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Zuffa purchases Strikeforce in historic step towards expansion

There is no need to pinch yourself or rub your eyes. You are awake and it is not April 1 yet. In the ever-expanding world of “never say never” where Mixed Martial Arts is concerned news broke earlier today regarding the UFC’s purchase of rival promotion Strikeforce.

In an interview with MMAFighting, Dana White explained the decision to acquire Strikeforce had to do in part with the company’s need to promote more events as MMA continues to grow as well as the acknowledgment the California-based company had grown a steady following with a product people enjoyed.

“It happened quickly,” White said of the subject. “The reality is we now own Strikeforce.”

Further elaborating on the landmark deal, the UFC President made the following points:

– Strikeforce will continue to run as is and the contracts they have in place, including a deal with Showtime, will be honored
– It is possible UFC guys could crossover into the Strikeforce ring but in general it will be “business as usual”
– Scott Coker will be staying on in his current role as head of Strikeforce
– Fedor Emelianenko will continue to be a Strikeforce/Showtime fighter
– The UFC is not going to co-promote with Strikeforce meaning there are currently no “superfights” planned
– The UFC is not currently looking to clean house on any level with White again again stressing it’s about helping Strikeforce grow while keeping things status quo for the most part
– The Strikeforce/Showtime deal runs for approximately another two years
– When Strikeforce contracts expire the UFC will consider negotiating to bring said fighters into the Octagon
– The UFC is looking at eventually doing a show at the HP Pavilion
– Strikeforce maintains the option to keep Paul Daley, Josh Barnett, and other fighters who have fallen out with the UFC

Stay tuned to Five Ounces of Pain as more information on the future of both companies as they relate to each other becomes available!

  • screwface says:

    Not sure if this is good news or bad news yet, but I’m leaning towards bad…

  • Dufresne says:


    Guess this explains why they weren’t counter-programming the last few SF events. No sense in weakening the opposition if you’re in the middle of buying their assets.

  • Dufresne says:

    -The UFC is not currently looking to clean house on any level with White again again stressing it’s about helping Strikeforce grow while keeping things status quo for the most part
    – The Strikeforce/Showtime deal runs for approximately another two years
    – When Strikeforce contracts expire the UFC will consider negotiating to bring said fighters into the Octagon

    This sounds kinda like what they were saying just after they bought PRIDE back in the day…

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Good for the sport, good for the fan. The best should fight the best and Strikeforce has some gems who will hopefully become UFC talent after their contracts run out. I wonder what f#@ked up take Logic will have on this turn of events. Come on, let’s hear it…

  • qat says:

    That was really unexpected!
    The contracts will go on for a while, but its pretty sure to me that SF will be the talent pool and all the big names are gonna come to the UFC eventually. White said in his interview its business as usual, but i guess he says that to keep Showtime and other partners of SF on the hook. And we all know that White always spoke of SF as a minor league.
    And i wouldn’t be surprised to see the SF banner vanishing in 2-3 years, its easier to sell tickets when its called UFC.


    HOLY SHHHH-IT-This actually makes things a lot more exciting in my opinion-There is no doubt that the top SF fighters will be fighting the top UFC fighters in the not too distant future-What a move!!

  • twyg says:

    One down one to go. Bellator is now the second biggest mma promotion in the U.S.; how long before they are bought out. Zuffa needs to look at getting anti-trust exemption. As long as prices don’t rise this is nothing but good. Who saw this coming? I guess we should start expecting things like this when dana starts to not bash the compition. Once that Showtime contract is up there will be no more strikeforce. This is the only way we were ever going to see all the fights we wanted to see. Can’t wait to see MMA-LOGICs take on this. Something says Bellator ust became his favorite promotion.

  • k-class says:

    Maybe they should keep the belts on, start a proper structure of ratings, kinda like the WBA, wbo, ibf kind of structure, so that we can see some fair rises to title shots etc, fifty guys fighting for one belt at present doesn’t make sense, more belts, more big fights, country championships, weekly free shows like the boxing, then massive fights on paperview!! Fair to say though, within acquisition, MMA has by far a better future than any other fight based sport, let’s just not see to many manny mayweather type hiccups, and the rest, is of course…….history!!!

  • boomnutz says:

    Hey Logic…FUCK YOU!!! haha j/k but you know after my rant the other day you were the first person I thought of when I heard the good news. LEt me ask you what happen to this

    “This will increase over the next few years until the majority of the best are again outside of the UFC. I see it at about 60-40 now and in 5 years at the same but reversed until within 10 years it will snowball until the UFC changes or dies”

    Or “the best will never ever ever all be in the UFC”

    ….just saying

    This is glorious, and I like it because now the UFC has a platform to develop its prospects, not only do they have TUF, but they have SF challengers (the only consisting offering from SF). This is a historical day, much like when they decided to merge the AFL and NFL

  • Angry Mike says:

    Totally out of the blue. Either Strikeforce was in trouble and needed to be bought out, or it was doing just fine and UFC made Coker an offer that was so sweet he couldn’t say no. I have no idea which it was. Any rumors out there?

    Whether it’s good or bad depends on your perspective. Personally, I’d prefer to see more orgs out there because a little competition gives the fighters some options and a little room to negotiate. Let’s face it, not everybody fits in at any particular business, so the more options the better. Think about some of the fighters who left UFC for Strikeforce, including Henderson, Barnett, and Nick Diaz. Will they be welcomed back? I wonder.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I don’t even know what to say…
    I do agree with Duf’s sentiments about PRIDE…

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Josh Gross (ESPN) made a good “big picture” observation saying that what this REALLY means is that Viacom owns MMA, not Zuffa (because they own MTV2, CBS, Showtime, Spike TV, etc.)

  • Creature says:

    WOW.. honestly didnt expect this anytime soon.. i Personally think as long as everyone keeps winning in SF they will be brought into the UFC even if they have a bad history or not.. except maybe Paul Daley. I think Hendo will retire by the time SF is gone, and nick will prolly go over, and become a top 6 or 7 WW, and we just might see fedor vs any UFC top 5 HW or LHW like everyone has been wanting to see..

  • Dufresne says:

    Josh Gross (ESPN) made a good “big picture” observation saying that what this REALLY means is that Viacom owns MMA, not Zuffa (because they own MTV2, CBS, Showtime, Spike TV, etc.)

    Whoa… I didn’t even think about it that way. That’s absolutely crazy.

  • boomnutz says:

    Creature I think you got it right, although I think Fedor will get smashed by a few of the HWs, and Daley was the first fighter I thought of…i think everyone else should be good, well that’s my guess anyways. Angry Mike, competition is good but I think in this situation eventually the fighters will unionize (either that or someone sues the UFC under the anti-trust laws, hmmm I never even thought of that…)

  • boomnutz says:

    yea, but what’s to stop the company that owns ESPN and ABC from making an agreement?

  • boomnutz says:

    They don’t have exclusive licensing agreements…

  • TerribleT says:

    Business as usual huh? No co-promoting……………………….that’s what Dana says now but give it some time. There’s just way too much money to be made with fights that MMA fans have been fantasizing about for years. As time goes by and fighters are in their prime I just don’t see how ZUFFA will be able to avoid the temptation of putting together a mega fight when they have everything in their power to do so at their fingertips. It would certainly be a crying shame,maybe an injustice to MMA fans if ZUFFA really does keep both organizations separate forever. I don’t even wanna think about that do you?

  • MCM says:

    No worries Terrible T. When the Showtime contract and the deal with M-1 expires, SF will just become the UFC. Just like the WEC. As long as they stay seperate, they will be a ton of people screaming for it to happen.

  • Creature says:

    boomnutz i agree with you, i never said fedor would WIN against the UFC top heavywieghts, just that he would fight them :) personally id just like to see Hendo vs fedor, then mir or couture vs fedor and id be happy

  • Creature says:

    Another thing im curious about.. does this mean the UFC will have a women divisions in the next 2-3 yrs??

  • boomnutz says:

    creaute you’re on the ball today, that’s a good question, they have too right? But at the same time isn’t Dana on the record saying he respects women’s fighting and blah blah but the UFC wouldn’t participate…or am i making things up

  • Dufresne says:

    Hopefully in 3 years women’s MMA will have advanced to the point that it’s included in the UFC. I know Dana doesn’t like women’s MMA, but I also know he loves $$$ more than he hates women fighting.


    Dana will definitely be promoting female superfights-Fedor vs. whoever-Overeem vs. whoever-Nick “the infamous” Diaz vs. GSP?(classic Sith vs. Jedi matchup)-Kennedy vs. Stann at the next UFC fight for the troops megafight(Ranger vs. Marine)-The list goes on and on

  • MickeyC says:

    finally we may see somw decent commirary in SF. I see mir or bonner joining the SF broadcast crew. C ya shamrock. Dana said he would have the ladies in WEC. So odds are he will keep them in SF, at least till he kiss the company. I think dana will use this to keep daily rather than scrap him.

  • elkymbo says:

    Agreed Mickey can’t wait to hear the last of Ranallo. Does this mean that Bas Rutten gets to be colour commentary??? Oh I bloody hope so!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:


    I think this is good overall for all involved. Maybe will up the production value of SF and then maybe we can see some cross over fights or even guys who don’t get as much work cross over to the other brand.

    Doesn’t even have to be superfights. UFC has a ton of mid level talent in most divisions and maybe since SF is a bit thin in spots some of those guys can get work.

    Of course we all want to see the big names fight and I think in time we will. I agree with everyone else who thinks once the Showtime contract runs out UFC absorbs SF.

    I’m just real excited about this move and can’t wait to see what the future holds for both companies

  • moosebaby02 says:

    well this is just straight up crazy. dont know what to think. all i do know is that someone on this site has been screaming to the heavns that Dana “The White Devil” White will be the end of MMA and The UFC…………this story was put up at 2:03 pm. Where are you logic??????????? Tell me how this move will be the end of all MMA??????????


    I hope this Logic character is okay?-One more thought-Is the UFC brand officially the MLB brand of MMA?-I should think that it is now official

  • Sykotick says:

    I think the UFC has been the MLB or NFL of MMA.
    I liked (yes liked) strikeforce but I think everyone could see this coming.
    business-wise they were a company that didn’t have a ton of name rep, then signed one man (Fedor) and suddenly were all over the place, showtime CBS, the video game, etc. They went from nothing to something faster than they expected I think.
    Now I’m not saying they were in bad shape financially or that they went under but I find it funny how Dana said “fuck Elite XC they have no money!” then they went under, then Affliction came up and he said “fuck Affliction MMA they have gay shirts and no money” then they folded, THEN strikeforce came up and he said “fuck them they have no money” and now…. Yup Zuffa owns Strikeforce. Maybe its a coincidence, or maybe it was true, but I’ll say this much, as much as some of yall complain about how little fighters get paid by Zuffa, that must tell you they are a cheap company so if that logic holds true then I bet they didn’t overpay at all for the acquisition of their new toy there.
    Ps Vaicom doesn’t own MMA, they just happen to own the channels that MMA is being shown on, cuz I’m sure nothing is stopping Zuffa from jumping ship to other channels, just saying.
    Well there’s my piece, later people


    Couldn’t agree with you more Senor Sykotick-I just feel that there are so many haters of the UFC out there that they didn’t quite get the picture yet-Let’s get this straight right now, on March 12th 2011-The UFC bought SF to erase SF from existence sooner rather than later-Don’t fool yourselves-SF will not be treated with the same dignity that the WEC was afforded-Mark the words

  • Creature says:

    As long as they erase Frank Shamrock and Ranallo from MMA commentating ill be happy with whatever the UFC does, i say put Kenflo and Bonner in to replace them

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Hey Boom fuck you too buddy.
    Remember pride?. ZUFFA bought that and what happened?. Did the MMA world unite?. Did it get worse?. It got worse and we had EliteXC, SF, Dream, WVR, DEEP, Shark fights, Titan FC and Affliction rise.
    All of those fighters in SF like Barnett, Mousasi, Overeem, Fedor and others will not fight in the UFC. There will not be any cross over of any top talent until exclusive contracts are signed and I doubt that Overeem, Fedor, Barnett, Kharitonov, Mousasi etc etc will after their contract with SF is up. The GP is as good as dead I would say. SF will lose it’s co-pro with Dream and M1 too. This is a big shock but will it unite the MMA world. No way. It will kill off SF and any co-pro it had with Dream, K1, M1 and other organisations. I will say it again, there will never be 1 MMA organisation in MMA. This purchase means that ZUFFA owns SF now but it does not mean that there will be a merger of any significant kind. If all the SF and UFC fighters become 1 then I will confess to being wrong but until then all we have is 2 bunches of fighters that still cannot fight each other owned by the same parent company, agreed?. If we see Melendez fight 1 of the top 3 LWs or Mousasi vs Shogun or Rampage or Diaz and Daley fighting Alves, GSP and Fitch or Overeem vs Valasquez etc I may concede but I would bet that although a few semi “super fights” may happen like after the death of Pride but the MMA world will be even more divided in a very short while. Lets just wait and see if it unites before we start saying it has Boom. All I can see is “no co-promotion”, “no super-fights”, “Strikeforce will continue to run as is and the contracts they have in place, including a deal with Showtime, will be honored”, “business as usual”. So fuck you, until they unite, don’t count any chickens buddy. Many companies have come and gone but MMA has never been united.

    P.S. If they do unite and all top fighters are under the same banner fighting I will be ecstatic and more happy than you could imagine. I want the top fighters to fight and if you understood why I don’t want exclusive contracts you would grasp that but the UFC and others have stopped fights from taking place for years and I don’t like that. My whole problem with exclusive contracts is that they divide the MMA world up. If it does unite I would love it. It wont, it hasn’t and until I see the best fighters in the world all able to fight I wont believe it. The UFC has made bigger purchases than this before, when they bought Pride and still Fedor, Aoki, Melendez, Alvarez, Kharitonov, Aleks, Barnett, Hansen, Kawajiri, Arona, Overeem and may others did not go to the UFC did they?. We shall see Boom, and I actually hope you are right. I’ve seen this before and I don’t have high hopes, in fact I expect things to get worse for me as a fan but better for Bellator, Titan FC, Shark fights, Dream and K1. You guys think I’m afraid they will unite, I want them to with all of my heart but they never have and never will.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Everyone is happy but it even says business as usual and no-super fights, no co-promotion and the rest. THERE WILL BE NO SUPER-FIGHTS until exclusive contracts are signed. Do you think that was not an issue with Fedor?. It was the main reason he never fought in the UFC. We shall see if any good comes from this in the long run. Did much good come from the purchase of Pride?. I think that is debatable.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    1 more thing I hate the UFC because of it’s business practices and the way it operates, I like the fighters and always watch the PPVs, Fight nights and UFC live events. I think Dana White is a dick because of the way he insults other fighter from other organisations and talks in spin and lies, he divides MMA and many fighters refuse to work with him. The exclusive contracts and refusal to allow other fighters to fight against UFC fighters or let Couture and Fedor fight was always a sore point for obvious reasons too. As far as Bellator becoming my favorite organisation, why would it? the UFC has always been the best to watch and has always been my favorite after the death of Pride. SF just became a company I was hoping would succeed in order for the UFC to be forced to allow it’s fighters to fight other fighters or at least it would work with others. That is all over now and I fear that another company or companies will take a long time to get where SF had. This will not unite MMA anymore than the purchase of Pride or the demise of affliction. It will however put a large dent in anyones hopes of having co-promotion with Bellator, Dream and M1. You can kiss all that goodbye.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    You guys think they will unite when they have said they wont and it took 5 years to unite WEC and UFC with very little cross organisational fights if any. Pride was bought by the UFC and half of their big names never stepped foot in the UFC. My take on this is not that it will end MMA, not that it will unite MMA but that MMA will carry on as it has for the last 20 years and not be all that much different. The best in the world will not all be able to compete and MMA organisations will come and go.

  • LiverPunch says:

    SF is going to die and many fighters that were there are going to disperse into the wilderness. The GP wont conclude and I doubt Overeem and Fedor will fight for SF again. Barnett will pull out and many top fighters will turn their backs on the US for good. This is a disaster and all your optimism will turn to heart ache as what could have been will turn into what will never be , just like when the UFC bought Pride. This is a dark day. SF was based on what the UFC wasn’t and was home to many UFC haters or guys that did not want to go to ZUFFA. Do you think that those fighters are happy about this?. SF as we know it is finished and will slowly die as it’s biggest stars leave.
    No good will come of this and if it does it will be far out weighed by all the negatives.
    I just hope that with Coker behind the wheel that SF will be able to keep it’s co-pro with Dream and M1 going but I really can’t see that happening because both of those entities will not work with ZUFFA.
    Can somebody explain what good this will do?. I can not see 1 positive. They will still be divided , SF will more than likely lose it’s co-pro partners , many fighters will leave and not fight in SF or the UFC.
    What good is going to come of this?. Like Logic says “There will not be any cross over of any top talent until exclusive contracts are signed” and most of the guys we want to see in the UFC wont sign those contracts. This is a very dark day.

  • Sykotick says:

    I think I secretly love arguing with you logic but if you look at success, exclusive contracts are the way to go.
    Let us look at something here. What is the least defended belt in the UFC (before the WEC merger)? O believe it was the Lightweight with bj Penn. He defended it against sherk, then Kenflo, Diego, and finally Edgar.
    I believe it was around the same time that Mr. Overeem won his belt. (I BELIEVE). Now in the same time period that bj defended his belt those 3 times and lost it, the D-Man won his belt vs. Pauly B (jersy shore reference) then NEVER fought in strikeforce again till he defended against Rogers last year.
    Now while he only fought in Strikeforce once last year, he fought plenty last year. That left Strikeforce with their HW belt in limbo essentially. Now this could have been avoided with the exclusivity clause in the contract and then their champ wouldn’t have been considered such a joke, let’s face facts, he. As considered a joke for a loooong fuckin time, and to some, still is. (I personally still see him as untested and highly overrated and will continue to think this till he fights top comp)

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Pride disbanded in 2007 when the UFC bought it. The Pride stars that then went to thew UFC were:
    Shogun, Big Nog, Werdum, Hendo, Wanderlei … and who, Sokadjou?
    Those that didn’t :
    Gomi, Overeem, Arona, Aoki, Kawajiri, Little Nog, Kharitonov, Hansen, Sakurai, Fedor, Aleksander, Barnett, Lombard, Kang, Ninja, Randleman and many more. A few of them have been in the UFC since but opted to go elsewhere first.
    I don’t expect Fedor, Kharitonov, Mousasi, Aoki, Manhoef, Kawajiri, Diaz, Werdum, Overeem, Arlovski, Barnett, Lawler, Mayhem and others to fight anyone important from the UFC much less step foot in the octagon.
    1) A lot of them have signed contracts with Dream or other companies.
    2) They wont sign exclusive contracts.
    3) They will not fight for ZUFFA again because of the treatment from past contract negotiations.
    4) They chose Strikeforce because it was not the UFC.
    5) They want to box and be involved in other sports such as K1.
    6) They have life-time bans from the UFC.

    Every single Strikeforce fighter of note has had the opportunity to fight in the UFC before and said no. They have not changed their minds and I would be surprised if Fedor did not retire, Barnett refused to take part in any tourney, Overeem pulled out and went to K1 and Mousasi did the same.

    To you sykotik. I know all of what you said is true but, this is where reality bites you on the butt, Overeem will not sign a fucking exclusive contract!. Do you really think I don’t know all of what you have said?. I am a realistic person and these guys will not sign that contract will they?. They could have before but didn’t did they. Fuck me!. THIS IS REALITY and these guys want to fight K1 or box or just be in control of their own affairs. I’m telling you now that unless ZUFFA leaves SF alone, SF will lose all of what it has gained. Look at Babalu, Daley, Barnett, Arlovski, Werdum and Fedor. Do you think that any of those guys will want to fight for ZUFFA or work with Dana?.I bet there is a lot of fighters out there that feel betrayed right now. Exclusive contracts prevent a fighter from fighting elsewhere and force them to fight in a particular company. Heres the thing, all of those fighters in SF have had opportunities to sign those contracts before but didn’t, do you really think they want to now? or do you think, just like after Pride, most of them will leave and look for a better option?.
    I think the best we can hope for is that ZUFFA completely leaves SF alone and lets it go the way it has been, but they wont and it will fail.
    This will not be the merger you all hope for. If those fighters in SF wanted to be in ZUFFA they have had plenty of chances, they don’t want to be in the UFC or a company like it, if they did they would be.

  • Dufresne says:

    I don’t think the UFC running SF will make it fail any more than it made the WEC fail. I seem to remember better commentating and better production in the WEC after Zuffa bought them out.

    As for what kind of merger will we get in 3 years and which fighters will go over to the UFC? Who knows? Who even knows which fighters will even be around at that point?

    All I’m saying is, there is no cause for panic or gloom and doom just as there’s no reason for parties or celebration. They’ve got quite a while to iron out the details.

  • BigDave says:

    This is a great day for mma. Strikefarce is now on its way to being dead. Like i said before Stikefarce will not be around come the new year 2012 and it looks like im right. Furthermore any fighters that dont want to sign exclusive with the UFC after there current deals are up only prove that they are afraid to fight the top fighters. Death to Strikefarce is the best thing to happen in mma to date.

  • qat says:

    Hmm Logic, again you write as if you know everything for sure, just go a little slower about all of this and watch. Dufresne said it very well.

    Also, fighters have to eat! You say they gonna turn their back on the USA because of this? K1 and Dream are already repeatedly having trouble paying their guys, Sengoku is about to fold and the current situation in Japan will not help with that at all. Overeem for example was pretty clear that he can see himself in the UFC. Where should he go elsewhere when neither K1 nor Dream are paying him?
    And whats left? M1?.. Local organizations may pay good for one or two fights in some cases, but are hardly able to promote the fighters well enough. Fighters need sponsors, you know that, and they wont pay shit for events watched by 5000 guys with no television deal. Any fighter with some sort of brain power will see that this will not be the smart way to go. And quite frankly, no one really gives a shit if Barnett cries for his mama and goes wrestling again.
    Boxing is not a safe haven where you can get huge in a small amount of time and make the money the top guys make, it is a big risk to go that route as well, and kickboxing without K1?

    That leaves American orgs like Bellator, which has a tv deal, but not sure if they are able or willing to really pay the top guys what they expect.
    The amount of money the fighters can earn has gone up in recent years as well, and you wont make it in Africa.

    Actually there are still a few gaps in the market like China and India with that huge populations of theirs and their fast growing economies. But UFC and SF are going to go there, so if any local businessmen have the money and ambition to work something out, he better be quick.

    Fighters need to man up, no casual fan cares if they like ZUFFA or not. So if you want to be a fucking successful fighter.. settle for ZUFFA for now, and maybe for a long time to come.

  • Rece Rock says:

    April 9 will be a tell tale sign of things to come I’m sure….

  • I agree Rece April 9 will tell us alot.

    I for one have total mixed feelings, I agree with aforementioned comments that this reeks of the buyout of pride with one major difference and that’s obvious mob involvement. Pride had that big Yakuza scandal goin and while it would never shock me to find that DW and The Ferttita brothers were involved with the mob, it hasnt been speculated on in a manner that brings questions of credibility to the organization

    As far as things go I see Zuffa making these superfights happen and call bullshit on them even hinting at them not happening. Reason being is because in the end, the money will go into their pockets.
    Dream is a dying organization so any and all contracts with it are as valuable as the paper we wipe our asses with and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves I’ve read numerous reports that say dream is about to fold(which is another reason I believe the UFC has bought strikeforce, dream may or may not be next) so any other contracts with major organizations wont be worth much because…well other than Bellator there are no other major organizations. Bellator is cool and all but they’re currently the equivalent to what the old ECW was to WWE/WCW in comparison to UFC/Strikeforce. Quality fights with semi quality camera work and a decent announce team. Most casual fans dont even know Bellator exists, which is sad, but true.

    As far as things go Logic most of your list of people who didnt come from Pride instantly have wound up in the UFC and have either flourished or faltered.(plus the UFC didnt want Randlemen….he sucks, oh and he started in the ufc so he doesnt really count anyway.)

    I too, hold reserved feelings about what is coming, but just like Vince Macmahon did with WWE(I know you hate the pro wrestling comparison but as a BUSINESS comparison it makes perfect sense) If you become the only game willing to pay your workers a decent paycheck, give them international exposure AND give them the ability to compete with the best, then you’ll eventually sign the best talent or the best talent will no longer be fighting, proving that their love isnt for the sport anyway.
    At any rate…can Zuffa get us a better announce team for Strikeforce?

  • MCM says:

    Oh MMA-LOGIC, why do you continually fail to live up to your screen name?
    Logically speaking, A company that has spent the past 5 years making itself into the premier international brand in it’s market, that has wiped out all competition, that has been the driving force behind it’s industry, that has public stated it’s failures with previous buyouts, must have learned something. Do you think this company has learned nothing? Do you this company will make the same mistakes it did in 2007?
    ZUFFA purchase the WEC around the same time they purchased PRIDE. With PRIDE, they used an overly heavy handed approach and it wound up costing them fighters, markets, and inadvertently caused the creation of several new competitors. With the WEC, they nurtured it, allowed it to grow, trimmed the fact and turned it into one of THE premier leagues in it’s class. To keep it’s hold as the dominant force in MMA, which path do you think would be most “logical” for ZUFFA to take?

    You bitch all the time about how the best fighters in the world can’t fight each other. Well here’s a positive step in that direction and you still bitch about it. You’re obviously a glass half empty type of guy, and that’ ok.
    But don’t for a second think that we won’t be seeing some fighters jump ship in both directions. Pulver went down to the WEC with Dana’s blessing, don’t you think he would happily let go of someone like Fitch (who could finally get a belt) or Kos. Or be fine with letting some of the overly stacked LW division give Melendez a challenge.

    Dream and K-1 are dying. Senguko is dead. M-1 is making in roads but there are plenty of fighters that won’t fight for them either, and they’ll never be a major player in the U.S. Bellator is around but limited to what they can do and what they can offer. MFC is looking to big this year but that’s still a touch dicey. Everyone else is a local promotion that can’t offer half what the top dogs in SF make in terms of money and exposure and are basically there for top fighters to get back on track (ex. Jardine, Pulver, Timmay).

    Look, the potential for this to be a great thing for all MMA is there. Why not let it play out a little before you throw your hands up in disgust?


    Get off LOGICS Nuts-This is the best decision made thus far for world MMA-It takes the power from M-1-idiots and bloat fish face Scott Coker-Any real fighter will want to fight for Zuffa(Yes!!-even Barnett-Fedor-and any other fighter that has had to say disparaging comments to say about the org.)-As far as pay goes-How much do you really need to succeed?

  • Niv says:

    Wow is all I can say. I understand how many are excited and see this as a good move, but I too am one of those that isn’t so sure about it.

    I’ve always been very concerned of monopolies being formed and have to say that the specter of corruption only rises as one group has more leverage to force people to sign exclusive rights, and control the landscape how they see fit.

    I’ve read all the comments, some completely stupid that say fighters not wanting to sign exclusive contracts (which here also mean likeness rights etc.) is a sign of the fighter being scared of competition. Nobody who isn’t completely fucking insane chooses professional fighter as a job if they are cowards, please grow the fuck up. What this is an indicator of is there are people who recognize that those rights are theirs and these types of contracts are immoral for starters.

    How many of the fighters we want to see fight some of the big names in the UFC, will be willing to sign their likeness rights and exclusive contracts there? Everybody knows how heavy handed the UFC has been with John Fitch, he’s the most deserving WW to fight for a title, but after his loss to GSP his next fight was on a non-televised portion if I remember correctly. Will Hendo be quick to come back after his fall out with the UFC knowing how fighters who stand up to them get treated?

    I really don’t know guys, maybe we get lucky and some of the fights we want to see happen, but I think this just is going to turn out to be a problem for the sport as a whole, and I truly hope I’m wrong about everything I stated but past experience and logic dictates the monopoly scenario is playing out very fast here.

  • stone says:

    Money talks! All these fighters will fight each other if the $$$ is right. If Dana/UFC keeps cutting fighters from the roster, another league/organization will form just like Strikeforce did. Its just the way the UFC cherry picks the premier fighters.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    can’t say this made me happy when i first read it, and after having a while to sink in i still dont know what to think. i dont see any reason to rejoice though thats for sure.
    The entire April 9th card (which i was looking forward to more than any other so far this year) looks doubtful now. Aoki, Kawajiri, Moussasi, Daley. will they still fight? seems unlikely
    The Strikeforce Challenger series has a been a highlight of up and coming talent in the last few years, but i’m guessing that will disappear soon. UFC doesnt seem to appreciate young talented fighters who dont win every single fight. Maybe its time for MFC or Shark to jump in with both feet, a lot of money and a decent tv deal? maybe they can make it for a couple of years before someone forces them to close?
    maybe M1 Global should bring there Challenger series to the next level, that would be my personal prediction. Much as everyone seems to hate on M1 for business ethics, they have been breeding talent and putting on some awesome shows for years. Most of Europes best prospects come through the M1 ranks, countries like Poland, Russia, Iceland, Finland etc have some great fighters and the Challenger series has been showcasing them nicely. Brazillian, S.Korean, Japanese and North American talent also has been bred through the M1 system and i would love to see them on a bigger scale

  • Dufresne says:

    These comments are the reason I love this site. Yeah there’s been some hating back and forth, but for the most part everyone is making solid, well thought out points for the pros and/or the cons of this merger and taking a side based on evidence.

    For fighters not wanting to sign away their likeness for the rest of their lives, I can completely agree with that. Especially since the UFC is not firmly established as the number one worldwide MMA promotion in the way that MLB, NBA, and FIFA are in their respective sports. (Yes the UFC is by far the largest North American promoter and it is the largest international promoter, but there are still some very legitimate competitors overseas.) If the UFC does end up in the position as the premier international MMA organization, I don’t see fighters having any issues with signing that type of contract, or with exclusive contracts in general, as they wouldn’t be as worried about keeping their options open.

    But if the UFC does fufil it’s goal of being the best in the world, bar none, then I would fully expect to see a fighter’s union emerge to help keep contracts under control much in the same way of the NFLPA or the MLBPA.

    I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen or that exclusive contracts are the devil/messiah, I’m just saying that in that case I could see them working out.

    And I know this is kinda off topic, but Niv, check out these monopolies that are already around:
    I know it’s not a peer reviewed source, but the basic facts they present are true. The only one that really concerns me in the group they present is Monsanto. Controlling 90% of GM agriculture is crazy.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    the comments on this site are often a better read than the articles themselves. no disrespect to the writers, just nice to see some intelligent well spoken folk who seem to be much more than merely fans

  • Niv says:

    Hey Dufresne I checked out the link for shits and giggles and I’m not surprised by any of that.

    Anyhow my problem here is well known and I have to say as much as I appreciate the UFC’s desire to be as big as the NFL, I can’t see how it can be achieved without sacrificing the integrity of the sport.

    I remember when Dana White was so emphatically stating he was excited about buying Pride and how this was going to be the 1st time in 2500 years since we’ll witness the best fighting the best, referring to the Pankration matches fought in ancient Greece.

    I admire the enthusiasm, but I detest many of the inherent traits and tactics that come with them at times. The UFC and NFL will never have anything in common and people just can’t understand that.

    The NFL has an independent office that draws up the rules, enforces fines and oversees the contracts between the NFL, the players union and television and advertising rights. The NFL has 30 independent owners, so Jerry Jones and company have zero parallels to Zuffa if they owned all of MMA.

    That would make Zuffa the sole owner of every single fighters rights, that would make them the sole owner of every team so to speak, this in itself is very unhealthy.

    Everyone needs to ask themselves this, how different would boxing be if every single fighter and promotion was owned by Don King? Would we be celebrating how great it is, or would we be questioning the outcome of every single match and legitimacy of the sport itself?

  • BigDave says:

    This is the facts whether you like it or not. Strikeforce was poorly run and thus was going to be out of business by years end anyway. Zuffa are no dummies, they bought the organisation for the simple reason that now the can control when and where things will happen. UFC is the tops of MMA and there isn’t anyone out there that can for a second think otherwise.

    They say things will stay as they are but If anyone here has a brain in there head they will see that they will only honor the contracts of the fighters Overeem will not be fighting in dream or k1 anymore and the same will go with every other fighter there. If the fighters dont agree to that then Zuffa will simply fire them and will not have to pay them a dime. Once contracts expire Zuffa will offer contracts to the fighters they want and send the rest packing. Then The strikeforce name will be gone for good and the fighters that really want to prove there metal will be in the UFC and the rest will have to get regular jobs to support there families because they will not be able to make a living fighting any more.

    I only want to see the best fighters just like i only want to see the best in every sport.I dont care about the lower end organizations other then a place to cherry pick there best fighters and see if they can hang with the big boys. Boxing as others ilewded too has basically killed itself with so many organiseations and so many belts that they are all meaningless and no body wants to watch anyone but the pacquo, and maywethers fight any more.

    Zuffa is doing the right thing by destroying the others and being the only force in MMA, Just like MLB, NHL, NFL, PGA,have done in there respective sports and I for one am so happy this has happened and now we will finally get to see the best fight the best unless certain fighters bitch out.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    To all those talking about NFL or MLB and the mergers. Again I will stress that this is not it. Team sports in a league have independent franchises all try to buy the best players. In MMA there is no teams or independent franchises just the parent company. There will be no body competing for the best fighters. If what you guys think may happen and the UFC becomes the only MMA company they could turn around to all the fighters in the world and say you fight for $5 or you don’t fight.This is a disaster for fighters everywhere. No longer do fighters have any leverage when it comes to contracts and when they argue Dana can just say “where are you gonna go?”.
    Fighters in MMA have just become a lot worse off and MMA may suffer because of this. It remains to be seen weather the fans will win or lose.
    We will see how M1, K1, DREAM, Hendo, Fedor, Barnett, Daley and Werdum take this news and what happens next. I don’t think April 9th will tell us anything. It will be later on in the year or early next year that things start to happen. When contracts are renegotiated and the UFC has had time to step on toes etc. The thing I’m most interested in is Fedor, Overeem, Daley Werdum and Barnett. How do they respond?. Do they accept it? will they be forced to sign exclusive contracts? will they sign? will the UFC allow Overeem to fight in K1 and SF fighters to fight in Japan or Holland etc?. I just can’t see it happening. How can you promote 2 rival organisation properly?. You are going to favor 1. How will the UFC respond to fans calls for Diaz to fight GSP or Melendez to fight Edgar?. Will they allow it even if exclusive contracts are signed?. Will they allow the public to believe Overeem is the worlds best?.
    MMA will carry on but I doubt the fighters, the fans or anyone will be better off, anyone apart from ZUFFA that is.
    This is going to be interesting, I’m disappointed but also expectant. Is this good or bad?.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Again Dave you have out done yourself.
    Coker is staying on to run SF. SF is pulling good ratings on Showtime, SF is the fastest growing MMA company in the world, Dana says it is going to be run the same way as it has been, Dana also says they have a big following and people enjoy their fights.

    That is poorly run?. Even Dana White confesses those things now his company owns it.

    “This is the facts whether you like it or not. Strikeforce was poorly run and thus was going to be out of business by years end anyway”

    No that is not facts, that is something you made up.

    “Those guys are on Showtime. Strikeforce pulls good ratings for Showtime. I think Showtime is happy with them”
    -Dana White.


    This is great news for the premier fighters and training camps that they call home-Without a doubt-Anyone that says they only fight for the comp and to test themselves-can now do just that-no excuses-the days of not fighting your stablemates is officially over-The UFC is now and has been the NFL,MLB,and whatever prestigious league name you can compare them to-It is now a fact-deal with it

  • Dufresne says:

    To all those talking about NFL or MLB and the mergers. Again I will stress that this is not it. Team sports in a league have independent franchises all try to buy the best players…

    Okay, I will concede that those aren’t the best examples for exactly the reasons you pointed out. I guess the best example would have to be the PGA or the ITF then. Both are professional sports with central governing bodies and are sports of individual athletes instead of teams. Again, it’s not a perfect comparison, golfers and tennis pros rarely refuse to play their teammates or friends, but it’s about as close as I can come up with. And even then, both are set up closer to Bellator than they are to the UFC. Champions are decided by a tournament setup or by simply having the best score out of the field and the “reigning” champ isn’t always even in the final field or match for the new title.

    So basically there’s nothing like what the UFC would have if they were the only premier MMA organization. What does exist is the model that boxing has, and that’s been proven not to work. Hopefully whatever the minds in charge of all this come up with will be different.

  • Rece Rock says:

    What do u guys think the odds are we find Reed Harris helping run SF very shortly…I mean there’s no better man to help transition a company into Zuffa and he def knows how to steer the ship while not necessarily being the capt

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I think all the concern about exclusive contracts are overblown.

    Overeem has said several times the reason he fights K-1 is for love of competition and SF had nothing for him. If UFC said no more K-1 but if your healthy we can give you 3 fights a year and make your base salary for stepping in the cage more than you could make by winning said K-1 tourney do you really think he would turn that down?

    Someone said what if UFC started paying their fighters chump change? I’ve seen a few low salaries for some of the lesser known fighters but most of the guys that make it on PPV cards make decent if not damn good money.

    What we are seeing is the true birth of what may be what we all really want. Sure there have been separate rules and contracts for fighters but, soon everyone will forget about the exclusive contract concern. UFC will say we will pay you damn good money if you only fight for us and the better you are the more money you can make.

    Most fighters will understand that if they want to prove how good they are UFC will be the place to fight and UFC will be the place to get paid.

    After taking some time ti think about this move I only see positive things and think others should just relax and not be so gloom and doom about things.

    On an unrelated note, I saw a movie a while back about the Monsanto corporation that Dufresne mentioned. They are truly evil. Hunting down people and suing them into bankruptcy because they can. Scary stuff. Think the movie was called Food inc. Might check it out if you get a chance

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I like you Dru and I say you are 1 of the most on-to-it people that post here but you must know that the “boxing model” is symptom and not deliberate. What has happened to boxing is success. The fighters are huge and all have independent brands and no need for a company like the UFC to promote them. This will happen to MMA if it continues to grow and fighters become household names. There will be no need for the UFC. Fighters will not need to sign an exclusive contract just like Pac-man and Mayweather have no need for it. What would they gain from it?. What would Fedor have gained from it 3 years ago?. If Fedor was to gain he would have signed. If boxers were to gain from it they would do it?. You know I’m right. Tennis and golf are more similar to MMA than any team sports but you are right and they need leagues and often play 50+ times a year. Sometimes 3 times a week. The UFC is not a governing body. Just like Don King is not a governing body.
    Fighters will be worse off after this purchase in the short term most certainly and in the long run …?
    The biggest concern for me is that SF was a gathering for those talents outside the UFC who refused to sign the contract that the UFC has or fighters that had fallen out with the UFC/ZUFFA. It co-promoted with 3 or more other companies.Now that idea is under threat. Those guys that were not willing to sign that contract will no longer gather in the 1 organisation co-promotion with SF will undoubtedly suffer. I think the dream non-UFC HW division of Fedor, Overeem, Barnett, Kharitonov, Rogers, Werdum, Arlovski, Cormier, Del Rosario, Lavar and co is dead and there will not be a GP. All of what SF stood for is dead. Non-UFC fighters will not have a single gathering point in which to fight anymore. They have not signed exclusive contracts before now and they wont in the future. So for me this does not signal a grand uniting of MMA but temporary delay of the uniting of MMA. The gathering that was SF is no longer. What united a lot of those fighters in SF no longer exists.
    I hope I’m wrong but here are my fears:
    1) The GP is dead.
    2) Overeem is gone.
    3) Barnett is gone.
    4) Wedum is gone.
    5) Fedor and M1 are gone.
    6) Dream is gone.
    7) Aoki and Kawajiri are gone.
    8, Hendo and Lindland are gone.
    9) Strikeforce is now the UFC B division.
    10) This will disperse fighters and not gather them.
    11) There will be no cross promotional fights anyway.
    12) Fighters will lose negotiating power and pay will fall as a result.
    13) Less sportsman from other codes will be convinced to make the move to MMA.
    14) MMA will be going backwards or stagnate.
    15) The gathering of MMA’s non-UFC best is over.

    Please tell me the well thought out positives. Don’t say that they will all fight each other when White has said they wont and there is the contract issue. Don’t say it will be run better because Coker is still running it. I just can’t see any positives. What I think will happen is the dispersal of talent like after Pride and that sucks. The best thing they could do in my opinion, now that they have bought SF, is to close it down and take what fighters they can over to the UFC because from where I’m standing it just looks like the 2 companies will remain separate and many SF fighters will leave. So just to reiterate SF will become weaker and they wont fight UFC top fighters anyway. Is that good?.
    I really hope I’m wrong.


  • MCM says:

    First I’ll try to appease some of your fears, then I’ll list some positives.
    1) The GP is dead.
    This may very well be true, but not because of ZUFFA. Coker was going to have a hell of a time organizing this anyway. Yes the first leg went off well but everyone new that Barnett’s suspension was gonna be difficult to work with. It was always a good idea, but few people actually believed it to be possible.
    2) Overeem is gone.
    I disagree. Dana and Overeem like each other. Overeem liked fighting in K-1 and Dream because he likes to fight, but to my knowledge, he has still yet to be properly paid for winning the championship in each. Dana can guarantee him top fighters and ZUFFA pays ontime. I don’t see why he wouldn’t like the buyout.
    3) Barnett is gone.
    Probably true. But Barnett digs his own grave time and again. This sport may still be the equivalent of the Wild West, but if someone can’t play by the few restrictions that are in place, well it’s tough to consider them “professional”.
    4) Wedum is gone.
    Werdum is riding high right now and had a good UFC run. He left over contract negotiations, but if he finishes out his SF contract with W’s, I can’t see how he wouldn’t be in a better negotiating spot now. And he finished Fedor, so it’s not like the UFC doesn’t want him.
    5) Fedor and M1 are gone.
    Most likely but so is the mystique, so how much are we really loosing. I think there are still fights for Fedor in the UFC, but he may not want to fight after his SF contract expires. That’s got nothing to do with ZUFFA.
    6) Dream is gone.
    True, but that’s got nothing to do with this buyout anyway.
    7) Aoki and Kawajiri are gone.
    I think you’re wrong here. Both are very hot Japanese commodities. With Dream and Sengoku gone, and ZUFFA trying like hell to get onto Japanese soil, I think these two may be in the best position possible out of all the mess going in MMA.
    8, Hendo and Lindland are gone.
    Hendo has publicly stated that he has nothing against Dana that it was just a money thing. SF offered him the most money. He also said that Dana had to say negative things about cause it’s part of his job, but that he doesn’t hold it against him. With Hendo no firmly at 205 and still knocking out top 10ers, I think his position is pretty firm. Lindland has too many legal issues at the moment and should be done anyway.
    9) Strikeforce is now the UFC B division.
    They’re already a B division, who cares as long as they put on entertaining fights.
    12) Fighters will lose negotiating power and pay will fall as a result.
    Now this is one of the most interesting things. If Dana attempts to convert MMA the way Vince McMahon did professional wrestling, then yes it’s a possibility. But the flip side is that if all the best fighters are under one roof, it makes it that much easier to form a fighters union.
    15) The gathering of MMA’s non-UFC best is over.
    If the best of the best are under one banner, isn’t that what you have stated you always wanted? Do you want the best of the best or the best of the rest?

  • Sykotick says:

    Ok this blubbering about strikeforce dying is getting rather old, quick.

    For a long time it was 1. UFC
    2. Strikeforce
    3. WEC.
    2 of those were Zuffa LLC products. That’s not coincidence. And IMO if WEC had been able to keep the heavier weight classes it would have been:

    Now what is this talk about Non-UFC best? The only 2 divisions that you could POSSIBLY say that for are the Heavys and the Lightweights. (women aside, not being sexist but the UFC doesn’t Carry them).
    And in HW the only names that stand out are Fedor, the Reem, Bigfoot, Sergei, and (maybe) Werdum.
    I say maybe Werdum cuz he fluked over Fedor and flunked out of the UFC.
    Anyways, let’s be nice and add him.
    Hell I’m feeling jovial let’s add Shane and Cromier. So that’s what? 7 people? That’s not a division. Barnett is irrelevant, Rogers is highly overrated, Andrei is on his way out, Aleks has the dreaded disadvantage of having a much mor famous sibling, so who else?!
    Its the same thing with the lightweights, there are like 7 people that are considered by all to be way above the average thag aren’t in the UFC.
    Welterweight had one dude who needed to hit the octagon, and that wad Shields.
    I can hear/read it now, “sykotik(cuz they never spell it right lol) Nick diaz has beaten gomi and mach and him and her and blah blah blah.”
    Diaz took the belt from an overrated welter who hasn’t done squat since losing his belt in Zaromskis, then defended it against who?! Noons?! Noons is a product of favorable matchmaking.
    Evangelista? Isn’t he like almost dead even on wins and losses and aside from HIS win over Zaromskis who did he outdo of import?
    What about MW?!
    Hendo isn’t in that Weightclass anymore, there’s Lawler who is awesome but one dimensional, Jacare, can’t knock him, but who else?
    LH? Mousasi, Lawal, Hendo, and Feijao are the only ones I can think of.
    Strikeforce is going to gain a lot from this cuz just like the WEC they now have a proven product backing them.
    As for pay, if their is a paycut, yeah that sucks, but at least they don’t have to worry about the check bouncing likd Sengoku or Dream checks.
    Instead of dwelling on the negative, be indifferent to the situation and THEN weigh the pros and cons or just say fuck it sit back and relax and watch at it unfolds, get your panties out of that wad people

  • MCM says:

    The positives of the buyout…….

    1) ZUFFA knows how to put on a show. If anyone has watched a SF production, or read the comments on 5oz during one, you know how piss poor things like camera work, announcing, editing, etc. are.
    I know that Showtime likes it’s own production crews, but under new ZUFFA ownership, we will at least see a tightening up of said crew. Much to the enjoyment of all viewers.

    2) Women’s MMA may finally get a proper home. “But….but MCM, Dana hates chick fighters.” Not entirely true. Dana has stated that he did not see a place (currently) for female fighters in the UFC, but ZUFFA was open to the idea in the WEC. Look at the WEC and what ZUFFA did for the lighter weight classes. ZUFFA was able to take an under appreciated segment of fighters that were bouncing around from organization to organization and give them a proper home where they had the chance to become real stars. SF already has a strong stable of Female fighters that people want to see fight. I see ZUFFA really ironing out the weight classes and giving the women a real chance to shine.

    3) Dana can say all he wants that there will be no cross promotion or fighter swaps. And that may be true. But this move undoubtedly makes it much more likely that we will see top UFC HW’s vs top non-UFC HW’s. It’s not a done deal, but it is a step closer than anything else that has ever been done before.

    4) We will finally know when a SF show is gonna happen. (unless you’re an avid reader of 5oz :) )
    Strikeforce has always had a problem getting the word out about their shows. Sometimes advertising wouldn’t take place until 2 wks before the show, sometimes not at all. Part of it was due to under staffing, that will no longer be an issue now that Coker has ZUFFA hq to work from.

    5) SF fighters will know in advance who they are fighting. Outside of Carwins next match, when was the last time you saw a UFC card or did you ever see a WEC card co-headlined by TBA? Now, when was the last time you saw an SF card with someone fighting TBA or co-headlined by TBA? Under ZUFFA management, fighters will be able to properly train for an opponent, because they will know who they are fighting.

    Now I did mention that fighters may fight each other, and I did mention that it will run better. But at least I gave reasons as to why I think that.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I hope you are right.
    Why the hell do you call them a B division?. They were smaller but the top fighters in many divisions Like Melendez, Jacare, Hendo, Overeem, Diaz are not B grade and are better than many UFC fighters and I believe some are better than all UFC fighters. B grade means inferior fighters in general not , not as many fighters. The HW division has 4 top 10s and 7 top 15s, that is not B grade. You must know that to be false. They are rival companies not A and B divisions. When I hear you say stuff like that I just roll my eyes and think “this guy isn’t worth even trying to argue with, he obviously is unreasonable”. It is really stupid to say things like that. The UFC B grade is Jardine, Vera, Gonzaga, Yvel, Baroni etc not top 5 fighters like Diaz, Hendo, BigFoot, Werdum, Melendez etc.
    15) they are not all under the same banner. They are under 2 different banners owned by the same company and according to White will stay that way. WEC and the UFC were separate for 5 years.
    Overeem has been offered UFC contracts often and never taken them up. You think he will now? Why? If he does will it be in SF or the UFC? will he want to be in the SF if Fedor and others leave and will he not want to go back to K1 or Dream?. I’m sure he has a contract with Dream/K1 and is payed very well for it.
    Look I hope you are right but I doubt it. You have danced around the co-pro which will surely die as A RESULT of this purchase and a few other issues but I guess we will see what becomes of this.

    P.S. Please stop saying that they are all going to be in the 1 comp. Dana has said they wont be and contracts are preventing it for now. Remember Pride?. It was bought by ZUFFA and most fighters turned their back on the UFC. This time it may be worse because more fighters have a reason not to join the UFC in fact they went to SF as an alternative to the UFC mainly, not for more money.

  • Dufresne says:

    …you must know that the “boxing model” is symptom and not deliberate. What has happened to boxing is success.

    This is the only part I’m gonna comment on.

    I gotta disagree with you completely there. The fall of boxing was due to a few things, and I don’t include individual boxer success as any of them. Boxing fell because they took almost all interesting or relevant fights off regular TV and put them on PPV where very few average fans could watch them in a time where not many bars or restaurants would pay for a PPV to bring in a few more customers. Boxing fell because of massive corruption through promoters such as Don King which dealt a huge blow to the integrity of a sport that was still reeling from one of it’s all time greats being put in jail due to felony rape charges.

    Yes boxing has been pulling itself up in the last few years, but I highly doubt that it will ever return to its glory years partly due to the individual boxers having such large, personal brands and partly because the top fighters demand $20+ million per fight. When a single fighter demands that kind of money it’s fiscally impossible to have many “supercards” or even many cards that have an interesting co-main event. Personally I hope MMA never gets to the point where there top fighters, with nothing legally or personally preventing them from fighting each other, refuse to fight and there’s no governing body or employer to insist that they do.

    Before I was a MMA fan I was a crazy boxing fan and actually helped train and corner one of my best friends on his way to winning Golden Gloves. I still have a huge spot in my heart for the sport and it absolutely infuriates me the way that a few people managed to almost completely destroy a once proud sport. There are few people in this world that I actually wish ill on, but I will dance in the streets the day Don King finally makes his way to the hell he deserves.

    I’m only slightly apologetic about the rant.

  • MCM says:

    B grade refers to Product, not Fighters. And Strikeforce is a B grade product. It is not as slick, shiny, or consistently put together well like an A grade product (UFC). Think of it this way, RC Cola is a B grade product compared to Coca Cola. I’m not saying RC tastes worse, but it just isn’t in the same league.
    SF has a few A+ stars but only 1 division that could be called A grade and that division is only a little over year old. So everything before Nov. 2009 was most definitely B grade.

    And no, Dream/K1 does not pay well. That’s according to Overeem BTW. So why he would want to go to a company that by all accounts is going under and that (in his own experience) doesn’t pay him, is beyond me, but maybe you know.

    And yes, a lot of PRIDE fighters turned their backs on the UFC. But the UFC also got Wandy, Hendo, Rampage, Cro Cop, Big Nog, Shogun, and Gomi and Lil Nog came latter. In fact the only best of the best that the UFC didn’t get were Fedor, Barnett and Misaki. That’s 72% of the best PRIDE fighters going to ZUFFA. Does it matter if most of the mid range fighters went somewhere else. Isn’t the Best fighting the Best what you (and everyone else) wants. If ZUFFA can pull off the same thing, that’s a win situation.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Thumbs up for MCM. You nailed EXACTLY what I was thinking. Rational and optimistic.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    First boxing hasn’t fallen and world wide is still more popular than MMA. The top fighters make 10 times what the very top in MMA do. Boxing is not as big as it was 15 years ago but it hasn’t fallen.
    You were talking about “the boxing model” were you not, not how popular or corrupt it is anyway.
    2nd I will stick by my argument that what has happened to boxing is success and the very reason fighters get 20 million is because they can. They don’t need the UFC like all of the MMA fighters do.
    I doubt A.Silva could leave the UFC and demand 20,000,000 per fight but when he can, do you think he wont?. It IS success that has driven boxing to have the model it has. In MMA when a fighter can demand 20 million per fight, due to public interest in him (success), do you think the UFC will still be able to get the exclusive contract signed?.
    I will get a lot of thumbs down for this but MMA will be like boxing if it keeps getting more popular and successful. Don’t be afraid of it though, along the way there will be the best years of MMA you can imagine. The best will fight and we will have a true world champion. The Ali’s, Tyson’s and Sugar Ray Robinson’s of MMA will be there along the way and although there may be the odd time where 2 fighters may never fight, it wont be las bad as now where they are forced by law to never compete.
    Pro boxing has been around for over 300 years so to judge it on the last 10 is foolish.

  • boomnutz says:

    Alright everyone, I’m here to end this argument once and for all…

    Arianny and Kelly Hutcherson ring side, together. Boom, done deal it’s a wrap, two thumbs up!!

  • boomnutz says:

    Hey Logic, what happened to Barnett not being willing to fight in the UFC??

    When you’re willing to step out of fantasy land and back into reality let me know. I’ll fill you in on why you’re wrong about virtually everything, and why this is a good thing for us, for fighters, for the sport.

    As for everyone else, seeing as how the UFC is bigger than ever (Fedor, here’s looking at you) will we finally see a cruiserweight division? The fact is, there are too many guys out that there are too big to cut to LHW, but not big enough to save themselves from ass kicking at HW…

  • boomnutz says:

    btw, per Josh Gross it’s the Showtime deal that’s murking the waters…Also, Cocker didn’t want to sell and repeatedly tried not to sell, lol sucker!! More importantly, the contracts of the fighters are transferable! Which means we could see some guys fight in the UFC right away, although (per Josh Gross) he thinks its unlikely we’ll see a ton of fighters coming over because of the current roster trimming. Also “The UFC is now the NFL of MMA” Josh Gross. Also, part of the Show time deal is that SF must continue to be a viable product which leads me to believe if some fighters have their contracts transferred there must be some sort of limit in place, or else Show time may contend the SF product is being weakened…

    just some food for though

  • Dufresne says:

    …will we finally see a cruiserweight division?

    Honestly, I would love to see them rearrange several of the weight classes and make a few new ones to boot. I’ve never understood why there was a steady 10 lbs jump from weight class to weight class up until the gap between LW and WW where it seemingly arbitrarily jumps to 15 lbs, then at the MW LHW gap it jumps to 20. I wouldn’t complain if they dropped the WW limit to 165, the MW to 175, and added a couple new weight classes at 185 and 195 as well as at 215.

    That may be too many weight classes, so another option I was thinking was keep WW and MW as they are, but move LHW to 195 or 200 lbs and add a cruiserweight division at 210 or 215 and change the HW lower limit to 230. This is probably the more feasible of the two options, especially since WW and MW are already established in most organizations so this would only mess with LHW and the very lightest of HWs.

    Whatever they eventually decide to do I definitely think they need to get a weight class ~190 or 195 and another between LHW and HW. I’m pretty sure there are more than enough fighters to keep two new divisions active and still have enough talent to keep the LHW division a shark tank.

    I know there are countless ways of splitting, rearranging, or adding weight classes so there are probably a lot more practical options out there than these. And in all honesty there may not be enough high level fighters to create so many weight classes and still be able to put on exciting fights without a ton of weight class jumping.


    Basically-The UFC just bought a bunch of fighters to add to their stable-No need to look any further than the fact that this is just one step closer to MMA reaching more mainstream

  • Niv says:

    Well just talked to a good buddy of mine and he said he heard today Dan Henderson is retiring because of this deal.

    I hope that’s not the case but that would be sad as Hendo is still one of the greats.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    One positive that can’t be denied is: No more counter-programming! That means we don’t have to set our DVRs or worse, choose from one or the other. I know I definitely prefer my MMA live as to on tape-delay. A lot of fights to spread out over the year, no doubt. Free cards will be a must because, really, how much money does Dana really think we have to be doling out $50 more than once a month?


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