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Grappling with Issues – 2/11/11

Is Anderson Silva the best Mixed Martial Artist ever? Can Antonio Silva repeat Fabricio Werdum’s feat and take home a win against Fedor Emelianenko? Was Rashad Evans’ loss of a title-shot at UFC 128 your gain as a fan? Are Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto’s days of dominance a thing of yesteryear?

Keyboard warrrrriors….come out to plaaaay-yay!

Welcome to Grappling with Issues, our site’s regular weekly feature highlight insight and opinion from myself and Adam Tool. As always, just because we staffers get the fancy set-up, please

Which of the following former UFC lightweights do you see having more success with a drop down to 145 pounds – Ken Florian or Tyson Griffin?

Tool: It’s tempting to take Florian just because he’s been more successful at 155…so I will. I have great faith that Griffin is going to be tough as hell to beat at featherweight since, up until recently, he was all but impossible to beat at lightweight. Florian’s record is also undoubtedly excellent, but it’s his set of skills that has me most convinced he’ll be one to watch at 145 lbs. If you were to list off Florian’s strengths you would probably mention his stellar Muay Thai, great takedown defense, and underrated submission game. All of those strengths could easily be applied to the UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo as well. No offense to anyone else currently competing at 145 lbs., but Aldo vs. Florian is absolutely the fight I want to see for the featherweight belt. If Aldo is successful against Mark Hominick in April, and assuming Florian wins in his featherweight debut, I say it’s all but guaranteed we’ll get an Aldo/Florian fight before the end of the year. I have no idea who wins but it’s bound to be great.

Conlan: I’ll go with the other side of the coin and say Griffin, though for reasons unrelated to overall ability. While Florian may be the more-complete fighter of the two he is also notably older and taller than the XTreme Couture product (eight years, four inches). Both of those factors make me feel as though the cut to featherweight is going to be tough on him and could cause “Ken Flo” to return to lightweight sooner than later. However, 145 pounds should feel like home to Griffin who already has a knockout win over former divisional ace Urijah Faber from 2005 under his belt.

TRUE/FALSE – “Kid” Yamamoto will win a fight inside the Octagon.

Tool: TRUE. In my eyes the fight between Yamamoto and Demetrious Johnson was less about the decline of “KID” and the more about the arrival of “Mighty Mouse.” I was extremely impressed with Johnson’s performance against the double-tough Damacio Page at WEC 52, and it wasn’t too long after that fight that Johnson was announced as Yamamoto’s first UFC opponent. At the time I thought it was an extremely tough fight for Yamamoto, and those thoughts obviously proved to be correct. Johnson was landing takedowns faster than anybody else I’ve seen fight in the Octagon, and I think most people would agree that Demetrious is undoubtedly heading for big things in the bantamweight division. Of course if the UFC does create a flyweight division I would take “Mighty Mouse” as one of the most likely candidates to dominate at that weight.

Let’s get back to the “KID.” While Yamamoto’s wrestling is pretty good for a Japanese fighter it’s become all to clear that he’s not at the same level as many of his American counterparts. The dominance of wrestling over other MMA disciplines is nothing new in this day and age, but that doesn’t change the fact that Yamamoto is going to have problems with a number of UFC bantamweights. I can’t be alone in thinking that newly crowned UFC champ Dominick Cruz would give Yamamoto fits, and I certainly wouldn’t like his chances against the Team Alpha Male fighters Urijah Faber and Joseph Benavidez. However I do think “KID” can still present plenty of problems for lots of other fighters. I’d take him to win against somebody like Antonio Banuelos or Takeya Mizugaki and he might even pose a problem for former champion Brian Bowles. As long as he gets a bit of a favor from the matchmakers I feel fairly confident that Yamamoto will win at least once in his UFC career.

Conlan: As much as I hate to say it I’m actually a little torn. I’ve always enjoyed and respected Yamamoto’s in-ring offerings but fear it’s possible the break he took between 2007-2009 may have done irreparable damage to his chances at Stateside glory. He’s been outpointed in three of his last four fights and seemed to be lacking the stand-up, wrestling, and killer instinct he was once known for against Johnson. “Mighty Mouse” is highly capable to be sure but, as Adam alluded to, he’s a bit small for 135 and still worked “Kid” from start to finish. The only way I can confidently say I see Yamamoto, who turns 34 in March, earning a dubya in the Octagon is if Joe Silva and Dana White decide to set him up against a significant underdog. I’m confident they will because of their investment and his marketing potential so I’ll go with “true” on this topic. However, without a “gimme” I really do feel as though it’s a toss up. He’s still really good but the sport has evolved a lot in the least 3-4 years and its athletes may have very well passed him by in a lot of ways.

What percentage would you assign to Antonio Silva’s chances of handing Fedor Emelianenko a second consecutive loss?

Tool: 10%, and even that may be a bit generous. I know it’s easy to hate on Emelianenko these days, but he’s still one of the greatest of all time. Fabricio Werdum fought a great fight, but I’m confident that Fedor has learned from that loss. He tried to get things over with too quickly and he got careless. I don’t expect him to do the same against Silva when they meet tomorrow night.

In terms of the stylistic match-up I have to think that this favors Emelianenko. He’s more than capable of handling Silva in the stand-up, and “Bigfoot” doesn’t present nearly the same kind of problems on the ground as Werdum did. Silva is a better fighter than a lot of people give him credit for, but he’s not the kind of fighter that’s going to beat Fedor. The fact that a light heavyweight fighter like Mike Kyle was able to seriously hurt Silva has me confident that Emelianenko will have no problem recording another win on his amazing record.

Conlan: I believe I posed a similar query in GWI before Emelianenko fought last time and said 1%. In fact, and I quote, I replied, “I don’t see there being any way (Werdum) comes away from the event as the first fighter to legitimately beat Emelianenko.” That’s why they pay me the big bucks, folks!

I’ll be a bit kinder this time around and go with 5% now “The Last Emperor” has been revealed as an actual human being and not some cybernetic organism sent back in time by Scott Coker’s great-great-grandson to drive the UFC brass insane. Again, for what it’s worth, I just don’t see it happening. Similar to Tool’s point, Silva was out-struck by Kyle in the opening of their fight last December before eventually earning the win and wasn’t able to put Andre Arlovski away earlier in the year either. I can’t see Emelianenko losing on his feet or jumping into Silva’s guard as recklessly as he did against Werdum. He has the stand-up to knock “Bigfoot” out and a valuable lesson learned at the hands of defeat to keep him focused on the task at hand.

Is Anderson Silva the greatest MMA fighter of all time?

Conlan: In full disclosure I need to start this out with an admission. I am notoriously bad at labeling anything as the “greatest ever” because I appreciate so many variables in life (and probably have an undiagnosed case of ADHD to boot). Ask me what my favorite flavor of ice cream is and I’ll tell you I like Mint Chocolate Chip but also have a lot of love for straight up Vanilla as well as Strawberry and so on. Ask me for the best movie in history and I’ll list five I can watch countless screenings of.

That being said, for the sake of GWI, I’ll give it a crack and say “no”, Silva is not the greatest fighter of all time, and it has nothing to do with feeling any other individual should receive the title instead of him. Rather, it’s because MMA is still too young a sport to crown anyone as the standard by which all other fighters should be compared against. It would be like saying a really good football player in the 1940s is tops without considering the fact it’s now 2011 and a lot of guys back then wouldn’t even touch a playing field these days.

Also, keep in mind he has legitimately lost three times in his career to opponents most would consider to be vastly inferior (two of which were tap-outs). “The Spider” is one of the all-timers to be sure. He’s just not the greatest ever. Nobody is…yet.

Tool: Unlike my colleague I have no problems labelling things the best of all time, even though all of time has yet to arrive. The best movie ever is Spaceballs, The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time, my favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, and yes, Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time.

Sure he’s lost a few times. So have some of the other fighters that would be on the short list for the best of all time. I’m far more impressed with the fact that’s remained undefeated for so many years in the UFC. Say what you will, but the highest level of competition in this sport is found in the octagon. Silva has yet to lose in that cage and it might never happen. He’s got records for longest win streak and most consecutive title defenses. He’s also won more UFC bonus money than any other fighter in history. Of course somebody may come along and eclipse Silva’s accomplishments some day, but it’s extremely unlikely. He’s had some truly legendary performances, and he’s showing no sign of stopping so his legend is only going to continue to grow. Maybe we should hold off on calling him the one and only G.O.A.T. until he meets (and beats) Georges St. Pierre, but I’d pick him to win that fight and cement his place as the best in MMA history.

Are you more or less excited for UFC 128 now that Jon Jones has taken Rashad Evans’ place against “Shogun” Rua?

Conlan: More. I like Evans’ style and swagger but rarely enjoy what he delivers inside the cage. He’s skilled to be sure with solid hands and great takedowns but isn’t one to wow with consistency due to a semi-cautious, albeit intelligent, approach to fighting that isn’t necessarily fan-friendly. I also wasn’t particularly impressed by his showings against Quinton Jackson or Thiago Silva though obviously he deserves credit for beating both men.

Regarding Jones, you’re looking at essentially an undefeated fighter with a number of other factors working in his favor as well. He has a high rate of finishes, has dominated every opponent put in front of him including a number of difficult draws, possesses Rua-like creativity when standing, and has displayed extremely good wrestling/submission technique as well. “Bones” also happens to still be five months shy of turning 24 and seems to have the makings of a transcendent athlete in MMA with what unlimited potential in the ring and a remarkably mature, positive attitude full of wisdom and spirituality. A win over “Shogun” would inject an incredible amount of excitement into the division, as well as his future, whereas I don’t see anywhere near the same amount of energy attached to Evans taking Rua down for five rounds and controlling him from the top.

Tool: I’ll agree with all of my colleague’s points, and I have to agree that the UFC 128 main event just got a major upgrade. I’ve never been a Rashad Evans fan so I’m all for him being moved to the side so Zuffa can make way for the new hotness. Jones is a far more exciting fighter and there’s way more intrigue in seeing how he’ll do now that’s been given this huge opportunity. Evans would likely have come out with the same cautious gameplan that brought him to this point, and that’s just not the kind of fight that I want to watch. Jones’ fights have that “don’t blink” quality to them so I’m all for him to make a run at the top of the card. Perhaps you’d like to hear more of my thoughts on this subject?

Who’s your pick to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament?

Conlan: Shane Del Rosario. But seriously, it’s so insanely difficult to have any idea how the tournament will unfold at this stage in the game for, among other reasons, the possibility of injury let alone the inherently unpredictable nature of fighting.

Assuming everyone stays healthy and licensed to fight, which is perhaps a lot to ask considering the field, I think Josh Barnett is going to upset a lot of folks out there and bring home the belt. He has the easiest road to the final as far as facing fairly one-dimensional opponents on his side of the bracket and possesses the ability to beat whoever emerges from the other half of the group given his size, experience, passable striking, and high-level grappling ability. He’s also extremely tough to finish whereas a number of his Grand Prix peers haven’t shown the same ability to overcome adversity in the ring so I think he could have an edge there as well depending on who he fights at the end.

Tool: If Brendhan’s taking Del Rosario then I’m picking Lavar Johnson. Either him or Fedor. Probably Fedor.

As I said earlier Emelianenko still has be considered one of the best fighters in the world. I think he’ll have no problems making it past “Bigfoot“ Silva, but we’ll know exactly where his career stands if/when he makes it to the semi-final round. He’s either got to beat the man that just beat him in Werdum, or he’s got to beat the odds-on favorite in Alistair Overeem. Like I said before Fedor’s undoubtedly learned his lessons from his last fight, so I’ll take him to beat Werdum if they meet again. Against Overeem it’s harder to say, but I think Emelianenko has the necessary tools to win. I’d also have to take him over anybody on the other side of the brackets, and that includes the aforementioned “Baby-Faced Assassin.” If he loses this weekend we can all start discussing whether or not this is the beginning of the end, but for now I remain optimistically behind “The Last Emperor.”


  • Guthookd says:

    -I agree with Brenco, Josh is going to win the tournament. Even with him Tim Sylvia like outer shell, he’s a beast inside, and inside the cage as well.

    -I think JJ is a far more exciting fighter than Rashad, so the fact that he’s facing Rua for the belt is, in my mind at least, a big boost for this card. I pick JJ to take that shit from Rua.

    -I have to agree wtih Tool on A. Silva. He’s kind of a cock, but he’s the best fighter I’ve ever seen or hear of. Better than Fedor. Yep. Top P4P fighter of all time (to date… :)

    -I’m going to give Big Foot way better odds than both of you. I’m saying 25% chance to beat Fedor. I’m not basing that on any differential in skills that might favor Antonio, because I think it’s obvious that Fedor is better in all areas; I’m basing that on the idea that Fedor’s time has finally come. He’s not going to win this tourney, and further, he is going to drop another fight later in 2011 which will lead to his retirement.

    -Kid can certainly win a fight in the octagon. We already knew that he was vulnerable to wrestlers because of what happened between him and the then unknown Joe Warren (who is still basically just a good wrestler). Match him up with a standup fighter and he’ll have a much better chance. Kid is tough.

    -I think Griffin has an awesome opportunity at Feather Weight. Florian, I think, is just going there becasue the LW div is so packed and he’s already had his chances there, while Griffin is dropping down because it’s a lot closer to his natural weight class. I predict a 2 fight streak for Griffin topped off with a title shot early 2012 or maybe on the NYE card of 2011.

  • MCM says:

    Well I was gonna comment, but Guthookd pretty much said everything I was going to.

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    I am 100% more excited with

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    I am 100% more excited with Bones getting the title shot. His chances are better. Jon doesn’t have a weak chin. Has the reach and wrestling advantage.
    Maybe the ? Should be is Anderson Silva greatest fighter up til this time as opposed to all-time. Time being infinite and all. He is the best to fight to this point that’s for sure. Although there will come a fighter who is better which is scary. I like Overeem to take the Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament. Fedor takes to much punishment in his fights. Gone are the days where you can stand in trade power shots and expect to be champ are gone.

  • Rece Rock says:

    – IMO Ken Florian will get a bigger match up and a quicker ave. to the title picture then griffen with UFC marketing match making and wanting to sell/hype the fans on the “new” division

    -TRUE– “Kid” will win a fight inside the Octagon

    – Antonio Silva’s chances of handing Fedor Emelianenko a second consecutive loss I’d say 15%… anything can happen in there and Fedor will either have a fire lit under his ass or possibly be too cautious and steer away from his game plan possibly leaving enough slack for a tight decision win for the giant. We don’t know how Fedor reacts after losses…..

    – Anderson Silva the greatest MMA fighter of HIS time… and there will be fighters in the future & they will hold the same title and there’s fighters in the past that were the greatest MMA fighter of THERE time… I wouldn’t classify anybody with the best ever title in this sport it evolves took quickly, and to many factors come into play…. SUBJECTIVE is a word that comes to mind.

    – more excited for Jones … he’s never been in a war and I want to see him in a battle and see how he reacts… Win or loseI just want to see fireworks.

    – I want to see Overeem win the tourney… I think it’s good for SF. He’s the future of their HW division not Fedor. Overeem needs validity in the eyes of mma fans and this could really solidify his spot in the top 5.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    lol at silva better than fedor in the p4p

    fedor fought guys that outweighed him by more than 40 pounds and still won

  • Rece Rock says:

    Size has nothing to do with skill set… Choi Hong-man is 7′ 2″ and around 350lbs… Fedor fought and beat him is it an impressive (mma) win to have on the resume…? Umm No.

  • MCM says:

    Rece Rock says:
    “…..I want to see Overeem win the tourney… I think it’s good for SF. ….”

    but….but…. I thought you were a UFC mark?

    It would be the best thing for SF. They allowed him to keep the title without defending for so long that it lost any meaning it might have had. If Overeem wins it, it justifies Coker’s decision to not strip if from him. That, and they we won’t have to watch Overeem defend his title coming off a loss.

  • MCM says:

    I’m just gonna tack this on in this thread…….

    Can we stop talking about Mike Kyle knocking down Bigfoot like it’s an indication of how bad Bigfoot is. Kyle is a big fraking guy and he hits like a fraking truck. 12 of his 18 wins have come by (T)KO and Silva would not have been the first HW nor first big HW that Kyle would have stopped. The fact that Silva was able to survive a big shot like that and come back to finish him in the next round speaks much louder about his chin, heart, and skills than getting knocked down does. Giving him anything less than a %25 chance against Fedor is insulting at best.

  • Tyson-Kenny already looks drawn out at 155 while Tyson is a bulkier man that can lose a little weight without sacrificing strength.

    A win maybe? multiple probably not. Kid like other japanese fighters tends to be outsized outwrestled and out of his element in a cage. I think too many 135ers will be trying to make a name for themselves off Kid for him to have too much success.

    30% and here’s why. Fedor is the man period, but we dont know how this loss affected him quite simply put because its the first time we’ve ever seen him have to concede he was beaten and tap out. Did it break him? I doubt it and that’s why Im givin Bigfoot 30%.

    Let me start by sayin Tool and I agree about two things The Simpsons is the greatest show of all time and at least for now, Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time. His losses mean nothing to me as I feel the best are made not born and those few losses were an example of shit happens. Since then Silva has destroyed everyone(except sonnen) even in his lackluster fights he was never hurt, in danger of being subbed or hardly hit for that matter. Even in the Sonnen fight with an injured rib fighting a man hopped up on testosterone he still found a way to hang tough and win.
    His only challenges lie in one GSP, or to head up to LHW to face the winner of Bones/Shogun, or Rashad or Rampage. Now if that doesnt define excellence I dont know what does.

    Leaps and Bounds more excited. I saw Rashad getting KTFO’d due to the problems he had with Machida’s awkward timing and blinding speed being magnified by 10 when he fought The man they call Shogun. In replacing him with the young phenom from New York I’ve never seen a bigger debate on this particular site and so many questions come into mind. Is Bones too strong for Shogun? Will Shogun’s rehab make him falter? Is Shogun’s technical striking going to overwhelm Bones? Who actually is the faster man? I could write questions about this match up for hours, thanks UFC!

    I would love to see Alistair win it but Im going to shed some negative light here. Fedor constantly breaks his hands, The Reem has fought once in the USA in the past 3 +years and Barnett pops positive everytime it seems to really matter. Alll of these guys are favorites in their early fights and therefore I see this tournament bein won by an alternate, taking 2+ years to finish up or sadly just kind of stopping in the middle of it. Which would be awful. Strikeforce’s strongest division is by a long shot HW and I might even venture to say its stronger than the UFCs(in terms of interesting match ups, the talent is always debatable till we see them fight each other) and if it becomes a joke due to injuries and alternates it hurts SF instead of making this tournament the exciting work of art it is. I hope Im wrong, but I doubt i am.

  • LiverPunch says:

    The greatest of all time would be able to wrestle, wouldn’t be dominated by good wrestlers and wouldn’t hesitate to follow Big Nog , Werdum and world champion BJJ guys to the ground. He would probably be lighter than some of the guys in the weight class below him and be competing and beating guys that out weigh him by 50-110 pounds 😉

    I think BigFoot is far better than most folks think. A lot of people see that he was rocked by Kyle but forget Valasquez was rocked a few times by Kongo and unlike BigFoot he did not recover to put Kongo away. Big Foot is a top 10 as far as I am concerned and I don’t mean because of who he has beaten I mean that if I lined up all of the fighters in the world I believe he stacks up as a fighter better than 90% of the top 100. He is big , he has KO power , he has good well rounded skills and his GNP is very good. I give him 45% chance of winning. I think it is highly possible that Fedor will blitz him and take him out early but I think BigFoot is better than most think and Fedor is only human.

    I’m more excited because Rashad is a “sleeping pill” fighter half of the time. I hate to sound harsh but if MMA consisted purely of fighters like Rashad and Fitch , the UFC would go bust. He is very good at what he does it’s just that what he does is so often so little.

    My pick for the SFHWGP is Overeem. I tossed it up and I came up with Overeem. The reason being that I think he will win against Werdum but I think Fedor may struggle so there may not be a Fedor vs Overeem fight and Overeem is more difficult for BigFoot than I think Fedor will be. I expect Barnett to win on the other side but although it looks like Rogers is an easy beat he has improved his arsenal since the Fedor and Overeem fights and is looking for redemption. Anyway I see Overeem beating most of the other side and being a slight favorite over Barnett. I think the winner of this GP should be crowned the #1 in the world but we don’t know what JDS is going to do and if Cain can come back as strong or stronger.I think if Barnett , Overeem or Fedor win this event that a massive war of words will start between the UFC and SF and I think SF will be calling out the UFC champ.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “but….but…. I thought you were a UFC mark?”

    Haa… Haa… very funny.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Just thought I would add. Great point made by a few of you A. Silva is only the MW champ. The greatest fighter would have to have been the HW champ too , otherwise we are talking about P4P best.
    Is he the best fighter to date? no. Is the best MW to date?. Easily. Is he the best in the imaginary division that is called P4P?. Debatable because I would have thought GSP has faced a higher level of opponents on ave and has won more convincingly on ave and has out wrestled wrestlers , has taken down and out grappled BJJ guys , out struck most fighters and when you look at him as a whole he has as good or if not better attributes in every area of fighting than almost every fighter in his weight class with the only exception being powerful KO punching. Anderson however has some of the best BJJ in his division and the best striking by far in his division. So I think it is up for debate. Fedor has out struck the best strikers and out grappled the best BJJ guys too.
    So in conclusion. Is Silva the best fighter to date. No way he is a MW and until he moves up to HW and dominates there he can’t even come into contention. Is he the best MW?. Without a doubt. There has never been a MW as dominant as Silva when you would have to consider Henderson the 2nd best ever. Is he the best P4P to date? I would say “who cares” and even if I did care , there is too much to consider and with no way of really comparing A. Silva to other fighters who could be in contention for the title like GSP , Fedor or Aldo. So I would have to say no to that too. Mainly because there is no P4P division but also because that you can not tell who is the best or prove it because it is just something that is imaginary , like fairies or an honest politician.

  • To quote one of the better posters on this site…

    “p4p debate is just talk for MMA nerds…its like sayin if you took the hulk vs. spiderman and took out hulk’s size and added spidermans speed it would be….fuckin retarded!”-MMA Logic

    As for your debate on best ever wouldnt be dominated by wrestlers, I hold to my statement that Sonnen was juiced, Anderson was hurt and in the end only ONE thing matters and that’s the W. Fedor has been hurt several times and even been in trouble against Rogers, but he still won when it looked like Rogers just might’ve had the ability to end his night…and that’s what being the best is in my eyes is the ability to win when the chips are down and your back is against the wall.
    Oh and not to incite a debate but I disagree about GSP taking on better competition, Matt Hughes while dominant has always been a sub par striker and that’s putting it nicely, BJ is an incredible 155er but he’s 2-3 at WW against the same two guys and he’s undersized when put against Georges. Kos wasnt worth that title shot, the UFC was in that same position with him as they are Silva and that’s, “Who else is there to challenge this guy?” Alves is a great striker but past that he’s not got much to offer. Hardy the same but less of a great striker. Now Fitch is impressive. Say what you will about Jonboy but the guy is 13-1 in the UFC and while not the most exciting, is a riddle that no one has been able to crack except GSP. To me that’s GSP’s most impressive win as a champion.

    ok so maybe I was starting a debate. Im an only child and like to argue. Cant help it.

  • LiverPunch says:

    No no Dave you are right in what you say. It is up for debate that is why I can not give it to anyone I didn’t mean that Silva wasn’t P4P best but I did mean all you do is debate it endlessly.
    Spiderman is too quick for The Hulk and would run circles around him. Who has The Hulk ever faced and beaten anyway?. Spiderman has the right mental frame of mind but The Hulk is an emotional fighter and unless he is angry he is no better than the ave man. The Hulk keeps on accusing Spidey of being on some kind of spider venom but you can’t tell me that it’s possible to put on 200 pounds of muscle in 10 secs without some kind of gamma radiation or PED help. It’s a fight I would like to see but if any mid level UFC guy was to leave and join the Marvel Universe they would become the champion easily.

  • adamsfamily says:

    May the Schwartz be with you all..

  • Oh man LP…that was too good. I’d click thumbs up on that ten times if it’d let me.

  • elsicilian says:


    Wilt Chamberlain couldn’t hit a free throw to save his life, Michael Jordan was a below-average 3PT shooter, Muhammad Ali couldn’t block a jab, Gretzky never shot the puck well on the breakaway, and Tiger Woods is a front-runner (he has never come from behind to win a major on Sunday).

    To suggest that the GOAT must be the greatest at *every* aspect of his sport is kind of silly … no athlete is perfect, and the fact that Silva flourishes despite mediocre wrestling / takedown defense underscores his greatness, rather than detracting from it.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Did you not notice the 😉 .
    It was a jab at Silva for not going to the ground and having poor wrestling. I rated Silva as the best ever MW easily didn’t I?. I also explained why the best ever would have to be a HW. The P4P thing is a little silly and it is nothing but a debate , there can be no answer. I can’t recall saying he had to be the best at everything anyway , those are your words not mine. If you do not judge GOAT by what he can do and whether he is actually participating in the weight class with the best fighters (HW) what do you base it on?. He defended his belt 8 times but Leites , Cote and Maia were really just a farce. Is he the greatest of all time? No he is only a MW and until he fights and wins the LHW and HW crowns he is only a MW champion. Is he the best MW of all time? So far yes. Is he the greatest P4P?. No because there is no P4P division it is just fantasy , just like when you implied that I had said that they had to be the best at everything , nothing but fantasy.


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