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Carlos Condit out of UFC 127 fight against Chris Lytle

An explosive welterweight showdown between Carlos Condit and Chris Lytle at UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch is reportedly off due to a knee injury suffered by Condit while training. The injury isn’t said to be major but it will keep Condit out of action for at least a month and was severe enough for him to pull out of the fight. No word yet if UFC will find a replacement for Condit or if the fight will be pushed back to a later date. was the first to report the news of Condit’s withdrawal.

Condit won his third UFC fight in a row at UFC 120 last October when he knocked out former top contener Dan Hardy in the first round with a left hook, scoring him knockout of the night honors. Lytle is also on a hot streak, winning four in a row, most recently picking up a unanimous decision victory over former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra.

UFC 127 is headlined by welterweights BJ Penn and Jon Fitch doing battle in the main event with middleweights Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera clashing in the co-main event. The event is scheduled for February 27, 2010 from the ACER Arena in Sydney, Australia.

  • HORSESHIT! I was lookin far more forward to this than almost anyother fight announced this year.

  • MCM says:

    Condit didn’t deserve to be in the cage with Lytle anyway.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    Dammmm are all the good upcoming fights going to get called off or what?
    So next we hear Kampmann has another cut, Tito hurt his back, Shields pulled a muscle. Damm.

  • elkymbo says:

    Fucking spewing! That was going to be a cracker! Hiw the fuck are they going to replace it at such short notice? Oh wait…they can’t. FUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!

  • LiverPunch says:

    I was hoping Lytle would pull out.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I am not a Lytle fan. His biggest win was avenging a loss to the 11-7 Matt Serra over the last 5 years. The guy is seriously B grade. Condit should be mixing it up with the divisions top fighters like Alves , Kampman , Pyle , Thiago and Koscheck not wasting his time with journeymen. Let the hate rain.

  • MCM says:

    See, this is why we need a forum. My comment was meant as a joke for superdave.

    I was really looking forward to this fight. Neither guy is in the top 10 IMO, but both put on a show and are exciting no matter where the fight goes. I gave the edge in striking to Condit ’cause he has KO power, but other than that, this was a very even match up.

    I wonder who their thinking of putting in against Lytle?
    Can Rumble drop down from HW in time?
    What about Hallman, he’s always game and it could be a slick grappling match?
    How bout Rory MacDonald? He beat the crap out of Condit for 2 rounds, so he’s a even match for Chris.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey LP the only reason the hate would rain is because u can plug Nick Diaz name in there instead of condit and it would be the same convo… Can’t be bias when your homie is fighting C & B grade as his top competition.

    C’mon your better than that LP.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i agree that Lytle isnt top 10 but sometimes great fights happen regardless of ranking. i’d have loved to see this one come off

  • JOEgun says:

    @MCM “Can Rumble drop down from HW in time?”

    haha! good one

  • Rece Rock says:

    “Condit should be mixing it up with the divisions top fighters like Alves , Kampman , Pyle , Thiago and Koscheck not wasting his time with journeymen. ” – LP

    “Diaz should be mixing it up with the divisions top fighters like Alves , Kampman , Pyle , Thiago and Koscheck not wasting his time with journeymen. ” – Rece

    See what I mean…??

  • HA! I love it MCM..
    LP What the hell dude? are you one of those I only care about top guy Nazis? Lytle has only been in one semi boring fight with Serra in the first time they met. Past that his WAR with alves was actually pretty even until the cut stopped the fight(Alves is the most overatted WW on the planet, HIS biggest win is against Kos on Kos getting a weeks notice) His loss to Lawler was one of the most fun fights to watch ever(I might just go watch that now) His fight with Davis is another one I might consider throwin in.
    I think they should throw Alves in there with him again for two reasons. For one Alves could use a quality win over someone alot better than rick story. and for two I’d love to see Lytle get his revenge. not that Im sure it would happen.
    I have a theory in the WW division that no one should be given a title shot until they decision Lytle.
    and @ MCM Rory did NOT beat the crap out of condit in any sense of the word. He held him down and did nothing for the majority of those two rounds except get tangled in Carlos’s meathooks and take shots to the head from The NBK.

  • boomnutz says:

    yo LP you got served! that was nice Rece…I don’t know how you can, NOT like Lytle…He’s probably been the most consistently entertaining fighter in MMA over the last 2 years or so, I agree that he’s probably not really that close to the top, but he earned a shot at a bigger name, for one he fights anybody, and he’s been winning lately…but honestly, can anyone say with a straight face they think this fight would have been boring? doubt it.

    i was already on the fence about ordering this PPV, but i might have fallen off now, in the wrong direction

  • boomnutz says:

    its too bad Diego’s already got a fight…that would be perfect!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Yes Lytle isnt in the top 10 of the division, but a lot of top 10 guys had to go through Lytle to get to the top 10, guys like
    Point being that Lytle is a tough fight for anybody and a win over him can only help a fighter.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    And MCM I thought your post about Condit was pretty funny.

  • MCM says:

    looks like Lytle is gonna be fighting Brian Ebersole.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Who the hell is Ebersole?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Ebersole just fought 12 days ago and now he gets a fight with Lytle. A pretty tall order but he has had 40 something fights. IFL vet. At least he has good experience and isnt just a guy with 3 fights to his name. My question is does this fight do anything for Lytle in the title picture? It isnt his fault Condid was injured so I think a win here moves him further up the ladder.

  • Creature says:

    i disagree with everyone who says lytle isnt a top tier fighter, the guy has some good power in every one of his limbs, great chin and heart, always in top shape and is very slick on the ground, i put him around the 10 stop with condit right there as well, guess thats only me tho.. i was looking fwd to this fight so much and im almost heartbroken it isnt happening now lol i was calling this for Fight of the Year

  • Angry Mike says:

    Lytle was a bad match up for Condit. Nobody wants an injury, but lytle would’ve won.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Lytle is OK but Condit is better.
    Sure he is entertaining but he does suck a bit. I can understand why people like him but I can see why the tag journeyman is appropriate. He hasn’t beaten any top fighter for nearly a decade.
    Rece Diaz is taking on the best fighters he can. You do know he is not in the UFC so he can’t fight the top guys in the UFC division but Condit can …because Condit is in the UFC, get it?. I would have thought that was obvious. Who would you have him face in SF Rece?. Zaromskis was a top 10, Noons had beaten him and Santos was there because there was no one else really. If he was in the UFC you may have a case but Diaz is in SF so he can’t fight the UFC fighters or your Bellator guys.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Notice how I didn’t say Hieron , Askren , Diaz, Daley , Woodley and others from outside of the UFC Rece?.
    I would love to see Diaz fight Alves , Koscheck and the UFC elite but he isn’t in there with them.
    I don’t mind you having a go at me Rece because I have done the same to you but Condit should be moving up the division after fighting and beating Hardy. I don’t think Lytle is a step up but is a few steps down. Just an opinion. Diaz fought Santos and it was probably not the best fighter he could have fought but there was little option. In a perfect world Diaz would be fighting the UFC elite and so would Condit. Also in a perfect world Lytle would be capable of beating a top 20. I’m not sure but has he done that in the last 10 years apart from 11-7 Serra?.
    You guys should know my stance on “exciting” journeymen and the way they take spots off more talented , less “exciting” fighters. I guess I am a bit of a good fighter Nazi Dave. Sorry but I don’t mind Lytle fighting but he should be fighting guys like the loser of Condit Hardy and not the winner.
    I don’t have hommies Rece.

  • Creature says:

    Im kinda hoping lytle goes on to win like his next 2-3 fights and at least one of them is against a guy as skilled as condit or better just so i can say “I told you so” i guess im the only one here who thinks lytle is actually top 10 material πŸ˜‰

  • Rece Rock says:

    “I don’t have hommies Rece” – LP

    Yes, LP we all know that already. πŸ˜‰

    I kid… I kid. I think that was the first time I used the word Homie since 1995.

  • I can see you not thinkin a fighter is ranked LP, but to not be entertained by a man who has never been finished(other than by cuts) brings war to anyone that dares get into the cage with him, and is as gracious and humble as they come. BTW winners tend to fight winners and I think hardy was an overhyped semidecent kick boxer. Lylte is on a four fight win streak against decent guys( Brian Foster is an extremely promising young gun, matt brown wasnt a pushover he won the first round, and matt serra though not a top notch fighter has been finished just twice, once by a freak backfist and once by the greatest WW of all time bar none) so he deserves to continue to step up in competition.
    Im of the belief that Condit is going to continue his winning ways and eventually contend for the title after GSP moves to 185(even if GSP loses to Silva he might stay there as the Spider is nearing retirement) The guy is a monster whenever he starts a fight quickly as evidenced by that gorgeous KO of Hardy, is never out of a fight as evidenced first by his comeback over Ellenberger(which if that didnt impress you, you must be dead) and stopping Rory after losing two rounds to being controlled.
    I cant wait to see who they match him with, hopefully someone worthwhile.

  • stone says:

    I’d give Lytle my #10 spot & Condit my #9… That’s why I liked this fight… Both fighters are awesome! How can a fan hate on either fighter???


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