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Ferrid Kheder replaced by Josh Shockley in Bellator Season 4 Tournament after failing to make weight

The next round of Bellator Season 4 fighters weighed this afternoon in Shreveport, Lousiana with almost of the main card competitors making weight minus Ferrid Kheder. Kheder was unable to hit the necessary mark, chose not to weigh in, and as a result has been replaced by Bellator 36 fighter Josh Shockley. Shockley had originally been scheduled to face Kalvin Hackney on the preliminary portion of the card and will step in to face Toby Imada.

The lot of lightweights hoping to move on towards a shot at promotional champ Eddie Alvarez and a six-figure paycheck will all show off their talents live on MTV2 starting at 9:00 PM EST and involve a field featuring highly-touted prospects, tough tournament veterans, and a former WEC 155-pound champion.

On a side note it was mentioned last weekend’s bloody battle between Waachim Spiritwolf and Jamie Jara will be shown at the conclusion of Saturday night’s broadcast.

Here is a complete breakdown of Bellator 36 weigh-in results (all have been rounded to the nearest quarter-pound):


Javone Duhon (149.5 lbs) vs. Booker Arthur (144.5 lbs)
Kelly Leo (185.25 lbs) vs. Chad Leonhardt (185.5 lbs)
Matt Hunt (150.25 lbs) vs. Kevin Aguilar (145 lbs)*

MAIN CARD (Season 4 Lightweight Tournament – MTV2 – 9:00 PM EST)

Marcin Held (155.25 lbs) vs. Michael Chandler (156 lbs)
Lloyd Woodward (155.5 lbs) vs. Carey Vanier (155.25 lbs)
Patricky Freire (155.25 lbs) vs. Rob McCullough (155.75 lbs)
Josh Shockley (156 lbs) vs. Toby Imada (155.75 lbs)

* – No word has surfaced on how Bellator will handle Hunt coming in nearly 3.5 pounds over the contracted limit

  • hindsightufuk says:

    apparentley the guy didn’t not make weight, but did a runner from the weighins before his turn came up? odd

    great oppurtunity for Hackney, always a good bet for the upset, tho i love Imada so i’ll be rooting for him

    chuffed they’re gonna show the Spiritwolf/Jara fight, heard it was a barnstormer

  • Rece Rock says:

    Yeah apparently he was around 6 lbs over & just decided to up jumps the boogey… Very professional.

    Side note this is the fighter Hermes Franca was fighting over seas when the judges scored the fight for Franca but the promotion stepped in and said kheder was the winner… Maddness ensued and finally It was announced a draw i think…Seems like this guy should find a new profession.


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