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“UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones” set to go as all fighters make weight

On the eve of one of the most-anticipated main events in recent UFC history the twenty-four fighters set to face off at “UFC 128: Shogun vs. Jones” took the next step towards a title earlier today or, in the case of headliners Jon Jones and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, actually competing for the honor of hoisting one up towards the heavens after procuring victory in the Octagon, as the lot of competitors all stepped on the scale in Newark, New Jersey with the entire group making weight.

UFC 128 features a number of notable storylines including Rua’s return from injury to defend a belt he won last May by rendering Lyoto Machida unconscious from a series of strikes on the ground and standing as the fight’s underdog in the eyes of many, as well as Jones’ youth, potential, and status as a replacement for injured teammate Rashad Evans.

The event is also highlighted by fan-favorite Urijah Faber attempting to lay claim to a title-shot by beating Eddie Wineland, PRIDE icon Mirko Filipovic fending off Brendan Schaub‘s claims of owing him money after a plodding fight en route to defeat against Frank Mir at UFC 119, and a number of high-level grapplers mixing it up including the likes of Joseph Benavidez, Raphael Assuncao, Jim Miller, Kamal Shalorus, Ricardo Almeida, Mike Pyle, Dan Miller, and Nate Marquardt.

Fans can catch the PPV portion of the event starting at 10:00 PM EST with preliminary action available on the UFC’s Facebook page at 8:00 PM EST and Spike TV an hour later at 9:00 PM EST.

Here is a rundown of UFC 128 weights as revealed thus far:

Raphael Assuncao (145 lbs) vs. Erik Koch (145 lbs)
Costantinos Philippou (195 lbs) vs. Nick Catone (194 lbs)*
Joseph Benavidez (136 lbs) vs. Ian Loveland (135 lbs)
Kurt Pellegrino (156 lbs) vs. Gleison Tibau (155 lbs)
Ricardo Almeida (170 lbs) vs. Mike Pyle (171 lbs)
Anthony Njokuani (155 lbs) vs. Edson Barboza Jr. (155.5 lbs)
Luis Artur Cane Jr. (205.5 lbs) vs. Eliot Marshall (205 lbs)
Jim Miller (155.5 lbs) vs. Kamal Shalorus (155 lbs)
Mirko Filipovic (229 lbs) vs. Brendan Schaub (245 lbs)
Nate Marquardt (186 lbs) vs. Dan Miller (185 lbs)
Urijah Faber (135.5 lbs) vs. Eddie Wineland (135.5 lbs)
Mauricio Rua (205 lbs) vs. Jon Jones (205 lbs)

* – Fight is at a catchweight of 195 pounds


  • Was it just me or does Bones look a little bit nervous? He’s a humble dude most of the time, but he didnt do his trademark sideways look, he didnt even seem to want to meet the eyes of Shogun…which means nothing I know as shogun has the worst stare down in MMA…but that usual over flowing confidence wasnt there IMO…

    oh man Im stoked for tomorrow’s card…this looks like it could be epic from beginning all the way to championship end.

  • Niv says:

    I think people are going to be shocked at how bad Shogun beats this kid tomorrow.

    Shogun apparently said he thought Bones was being very disrespectful as he’s been signing autographs as LHW Champ all over NY this weekend.

    I think Shogun has no motivation issues, but pissing the guy off is not a good idea.

    I hope everyone has seen the sports science episode recently released featuring Shogun. His punch was measured at over 1100 lbs of force and his kick was the strongest strike ever measured at over 2700 lbs force, un-freakinbelievable!

    It’s even more impressive when you consider Fedor, Lidell and Velasquez have all been on that show in the past.

    I have nothing against Bones but he’s going to find out how big the difference is in competition from the mid ranks to the pinnacle in the sport.

  • YetiLee says:

    I am with you Niv. Jones is a great fighter but he has never faced somebody like Rua before and him signing “champion2011” to his autographs is just going to make him look foolish when he gets beat. I for one put my money on Rua, I still have no idea how he was so much an underdog but I will be making some good money tomorrow night!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I didnt see the sports science episode but it doesnt surprise me a bit. I am picking Shogun to win but I think no matter what it doesnt go past the second round, both guys are so explosive that I feel it ends quickly and decisivly.

  • Niv says:

    The episode should be easy to find if you google it, the other thing is it appears this was done recently since he became champ so I think the knees are looking very strong.

    I also saw a great interview with Wandy and he was really excited about it saying he felt this is just the first of many fights to come with these two guys. He’s very confident of course that his guy will be a great champ for years to come, but believes Jones will be right there for a long time as well.

    That’s something most people can probably agree with I’m sure.

  • stone says:

    I think Shogun wins with a highlight reel KO. The guy just hits WAY to hard. Bones needs to get this fight to the ground ASAFP! If he does, the fight could easily go his way with the elbow onslaught. Its a toss-up, I like Shogun though

  • king mah mah says:

    Yeah its definitely a toss up. I really want shogun to win, but my gut keeps telling me Bones is gonna be champ. I’m not on the hype train. It’s just a gut feeling.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I think 9″ reach advantage is too much for Shogun to overcome. I got Bones Jones 3rd round TKO. Gonna get picked apart then taken down and GnP till ref pulls him off.

  • I just cant see Bones pickin apart Shogun…other than his flashy spinnin shit, his standup is only decent and if he gets too cute he just might eat a big Shogun knee/headkick/left hook

    and I for one am stunned that King Mah Mah doesnt have a full bore opinion on this one….that says something special about this fight. truly.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    when i call fights the the guy i pick loses, so apologies, but i got Shogun by mata leao

  • king mah mah says:

    Yeah the main event is too close to call for me.

    I’m picking Faber, Crocop(I think he’ll suprise everyone here), Nate, and Jim Miller to win their matches.

  • YetiLee says:

    Just heard Jones took down a robber just now while meditating in a park before the fight. Maybe karma will be on his side now.

  • Dufresne says:

    From what I read Jones took the robber down but he got back up, then Mike Winklejohn took him down and slapped an armbar on him and Jones locked in a leglock so Winklejohn could pin him and check for weapons while the cops came. That’s not exactly a pair of guys you want to tangle with in the park.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    His reign begins now. 2011 like I said. He smashed the shit out of ShoGun. By the way ShoGun tapped as well.


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