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Bellator 35 Live Results

Bellator Fighting Championships’ newest season is underway with the televised portion of the card poised for airing on MTV2 at 9:00 PM EST. Five Ounces of Pain will be here to bring you live results from the event including the quarterfinals of the Bellator Season 4 Welterweight Tournament and the latest performance from Bellator 115-pound champ Zoila Frausto.

Set for action at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, California, Bellator 35 features the eight men competing for a crack at Ben Askren’s title and a six-figure paycheck taking the first step towards that goal in the form of four opening round match-ups. Read ahead to find out who among the group of Jay Hieron, Dan Hornbuckle, Lyman Good, Rick Hawn, Jim Wallhead, Anthony Lapsley, Chris Lozano, and Brent Weedman will move on to the semi-finals…

Below is a complete listing of Bellator 35 results:


Paul Ruiz def. Jesus Castro via TKO Round 1
Zoila Frausto def. Karina Hallinan via Unanimous Decision
Brandon Bender def. Josh Herrick via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)
Waachiim Spirtwolf def. Jaime Jara via Split Decision


Brent Weedman vs. Dan Hornbuckle

ROUND ONE: The friends start out firing shots at each other before Hornbuckle latches on and scoops Weedman up for a takedown. He works for a quick mount but can’t pass half-guard. Weedman reverses him and drops a few strikes from the top but has to be wary of Hornbuckle’s bottom-based submission attack. Weedman throws more punches in the guard but can’t find a clean spot to land one. Hornbuckle throws his legs up for an Armbar, nearly locking up a Triangle Choke in the process, but isn’t able to finish the hold. The two go back to standing before they clinch against the fence. Weedman gets a beautiful throw from the fence and nearly locks up an arm-based submission but runs out of time. Close round but 5 OZ scores the fight 10-9 Weedman after the late flurry of offense and earlier reversal.

ROUND TWO: The two stand for the first thirty seconds before clinching up in the center of the ring. Hornbuckle muscles Weedman backwards up against the fence, then throws a few knees to his body. He backs away while punching and the two re-center the action. Weedman mixes in a few kicks but ends up tripped after Hornbuckle catches his leg. Hornbukcle springs on top and goes for a Rear-Naked Choke but can’t get it. Weedman circles out to the top and avoids a Triangle Choke attempt in the process. Weedman attempts a Heel Hook but Hornbuckle defends, then tries to counter with a Toe Hold. Weedman tries one in return but neither can apply it with enough force to finish the other. The two scramble with Weedman briefly getting mount, then nearly stretching Hornbuckle out for a a Rear-Naked choke before the round expires. Another 10-9 round on the 5 OZ scorecards for Weedman.

ROUND THREE: Both fighters sense the urgency and come out swinging. The two clinch up with Weedman’s back ultimately ending up against the cage. Hornbuckle throws a few knees to Weedman’s thighs who quickly drops down and attempts a Kimura. However, Hornbuckle defends in part due to the fighters’ positioning near the fence and rolls to get Weedman’s side. Weedman has a cut over his eye from earlier action but is not bleeding in a significant manner. Hornbuckle continues working from the top and pushes his way into half-guard. Weedman locks Hornbuckle’s left leg up to prevent him from advancing with “The Handler” answering in the form of punches. Hornbuckle postures up after a little more ground-work and tries to attack but doesn’t land much. The third ends with a quick scramble and brief exchange while standing. Easily Hornbuckle’s round 10-9. The result will definitely come down to how the judges scored the opening stanza after a pair of clear-cut frames.

Winner – Brent Weedman def. Dan Hornbuckle via Unanimous Decision

Jim Wallhead vs. Rick Hawn

ROUND ONE: Hawn comes out as the aggressor causing Wallhead to back up and resulting in a brief clinch against the cage. The two back up, then test the other’s boxing skills in the center of the ring. Hawn looks to be throwing with a bit more technique, even mixing in the occasional leg kick. Hawn closes the distance for a clinch but “Judo” Jim backs up out of the way. Hawn clearly coming off as the better striker at the moment as he’s faster, more precise, and more varied in his approach. Round ends with more of the same. 10-9 Hawn,

ROUND TWO: Wallhead looks slightly more relaxed to open up the second and even lands a solid leg kick. Three minutes in and still very little grappling from either. No significant shots get through but both are staying busy with combos. Wallhead grabs Hawn and lands a quick knee in the clinch but loses his grip and the two go back to kickboxing. Wallhead moves in and tries to wrestle Hawn down but the Olympic judoka maintains his balance. Wallhead tries for another takedown but can’t get it. Round ends without either man’s back having touched the mat. Hard to score based on lack of cleanly landed offense. 5 OZ gives it to Wallhead albeit slightly.

ROUND THREE: Third round looking similar to the first two though Hawn looks to have found his range. Wallhead backs away for a second, then lunges in with a combo. Ref stops action for a second after Wallhead loses his mouthpiece. Wallhead shoots in for a single-leg takedown but Hawn counters and puts the Brit on his back. Hawn works from the guard for about thirty seconds then stands back up. Hawn continues to work forward and keep Wallhead on his toes. Third frame ends with Hawn throwing a body kick. Easy round for Hawn likely resulting in him joining Weedman in the tournament semi-finals.

Winner – Rick Hawn def. Jim Wallhead via Unanimous Decision

Anthony Lapsley vs. Jay Hieron

ROUND ONE: Hieron lands an early punch and goes for a quick Guillotine Choke after Lapsey drops for a second. Lapsley defends and slips out. Hieron recomposes himself, then shoots in again and drives Lapsley down to the mat. Hieron presses Lapsley up against the cage, throwing punches, and slips onto his back. During the ensuing scramble Hieron slides back to the front into mount. He starts working some ground-and-pound, then postures up which causes Lapsey to give up his back. Hieron locks in a Rear-Nake Choke that looks deep but Lapsley doesn’t tap. Josh Rosenthal thinks Lapsley is out cold and stops the fight. Lapsley springs up and argues his case though Rosenthal explains he asked for a response and didn’t receive one.

Winner – Jay Hieron def. Anthony Lapsley via Technical Submission Round 1 (Rear-Naked Choke)

Chris Lozano vs. Lyman Good

ROUND ONE: Good stalks forward from the outset and as promised both men show interest in keeping things standing. Lozano maintains his poise and answers Good’s strikes with a counter to Good’s body. Good slips after an errant kick but gets back to his feet before Lozano can take advantage. Combos from both with Good getting a minor edge in the exchange. Round expires with Good taking the round on the 5 OZ scorecard 10-9 based on precision and overall aggression.

ROUND TWO: Good clinches Lozano’s torso and pushes him up against the fence. Lozano fights back and pushes Good away while landing a few knees to his body. The two separate momentarily and go back to the clinch with Lozano again bullying his way off the fence for a second time. Lozano lands a body shot but Good answers with a clean punch that seems to have hurt his undefeated opponent. Lozano springs forward but gets caught in a clinch and his mouthpiece goes flying. Lozano’s left eye looks to have been hurt during the sequence, possibly from an accidental headbutt, and is causing him to noticeably squint. The lack of vision starts to affect his striking with Good picking up more and more momentum while standing. Lozano plays it safe and avoids taking any more clean shots but gives up a takedown at the end of the round. Two rounds to none for Good thus far.

ROUND THREE: Lozano tries to quickly jump into a Guillotine Choke but Good shakes him off. They stand for a bit with Lozano again working for a Guillotine when the opportunity presents itself. It appears he understands the gravity of the situation in terms of scoring and his damaged eye. Lozano showing a lot of heart, marching in fearlessly and trying to out-muscle Good in the clinch. However, Good works him against the fence and then scoops his legs out fro under him. Good throws shots to the downed Lozano for a few seconds before things return to the standing position. Good gets behind Lozano and lands a solid knee to Lozano’s face. He drags Lozano to the mat, works from the top, and continues looking for the finish. Good gets Lozano’s back and finishes the round in position to latch on a Rear-Naked Choke. Hard-fought, albeit easy to score, win for the former Bellator champ.

Winner – Lyman Good def. Chris Lozano via Unanimous Decision

Your Bellator Season 4 Welterweight Tournament semi-finalists are:

Brent Weedman
Rick Hawn
Jay Hieron
Lyman Good

  • Dufresne says:

    Hornbuckle is only 170 lbs but has a reach almost as long as Jon Jones. Holy shit.

  • Dufresne says:

    So far this has been a pretty solid match with some good grappling.

  • Dufresne says:

    Good call by the judges, that’s exactly how I had it scored as well. Kinda sucks to see Hornbuckle out of the tourney so soon though.

  • Rece Rock says:

    What’s up duf

    Yeah it was pretty obvious weedman was getting the nod I don’t know why the crowd was boing and not sure why hornbuckle was taken back by the decision

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hope u studied during the day cause you know u ain’t studying tonight

  • Rece Rock says:

    Good thing the ref just wasted 45 secs in the 3rd…daaah which one of u lost a mouthpiece??

  • Dufresne says:

    Rick Hawn, you know?

  • JOEgun says:

    i thought hornbuckle won that fight

  • Dufresne says:

    F*cking bullshit.

    If he had actually been out he wouldn’t have popped up so quickly and been so clearheaded. That was a terrible call.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Roshenthol your fired!

  • Dufresne says:

    At least the ref claimed to check by grabbing Lapsley’s hand, but he should be put as the #1 replacement if nothing else. That was robbery.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Bellator better give lapsey another fight outside of the tourney to make up for this BS…somewhere 8 kids are crying. 😉

  • Dufresne says:

    Good should have that one pretty comfortably.

  • Guthookd says:

    “Zoila Frausto def. Karina Hallinan” on the prelim card.

    Man, WTF! She’s the god damn champ, but they show Hawn and Wallhead instead. Yeah, I know they want to show all the tourney fights, but come on man…….at least show Zoila’s fight on the fucking website. That pisses me off.

    On topic, I was absolutely surprized that Dan lost the fight. He didn’t win it clearly, but I though the had a slight edge. Oah well….I guess it’s Hornbuckle vs. Lapsley in th future.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Good Point Guthookd… Nobody puts Zoila in the corner. 😉

  • cutman says:

    Guys here is a bit of goooood info….I dont know if it is up yet but go to the Bellator site and check out the spiritwolf vs Jara fight……..Last fight of the night…..Tell me what u think….I know what I think !!!! Thanks Spiritwolf and Jara this is awesome….


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