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Dana White discusses discipline handed down to Michael Bisping

When fans first learned Dana White planned to punish middleweight Michael Bisping for his lack of professionalism inside the Octagon against Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 the terms “fine” and “suspension” were thrown around as appropriate measures in response to the Brit’s behavior. However, it turns out neither was the case in terms of how the UFC handled the situation as White recently revealed in an interview.

According to a conversation with MMAFighting, the UFC President explained Bisping’s bonus money had been withheld while saying commissions were responsible for anything beyond that and suspensions aren’t something the UFC dishes out. White clarified the difference between Chael Sonnen, whose contract was frozen in light of some legal issues, was that the outspoken grappler had come to him asking for another chance in the promotion and was obliged with the understanding he needed to get his other affairs in order before fighting again.

Also, as far as Bisping’s claims the main points of controversy were accidental, his boss shares a different view, stating, “I think the knee was intentional and he absolutely meant to spit on that guy.” Bisping leveled a downed Rivera in the opening round of their fight with an illegal knee and is alleged to have spit on one of Rivera’s corner-men after winning in the following frame.

No specific figure was listed in terms of how much money was kept from Bisping but based on his payout from a May 2010 victory over Dan Miller the amount would have at least been $15,000 without including any other PPV-related bonuses.


  • bigbadjohn says:

    his real punishment hopefully comes in the form of a wailing-on by none other than Mr. Chael Sonnen

  • Dufresne says:

    I guess the UFC has either some sort of conduct code or stipulation in their contracts to be able to refuse a fighter’s win bonus? Otherwise I don’t see how they could withhold pay without having to worry about some sort of legal battle.

    Granted, even if they don’t, I guess there’s not much Bisping can do about it. Sure he could file a lawsuit, but even if he were to win the claim he probably would be relegated to undercard fights until his current contract expires and you know they wouldn’t resign him. He may be a big draw in the UK, but there are other talented fighters coming out of there lately and it’s not exactly like he can pull a Daley and head to Strikeforce anymore.

    Part of me wonders if that’s why it’s taken the UFC so long to announce his punishment. Maybe they were making sure he didn’t have any real options except to take it on the chin.

  • Rece Rock says:

    If the money isn’t guarenteed then they can do that… it is a Bonus not part of his actual expected income for show/fight.

    DW hit him where it hurts and thats the pocket… suspensions don’t mean shit when there months between fights anyway…. Hope this story comes to an end and we move on.

  • danw84 says:

    His punishment should have been a title shot. I’d love to watch Anderson Silva murder him.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    That was a sufficient punishment I feel. As for Bisping’s next fight they could either give him the winner of Marquadt vs Miller or Sonnen. Both solid fights(IF Miller doesnt win that is).

  • qat says:

    Guys you should watch the interview.
    The way i understood it they did not refuse his normal win bonus, instead they withheld his “locker-room-bonus”, and according to White that is a big thing.
    Too bad we dont know how much that would have been, is there any reliable source on the amount of any recent of those bonuses? Guess they are not allowed to talk about it..

  • mu_shin says:

    Agree with Fan33, enough has been made of this event. Withholding the bonus, however much it may have been, is akin to a fine, so let’s move on.

    Also agree that Bisping/Sonnen would be a solid contest. Hoping Chael can settle his legal affairs and get back to trashing his opponents in the media and assaulting them in the ocatgon.

  • Madmax says:

    In other words, Michael “The classless c*nt” Bisping got by with a little wrist slap, but basically SCOT-FREE.

    Disappointed by Dana



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