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Lack of submissions lead to dual knockout bonuses at UFC 128

The men competing Saturday night in Newark, New Jersey as part of “UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones” took the region’s infamous association with “fist-pumping” to a new level inside the Octagon at the event with five flattenings dished out on the card including those to a handful of fighters who had never previously fallen in a similar manner. As a result and likely assisted in part by the absence of a single submission on the card, the UFC handed out two “Knockout of the Night” awards with Brendan Schaub and Eric Koch coming away with the shared honor as well as an attached $70,000 for their efforts.

News of the bonuses were announced at the post-event press conference.

Schaub earned the distinction after bypassing the urge to ride out what likely would have been a decision win against Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, attacking to the point a clean shot landed late in the third ultimately ending the PRIDE icon’s evening with a separation from consciousness. The result marked the second consecutive time Filipovic has lost by way of knockout, while Schaub has gone 4-0 since losing the Ultimate Fighter Season 10 crown to Roy Nelson including three TKOs and a unanimous outpointing of Gabriel Gonzaga.

In the case of Koch, his devastating knockout of opponent Raphael Assuncao set the tone for UFC 128 by opening the show up in highlight-reel fashion. The loss was the first TKO of Assuncao’s twenty-fight career and only the third strike-based win for Koch who has found most of his in-ring success on the mat.

Finally, “Fight of the Night” and $70,000 a piece went to lightweights Edson Barboza and Anthony Njokuani for their three-round display of heart and technique. The undefeated Barboza’s decision victory featured a number of fearless exchanges from both, as well crisp stand-up and an impressive spinning head-kick landing almost perfectly at the conclusion of the fight’s final frame.


  • Dufresne says:

    I’m really surprised they didn’t give one of them to Jon Jones. I know both Schaub and Koch knocked their opponents completely unconscious, but it’s not like Jones’s TKO was any less dramatic or impressive.
    When they gave Brock the Sub of the Night for his win over Carwin and there were far more technical submissions that night they said it was because Brock’s sub had a greater impact on the division as a whole. I’m thinking Jones’s TKO had a bit more influence on his division than either of the other recipients.

  • silkshot61 says:


    It’s like you said bro Schaub and Koch knocked their opponents out cold, imo that is the only reason Jones didn’t get it. I couldn’t help but also draw back to the Lesnar fight as well. There were 3 awesome subs on that card and while that seemed like the most lackluster sub it was still the one that carried the most weight in terms of relevance. I’m sure that he received some sort of undisclosed bonus but it would have been nice to see Bones get the nod, especially since no one has ever severed Shogun from consciousness before.

  • Or yet…Shogun didnt go to sleep, he just buckled and was obviously hurt bad….Im really waitin for an injury report on him,

  • qat says:

    yeah he dropped after that hook to the body (i guess liver), not unconscious, just in a world of hurt and numbness.

  • MCM says:

    Sorry folks, but everyone knew that there was a distinct possibility that Jones was gonna end his fight with strikes. Most people didn’t even know that Brock could spell “Sub” much less pull one off. It’s comparing apples and oranges.

    Brendan’s KO was absolutely brutal. I don’t know what was harder to watch, the way Cro Cops head double bounced off the floor when he fell or the 2nd hit Schaub delivered from a standing position to the already comatose Mirko?

    Glad to see the UFC give out 3 “of the night” bonuses though. They could easily have kept the $70k since there was no sub on the card. Good to see a young fighter like Koch get an extra bid paycheck performing well.

    oh….and Njokuani was robbed.

  • MCM says:

    *..big paycheck for *

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    See this is where it is bullshit. Jones was by far the best fighter on the night but he doesn’t get a bonus?.
    If he did not perform as well he may have got another 70 grand and that is fucked up.
    It should be a retainer, a win bonus of as much as your retainer and a stoppage bonus of around 50% of your retainer.So for example 50 grand to show, 50 grand to win and 25 grand if you win via finish = 125 grand as opposed to 50 grand just to turn up. If you are determined to give out … of the night bonuses it should be on top of that.
    Jones went in there and completely dominated the UFC champion on the way to an outstanding stoppage victory and he gets nothing extra.
    Dana White should not be the 1 to decide who gets the extra money. If it is to stay the same the judges and/or referees should decide and not the guy who employs you. There is a massive conflict of interest in this system.

  • adamsfamily says:

    I agree logic, It needs revision. The system you just outlined would be much fairer – and you could augment it by fan favourite big bucks bonuses by text/internet vote so the up and comers have a chance at decent money payout

  • qat says:

    First of all, im pretty sure Jones got a very very big “locker-room check”, because that fight was hyped big and he looked phenomenal.
    I dont agree that the bonuses need revision, why should they? Its the UFC in the first place that decides the pay in the contract, including win bonuses etc, if fighters ask for official finish-bonuses, im very sure they will get it. And its the UFC that decides how much “of the night”-bonuses are going to be payed. So why should the UFC now let go of the power to distribute _their own_ money to the fighters? The UFC does that to motivate the fighters to perform better, so where is this massive conflict of interest?

    @adamsfamily they tried it with a fan vote to distribute that bonuses about a year ago, seems they did not like it very much, i dont know the details now, but i know at least one bonus was very questionable.
    Also i very much doubt that this would be good for unknown up-and-comers, fans vote for their favorites. Most “neutral” watchers would be to lazy or would hesitate to pay any more money to call such a vote in.
    And not to forget, this time FOTN was Edson Barboza vs. Anthony Njokuani, they were not on the main card, how many fans watched that fight? Would they have gotten FOTN in a fan vote? NEVER.

  • Paulo says:

    From what I heard about the grapevine, all main eventers get a % of ppv buys anyway. So if jones made a cool million or 2 from ppv buy %, I glad that “of the night” bonuses go to those who made far, far less then shogun/jones. that 70k would be piss in the bucket if he made a couple million form ppv buy percentage.

  • Creature says:

    @qat… it was koscheck vs GSP where they let the fans decide, and they picked the Kos/GSP fight for fotn and it was def not the right choice.. Dana then said it wasnt gonna happen again

  • Rece Rock says:

    Guys between new endorsements, continued hype, and everything else that comes with winning the championship I think bones is already heavily awarded… Plus I dont know how many times we go through this but there are bonuses we don’t hear about and there are pay incentives in fighters contracts we don’t hear about… Jon could have got a fat check that night and it was nobody’s biz but his and Zuffa… These guys are contract employees that are responsible for there own taxes and income reporting do u really think they want to announce every dollar made??

  • boomnutz says:

    I definitely have to agree, the system is fair, Koch and Schaub definitely “need” the bonus money more, I’m convinced Dana considers this (main event guys don’t usually get a bonus unless it’s unusually spectacular) I think Brock got it for 2 reasons, one, no one in the world saw it coming and it came after he got beat down in the 1st round. Logic, aren’t you complaining about the how the little guys are paid??? they’re handed 70,000 and you have a problem with it…does anything make you happy? let me re-phrase, does anything “UFC” make you happy?

    MCM you really though Njokuani got robbed??? I agreed 110 % Did you give Njokuani the 2nd and 3rd?

  • MCM says:

    Hell yeah I thought he was robbed, boomnutz! One foot slap to the face at the end of 5 mins should not earn a fighter the round. But it was a great fight and I’m glad to see that even though Njokuani didn’t get the win, he at least got $70k for the fight. I don’t know what he makes per fight but I’m pretty sure he’s got to fight and win at least twice to make anywhere near what he made in one bonus.

    I agree with the rest of your post as well.

  • boomnutz says:

    Personally, I had it 1 to 1 going into the third and I had Njokuani with a slight advantage until the takedown by Barbosa, and then I thought the kick gave him the W

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I shouldnt have to go into this but White may favor a fighter because he is towing the company line, cuz he agreed to the new contract, cuz he fought on short notice, cuz he swallows etc etc. The list is endless. Whats wrong with the judges and refs deciding it? You guys will not say a bad word about the UFC. MCM you say I always attack the UFC but you are always defending it. who is worse?. This system is wrong. Boom fighters should get more money but not based on Whites opinion.

  • MCM says:

    Hey LOGIC, remember that part about reading being fundamental? :)

  • boomnutz says:

    you’re right, I have nothing bad to say about the’s fucking awesome and Dana White cracks me up :)


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