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D.J. Linderman dropping to 205 for spot in Bellator Season 4 Tournament

PRESS RELEASE / CHICAGO, IL. (February 18, 2011) – Bellator Fighting Championships today confirmed the addition of hard hitting former heavyweight D.J. “Da Protégé” Linderman to its upcoming Light Heavyweight Tournament which will air LIVE on MTV2 beginning in March.

The California native currently sports an impressive 8-1 record including a submission victory over Devin Cole, a knock out win against American Top Team heavyweight Mario Rinaldi last November, and a 2009 victory over Bellator veteran Mike “300” Hayes.

A skilled football player in high school, Linderman thrives on using takedowns to his advantage inside of the cage. Once on the mat, a furious ground and pound assault usually follows. Linderman’s incredible drive and force is what led the powerful 27-year-old to Bellator.

“D.J. should bring great power with him when he makes the cut to 205 lbs. for the first time in our Light Heavyweight Tournament on MTV2,” said Bellator Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney. “He had a very aggressive style at Heavyweight, so at 205, he could be a force in this tournament.”

The former heavyweight that has fought as high as 261 lbs. has committed to dropping weight in order to enter the upcoming Season 4 Light Heavyweight Tournament. While cutting the weight was a challenge, Linderman is happy with the results.

“I want to improve my game all around,” said Linderman. “I want to improve my cardio, my strength and my quickness. Being a heavyweight that’s dropping down to light heavyweight has its advantages. I feel like I will be better than ever at light heavyweight.”

The upcoming Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament will be the biggest test of Linderman’s young career, and “Da Protégé” is ready for the challenge.

“I’ve never competed in a tournament like this before, so I’m really excited to take part in this one with Bellator,” Linderman said. “I know this tournament will have a bunch of great fighters, and they’re going to try to put everything they have out there, and so will I. I’m looking to make a name for myself to the millions of fans that will be watching on MTV2.”

Linderman joins Daniel Gracie, Nik “The Machete” Fekete, and Chris Davis as confirmed participants in the upcoming Season 4 Light Heavyweight Tournament.


  • LiverPunch says:

    Bellator is getting their shit together and I guess eventually they will get their title shots and holders sorted. I like the show and hope it does well. I just hate title holders not putting their belt on the line. The only reason the don’t is because they are afraid they might lose it. What other reason is there. You must agree that if that is the reason , it is a pretty poor excuse.

  • MCM says:

    Werd LP.
    I wanna see these guys defend their titles against fighters with phenomenal records like 18-13. Or fight guys coming off losses after 2 years of not defending their belt and fighting in other orgs. That’s how a REAL MMA or does it.

    or maybe the reason is that Bellator doesn’t give anyone a title shot until they win a tournament thus proving themselves the definitive #1 contender. Perhaps other organizations should look into it…..oh wait, what’s that thing going on in SF with their HW’s?

  • MCM says:

    I still think they need Elliot Marshal in this tourney.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I don’t understand what your point is MCM. Are you saying Diaz’s fight against Santos and Overeem’s fight against Rogers should have been non-title?. Perhaps Sylvia vs Couture should have been an exhibition match , since Couture was coming off a loss.
    If you are not saying that what are you saying?.
    I hope Overeem wins the GP because Overeem vs Overeem would be a match up for the ages.
    The GP winner is going to get a title shot because that makes sense but what wouldn’t make sense would be if Overeem wasn’t in the tourney and was fighting non-title fights whilst waiting to fight whoever won the GP. A champion does not choose to put the belt on the line as far as I am concerned , it is on the line every time they fight at that weight in that organization.
    I think it is the same in K1 and was the same in Pride where the belt was not up for grabs in the GP.
    Trust me when SF didn’t put the belt on the line with Mousasi I was against that too. It is not about which company they are in it is about them redefining what it is to be a champion.
    If they want it to be about the GP then put the champ in the GP.

  • Rece Rock says:

    This guy doesn’t have much time to drop all that weight…looks to be a hefty fella, the battle with the weight may be tougher than the tourney.

  • Guthookd says:

    Hey, wasn’t Kimbo saying something about Shrek having a cousin named Linderman on TUF?


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