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Del Rosario says Fedor Emelianenko as possible Grand Prix alternate is “not a big deal”

One is 11-0 with ten wins in the first round while the other has dropped two consecutive bouts in clear-cut fashion. However, ask undefeated Strikeforce heavyweight Shane Del Rosario if he shares the same opinion as fans calling foul on the thought of Fedor Emelianenko receiving a potential nod as a replacement in the promotion’s World Grand Prix and it turns out the rising star is not simply okay with the concept but actually thankful for the possibility.

Del Rosario spoke about the situation in a conversation with Sherdog Radio where he dismissed the seriousness involved while elaborating on why he had no problem with skipping the tournament altogether.

“If I don’t make it into the tournament this year…it’s not a big deal. I would rather actually have another four fights this year if possible and just earn my own spot into the tournament next year”, he explained while also paying tribute to Fedor by mentioning it was an honor to have simply fought on the same card as him.

“I’m at eleven fights. I’d like to get to at least fifteen, just get more ring time,” Del Rosario continued. “All of my fights have been finished in the first round, which has been good. I like to get out and win right away and have an exciting fight, but I kind of lack some round time, some experience in the cage.”

However, if Strikeforce comes calling the Californian kickboxer has no intentions of declining, saying he would “definitely take the opportunity” if they want him to replace an injured competitor.

Del Rosario earned the honor of serving as an alternate by emerging with his hands raised against Lavar Johnson via first-round Armbar on February 12 at “Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva”. It was his sixth straight victory in the opening frame of action and third in a Strikeforce ring.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Thats the PC thing to say for sure. I love Fedor but in this type of a tournament if you lose you are out. You dont see anyother type of tournament where the loser gets a second chance to be the overall winner-you cant lose in the round of 64 ncaa BB tourney and then come back in the sweet 16 because one team couldnt make it. I understand SF want to make money and get good ratings and Fedor really helps with that but if they are going to hand him things this way they might as well just give him the title and tell everybody that they decideded he was more worthy of wearing it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Yeah Coker & co. Told him it’s not a big deal…we will take care of you next go around kid…Meanwhile apparently Fedor is going against the NJ commissions med suspension and participating in a sambo tourney… Fuck it everybody do what they want

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Off topic but I was able to attend some local amateur MMA this past weekend that was pretty cool, but the best part was meeting David Terrell. Man that guy is just huge these days, if he ever comes back I bet it is at LHW.

  • LiverPunch says:

    A doctors stoppage between rds is clear cut?. They wont even need an alternate. Del Rosario should fight Fedor.

  • mu_shin says:

    While I’ve been thinking along the lines stated above, that in a tournament format you lose and you’re out, I learned the other night while reading about Mark Hunt, who will compete this weekend at UFC 127, that in a K-1 tournament, it may have been in 2001, he lost in an early round, but due to multiple injuries in the ensuing rounds, he was reinstated in the tournament, and went on to ultimate victory.

    Given the limited nature and depth of the Strikeforce lineup at heavyweight, and every other division in reality, with precedent existing to give the most well known fighter in their organization a back door re-entry into the most prestigious series of events the organization has promoted to date, it would certainly make good business sense to replace an injured fighter with Fedor. While he did lose in the first round, there could be no serious argument suggesting that any of the other available candidates are more credible replacements, should events transpire giving him that opening.

    The question at this point seems to me to be whether Emelianenko would be able to fight, given his injuries and his medical suspension subsequent to his loss to Antonio Silva, or whether he would even accept the call, should it come, given the sentiments Fedor seemed to be espousing following his latest defeat. As a huge fan, I’d like to see Fedor fight again, but my hope is that the SF tourney goes off without further injuries, and we see Emelianenko at some point in the future, healed, healthy, and ready to do battle.

  • Spoken says:

    K-1 has done this on more than one occasion. i remember watching bob sapp get beat to hell in a semi-final fight, come back in the final round to tko the other dude, then get carried out of the ring due to the injuries he suffered to the midsection. well, the dude that he finished moved on to the finals and won. not making justifications or anything, just saying that it doesnt seem to be too unheard of in the fight game. in team sports, its next to impossible for a team to be unable to play since they can carry a deep roster. i do think its bogus that they announced alternates that they may skip over anyways.

  • Niv says:

    Rece I’m not sure where you got your info that Fedor was competeing in a sambo tourny, he recently made a statement that he will honor the NJ commission’s decision and not participate in that tourny.

    On a personal note I’d rather not see Fedor thrown back in as an alternate, but if he is it’s understandable from a company approach. Kind of like bringing in a guy from theWWE have him go 1-1 and give him a title shot. The UFC had nothing to build on, well SF is a smaller company and this isn’t unprecedented in tournaments as stated by others.

    Fedor (back to back losses aside) is still the biggest name in mma and that alone carries clout and interest.

  • BigDave says:

    del rasario is saying that because he knows strikefarce is just a stepping stone for him as he will be in the ufc by years end and strikefarce will be out of business.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Niv… We are dealing with Fedor’s handlers here for christ sakes…One day his handlers say he’s doing it One day they say he is not… C’mon Niv you know the deal.

  • Niv says:

    I just thought how ironic all this talk about the tourny is, when you consider Fedor’s 1st bogus loss came in a tournament where he was cut by an illegal blow. As a result of the cut the guy who was disqualified by giving Fedor his cut by illegal elblow was thrust back into the tournament in place of Fedor.

    A little irony is always nice.

  • Niv says:

    Wow, sorry about that ^^^^^^^ sure is hard to read and make sense of it. I was trying to explain the Rings tournament events that lead to Fedor’s first loss by cut.


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