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“UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch” Live Results

G’day, mates! The Octagon has returned to the Land Down Under, the place where ring-girls glow and fighters plunder, for UFC 127 and a card ripe with contendership-determining clashes. Former double-divisional champion B.J. Penn and perennial contender Jon Fitch will meet in the main event for a shot at the UFC welterweight belt with Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera settling their personal score in co-headlining action.

Aussies George Sotiropoulos and Kyle Noke will also do their best to entertain their countrymen on the primary portion of the card. Sotiropoulos will look for his eighth straight win in the UFC when he faces German kickboxer Dennis Siver while Noke takes on fellow TUF 11 cast-mate Chris Carmozzi to open the main card up.

A handful of preliminary fights can also be seen through Facebook and the ION Network starting at 8:00 PM EST with the PPV starting at 10:00 PM EST as usual. Also in standard fashion, Five Ounces of Pain will be here to bring you all the live results including a round-by-round breakdown of televised fights, so throw another shrimp on the Bar-B, read below, and enjoy!

PRELIMINARY CARD (non-televised)

Curt Warburton def. Maciej Jewtuszko via Unanimous Decision
Mark Hunt def. Chris Tuchscherer via KO Round 2 (Uppercut)


Tie Quan Zhang def. Jason Reinhardt via Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)
Anthony Perosh def. Tom Blackledge via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)


Nick Ring vs. Riki Fukuda

Round One: A lot of leg kicks early by Ring. Fukuda worked hard and got a takedown but Ring immediately attacked off his back with a triangle. Ring gave up on the attempt and got to his feet. More leg kicks by Ring. Fukuda landed a good left but Ring returned fire with a knee in the clinch. The round ends with Fukuda getting a takedown and moving into half guard. The takedown may have swung the round in Fukuda’s favor but overall Ring did more damage and was more active on the feet. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Ring.

Round Two: More leg kicks from Ring. Ring now starting to throw a good left hand, which is his power punch as he’s in southpaw. Fukuda doing a good job landing body shots after Ring stuffs a takedown. Fukuda got a takedown but Ring with quickly up and he landed a knee to the body on the clinch break. Fukuda landed a good uppercut but Ring fired back with a nice left hook. Fukuda grabbed a plum clinch, landed some good uppercuts and a nice knee before the break. Ring keeps scoring with the leg kicks. Crowd getting restless. Fukuda landed some good dirty boxing near the end of the round. Close round on the feet so that takedown, despite not doing anything with it, swayed things in Fukuda’s favor. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Fukuda.

Round Three: Fukuda starts the round strong with some good combinations followed by a quick takedown into half guard. Ring gets full guard but eats some punches. Ring pushes Fukuda away and gets to his feet. Fukuda landing a lot of short uppercuts as Ring just stands there and covers. Another takedown by Fukuda. Ring tried to get up but Fukuda kept him down with a front headlock. Fukuda had half guard and Ring went for a kimura but Fukuda blocked it before the ref stood them up with 20 seconds left. They did nothing in the final 20 seconds. Clear round for Fukuda and the easiest round to score of the fight. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Fukuda and the fight 29-28 for Fukuda.

Result: Nick Ring def. Riki Fukuda via Unanimous Decision

Alexander Gustafsson vs. James Te Huna

Round One: Quick takedown by Huna and immediately into side control. Short punches by Huna but Gustafsson was able to get full guard. Gustafsson able to get up but Huna stayed on him in the clinch. Huna working hard in the clinch but not doing anything. Gustafsson with the takedown, right into side control. Huna quickly up though as Gustafsson went for a kimura. Huna right back into the clinch and trying for a takedown but Gustafsson sprawls out. Gustafsson takes the back, flattens him out, and looks for the choke but Huna survives. Gustafsson gives up on it, lands some punches, tries again, and secures the choke for the win.

Result: Alexander Gustafsson def. James Te Huna via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Ross Pearson vs. Spencer Fisher

Round One: Fisher comes out the aggressor. Fisher landing some good kicks and a good short left hook. Pearson firing back with quick combos. Fisher catches a knee and gets a takedown. Pearson went for an armbar, Fisher tried to slam out of it but Pearson blocked it and got to get feet. Pearson starting to counter the kick of Fisher now with a right hand. Fisher lands a good knee as Pearson ducked in. Fisher doing some taunting. Groin kick grazes Pearson as the round ends. Close round but Fisher seemed more in control and landed the cleaner shots. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Fisher.

Round Two: Pearson looks a lot better this round, throwing good kicks and landing a good straight right. Fisher really landing the straight left though. Pearson lands a good combo and Fisher tells him to bring it. Fisher connecting well with a double left hand. Fisher lands a left hook that gets Pearson clinching. Pearson spins and takes the back but Fisher turns around and reverses the clinch before breaking. Double right by Pearson after taking a body shot. Pearson lands another big right that gets Fisher backpedaling. Round ends with Pearson landing a couple of body kicks. Good round for both but Pearson turned it up and the end and did more damage. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Pearson.

Round Three: Pearson tries a takedown, Fisher stuffs it at first but Pearson eventually gets it against the cage. Fisher right back up and away though. Fisher pressing the action now and landing some good two punch combinations. Fisher sprawls on the takedown and gets up. Fisher landing a good straight left but when he misses, Pearson fires back with two-three punch combinations. Pearson now the busier of the two with the combinations. Fisher landing a good counter right hook. Pearson trips Fisher down off a leg kick and jumps into guard. Fisher pushes away and gets up but Pearson clinches and gets a trip takedown into half guard. Short punches by Pearson on the ground as the round ends. Good fight overall but Pearson did enough in the last round to take it. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Pearson and the fight 29-28 for Pearson.

Result: Ross Pearson def. Spencer Fisher via Unanimous Decision


Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi

Round One: Camozzi comes out southpaw. A lot of kicks early by Camozzi. Noke respondes with a flurry of punches. Noke gets a takedown right into full mount. It looked like Noke was going for a mounted triangle but he over stepped and instead got the back when Camozzi tried spinning. Noke got the hooks in and then the rear naked choke, forcing Camozzi to tap out.

Result: Kyle Noke def. Chris Camozzi via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole

Round One: Ebersole comes out and throws a carthwheel kick that Lytle blocks. Lytle looking for his right hand. Lytle stuffs a takedown after landing the right. Ebersole goes for a takedown and Lytle grabs a guillotine. Ebersole has his arm in though and manages to escape. Lytle locks it back up and flips Ebersole over and not Lytle has half guard. Ebersole looking for a choke from the bottom. Ebersole tries to scramble up but Lytle grabs a guillotine and falls to guard. Ebersole escapes and Lytle gets to his feet. Lytle drops for a guillotine, Ebersole escapes, Lytle gets up and rolls for a kneebar but Ebersole escapes that and gets on top. Shoulder strikes by Ebersole and Lytle is cut under the eye. Ebersole gets up and does a quick lap a little before the round ends. Good round but a slight edge to Lytle as he was more active in all areas. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Lytle.

Round Two: Lytle keeps looking for his right hand but not quite finding a home for it. They trade big punches and then do some wacky hand gestures towards each other. Ebersole landing some good kicks and then moves away well. Lytle keeps looking for the right hook but Ebersole covers well. Takedown by Ebersole but Lytle right back up. Ebersole lands a nice knee that rocks Lytle. Ebersole goes for a d’arce choke but Lytle escapes. Ebersole on the back of Lytle. Lytle up but Ebersole has a plum clinch and lands a nice elbow. Big slam by Ebersole. Shoulder strikes by Ebersole as the round ends. Very good round for Ebersole. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Ebersole.

Round Three: Ebersole tries the cartwheel kick again but nothing on it. Lytle with a nice flurry but again Ebersole covers well. Takedown by Ebersole. Lytle keeps working for the guillotine. Lytle turns Ebersole over with the guillotine. Ebersole turns and escapes though. Lytle still has a hold of the neck and Ebersole finally gets free. Lytle gets up but Ebersole controlling the clinch. They finally break. Both men very tired. Back in the clinch with Ebersole controlling. Ebersole loses his mouthpiece. The ref breaks them and Ebersole gets his mouthpiece back in. Body shots by Lytle. Ebersole gets a takedown after a failed kneebar by Lytle. Quick scramble and Lytle gets up but eats a kick as the round ends. Great fight. Ebersole did enough in the clinch to win the round but it was a pretty close round thanks to the submission attempts of Lytle. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Ebersole and the fight 29-28 for Ebersole.

Result: Brian Ebersole def. Chris Lytle via Unanimous Decision

George Sotiropoulos vs. Dennis Siver

Round One: Siver throwing kicks early but Sotiropoulos blocking and moving. Sotiropoulos looking for the right but missing. Sotiropoulos caught a kick and hand Siver hoping on one leg but couldn’t get him down. Siver clips Sotiropoulos with a left in the exchange. Sotiropoulos shoots but Siver throws him aside. Siver goes for the spin kick but misses. Quick exchange where both men connect. Quick left hook drops Sotiropoulos. Siver lets him back up and drops him with another left hook. Siver pounces and tries to finish. Sotiropoulos survives and Siver lets him up again. Sotiropoulos still wobbly as Siver continues to hunt with his hands. Sotiropoulos survives the round but he was in big trouble twice. Great round for Siver. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Siver.

Round Two: Sotiropoulos looks recovered to start the round. Sotiropoulos really working the jab but it’s more pawing than damaging. Siver comes over the top with the right. Sotiropoulos trying for takedowns but Siver shrugs him away with ease every time. Sotiropoulos keeps working the jab while Siver is landing the stronger strikes. Sotiropoulos landing some good punches now. Sotiropoulos putting together nice combos now and looking quicker. The round ends and Siver lands a short head kick. Good round but Sotiropoulos was busier and turned it up at the end. Close round though. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Sotiropoulos.

Round Three: Siver opens up with a leg kick-head kick combo. Sotiropoulos still pumping the jab. Siver stuffs another takedown. Push kick to the head gets Sotiropoulos off balance. Sotiropoulos throwing good straight punches while Siver is loading up more. Sotiropoulos keeps going for takedowns as Siver kicks but Siver keeps avoiding them. Spinning back kick by Siver grazes Sotiropoulos. Siver lands a big right and continues to stuff the takedown. Siver landing a stiff jab now and good leg kicks. Spinning back kick by Siver as the round ends. Very close round but Siver stuffed every takedown and seemingly did more damage on the feet. Very good fight. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Siver and the fight 29-28 for Siver.

Result: Dennis Siver def. George Sotiropoulos via Unanimous Decision

Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera

Round One: Rivera looking for the right early but Bisping moving well. Bisping gets the takedown but Rivera back up. Bisping grabbed the fence and Rivera gave him verbal hell for that. They trade right hands. Good right by Rivera and he stuffs the takedown. Bisping tries the takedown again and gets it. Bisping stands and lands some good punches. Rivera gets to his knees and Bisping catches him flush with an illegal knee. The ref immediately steps in. The doctors come in to check on Rivera. The ref asks Rivera if he can continue and he says yes. Bisping is deducted a point. Rivera still looking for the right. Bisping landing a nice jab and is the busier of the two. Another takedown by Bisping. Rivera up but eats some punches. The round ends and they trash talk on the way back to the corner. Good round for Bisping but he lost a point for the knee. 5OZ scores the round 9-9.

Round Two: Right hand by Rivera stumbles Bisping. Rivera charges at him but Bisping clinches and survives. Rivera stuffing the takedowns. Big right by Bisping. Rivera covers but Bisping keeps firing punches and then knees. Rivera very tired. Bisping keeps punching away and Rivera finally goes down. The ref stops it. Bisping gets in Rivera’s face after the fight and says, “Apologize. Go home loser.” He also spit in the direction of Rivera’s corner.

Result: Michael Bisping def. Jorge Rivera via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)

B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch

Round One: Penn comes out quick and looks for a takedown. Fitch stuffs it but Penn puts him against the cage. They trade short knees and Fitch turns things around. Fitch tries for a takedown but Penn stays upright and lands some short punches. Penn reverses things and gets the takedown. Penn gets the back of Fitch and locks on the body triangle. Penn loses the body triangle but has the hooks in. Penn looking for the choke. Fitch turns into the guard of Penn. Penn pushes away and gets up. Fitch right back on him. Fitch trying for the takedown but Penn blocks it as the round end. Close round but Penn got the takedown and had back control. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Penn.

Round Two: Head kick by Fitch. Penn rushes in with a knee and Fitch uses that to get the takedown. Penn back up. Fitch doing some good dirty boxing. Fitch keeps breaking, punching, and then dropping a level. Penn cuts Fitch with a short elbow in the clinch. Penn turns the clinch around and Fitch reverses but they break. Penn gets another takedown. Penn gets the back as Fitch tries to stand. Fitch spins into guard again though. Fitch landing short punches and elbows. Penn gets up as the round ends. Another good round but Fitch took it with his clinch control and damage on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Fitch.

Round Three: Right by Fitch and then he gets the takedown. Penn pushes him off and gets up. Fitch right back on him and gets the back standing. Fitch drags him down and in guard. Elbows and punches by Fitch on top. Fitch is relentless with his strikes and Penn just trying to move. Fitch continues to just beat on Penn with short shots. Fitch continues to grind out Penn as the round ends. Dominant round for Fitch. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Fitch and the fight 29-28 for Fitch.

Result: Jon Fitch and BJ Penn fight to a Majority Draw


  • Creature says:

    Seriously? thats twice now ring has gotten the BS dec. what does he pay off the judges or something??

  • fanoftna33 says:

    WTF?????? Ring surley lost that fight, you know the UFC will give Fukida another chance but shit no way he should have lost that. Well at least we know what to expect the rest of the night from the judges.

  • MCM says:

    Ebersole’s chest hair says “Throw punch here.”

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Lytle is exposed!.
    So much for the saying that a mid level UFC fighter would beat any other non UFC champ. Ebersole is not even top 50 and was called in on short notice.

  • MCM says:

    Ebersole was training for another fight so he was already in shape, short notice doesn’t count in this instance.

    Welcome back LOGIC.

  • MCM says:

    I thought that was a draw, and any judge that gave it 30-27 to Siver is an idiot. But 29-28 is acceptable

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Damm Siver with a littler better conditioning would be a complete beast. Sorry for George though as he did show great heart coming back from round 1 and looking like a better fighter.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Lytle didnt look good at all.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Bisping or Jorge????

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Jorge should kick him in the balls

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Nice spit on Jorge’s corner men.
    There may be more said about this.

  • Jstew3785 says:

    I know people gave Varner a lot of crap for not continuing but Rivera had no business fighting on after that clearly illegal knee. Ridiculous. So it took an illegal move for Bisping to finally finish a fight.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    “I think I did enough to win at least a split decision.”

    That sums up Fitch.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    A draw, well I said earlier nothing thoes judges do will surprise me– I was wrong.

  • MCM says:

    Tough fight. I though Fitch did just enough to win the dec. But I can see why it went to a split.

  • Creature says:

    I gave it to Fitch in a close dec.. now wtf are they gonna do about the #1 contender spot??

  • MCM says:

    BJ should go back to training with AKA. If he had the tenacity of Fitch or Cain (or half their work ethic) he would be unstoppable.
    But I guess everyone says Penn needs a new training camp after his fights.

    Still a good fight though. I didn’t see those takes down coming from BJ and I love the pace Fitch set in the 3rd. I’ll never understand why people were booing that round.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Drown Hunt in his blood– awesome

  • MCM says:

    Dana is just glad he doesn’t have to give it to Fitch now, Creature.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Chris is a tough dude. If my eyelid was falling off Id call it.

  • RicM says:

    Bisping has always been,and always will be a no-class piece of crap…….a flaming car wreck is too good for him……..

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Chris is very tough but nice to see Mark get a W also.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Fitch should try and finish perhaps. Just a theory.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I didn’t get to watch the fights but I read Bisping spat on Rivera’s boxing coach (who played Bisping in Jorge’s smacktalk videos) after the stoppage and also landed a brutal illegal knee during the first? Michael’s classless. And I can’t believe how he keeps outdoing himself.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I thought BJ won rd1. Rd 2 was very close with Penn winning until the end and rd 3 was Fitch’s.
    I hate Fitch. If you go into a fight and do what he does you suck. At least try to finish. The whole fight he never tried to advance his position, was only looking for a submission once and never tried to lock it in. Go back to wrestling Fitch.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    It sure seems like GSP has one more fight at WW. As much as I don’t enjoy watching his style, Fitch is a tougher opponent than Shields.

    So after GSP dispatches of Shields, it’s off to fight Anderson at MW and, if we’re to believe GSP’s previous comments, his permanent stay at that weight class.

    There is literally nothing left at WW for St. Pierre. No one is excited to see GSP work Fitch over again. And after Shields he’ll have beaten the next handful of top contenders. It would be mildly entertaining to see him pick apart Nick Diaz. but that would be a total mismatch as well. And Nick obviously aint coming to the UFC any time soon. But hey, once GSP is taken out of the mix, the WW division is all of a sudden wide open with some interesting matchups… even if Fitch continues to decision people for another few years. That’s a totally different feeling heading into fights than with GSP where it just *feels* like inevitable domination.

  • MCM says:

    I love Fitch. He fights guys like Dads fight their teenage sons.
    His opponents come in with flash and excitement and think their gonna finally be able to take him out, and then Fitch puts them on there back and smacks ’em around till the fights over. At some point I just want him to say “This hurts me more than it does you, son”

  • MCM says:

    Am I the only one that was fine with Bisping actions. Not so much the illegal knee, but the words afterwords didn’t bother me in the least. I actually wanted him to yell at Jorge to get up when the doctors were looking at him.

  • gy614x says:

    That main event was something.

    I had Penn winning round 1 & 2 (10-9) and Fitch winning the 3rd (10-8) so I’m cool with the decision (though it could have been a split dec. for Fitch). But big props to BJ for taking him down, I just wish he of stayed in the center of the cage for round 2 and threw some combos….

    Penn needs to be a lightweight, he’s not big enough and he doesn’t know how to get bigger the right way. He’d beat Frankie if he’d get out of Hawaii and train with some other camps (Go back to AKA, make ammends with Jackson’s)…The last ones a bit far fetched, but not out of the question.

    As for Fitch, I honestly don’t know who he’d fight next.

    I don’t see a rematch going any different, if anything I see a split decision (I just don’t know who’s favor it would be in)

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Bisping’s actions weren’t that egregious. The knee he landed on the grounded Rivera is hardly uncommon, and it cost him a point which in a 3-round fight is a steep penalty. Hard for me to believe it was intentional (in the 1st round).

    As for the shit talk at the bout’s conclusion… ehh, whatever. Again, this type of thing happens all the time. There was plenty of talk & build up for this fight, and most of it from the guy who was crumpled on his knees at the end of the fight. Bisping’s mouth has bothered me at times but tonight was nothing over the top. His performance spoke much louder, and whether I like him or not that’s what I focus on.

    Fitch on the other hand, I’m sitting here and I literally can’t recall the last time I was actually *impressed* after watching one of his fights. In totality his resume is incredibly impressive, but how he gets there is just completely uninspiring for me.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    BTW, listening to BJ’s postfight comments he seemed defeated. Talking about “if I had lost…” and something about the gods giving him a break with the decision. Fedor hinted at retirement a couple weeks ago, and that was on the heels of a loss. BJ came away with a respectable draw and sounded like he’s already been planning his exit from the sport. Nothing wrong with that, he’s accomplished more than only a handful of other guys in the brief history of the sport, but I’m just saying… I think he’s done. The back-and-forth talk about him being better at LW or WW just seems irrelevant at this point. I have no problem calling him the greatest LW in MMA history and Fedor the greatest HW (if not mixed martial artist, period) but… whether it’s age or motivation or whatever… these guys are done.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Fitch can’t finish quality opponents.
    Fitch has won around 70% of his fights by dec. Which includes his last 7 wins.
    Fitch very rarely looks to finish and mainly smothers his opponents.
    Fitch stops his opponent from attacking him as he wins on points.
    Fitch rarely attempts anything because it may give his opponent an opportunity to fight.
    I hate Fitch.
    The only thing that I admire about Fitch is the fact that he refused to sign the dotted line when the UFC waved a life long likeness contract in his face. He refused and the UFC dropped him. They worked it out somehow but I wished they hadn’t. I don’t blame the UFC for not giving Fitch a title shot. He stinks up MMA cards and would kill the PPV numbers.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    No they were not egregious but they were conspicuously bad and flagrant. :)

  • Creature says:

    LOGIC one thing about your post, all includes him winning his fights, regardless of how its done he still wins, and to the victor go the spoils right? Fitch has managed to beat guys with more skill and talent with just hard work and effort, gotta give him the respect he deserves, the bottom line is when it comes down to it, winning is what counts, and Jon Fitch wins

  • MCM says:

    your last post says you hate Fitch cause hes boring.
    your first post says you hate Lytle, but he’s exciting.

    What the hell do like about MMA anyway?
    or is it just everything to do with the UFC that hate?

  • MCM says:

    And where the hell you been man? I got so bored I started picking fights with LiverPunch…..and that’s Rece’s job.

  • elkymbo says:

    Fitch fucking sucks! I’m glad he didn’t win because him fighting for the title or fighting in general is a bloody sleeping pill. BJ said it best in the lead up “if you’ve seen one Fitch fight you’ve seen them all”.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I like the ring girls.
    I like wanky MMA t-shirts.
    I like Mike Goldberg.
    I like Sydney.
    I don’t like Fitch because he is the kind of fighter that causes rules to be changed because he ruins the sport with his approach and dull, boring way of “fighting”. He doesn’t try to finish and if it became a sport where all fighters fought safe grinding fights, the rules would be adjusted so they couldn’t very quickly. He smothers and does not allow his opponent to fight. I firmly believe others could do that and do just as well but they have more honor and integrity. Fitch stops his opponents fighting , it works but it sucks. It is negative and almost unsporting.
    I like Lytle but I don’t like people saying UFC fighters are the shiz and non MMA fighters are not. Lytle was just helping me prove a point. Lytle is a good gatekeeper but people were saying he was pushing top 10 and to be honest the rankings did have him up there. The UFC has a way of not allowing it’s fighters to be exposed, Lytle was tonight. I want people to see how MMA is not just the UFC and non-UFC fighters in many instances are better but do not have the marketing or recognition.
    Enough of that. I really enjoyed the event and was surprised and excited during every fight. I just wish BJ had 1 more rd in him. BJ is the more skilled fighter but he didn’t have the gas.

  • king mah mah says:

    I thought Penn won rounds 1&2. but what the hell? I’m not mad about it.

    I was so glad that Bisping was talking shit about Rivera. So sick and tired of the minority card being played.

    The illegal knee might be significant, but Rivera was still holding his own after the knee. And he answered the 2nd round no problem while catching Bisping with a right hand and almost taking him out in the process. Soooooooooooooooo Bisping wins! Get over it!

  • king mah mah says:

    Really impressed with Siver too! Great fight!

  • Rivera has heart, Bisping should have been DQ because that was a obvious knee to a grounded fighter from a Bisping that was standing with a perfect view of a completely down on the ground Rivera and it was delivered from a seasoned UFC fighter. Bisping is a brash little kid that needs some soap in the mouth. I hope Bisping gets a title shot soon. I want to see what new trick Anderson has in the bag.

  • Sykotick says:

    People need to stop bitching about Fitch, seriously now, you think he is boring but you’re wrong, he is fighting, not boring.
    If you seriously think his style sucks and “if you’ve seen one Fitch fight, you’ve seen em all” then you know what to f**kin do, work the HELL out of your cardio and work the ABSOLUTE HELL out of your take down defense, period.
    “Fitch just keeps his opponents from fighting” well then, you’ve got 6 months to work on a game plan, work his game against him! (isn’t that what GSP said he does and he is a champ?)
    Screw the “Lights out isn’t that good” talk, cuz EVERYTIME you see him on a card, everyone of us gets freakin hyped cuz the dude is flat out exciting!!
    Now idk who BJ is getting next but I’m sure Fitch is going to get the winner of Sanchez v. Kampmann.
    BJ might get Alves, but those are just my guesses

  • elkymbo says:

    Whatever dude. Fitch is boring I don’t give a fuck how “skilled” he is.

  • elsicilian says:


    If a majority (or even a significant minority) of people believe that Fitch is boring, then he is boring. It’s not really debatable, since “boring” is an aesthetic judgment.

    Personally, I (like many folks, including Dana White) find Fitch to be an extremely boring fighter. His style is completely defensive, and his fight strategy always appears to be “split decision or bust!” He simply tries to run out the clock from the get-go (it’s the same sort of filibuster approach that caused the NBA to institute a shot clock). Clearly, it’s as effective (13-1-1) as it is predictable (each of his fights in the last four years has ended in decision); but as a spectator, I enjoy it about as much as I would enjoy watching a senator read the phone book on C-SPAN (ie. not at all).

    Feel free to disagree … if you can find entertainment in his snooze-fests, or convince yourself that you are appreciating the finer points of his lay-and-pray methodology, more power to you. But you seriously need to stop bitching about people needing to stop bitching about how boring he is, because he IS boring and everybody (except you) seems to know it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Bisping wasn’t wrong for his words he was wrong for spittin on ppl and for the illegal knee- Rivera could have been a pussy & said he couldn’t continue and bisping would have been twiddling his thumbs- bisping is an emotional cunt.

    Siver never fails to entertain and I’m glad he got the W

    Just glad Fitch didn’t get a W shake things up a bit..

  • Lord Faust says:

    I’d have more empathy for Rivera after what happened to him if he hadn’t skirted pretty close to the line, as far as fight hype goes. When he kept saying “I’m gonna fuck him up” over-and-over, it actually started to bother me. I don’t like it when fighters make it seem personal, threaten life / livelihood. IMO, if you’re in that cage to actually HURT another human being, you have issues — deep rooted, hard to pronounce, issues.

    I won’t give Bisping a total pass; he did some dick-ish things during that fight. That said, in my world, Rivera pretty much has to suck it up and shut up; if this was a street fight like Rivera made it sound like, he would not be breathing. Find a better way to hype a fight. I don’t cheer for bullies. I also have a hard time getting mad at people who do underhanded things to them.

  • BigDave says:

    Well time to chime in on all this and as usual not make any friends.

    With GSP about to clear out the division and go on to beat silva and dominate there the 170lbs division is wide open. I had fitch winning the fight even though it was close. siver got a good win although 30-27 it was not. now you have a cluster fuck in the ww division and I for one cant wait to see the fights in the coming months. i think they will take the top 8 guys and have a mini tourney sort of. Sheild, kampmann, fitch, penn, soturopulous, koscheck, Sanchez, and Siver to see who will fight to claim the vacant ww strap. There may be others to put in there it just an example.

    Back to Fitch. Yes his style is not flashy and a bit boring but hey morons, THE GUY WINS FIGHTS!! He does enough on the ground so that they don’t get stood up and he completely neutralizes any offence his opponent has. If your gameplan isn’t good enough to beat him then you need to change your gamepan, train harder, try something new.

    Bisping is the man. I love the guy, ya the spit was not called for but hey he fucked up a guy with no business being in the ring with him that talked alot of shit. It is funny to me that people hate this guy because he is brash and tells it as it is. The guy just plain fights and then after all is said and done he apoligized for his actions and thats that. As for the knee it was a foul and called accordingly with the point being taken away.

  • climbarock says:

    I’m fine with 30-27 Siver. Hell, 30-26 would have been OK too (10-8 first round). I think a lot of people, Rogan included, gave GSot round 2 because he performed well relative to round 1. But round 2 was super close, and I think Siver edged out GSot with his larger repertoire of strikes (kicks, especially).

    I couldn’t give less of a shit about Bisping’s post fight trash talk, but his in-fight behavior was despicable. First he grabbed the fence to avoid a sweep, then the blatant illegal knee…one of the worst intentional fouls I can recall off the top of my head. Hopefully Bisping gets a step up in competition and gets KTFO’d next time around.

    I’m also fine with the draw in the main event. I gave round 1 to Penn, round 2 was a draw (Penn landed nice short elbows when tied up against the fence, took Fitch down and had a dominant position, but Fitch was able to reverse into BJ’s guard and finish out the round there by “staying busy”…read: weak arm punch GnP), and round 3 to Fitch. I’m perplexed by the scoring though…I always thought draw rounds were 10-10, not 9-9, which would indicate the judges gave Fitch round 3 10-8. Controlling your opponent on the ground and “staying busy” with weak GnP doesn’t make a 10-8 round, IMO.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Lord Faust I know what you mean but in order to put people away you have to throw all your strikes like you want to kill your opponent. That’s why you see so many fighters recover from being hurt because the aggressor just decides to step back But fighters like Wanderlai, Shogun, Rampage, etc throw every strike with bad intentions, they just train hard and want to show it by putting people to sleep. Its nothing personal behind it usually. However there was a difference between the competitive rivalry and the shit talking fest between Michael Spiting and Rivera.

  • MCM says:

    I agree with you this time BigDave. Except for the parts where you have have G.Sot and Siver as WW. Those guys are LW fighters. 😉

  • Creature says:

    I dont find Fitch Boring, i actually laugh alot during his fights :) just watching guys break as they realize there screwed and wont be able to do anything but take a gnp beating. love it lol. if you dont like watching fitch fight then dont, hes not bad for the sport, he doesnt make it look bad, he shows how fights with not as much god given talent can still be on top, what hard work and determination combined with good game planning can really do

  • elsicilian says:


    You really seem to be missing the point. I don’t see anybody here arguing that Fitch LOSES fights, or that his yawn-inducing style is INEFFECTIVE in any way; rather, we are simply saying that as spectators, many of us don’t find it particularly entertaining to watch.

    Personally, I have little interest in shelling out $60 to watch an exercise in joyless efficacy … so I actually DON’T “need to change my gamepan (sic), train harder, try something new;” I just need to avoid watching Fitch’s boring fights.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    MMA, though promoted sometimes similarily to an Entertainment show, is a sport. It’s competition. Fitch wins, deal with it. Of course, “exciting” fighters will always get more fan accolades but that definitely doesn’t help the sport evolve. Anytime the best fighter, the one with the best record and quality of opponents is pushed aside to make way for another deemed more entertaining, it is harming the idea of Mixed Martial Arts competition.

  • Lord Faust says:

    @JabCrossHook: I understand what you’re saying, but the tenor of Rivera’s promos wasn’t “I’m going to knock you out”, it was “I want to maim you”. Violence and malicious intent are not mutually inclusive.

  • Sykotick says:

    Fitch’s fights are boring in the same way that defensive football games are boring…. They’re not, but I can see why a lot of the fans find it boring, they’ve never been in a dojo, never been on the mats, in the ring, etc.
    If you’ve never trained in any martial arts class, hit up one of the (now) oh so popular MMA dojos, (which honestly are almost completely worthless if you do plan on going into MMA) and ask the instructor to help you understand ground control. After a couple of weeks you’ll really appreciate talent it takes to participate in the chess match that is ground control. Maintaining a dominant position is hard work, and guaranteed that after the class, you’ll enjoy seeing the chess match that is a Jon Fitch fight unfold.
    Those that say Jon Fitch has “skills” with the quotation marks need to take up my advice, cuz a couple of weeks of that class and you’ll realize the SKILLS it takes a motherf**ker of a ch

  • adamsfamily says:

    I’m sorry, but but the illegal knee needs to be taken in context. Chris Lytle takes a fucking monster legal knee stood up and fights on through it, and Rivera takes a short (albeit hard knee) kneeling down. And milks it for all its worth because he knows he’s gong to gas and get dominated eventually. Bisping shouldnt have thrown it and I know the rules are there for safety’s sake but all the guys play to the tactical aspects of the game. So balls to the illegal knee, I dont think it had any impact on what was to be the final result.
    And as for Riveras cornerman – maybe he should have been working on cardio with Jorge instead of pissing about with a camera

    He tried to hype the fight – he got beat.

  • Sykotick says:

    Fitch’s fight aren’t boring but I can see how most people find it boring and that reason is that most people have never been in a martial arts dojo or an mma training center (shitty excuse I know, but true).
    Take a couple of ground control classes and its a guarantee you’ll enjoy the chess match that is a Jon Fitch fight.
    And one of the most “Casual Fan” comments I’ve ever seen on this sight.
    Dude I don’t care how much “skills” he has, he is boring.
    I don’t think its exact quote cuz I’m posting thru mobile and it takes me to a different screen but that’s the basic jist of the comment.
    Wow and I thought everyone on here knew MMA, yes, its REAL SKILL to hold down and dominate people like BJ Penn and Thiago Alves and Paulo Thiago, get back to reality if you think it doesn’t.

  • elsicilian says:


    Your suggestion that one must study at an MMA school to even begin to understand Jon Fitch’s sublime ground control kind of makes my point. If it takes a trained fetishist to appreciate the nuances of “the chess match that is ground control,” then the average fan is probably going to find it somewhat boring … just like YOU would probably find watching the Steinitz Defense line of a Ruy Lopez opening in an ACTUAL chess match pretty boring.

    I’m not saying Fitch doesn’t have skills, and I am not saying his style of fighting is ineffective: I am saying that I find it extremely tedious to watch, and it seems like a great number of MMA fans (including Dana White) agree with me. So, “boring” it is …

    It’s really not that complicated …

  • elkymbo says:

    @Syckotik. I know I get a bit emotional about Fitch and I agree that he is a skilled fighter and that he trains hard and his style if fighting works. And yes I respect his hard work and his abililty to hold a dominant position. But his style is still boring and no argument is going to change my opinion. And yes I’ve done me some training in my time :)

  • Sykotick says:

    Ok I can see a casual fan saying its boring, but if you’re a big follower of mma then I don’t see why you would see it as boring, I find ground work much more enjoyable than people who stand and bang.
    Sure people who stand and bang are hella entertaining but nothing rocks more(for me at least) then a fight like G.Sot vs Joe Daddy or Jason McDonald vs Demian Maia, but ehh to each his own, just wish people would look at the actual work put into a fight before labeling a fighter like Fitch, Shields, and GSP as boring

  • LiverPunch says:

    Fitch was fighting?! that would be a first. In the matches I’ve seen it is like he thinks his opponent is trying to attack the ref and Fitch is trying to stop him by holding him down. I’m sure I’ve seen him saying “let it go mate , he isn’t worth it” as he cuddles his way to a UD. I also think I heard Dana White shout out to BJ “Please BJ , for the love of god do something” as he saw his PPV buys for the next WW title shot getting lower and lower as rd 3 progressed. I feel for Jon Fitch though , he is sensitive and sometimes he just wants to be held.

  • elsicilian says:


    I really hate to belabor the point, but your comments suggest that you STILL don’t get it somehow …

    NOBODY is questioning amount or quality of “actual work put into a fight” by Fitch et. al., NOBODY is arguing that he doesn’t have skills, and NOBODY is arguing that he doesn’t win. He’s just no fun to watch.

    That said, YOU might enjoy the nuance of a masterfully executed demonstration of lay-and-pray, but LOTS of MMA fans (well above and far beyond the “casual fans” to which you derisively refer) simply disagree, and find it tedious and boring. Generally speaking, they are not impugning his level of training or maligning his skills – they are simply articulating THEIR opinions regarding the relative aesthetic value of his fighting style, and those opinions are not necessarily ill-informed or fundamentally misguided, as you continuously insist.

    Anyway, as I have already emphasized, kudos to you if you enjoy watching Fitch fight. Many of us don’t. We’re not crazy or stupid or newbies … we obviously just enjoy different aspects of the sport than you, and those aspects are not clearly manifest in the fighting style of Jon Fitch. Maybe you don’t truly UNDERSTAND that perspective, but you should probably try to at least respect it.


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