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Winner of Nunes vs. Florian in line for shot at UFC featherweight title

Ken Florian appears to be on the cusp of contendership for the third time during his six-year run inside the Octagon as it looks like his upcoming bout with Diego Nunes will serve to determine the next individual in line for a crack at Jose Aldo or Mark Hominick pending the outcome of their fight at UFC 129. Nunes and Florian are currently set to scuffle six weeks later on June 11 at UFC 131.

News of the top-contenders’ tag came by way of a comment from Nunes’ coach, André Pederneiras, during a conversation with Brazilian publication Tatame.

While the 16-1 Nunes has won a number of fights at featherweight, including a recent decision over former WEC champion Mike Brown at UFC 125, the divisional-debuting Florian’s rapid ascension is due in part a highly successful run at lightweight highlighted by wins over Takanori Gomi, Roger Huerta, and Clay Guida. “KenFlo” hasn’t fought due to a knee injury since being outpointed by Gray Maynard at UFC 118 this past August.

A victory for Nunes would mark his fourth consecutive instance of in-ring success including a win over respected grappler Rafael Assuncao at WEC 49. However, Pederneiras was also very clear in stating the 28-year old would pass on the opportunity to bring home gold if Aldo retains his title against Hominick based on their relationship as training partners at Nova Uniao.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Shit atleast BJ will have fought 2 consecutive times in WW if does indeed get his shot… I think it’s a bit quick for florian even though he is a great fighter BUT I think Zuffa just wants some name brand fighters in the “new” weightclass so that the fans can make a connection and bring some attention to the division… Florian deserves it but there’s guys fighting for that spot for much longer than him, but it’s not personal, just business.

  • boomnutz says:

    I know most people don’t won’t like this considering Florian has no fights at 145, but i’m fine with it considering all the “contenders” have lost recently except Hominicick and Nunes and Hominicick (sorry I know i’m brutalizing his name) his fighting for the belt and Nunes is in a title eliminator…At least they know the quality of fighter in Florian, plus I have to think he knew he might get the title shot and that was motivation to move down

  • fanoftna33 says:

    this surprises me a bit, especially after the harsh words by DWE about Kenny chokeing in big fights. For a fuy to lose one title eliminator to be given another isnt fair at all to all the other FW fighters who have been at it for a long time also.
    BUT I agree with Rece as money wise it should sell tickets.

  • eh I see no problem with this. Kenny has been a top mainstay at 155 for along time only choking in 2 title fights and one contender fight. Other than that he runs right through most opponents and therefore i see no reason not to utilize him to get more attention on to 145. Most people know Jose Aldo is legit, but if Hominick beats him and beats him badly his legacy is tarnished and everyone can shrug and say he beat nobodies. But if either guys stomps on florian(or nunes beats florian) than it truly shows the caliber of these 145ers

  • Guthookd says:

    Well, I think Nunes is going to beat Kenny after Aldo beats Mark. Then where are we? It will be Mark vs. Kenny for a shot at Nunes who refuses to challenge Aldo who has no opposition to speak of.

    In short, the UFC needs to go find some more good Featherweights.

  • MCM says:

    I agree to an extent Guthookd. But don’t forget Dustin Poirier is knocking at the door and Tyson Griffon is only one or two wins away from being promoted as a top 145er.


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