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Vitor Belfort hints at May match-up with Michael Bisping

The unsportsmanlike actions of Michael Bisping at UFC 127 during/after his bout with Jorge Rivera resonated strongly with a number of people both in attendance and watching at home. It appears one of those individuals happened to be a former promotional champ known for his knockout power among other things.

Vitor Belfort took to his Twitter account Sunday night and expressed his interest in acting as Bisping’s next opponent saying he was on his way to Las Vegas and looking forward to facing “The Count” in May.

“I’d really like to fight Bisping,” the Brazilian striker wrote on his page of the potential showdown.

While no specific event was mentioned and nothing has been made official the only May 2011 PPV is UFC 130 over Memorial Day weekend. However, the main card already appears to be full including a headlining title-bout between Frank Edgar and Gray Maynard as well as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Matt Hamill and Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson. Perhaps a more likely possibility, UFC 131 is set for June 4 and seemingly has a bit more flexibility with only a few significant pairings in place thus far.

If “The Phenom” and Bisping do indeed battle this summer they will enter the Octagon with an equal number of knockouts to their credit at thirteen. Belfort’s overall record is 19-9 with notable wins over Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva while the Brit’s is 20-3 including victories over Yoshishiro Akiyama and Chris Leben.


  • gy614x says:

    *Looks up*

    There is a God……Too bad he’s not a Bisping fan.

    Vitor by TKO rd. 2

  • Rece Rock says:

    Maybe I’ll finally be able to take that mental loop of Bisping getting KO’d by Hendo’s over hand right out of my mind…and replace it with a fresh KO/TKO/Dr stoppage…

    With that said, I’m not certain Belfort is a shoe in for the win… he’s not the Phenom he once was but I think he has a decent chance.

    i know it’s cliche at this point but I truly dislike Bisping… he’s right up there with Nick Diaz on the cunt list.

  • Creature says:

    Well unless bisping finds a way to strengthen that glass jaw of his.. say bye bye to getting a title shot anytime in the near future.. Vitor via KO round 1

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Belfort won’t mess around with smack-talk, he’ll just smack the talker.

  • boomnutz says:

    this fight would be awesome, i can’t think of any area Bisping is better at than Vitor except maybe Jui Jitsu (but aren’t Brazilians born with a purple belt?!?) I’ll take a Sonnen fight too, I don’t Sonnen much but i’d root for him against Bisping, what a dick

  • stone says:

    Hopefully Vitor can catch him… Bisping’s back pedalling is 2nd to none! Hahahah

  • hindsightufuk says:

    would enjoy seeing this, michael needs to fight someone of note now

  • JabCrossHook says:

    I was hoping for a Vitor vs Wandy rematch at UFC Brazil

    But this would be a great fight which would most likely end up with Vitor composing a one note lullaby to put Bisping to sleep.

  • Dufresne says:

    Luckily for Vitor, Bisping has never shown a propensity for throwing front kicks to the chin. He has however shown that he knows how to take a massive hook to the chin. He doesn’t know how to recover from it without doctor’s aide, but man he can eat one like a pro.


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