditioning has improved. He can’t bank on a first round KO every time even with those big meatpaws. What’s the deal with this though, a title shot seconds away at multiple times from being won by Carwin, to fighting a UFC noob? seems odd…

  • MCM says:

    What is up with the Athletic Commission in Canada? Aren’t they supposed to have a say in which fights get put together so that there isn’t a huge mismatch in size and caliber between fighters?
    Carwin is a top 5 / 10 HW and is 6′ 2″ and cuts to get to 265lbs. . Einemo isn’t even a top 100 and is 6’6″ but only weighs in at 220 lbs. I can’t believe this fight would be sanctioned in Nevada or New Jersey.

  • clobbered comes to mind

  • JBAR says:

    You probably don’t want him in versus a striker for his first fight back from neck surgery and Shane probably needs a easy fight to get his confidence back in his body. I do not have a problem with an occasional easy fight (wanted to say gimmee but no such thing in MMA) just don’t string a bunch of them in a row and try and sell the fighter as the greatest in the world. I hope Shane has a big KO and then get’s a better quality opponent next.

  • Rece Rock says:

    The guy fights out of Golden Glory I wouldn’t take him that lightly…

  • Rece Rock says:

    Apparently Carwin had been scheduled for the winner of Madsen / Russow… This dude Einemo specifically requested a fight with Carwin…

  • boomnutz says:

    dood, the over under on this fight should be 60 seconds…and i’d take the under. No offense to this guy, I don’t know much about him but at 6’6″ 220 and a submission specialist I see know chance of him winning…is he going to takedown a monster wrestler with a 60 pound advantage?!?! Does he think Carwin’s stupid enough to fall into his guard!?! even if he is, do you really want him raining down shots?!?!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    MCM, love the point you made of Dos Santos vs Werdum, and as we all know a guy coming off a long layoff due to injury rarely looks his best, and with Carwins cardio questions this might acually be closer than it looks. I mean the UFC doesnt ever just give guys fights they are supposed to win for the sake of building up records like boxing does. Acually this is the type of fight I’d expect to see them give a guy like Kongo, who for some reason gets a lot of newcomers and no matter how many losses or intentional fouls, he still gets some pretty soft match ups.

  • mu_shin says:

    Agree with the general sentiment that this is an odd matchup, and should be a win for Shane, but while everyone is playing Joe Silva, who is a better candidate for a Carwin opponent at this juncture? Which of the name heavies are not committed at present, and would present a more legit challenge to the former interim champ and unsuccessful challenger for the title?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Mu Shin, I really would love to see Carwin match up with Stefan Strueve, Stefan has great reach, conditioning, and good grappling. Plus he is getting tougher every fight. A very good first fight post op for Carwin. A lose to Strueve is not as bad as a lose to somebody basically off the streets, and it gives Strueve a huge push to some very good future matches.

  • boomnutz says:

    who thumbs downed me!?! jerk… mu_shin I honestly would take a host of guys over this guy, I want to see Carwin tested, I want to see if it was an adrenaline dump against Brock, or a larger problem, and i’m sorry for all of you that disagree, but I just don’t see this fight going any other way but one-sided in Carwin’s favor…I’d rather see Kongo, Herring, Mitrione, or Hardonk get the call. Or even one of the guys from SF (contracts are transferable) how about Dan Cormier, two wrestlers

  • Dufresne says:

    Alot of people thought Dos Santos was being spoon fed to Werdum and look what happened there.
    And to further your point. no one gave Werdum a chance against Fedor and look what happened there.

    The guy fights out of Golden Glory I wouldn’t take him that lightly…
    Good point. If he’s been training his standup with guys like Schilt, Zimmerman, Arrab, Overeem, and Saki (combined they have 5 K1 World Grand Prix titles, 1 K1 reigning Super HW champ with 4 defenses, 7 Muay Thai world titles, and 3 kickboxing world titles) you know he’s got some standup skills. And even though Carwin is probably gonna outweigh him by 50-60 lbs on fight night, he’s also 5 inches taller which might translate into a reach advantage and probably will help his submission chances if he ends up on his back.

    This dude Einemo specifically requested a fight with Carwin…
    Which means he thinks he can beat him and is trying to send a message. If he’s successful, he’ll have sent a hell of a message. If he’s not, he could end up looking like a moron. Either way it should be fun to watch.

  • boomnutz says:

    Duff Man, Rece and whoever else, I appreciate you playing devil’s advocate, especially considering you bring thoughtful and rational arguments to the table…but let’s get real here if I were in your face right now pushing you to bet me on this fight neither of you would be able too. This guy hasn’t fought in 5 years, and could potentially have 60 pound weight disadvantage, and on paper has virtually no advantages, i’m sorry but his submission skills are negated when the other guy has sledgehammers for fists and is allowed to punch you in the face

  • boomnutz says:

    oh yea…and this guy wouldn’t be a fighter if he didn’t think he could win…it’s an inherent trait of most fighters. No one’s going to want to fight if they think they’ll get their ass kicked…Would you drive a car knowing you’re gonna crash?

  • MCM says:

    Mu-shin, I always thought they were gonna match him up with Kongo. Kongo has only been KO’d once in his entire career and he can take a huge amount of punishment while dishing it out as well.
    Heath Herring would also have been a great fight and I think that he would have come out of semi retirement to fight a guy like Carwin.
    Ben Rothwell is another name that is deserving of Carwin, and he probably would have put his surgery off for a fight with Shane.
    Pee Wee would have been a great fight too.
    Point is, there were plenty of fighters that could have and would have gotten in the cage with Carwin, but they basically pulled some guy out of the gym and asked if he wanted to be a fighter.

  • boomnutz says:

    MCM, i meant to put Rothwell down too and Pee Wee’s a great one!!

  • MCM…you’re never gonna quit pushin for the return of heath herring are you?

  • Dufresne says:

    …if I were in your face right now pushing you to bet me on this fight neither of you would be able too.

    There’s no way I’d bet on it. I don’t usually bet money to begin with, and there’s no way I’d bet on a fight with a complete unknown involved. I was just pointing out that just about anything can happen in MMA, especially when you’ve got fighters at the world class level in any of the disciplines.

  • MickeyC says:

    I would not say this guy is a can, but it is clear that he has not earned a shot at a top 5 guy in UFC. I’m sure Dana wants Shane to get a win so it sets him up to be in the hunt for the winner of Lesnar/DeSantos. I have to agree that I would much rather see him matched up with any one of the fighters listed above first. I was hoping for Carwin/Nelson. Roy can take and throw a hell of a punch. Oh, and MCM I’m not 100% sure, and have not looked in a while, but I was under the undewrstanding the Heath was still obligated for another fight in the UFC. But Have not seen hm in a long while.

  • elkymbo says:

    I thumbed yo down boomnutz. Only after I saw you get shitty about being thumbed down. Aint I a stinker 8)

  • boomnutz says:


    btw when I looked yesterday Heath Herring is still listed on the UFC website, and they recently had a makeover, so it’s not just old material left up

  • MCM says:

    superdavenorcal – until he officially retires or gets cut…..No, I’m not gonna stop pushing (although it’s mostly for my own amusement at this point 😉 ).

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Carwins last 10 opponents have an ave win/loss ratio of 8-5.
    Carwin is a manufactured contender.
    His only really impressive victory was Mir and we all know that Mir is often upset by somebody he shouldn’t be every so often.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    His last 10 victories I think it is more like an ave of 7-5.


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