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Bellator 36 Live Results

It’s the second week of Bellator Season 4 and tonight the lightweights take center stage at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport, Louisiana. As always, will provide live results as well as live coverage of all the televised action.

The live action is set to begin at 9PM EST and can be seen on MTV2.

Bellator 36 features four lightweight showdowns with the winner earning a crack at the Bellator Lightweight Championship currently held by Eddie Alvarez. Two time tournament runner-up Toby Imada takes on late replacement Josh Shockley, Patricky Freire battles exciting striker Rob McCullough, Division III All-American wrestler Carey Vanier tries to get past Lloyd Woodard, and 19 year old MMA prodigy Marcin Held looks to live up to the hype against Michael Chandler.


Booker Arthur def. Javone Duhon via Verbal Submission Round 2 (Elbows)
Kevin Aguilar def. Matt Hunt via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Chad Leonhardt def. Kelly Leo via TKO Round 2 (Corner Stoppage)


Michael Chandler vs. Marcin Held

Round One: Chandler got an early takedown but Held went for a variety of leg locks. Chandler was able to escape though and end up on top. Held was active off his back but Chandler showed good posture and pounded on Held with punches from the top. Chandler continued to pound on Held before locking up an arm triangle from half guard. Chandler jumped to side control with the arm triangle and squeezed until Held ended up passing out.

Result: Michael Chandler def. Marcin Held via Technical Submission Round 1 (Arm Triangle)

Carey Vanier vs. Lloyd Woodard

Round One: All in the clinch early with Woodard landing some knees as Vanier controlled. They finally broke away but Vanier was right back on him and got a big takedown. Woodard was right back up though and then sprawled on the next attempt. Every time they clinch, which was a lot, Woodard continued to land good knees to the body. Vanier had a lot of trouble getting Woodard down despite multiple attempts. Quick flurry by Woodard to end the round. Close round with Vanier having more control in the clinch but Woodard doing more damage. Slight edge to Woodard based on damage. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Woodard.

Round Two: A short left dropped Vanier early. Woodard pounced on him but couldn’t finish. Vanier got up, ate a knee, went down, and Woodard pounded him out for the stoppage. Vanier is limping as he gets up.

Result: Lloyd Woodard def. Carey Vanier via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)

Toby Imada vs. Josh Shockley

Round One: Shockley got an early takedown. Imada went for an armbar and Shockley tried to slam his way out of it but as he slammed Imada, his arm snapped and the ref immediately jumped in and stopped it. Crazy ending. We’re informed that Shockley did verbally tap as he slammed Imada down.

Result: Toby Imada def. Josh Shockley via Verbal Submission Round 1 (Armbar)

Rob McCullough vs. Patricky Freire

Round One: Quick exchange early with both men connecting. Freire dropped McCullough with a right hand, got on top of him, and immediately mounted. McCullough gave up his back and Freire softened him up with punches before locking up the rear naked choke. McCullough fought out of it though. McCullough bleeding from the nose as Freire maintained back control. Freire tried to roll for an armbar but McCullough ended up in guard, avoided a triangle, and got to his feet. McCullough stood over Freire and kicked at his legs but mainly caught air with most of them. McCullough tried to wing some punches down at the end of the round but they all missed. Dominant round for Freire. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Freire.

Round Two: All on the feet in the first minute with Freire landing the better punching combos but McCullough landing good leg kicks. McCullough finding a home for his right hand in this round. McCullough on point in this round with his striking as Freire really slowing down. Freire managed to get a takedown and he took the back of McCullough as McCullough tried to get up with just under a minute left. McCullough rolled out and ended up on top, pounding away on Freire as the round ended. Freire almost stole the round at the end but McCullough took it back from him by ending up on top and landing punches. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for McCullough.

Round Three: McCullough once again on point with his striking this round, especially with his leg kicks. McCullough landing a double jab-straight right combo almost at will. Freire trying to counter the leg kicks with punches but McCullough moving away much better this round. Freire dropped McCullough with a counter right, landed a couple of punches on the ground, and the ref jumped in to stop things.

Result: Patricky Freire def. Rob McCullough via TKO Round 3 (Punches)


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