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BAMMA 5 co-headliners miss mark at weigh-ins after mad scramble for sauna

Paul Daley and Ricco Rodriguez were among a group of Mixed Martial Artists unable to properly cut down in time for weigh-ins related to tomorrow night’s BAMMA 5 event in Manchester, England due at least in part to a situation where the athletes’ assigned hotel shut down the building’s sauna. The decision ultimately forced a number of fighters to unexpectedly relocate to a new steam-center said to be a thirty minute drive away.

News of the relative chaos and fallout was first reported by MMAWeekly.

Though fighters were given an extended period of time Daley still was unable to get down to 170 pounds flat and as a result will face Yuya Shirai in a standard scrap rather than a five-round title affair as had been originally scheduled. The hard-hitting Brit’s final weight was 170.4 pounds while DEEP veteran Shirai measured in slightly lower at 169.6.

Also off his contracted weight was Rodriguez who came in a full clicks higher than had been contracted for his fight against TUF 10 alumnus James McSweeney. “Suave” stepped on the scale at 217 with McSweeney at 214.6 pounds respectively. While no specifics were given it is believed Rodriguez will sacrifice part of his pay with McSweeney on the receiving end due to the infraction.

BAMMA 5 will be available to watch live via streaming feed for $10.00 starting at 4:00 PM EST on February 26 and available in some PPV markets.

Here is the complete rundown of BAMMA 5 weigh-in results:

Franky Slater (154.4 lbs) vs. Jeremy Petley (155.8 lbs)
Costas Doru (155.2 lbs) vs. Liam James (155.4 lbs)
Tim Newman (155.2 lbs) vs. Diego Vital (155 lbs)
Paul Cook (170 lbs) vs. Michael Johnson (170.6 lbs)
Jason Ball (155.8 lbs) vs. Peter Duncan (152.4 lbs)
Rob Mills (170.2 lbs) vs. Leigh Cohoon (169 lbs)
Leeroy Barnes (170.6 lbs) vs. Mohsen Bahari (169.6 lbs)
Claudio Henrique Da Silva (186.5 lbs) vs. Jean-Francois Lenogue (185 lbs)
Alex Makhonin (182.6 lbs) vs. Xavier Foupa-Pokam (185.4 lbs)
Ricco Rodriguez (217 lbs) vs. James McSweeney (214.6 lbs)
Paul Daley (170.4 lbs) vs. Yuya Shirai (169.6 lbs)


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