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$300,000 in bonus money handed out on heels of UFC 126

A trio of bouts stood out amongst the lot entering UFC 126 including champions of past, present, and perhaps future, and if the event’s performance bonuses were any indication the show clearly lived up to any “Super Bowl Weekend” hype.

Headlining middleweight champ Anderson Silva walked away with not only one of the most memorable finishes in MMA history but $75,000 and “Knockout of the Night” for his front-kick to the face of challenger Vitor Belfort. The victory marked Silva’s fourteenth consecutive win including thirteen in the Octagon and eight straight title defenses.

Fellow main-card competitor Jon Jones exited the Mandalay Bay Events Center with “Submission of the Night”, as well as the attached money, in addition to an unexpected opportunity to face 205-pound champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128 due to an injury suffered by originally scheduled opponent Rashad Evans. Jones tapped the formerly undefeated Ryan Bader late in the second stanza via Guillotine Choke to earn the crack at Rua’s belt and bonus.

Meanwhile, “Fight of the Night” went to former WEC fighter Donald Cerrone and Paul Kelly for their preliminary match-up seeing “Cowboy” emerge with his hands raised due to a second-round submission. The win improved Cerrone’s record to 14-3 and was his third in a row. Both men also received $75,000 for their efforts.


  • LiverPunch says:

    Agree with all of those … of the night bonuses.
    I wonder if Jones will be free from injury?. He may not be able to face Shogun. Did anyone else notice Silva wipe the vas off his face and all over his upper body?. Not saying it made 1 oz of difference but WTF was he thinking?. If you wipe it off your face you wipe it on your pants not on your chest and stomach. I’ve seen him do it before but this time it was worse than ever. To be quite honest , if the cut man keeps putting too much on would you not ask him to ease up rather than lubing your upper body every fight. It didn’t make any difference but it does have to stop. You can’t just wipe lube all over your self.

  • really really good card and glimpse into future fights in the UFC. The WEC murge has made the company much more appealing to me.

    Another warrior spirit fight for the Cowboy, sounds like he will have a little more pep in the step next fight now that he know he can basically walk right through a always tough and getting better Paul Kelly.

    Jones looked very smart in there against a tough guy that looked a lot like Keith Jardine in Ryan Bader.

    Torres looked like he just wanted to get his first win in the UFC. I hope he turns it up a noch next time.

    I really thought Franklin would out smart Forrest but wow was I wrong.

    I figured Silva would win with the knee part of his leg or rear naked choke but not A been a kick to the face from the bottom of the foot that has been getting sweaty before the fight then stepped on that seriously nasty end of the night mat that has all kinds of fluids on it mat nasty transftered right to Vitors face. I am very sure Silva was going for the mouth being that Anderson said he was practicing that front kick. Seriously dirty foot to the mouth would suck. I wish I could wish Vitor didn’t get kicked with the bottom of a dirt nasty foot right to the face because that is just nasty. I would have said sorry Joe, I need to go wash the nasty of my face and say thanks to the fans for coming out but I would have to go wash my face first thing.

  • Rece Rock says:

    LP brings up a good point of any medical issues with jones, even if it’s a minimum suspension it would derail the plans of the figt but im sure he’ll be good to go.

    “You can’t just wipe lube all over your self.”-LP

    – that’s what she said.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    wonder if jones realised at the time that the fight would be in March? i figured they would move it back a month or so, no one should be fighting shogun for the title anything less than ready.

    anyone else find joe rogan slightly more annoying than usual? his constant WOWing over johnsons speed agains kid was ridiculous, the fastest man in mma ever, really? the berating he gave paul kelly was over the top, the main event being the most sought after fight EVER in the mw division, since the last one. but most of all, GSP beat up koshcheck for 25 minutes using a jab, just a jab, never tried to finish, never mixed it up and it was an awesomely dominating displpay of striking. Torres does exactly the same and its an underwhelming debut. joe says he should try to make an impression, well joe, maybe go back and check his previous fights if you want an impression, he already has an awesome legacy over 40 odd fights.
    also joe’s constant wowing over Rocha’s transistions, awesome as they were, was just too much. i think maybe someone had given him something that made him a little excitable last night? I wish they would change up the commentators every now and then

    looking forward to the next UFC NOT held in the US, cos i get real tired of the retards booing fighters like the US fans do. or maybe i’m being unfair and its just UFC fans? i dont recall too many other organizations having so many disgruntled fans, dont remember many WEC commentators being drowned out by boos during a fight.

    personally i would love to see an event in mexico above anywhere else

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Hindsight I also get very annoyed of fans that cant handle a fight without booing. It seems like if there is not a slugfest going on the fans boo, kind of stupid really and very noticeable at the last SF event also.
    I to found Torres a little boring but after reading your comments I realize I am off base a bit. Rogan kind of screwed up in that he was prasing Miguel for moving up to Canada and mixing his training up- something very rare for a top P4P guy- but then putting down his performance. I think GSP got more praise because Kos is more of a household name than Banuelos, but hopefully with the 135 ers in the UFC now that will start to change for the better.

  • elsicilian says:

    Speaking of vaseline, did you see that half-pound glob stuffed into Omigawa’s gruesome eye-cut? I understand it’s supposed to stop the blood-flow, but how on earth is that considered acceptable (especial with all the recurring “greasing” controversies, where lubrication can offer such an immediate competitive advantage in a grappling exchange)?

    That chunk of lube popped right out the first time he got hit, and stayed on the canvas for the rest of the fight, just waiting for somebody to step in it. Brilliant!

  • hindsightufuk says:

    actually that was a nasty cut, a fight stopping cut i thought, just cos it isnt gushing with blood doesnt mean a fighter is in danger of serious injury. thats was fuck nasty

  • Rece Rock says:

    For the price UFC & SF charges for tix fans can boo if they feel the need, I’m def not agreeing with the booing of a fighter BUT if you charge fans a couple hundred bucks to be in good seats at a live event then I guess it comes with the territory. At the end of the day the fan is there to be entertained.

    I know there’s cheap tix & comp tix for most events but if your that far up in the rafters then u could scream rape and nobody would hear you.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Why all the thumbs down?. He wiped half the lube off his face onto his upper body. You cant do that , even if you are The Spider.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    LP, the amount of vaseline given to a fighter’s face before a fight is strictly controlled. A regimented amount. If the fighter chooses to wipe most of it off his face and rub his torso, the slight advantage would come with the disadvantage of punches not sliding so well off your face. a real non issue if you ask me

  • LiverPunch says:

    Didnt realize you could grease your body. As long as it is just a little. So i guess you can do roids , as long as its just a little. It is the rules that you cant do it , so dont. It isnt hard , you just dont do it. The idea that he can do it even though he shouldnt and doesnt have to is one stupid stance to have. He is breaking the rules. Great argument John. Cheat but not too much. Why even argue about it?. You are not allowed to do it.

  • LiverPunch says:

    He shouldnt do it and he doest have an excuse or need to do it , so please dont say it is OK. It is against the rules. If he wants to wipe it off , thats fine but that does not give him the right to break the rules by greasing his upqer body. To argue it is to be wrong. Where do you draw the line?. I would think it would be at no grease rather than a little bit. Whats a little bit?.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I wasn’t at all surprised that Silva won, but nobody saw that front kick coming. Belfort didn’t, that’s for sure. I guess I understimated Griffin, or overestimated Franklin. I never thought Bader would beat Jones. Looking at all three fights, you can definitely say that size and reach are huge advantages. The taller, bigger fighter, who also had the reach, won all of them. That was also proven in the Torres fight.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    300,000 is a lot of bonus money to give out. I don’t entirely agree with the bonus money idea but it is a catch 22.
    All the guys that won the bonuses deserved to win them.

    LP I saw him grease, he does it every fight. I will go so far as to say that he is cheating. He is not the only one but he will be 100% aware that you can’t do it. It is not the first time it has been bought up. Greasing is rampant and I have seen and heard of Franklin, GSP, Rashad, Sanchez, Guillard and Anderson doing it along with many others. Funny that you say “He wiped half the lube off his face onto his upper body. You cant do that , even if you are The Spider.” and 5 people give you the thumbs down. Apparently Silva is allowed to grease according to those idiots.

    @ Bigbadjohn Q) are you allowed to apply grease to your upper body? A) No. Q) is he doing it? A) Yes. Q) So what’s the problem with saying he shouldn’t? A) …

    To say it doesn’t make any difference is stupid because you don’t know that and you are still not allowed to cheat even if it doesn’t make a difference. You are not allowed to do it so like LP says, don’t. Simple. This reminds me of those people that kept denying GSP had been greased even though he had been accused by Hughes, Penn, Mayhem, Sherk and was caught on camera getting it done and the NSAC telling them not to and wiping him down. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but gez some people are idiots.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Sorry didn’t mean to imply you were an idiot John or anyone. Having read my post it may come across that way so I guess I’m the idiot for saying it (I bet I get some ironic thumbs up there).

  • king mah mah says:

    Yeah I saw him grease too and could not believe how he just acted like it was a normal thing to do!

    It’s completely ridiculous and I agree that it’s 100% cheating.

  • MCM says:

    I agree LOGIC, you’re an idoit.


    (i also agree with you’re first post)

  • Rece Rock says:

    Well atleast when him and GSP finally get it on the playing field will be level….

    UFC 150: Lubrication
    Only on PPV

  • While it isnt legal and Im not defending his actions, I dont think there’s enough of that grease on just his face to make much of a difference. When GSP’s corner man did it there was a GLOB on the glove while he rubbed it onto his back in the wax on wax off motion. Vitor also wasnt going to come in and pull guard(which btw is WHY gsp’s corner greased him up was to avoid Baby J’s mission control)
    I didnt thumbs down you brother man, I agree its not legal, but its also up to the ref to walk over there and wipe him down. I personally think that they should quit swabbin the faces of combatants before the fight. Let em go in alnatural!

  • oh and Damn cowboy has a chin, Kelly landed at least 5 flush hooks in the first and cerrone walked right through them

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…its also up to the ref to walk over there and wipe him down.” -superdave

    Yeah it seems that MMA needs to require a higher competancy level for there officials I was looking into the process of becoming a ref in NJ and it really wasn’t that big of a process… which is pretty scary considering your responisble for other humans well being and the integrity of a sport, Not saying any old joe can walk in and get licenced but it wasn’t to difficult from what I remember.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    The NSAC rule states that an excessive amount of grease may not be used,and that it’s up to the ref or Commish rep to remove.
    Therefore Silva ( and GSP for that matter ) did not cheat.
    In fact, I’m surprised more guys don’t do it.
    Phil Nurse used to apply grease to GSP’s face between rounds,then massage his shoulders at do a breathing technique by rubbing his back,but without wiping his gloves off first.
    When the Commish found out they toweled him off enough so that they were satisfied with the result,and the fight continued.
    They’ve since changed the rules about who can apply grease on the fighter.
    What Silva did was take an ‘acceptable’ amount of grease ,as applied by a official,and redistribute some of it to his body.
    The problem is what happens before and after he enters the octagon.
    You got a ref outside patting him down,then he enters and essentially greases himself in front of millions of people.
    No one does anything because he AIN”T cheating.
    He is not rubbing an excessive amount on himself.
    I’m sure with enough noise,a rule change will be made where NO ONE may apply any amount of grease to the body of a fighter,including the fighter himself.
    I hope they can wait til after,as Rece Rock predicted-

    UFC 150: Lubrication
    Only on PPV

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i dont understand the thinking that a small bit of grease is ok, surely no grease is ok?
    cant comment too much as didnt see it happen


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