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Chris Lytle considering retirement after recent surgery to remove meniscus

It appears Chris Lytle’s twelve-year career in MMA could be at an end due in part to a medical procedure he underwent about a month prior to his bout at UFC 127 with Brian Ebersole. Though Lytle has yet to speak about the topic publicly out of respect for Ebersole, his agent, Ken Pavia, recently confirmed the 36-year fighter had an exploratory procedure done on his right knee ultimately resulting in the doctor’s decision to remove his meniscus (cartilage meant to ease friction between the upper/lower leg), could not even properly run in the weeks leading up to Saturday night, and was now looking at a number of options for his future including retirement from the ring.

“He’ll never use that stuff as an excuse, and the reason he tried to keep this quiet is because he wants to make sure that Ebersole gets all the credit in the world for his win, and for livening up the fight,” Pavia said in a conversation with MMAFighting where the news was broken.

Lytle is expected to offer some official insight on his future plans after understandably taking some time before making a decision.

If fans have indeed seen the last of the Indianan as a Mixed Martial Artist his last in-ring performance was certainly an appropriate send-off minus the final result as the match-up with Ebersole was named UFC 127’s “Fight of the Night”. The event-specific bonus was the eighth of Lytle’s career. In addition to providing entertainment in the Octagon on a consistent basis “Lights Out” has also racked up wins over a number of respectable opponents in the past including Matt Serra and Kazuo Misaki.


  • Rece Rock says:

    To bad then we didn’t get to see him fight Carlos Condit if it was indeed Lytles’ last time in the octagon. Atleast it was fight of the night but if he was going to go out with a loss it would have been more meaningful to lose to a fighter whom will continue to make an impact… nothing against Ebersol but he’s not Carlos Condit.

  • MCM says:

    I can understand where Chris is coming from and I know the desire to be the best and hold that belt is a strong one in such a competitive person. But I for one don’t care if he looses his next 3 fights in a row, I’m still gonna pay up to watch him fight. Chris Lytle puts butts in seats, no doubt. Whether you think he’s top 10 or bottom 100, when his name appears on a card, fight fans get excited. I’m not gonna tell him he should or shouldn’t call it quits, I just to let him know that if he still wants to fight when he’s in his 50’s, I’ll be there with ticket in hand. And I won’t be the only one.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Acually this news of a recent knee surgery makes me happy that he didnt fight Condit. IF he does not retire Id still love to see him face Carlos when he is 100%.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yep love the guy, doesnt matter how high he is/isnt ranked, i’ll always watch him fight.
    guy is cool as inuit jizz

  • bigbadjohn says:

    MCMs my man on this topic. I’d pay to see this guy win, lose or draw for years.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Hindsight, It took me a bit but damm thats funny.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    This would be a big loss for MMA. Chris like MCM said. I can never tell you what to do with your life and you do what you have to do, but if your going to go out go out 100%. You will feel better about your career if you do.

  • Matthew says:

    Had the chance to speak with Chris at 127 after his loss. He looked dejected (understandable) but since he and Spencer Fisher were the only real Fighters on the card worth seeing (apart from the Aussies, of course) I let him know that if he was fighting a bum in a carpark I’d still come see him fight. I’ve loved Chris’ fighting style for a very long time. And it would be sad to see him retire.

    A REAL fighter. Not a loudmouthed bitch.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Well let me start by saying that Lytle is a likable guy and he comes across as being a true gentleman , he puts it all on the line when he fights … but I will not miss him fighting at all. He was a guy that was put on cards because he was pleasing to watch (for some) and not because he belonged there most of the time. His career has spanned 12+ years and he has fought some of the sports best in his 53 fights but unfortunately he has never beaten anyone important. He has had more than his fair share of opportunities but has come up short every time. He has lost to nearly every top fighter he has faced and has taken the place of more deserving fighters on many occasions. I would say his biggest win of his career was over Pat Healy in 2005 and many though Healy won that.
    Many of you know that I don’t like the idea of fighters being purely entertaining because you don’t make the OLYMPICS , the NBA , the NHL or the Premier League based on your ability to entertain , you make it there on your ability to compete with the best , and I want MMA to be the same way. Being entertaining is a bonus. Lytle retiring will make way for a more deserving fighter or at least it will give an up and comer a chance.
    I suppose you guys thought his 2nd fight with Serra was great. It was an ugly brawl where both fighters fought dumb. It was like watching a tennis match where they tried to hit the ball as hard as they could every time but very rarely got it in the court. It’s just not my kind of fight or fighter.

  • MCM says:

    LP says:
    “Many of you know that I don’t like the idea of fighters being purely entertaining because you don’t make the OLYMPICS , the NBA , the NHL or the Premier League based on your ability to entertain , you make it there on your ability to compete with the best , and I want MMA to be the same way.”

    You have just forfeited your right to ever complain about Jon Fitch again. 😉

  • Dufresne says:

    I have a hard time saying that a guy with 19 submission victories isn’t talented and deserving of being in the sport. Will Lytle ever be a champ? Probably not. But neither will the Clippers, Cavaliers, Cubs, Lions, or Jets. But that doesn’t mean they’re not talented and don’t deserve to be involved in the sport.

    When you’re fighting the top 1% of the people that compete in your sport and have the record he has, I think you belong as a competitor, not just a side show.

  • TSU21 says:

    I get what LP is trying to say, but Lytle reminds me of the old suns team that would put up a ton of offense and was exciting to watch but everybody knew they would never win a title or beat anyone meaningful in the playoffs yet a lot of people tuned in to watch them, look when im watching a card who can argue with getting an exciting fight where two guys are gonna stand toe to toe and bang or in chris’s case would always bring it to make his opp. bring it. Thats the purpose of the opening card or undercard is to get you juiced up for the main event where you possible can see a more technical fight, just saying…if he does retire chris will diff. be missed.

  • Angry Mike says:

    If he doesn’t have a meniscus, that would suggest that he has bone on bone contact in his knee joint. That would hurt like hell most of the time, and the pain would only get worse. I’m nobody’s orthopaedic surgeon, but I think this means he’s looking at a total knee replacement.

  • LiverPunch says:

    @MCM-Why? Last I checked you could be a solid fighter without being Jon Fitch. Shogun is a smart , good fighter who I enjoy watching but Fitch is not.To everyone else , I never said he shouldnt fight did I? I am curious as to how you got that from what I said.

  • MCM says:

    Don’t try to back peddle your way out of it LP. You are now banned from complaining about Fitch. Accept it and move on. 😉

  • Lord Faust says:

    This would be very sad news if the retirement talk is true. Lytle is a warrior in every sense of the word; guys like him and Scott Smith will always have my respect for going out there, throwing down, and putting on good fights. Ultimately the decision is up to Chris; I will respect it no matter what; but it’s a damn shame if he’s leaving the sport due to an injury rather than simply deciding “my time has come”.


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