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Headliners share tense moment at UFC 126 weigh-ins

While NFL fans are bundled up like Ralphie’s brother from “A Christmas Story” due to the wintry weather in Dallas, the Mixed Martial Arts community has descended upon the slightly warmer Las Vegas for an event on par with the big game. UFC 126 will emanate from the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday night and feature not only a headlining bout between middleweight champ Anderson Silva and dynamic striker Vitor Belfort, in addition to a pair of light heavyweight contests involving four of the division’s top names with former champions Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin fighting each other as well as blue-chippers Jon Jones and Ryan Bader mixing it up in the Octagon.

Also set for the show are the promotional debuts of, among others, stand-outs Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto, Miguel Torres, Chad Mendes, and Donald Cerrone.

All twenty-two men fighting on tomorrow’s card stepped on the scale today and hit their marks with the exception of preliminary competitor Mike Pierce who was over by a single pound and has been given two hours to drop the excess weight.

Headliners Silva and Belfort both clocked in at 185 pounds and took part in a heated exchange peppered with Portuguese trash-talk after “The Spider” put on a some sort of basic white mask during the initial staredown.

Similar theatrics were absent between Griffin and Franklin who both entered to massive approval from those in attendance. The original Ultimate Fighter champ came in at 205, two pounds heaver than “Ace” who was 203. Fellow light heavyweights Jones and Bader also came in with a slight differential in weight as “Bones” weighed 206 lbs. with Bader measuring at 205.

Read below for a rundown of live UFC 126 weigh-in results:

Mike Pierce (172 lbs)* vs. Kenny Robertson (170 lbs)
Kyle Kingsbury (205 lbs) vs. Ricardo Romero (205 lbs)
Paul Taylor (156 lbs) vs. Gabe Ruediger (155 lbs)
Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto (135 lbs) vs. Demetrious Johnson (136 lbs)
Chad Mendes (146 lbs) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (146 lbs)
Donald Cerrone (155 lbs) vs. Paul Kelly (155 lbs)
Miguel Torres (136 lbs) vs. Antonio Banuelos (136 lbs)
Jake Ellenberger (171 lbs) vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha (170 lbs)
Ryan Bader (205 lbs) vs. Jon Jones (206 lbs)
Forrest Griffin (205 lbs) vs. Rich Franklin (203 lbs)
Anderson Silva (185 lbs) vs. Vitor Belfort (185 lbs)

* – Pierce was over the limit by a pound and has two hours to cut the weight.


  • Guthookd says:

    FTW…this is a good card.

    I think the Bader/Jones fight is the one I’m most anticipating. They’re both so damn good. Bader via decision if he has his way.

    I have a feeling Forest is going to get KO’d in the first again. Franklin was always a bad dude, but since Silva did all that surgery to his nasal passages he’s improved further still. Franklin KO round 1.

    I really don’t see how anyone is giving Vitor a chance in this. Say what you will but the dude hasn’t done shit in a long time. A. Silva TKO round 2.

    God damn I’m excited.

  • Creature says:

    going with jones via dec or submission round 2. should be a good fight

    and im going with franklin via TKO. i think a lot of ppl for some reason still underestimate Rich, and think he still has all the tools to possibly be champ at least 1 more time, if not that a top contender for sure, im gonna say this will be FOTN

    and i always disliked silva, and after watching the weigh ins i hate him even more and will always bet against him, that said. vitor does have the hand speed and power to match silva, and with him training with rand couture and everyone at that camp u know hes gotta be in good shape, and have a good game plan set. vitor via TKO round 2

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Anderson Round 1, Rich in Decision, Jon Jones in Decision ‘cuz Bader’s got heart.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Vitor via Dec. He is going to wrestle him.
    Forrest Griffin via Dec and he or Franklin will never be a champion in the UFC ever again in one million years never ever.
    Jon Jones via anything and everything. Jones is going to be the best MMA fighter the world has ever seen and I don’t mean P4P I mean he is going to be the best ever.
    For the rest of the card I’ll take Jake, Miguel, Donald , Michihiro and “The Kid”.

  • mu_shin says:

    Watching a lot of the film of Vitor from his early days, it’s apparent to me he is still a good fighter and a strong striker, but he’s not the same heavyweight hitman that came into this game and shook up the MMA world. He may still have the skills, but the kid who won the UFC heavwweight tournament at UFC 12 in 1997 looked like a monster, possibly thirty to forty pounds heavier than he will be at 185 pounds for the fight tomorrow.

    Anderson Silva is not only a great striker, he has excellent defensive skills on his feet, slipping punches like an expert boxer, measuring his distance with an instinctive radar that will serve him well in this fight. I can’t see Belfort being able to blitz rush Silva like he was able to do in some of his early matches. and while Anderson may not be a great wrestler, he has a high level BJJ ground game that I think will allow him to neutralize Vitor if the fight goes to the ground.

    I see Silva maintaining his championship, and would not be surprised to see him attack the legs of Belfort, making Belfort pay for getting close enough to engage.

    Rich Franklin in my mind is more of a class fighter, while Forrest is more of a slugger, but both of these guys are tough competitors who will not easily back down. Forrest being bigger and stronger may come in to play, if he can avoid taking an early shot to the chin that has proven somewhat assailable. I like both guys, but feel like Forrest may prevail here.

    Bader/Jones is a great matchup, but in watching the highlights in the UFC 126 preview show, I kept seeing Bader swinging wide with his overhand right. It’s a powerful punch, and he has landed it to good effect, but against a taller opponent with a ten inch reach advantage, I’m having a hard time seeing him land that shot on Jones. Bader may enjoy a pure power advantage, but Jones is so fast, and he improvises as well as anyone, and I mean anyone in the sport, that I’m not seeing a lot of openings for Bader to exploit against him. Two great young fighters, meeting at a crossroad in their burgeoning careers; to me, I’m thinking this will be Jones’ moment to establish himself as ready for prime time in the UFC light heavyweight division.

  • LiverPunch says:

    He will probably weigh 205 tomorrow Mu_shin.
    Vitor has very good BJJ himself and far better wrestling.
    To be honest I see Belfort being faster , stronger , a better boxer , a better wrestler and as good at BJJ.
    I see Anderson having better knees and clinch work and far better mental application.
    This is Belforts’ fight to lose. He will box a little and wrestle a lot.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    Jones KO2
    Forrest SD (gift)
    and of course Silva will destroy Vitor whenever he feels like it.

  • I dont see how anyone can write off either combatant in this title fight…both can end a fight in the blink of an eye, both are strong in every area(say what you will about Andersons wrestling, but doesn anyone else remember that picture perfect switch he hit on Nate before beating his face into the ground?)
    That being said I think Anderson is just as strong if not stronger, has more stand up tools to work with and more speed everywhere except in his hands. Vitor is a damn fine boxer but his avoidance is nothing compared to Andersons and I think in the flurries Vitor will throw one too many punches and forget to cover his face and the Spider will make him pay badly. We’ve never seen a pissed off silva before and it could bring his game to new heights or cost him big. We dont know.

    11.5 hours till prelims, my ribs are soaking in orange and habenero marinade and the jager is chilling for my prefight shots…Im so stoked!

  • stone says:

    OH GOD!, did I see Gabe Rudiger on the card?… Anyways, I would LOVE to see Vitor KO Silva in the 1st but, I wouldn’t put $$$ on it. The whole story of Vitor would literally “come full circle” with a win over the Spider. I’ve been a UFC/Pride fan for awhile, and that would just be fuckin awesome… Jones will win in the 1st with a brutal referee stoppage… I’ve always been a big fan of Franklin, I think the Ace pulls it off somehow, someway against Griffin… Honestly I’m not really interested in the rest of the match-ups. I hope Donald, Miguel & the Kid have good showings. GO STEELERS!

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Judging by cocoon and my Thumbs Down to Up ratio, a lot of people are falling for the UFC’s hype machine again. When will you learn? I was told I was crazy when I took Chael in a decision last year and now people are choosing Belfort by KO? Belfort won’t get close enough to effectively strike and though his wrestling is better on paper than Anderson, he will get shaken off with the clinch and/or rendered harmless in Silva’s guard. Thats my brain talking. Doesn’t mean I won’t have the biggest shit-eating grin ever if Belfort does manage to blast The Spider into a split-second coma.

  • I got your back on this one John and we never seem to agree. as far as cocoon goes I gotta thumbs down him for sayin Forrest will get a gift decision. Past that I tend to agree with him.

  • Sykotick says:

    I get annoyed reading the phrase “ufc hype machine” but its normally true, but to say that Vitor is just a product of the UFC hype machine is ridiculous, the guy have the fastest hands in the game, he is training with Randy, so I’m sure game planning is going to be in the bag, he is a black belt in jiu jutsu, ktfo power, how is what I just described a product of a hype machine? None of what I saod was hype, its fact.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    That is not simply fact Sykotick, for “the fastest hands in the game and KTFO power” he sure hasn’t punched out many Top 10 opponents. He’s KO’d Franklin (admittedly impressive), and bum-rush TKO’d Wandy back in ’98. Other than that, what big names have his apparently amazing hands finished? Terry Martin, Lindland, Takahashi, Eastman? IMO, The reason he is such a fan favorite is more because of his fighting style, demeanor and possibly physique than his resume. I think the hype IS a little excessive for a fighter with arguably less than a handful of wins over elite level competitors.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I don’t know what I got all the thumbs down for but I would guess it was saying that Franklin has as much chance of winning another UFC title as Sadam Husein has of becoming he next Iraqi ambassador to the USA. Honestly if you think he or Forrest have a shot you are dreaming. He 36 years old , past his prime and ranked about 10th in the division. Forrest is just not good enough in my books but we will see.
    If it was picking Belfort fair enough but I’m telling you he is going to out box and out wrestle Silva. It has been my suspicion for a long long time that Silvas’ weakness has been his wrestling. It has been confirmed by Lutter , Hendo and Sonnen. Belfort has trained with Sila and knows him well , he has gone to Coutures , in my opinion , to learn to initiate the clinch etc and avoid Silvas’ strengths. He is going to wrestle him. If Anderson Silva had been exposed to good wrestlers with a good knowledge of the ground game like Filho , Jacare , Hendo in a rematch or even Shields he would have been in a lot of trouble , he would have lost many times before now. His opponents have either played to his strengths like Franklin , Leben , Irvin and Forrest or they have lay on their back or retired hurt. Lutter , Hendo , Newton , Azeredo , and Sonnen have all shown it is possible to dominate him on the ground through wrestling and control. It is a massive hole in his game and he has not been able to close it. Take him down and avoid submissions you win. Sounds stupid I know but why do you think he went to Coutures’ camp.
    Have to point out that Randy is not the game plan master. All he ever did was clinch dirty box and wrestle every single fight apart from Chuck 1. He only ever had 1 game plan. Box a little until he could initiate the clinch and go from there. Where this game plan thing came from …?

  • LiverPunch says:

    Wanderlei , Couture , Franklin , Lindland and 13 of his 19 by KO/TKO BBJ.


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