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Pat Barry and Cheick Kongo rumored for bout in June

Two heavy-handed heavyweights will heat things up in the Octagon this Summer when free, live MMA returns to Versus as it appears Cheick Kongo and Pat Barry will face off on June 26 as part of UFC Live 4. Though the event has not been officially announced it is expected to take place in Milwaukee.

News of the pugilistic pairing was first brought to light by MMAWeekly.

Kongo is at a crossroads in his career after only notching a single victory in his last four outings including a less-than aesthetically pleasing draw against Travis Browne at UFC 120 in October. The Frenchman is 15-6-2 in his career with nine TKO wins to his credit.

Considered to be one of the division’s better kickboxers, Kongo should have his skills put to the test against 6-2 Barry who also excels at stand-up and is known for some of the most devastating kicks in MMA. The affable 31-year old has stopped five of the six opponents he’s beaten by way of strikes including UFC performances against Dan Evensen and Antoni Hardonk.

No other fights are currently attached to UFC Live 4.

  • Dufresne says:

    This is a potentially exciting stirkefest, but it’s also a potentially one sided mauling. I think Pat Barry has the more technical, powerful, and precise kickboxing, but Kongo isn’t too far behind in any of those categories.

    The one place where I could see this turning into a mauling is if Kongo gets Barry to the ground. Barry’s ground game frankly sucks. But if you put him on his back on the ground he seems just as lost as Melvin Manhoef. Adding to that problem are the facts that Kongo has developed one of the most brutal GnP games in MMA, Kongo has an 8 inch reach advantage, and if Kongo ends up on his back he’s at least shown that he does know what a submission is since he’s actually got both an armbar and a heel hook submission to his credit.

    If Barry can somehow keep the distance when facing a taller guy with an 8 inch reach, he might be able to chop the legs out from under Kongo. If he can’t, the only way I see him winning is by catching Kongo with a nasty counter hook since he has shown a habit of keeping his head up while swinging.

    As much as I hope I’m wrong, I’m going with Kongo with a TKO in the 2nd round.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont see any way Kongo keeps it standing here. For as good as the UFC would have us belive his striking is, he never stands with anybody. I think Kongo gets a takedown after 1 or 2 nut shots and gets a tko here.
    Note to Barry- get a heavy duty cup.


    Until Pat can take a hit-I see this fight being very one sided-I wish Pat gets the win but honestly-The Frenchman should be able to take this guy out within a round

  • matt says:

    guaranteed Kongo goes for the takedown every opportunity he gets.



  • boomnutz says:

    Dood, Duf you kind of stole my thunder, at first though I was thinking SLUGFEST!! but last time Kongo was matched up with a striker I think Buentello and he just took him down and beat on him, hopefully Barry can stop some of the takedown attempts

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Oh man, this could be an epic battle. key wordd COULD. as it’s been pointed out by Dufresne, Kongo will probably workk for the TD and ruin what should be a FOTN candidate. Cheick’s ground and pound is ferocious and Pat’s take down defense isn’t extraordinary. Also as alluded, I see this going down like Manhoef’s last fight, TD stuffed, TD stuffed, TD stuffed – boring first round with lots of wall n stall and then in the 2nd, TD scored and Barry’s night is most likely over within the following 3 minutes. Ya’ll think either of these guys are on the cutting block? I think either one could be.

  • Dufresne says:

    Ya’ll think either of these guys are on the cutting block? I think either one could be.

    Since Barry won his last fight, I think he’s safe unless he gets completely dismantled. And Kongo should be on the chopping block, but since he’s the only French fighter in the UFC I can think of off the top of my head, I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep him around just to put on an undercard when they have shows in Europe.

  • Creature says:

    I personally have always liked Kongo, hes a solid striker, and has added some ground to his game and is prolly gonna fight smart like he should, i have no problem with that, even tho he took paul down alot in there fight, they still had stand up exchanges throughout the fight..

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Cutting block? No. Strikeforce? Maybe. :)

  • Rece Rock says:

    Fuck that I got HD winning this… My boy just gotta pulverize kongos legs and we will see how well Kongo can shoot in after taking those wicked kicks… Im a fan of barrys he just needs to turn it up when going in for the kill & throw more head kicks for Christ sakes.

  • mu_shin says:

    In the lead-up to the CroCop fight, they showed Pat Barry training the leg kicks, and I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone who hits harder to the legs, at least in training. Pat’s problem, as seen in the CroCop fight, is he just doesn’t seem to bring all that power with him on fight night. Thought he had a great shot against Mirko, but he just didn’t follow though to the finish, even after knocking CroCop down twice in the first.

    Pat Barry is a guy I want to believe in, as he’s strong as a bull, hits like a ton of bricks, and those leg kicks have the potential to end any fighter’s night, as we saw against Joey Beltran. Just wonder if Pat has the killer instinct to be a real closer, which he’ll need against a guy like Kongo.

    Have to say I’m not really a Kongo fan, as he seems somewhat one dimensional, even though he did a bit better on the ground against Buentello, but that really wasn’t saying a lot. This could be a good night for Cheick however, as he’s got the tools to muster a powerful ground and pound attack, while Barry may be even less prepared than Cheick to contest the match on the mat. Kongo is an accomplished kickboxer, so he may also handle the leg kicks better than most, but I would enjoy seeing Pat Barry landing some outside leg kicks and chopping Kongo down to size…

  • Sykotick says:

    I love Pat Barry’s enthusiasm, and his love of fighting but that said, he just lacks the, I guess you could say, confidence to run in and finish.
    But I think the reason he doesn’t is because of his knowledge of his gas tank.
    Imagine if he has Phil Baroni’s mindset when it came to fighting. He would be devilishly scary and I don’t know of a heavyweight that would be dumb enough to strike with him.
    Mu Shin (hope I spelled that right)
    Cheick is experienced in Kickboxing but I believe Pat has also.

    As for a comment talking about his reach said he has an 8 inch advantage, I think he also had one against Frank Mir and he lost the standing portion of the that fight too, just food for thought.

  • Dufresne says:

    As for a comment talking about his reach said he has an 8 inch advantage, I think he also had one against Frank Mir and he lost the standing portion of the that fight too, just food for thought.

    Mir did beat Kongo on the feet before submitting him. The shot that sealed the deal was a counter left when Kongo didn’t tuck his chin while throwing his jab. If he makes that kind of fundamental mistake against Barry he won’t have to worry about being submitted, he’ll be fast asleep before he hits the canvas.


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