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“Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg” Live Results

Strikeforce kicks off their year of big shows with an event featuring by two title fights and the MMA return of one of the most inspiration stories in MMA history. Coming to us live from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California and on Showtime, it’s “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg”. As always, will be here to again provide live results including a round-by-round recap of all the live televised action.

The preliminary card is scheduled to kick off around 7:00 PM EST. Then at 8:15 PM a handful of preliminary fights will be streamed live on Sherdog. Finally, the main card goes live on Showtime at 10:00 PM EST.

“Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg” is headlined by a welterweight title fight, as well-rounded champion Nick Diaz defends his belt against the aggressive challenger Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos. The co-main event pits world class grappler, and 185-pound champ, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza against striking-specialist “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler. Also on the card is 48-year old former NFL running back Herschel Walker making his MMA return against Scott Carson, as well as undefeated Roger Gracie facing well-rounded veteran Trevor Prangley.

Here is a complete rundown of “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg” results as they unfold


Armin Safiari def. Sam Bracamonte via Unanimous Decision
Ricky Jackson def. Niko Jackson via Unanimous Decision
Anthony Dariano def. Alan Perez via Unanimous Decision


Jenna Castillo def. Charlene Gellner via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)
James Terry def. Lucas Gamaza via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Germaine de Randamie def. Stephanie Webber via KO Round 1 (Knee)
Rob Keslar def. Eric Lawson via Submission Round 1 (Armbar)
Isaiah Hill def. Bobby Stack via Submission Round 1 (Triangle Choke)
Nate Moore def. Nathan Coy via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)


Roger Gracie vs. Trevor Prangley

Round One: Very slow start with Gracie keeping the range with his jab and inside leg kick. Gracie initiated a clinch and landed some good knees in the clinch but Prangley did a good job spinning away. Gracie managed a trip takedown about halfway through the round. Gracie worked a passed to mount with a minute and a half remaining. Prangley tried to use the cage to push Gracie over but Gracie showed great hips by getting the back of Prangley, locking on a body triangle, and then locking up a rear naked choke, which forced Prangley to tap out.

Result: Roger Gracie def. Trevor Prangley via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Herschel Walker vs. Scott Carson

Round One: Carson threw a head kick that grazed Walker so Walker yelled at him and then dropped him with a left hand. Walker got on top and then scrambled to take the back as Carson went for a leg lock. Walker pounded on him and then slammed him down was Carson got to his feet. Walker even hit Carson with a shot that knocked Carson’ mouthpiece out. Walker started kneeing the body of Carson from the turtle position along with punching him in the head. Carson finally rolled to guard and then when he want to stand up, Walker hit him with a couple of punches that dropped him back down and caused the referee to jump in and stop things.

Result: Herschel Walker def. Scott Carson via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Ronaldo Souza vs. Robbie Lawler

Round One: Slow start until Lawler went for a flying knee, which Souza avoided to get the clinch and then get Lawler down. Souza passed to side control with ease but Lawler was able to get to his feet as Souza went to pass to mount. Lawler rocked Souza with a knee in the clinch and then swarmed on Souza, knocking him down with a punch. Lawler followed Souza to the ground and got in his guard where Souza controlled the posture of Lawler but never threatened off his back. The ref ended up standing them up. Souza went for a late round takedown but Lawler stuffed it until the very end of the round. Good first round but Lawler did more damage and almost put Souza away on the feet to make up for the control Souza had on the ground. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Lawler.

Round Two: Souza got an early takedown against the cage and passed to half guard. Souza tried to strike his way into an arm triangle but Lawler did a good job defending. Souza was able to pass to side control though where he continued to hammer Lawler with short punches. Lawler tried to get to his feet a couple of times but Souza kept him down and continued to drop hammerfists. After a nice scramble, Souza almost caught Lawler in an armbar but Lawler was able to escape. Souza remained on top though and went for another armbar but Lawler again escaped and ended up in Souza guard as the round ended. Very good round for Souza on the ground and he almost caught Lawler a couple of times with a submission 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Souza.

Round Three: Souza grabbed the plum clinch early and landed some nice knees before dropping a level and going for a takedown. Lawler defend well but Souza eventually managed to get him down and get half guard. Lawler got to his feet but Souza tripped him down and got his back. Souza locked on a body triangle and then managed to lock up a rear naked choke to force Lawler to tap out.

Result: Ronaldo Souza def. Robbie Lawler via Submission Round 3 (Rear Naked Choke)

Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista Santos

Round One: Santos working the inside leg kicks early. Diaz tied up Santos in the clinch, landed a couple of knees to the legs, but then Santos stepped away. Diaz really working the jab while Santos continies with the leg kicks. Santos looking to constantly counter with the right hook as Diaz comes forward. Santos really chopping Diaz with the leg kicks. Santos landed a nice flurry but Diaz took it and taunted. Diaz landed a big flurry on Santos but Santos survived. Diaz kept pressing the action with his jab followed by the straight but Santos hung in there. Diaz really took over late in the over with his boxing. Good round of action but Diaz landed the more significant strikes and really tired out Santos with his punches. 5OZ scores the round 10-9 for Diaz.

Round Two: Santos went back to the leg kicks early in the round and countering when Diaz would throw. Santos did a nice job going to the body with his punches. Diaz kept pecking away with his jab and taunting after he threw. Santos landed some good right hands but Diaz just ate them and fired back with his peppering punches. Santos landed some nice counter punches but Diaz just kept punching. Santos ended up getting a takedown with about 30 seconds left but Diaz locked on an armbar, rolled Santos over, and forced him to tap.

Result: Nick Diaz def. Evangelista Santos via Submission Round 2 (Armbar)


  • Rece Rock says:

    Surprisingly Cris Cyborg looks somewhat feminen tonight…

    I got respect for Walker but I could have done what Carson did… Hope they get someone who wants to fight the next go around

    Disipointed in ruthless Robbie he had jacare hurt he should have let him get back to his feet and took him out…
    Gracie continues to look good…

    Nick Diaz is a cunt what was that after the fight cursing and giving the finger hanging over the side of the cage…, I really hope that wasn’t to cris cyborg cause that’s just pathetic if so… Hey homie you just almost lost to evangelista cyborg don’t celebrate to hard nice leg bitch, hope your boxing career takes off cause your not doing mma any favors with your immaturity. And why would SF promote his interest in pro boxing like it’s a good thing for them?!?

    Card was too short they need to tape undercard fights if there was any or they need something on stand by

  • LiverPunch says:

    OK event.
    Diaz is an exceptional boxer but learn a leg check or 2 please.
    Jacare did it easy after the scare in rd 1.
    Herschel looked OK but fucking fantastic for a 48 year old who is just learning the game.
    Gracie winning is good for the SF LHW division and I hope Trevor goes back down to MW.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I don’t see how he almost lost Rece. SF is promoting Diaz by saying he is good enough to pro box and he is. MMA does not have to be all respect and good manners Rece. I like a bit of feeling and passion.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Not saying he needs to be a perfect gentlemen I’m saying the half a retard is yelling into the crowd and giving either a fan or a peer the finger and yelling and cursing enough that beers were thrown into the cage and I’m sure things could have come undone real quick if he continued on… I don’t know about you LP but I live in a place where mma isn’t sanctioned or legal and incidents like that are not doing me any have your opinion I’ll have mine.

    And my point with the boxing isn’t about Diaz participating it’s about SF barely having any viewership and brand recognition but there quick to share there star with another combat sport…SF needs a clue sometimes. Let the guy go box why promote it for him? MMA is still fighting for mainstream coverage and acceptance worry about the product your pushing, that’s my point…

  • Rece Rock says:

    Cyborg was battering the champ up until the last 30 secs… That’s what I call almost winning the fight thus the almost losing comment… Wait why am I explaining myself to you again LP?!?

  • BigDave says:

    Yet another crappy card by strikefarce.

    And again I have to say what I have been saying for years, Nick Diaz is a loser. He is bad for the sport as is his retarted brother. Nick ducked Mayhem Miller like the bitch he is and he will never get respect from any true fan of MMA.

    Strikefarce needs to hurry up and fold cause they are horrible on every level.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I don’t know who won rd 1 but it was close in the end and rd 2 was probably Santos’s until he was finished but saying Diaz nearly lost when he was pushing forward the whole time until he won 5 mins into the 2nd rd by stoppage isn’t right. He took a lot of leg kicks but was not limping and looked the least damaged after the fight. I wouldn’t want to be Diaz tomorrow morning but he won as soon as it hit the ground fairly easily.
    SF probably can’t stop him boxing Rece, it is probably a big part of the reason they still have him and the UFC doesn’t. So they are making what they can out of him considering or doing it. I am not sure that SF is struggling as much as you make out Rece and for them to say our MMA champion is a boxer too is going to help SF more than Diaz boxing and SF trying to hide the fact. Does it hurt SF to say Overeem is a K1 champion?.
    His behavior after the fight wont help get it sanctioned in NY but I do like to see fighters show emotion and aggression like Lesnar did after his fight with Mir. Fair enough , you have a reason for wanting him to be a good ambassador for MMA but I wish people would stop expecting fighters to act like robots or be polite and humble. They just went out and threw down in front of (possibly) millions of viewers so please don’t expect all of them to be “normal” after the fight.
    Diaz is a punk and I love it. How boring would it be if they were all like Randy Couture.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Didn’t Diaz accept Mayhems’ offer to fight but at a catch weight?. I wouldn’t say that was ducking. Considering they are in different weight classes. If they were in the same weight class and refused to fight him you could say it was ducking but when you say you hate a fighter , claim he is a loser , say his brother is retarded and call Strikeforce “Strikefarce” I think your opinion loses credibility. Nick Diaz is a champion of the 2nd biggest MMA organisation in the world so the term loser doesn’t really fit. He polarizes fans and I can see how and why people don’t like him but come on Dave. He may be a punk and a renegade but he is a straight shooter and I like that.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Diaz did take a lot of leg kicks but in no way did he almost lose that fight. In the first round he staggered Cyborg with a very nice right and then submitted him in the second after only 20 seconds on the mat. If you call that almost losing Rece rock then the Nevada State Athletic Commision surely has some openings for you to be a neww MMA judge.
    Walker looked good, he took a nice kick to the face and got fired up. Man do I wish he had this 10 years ago.
    Gracie looked much better than I thought he would against a vet like Prangly.
    Robbie Lawler is a very good fighter but when is the guy going to learn the jiu jitsu game? Jacare once again very impressive showed a solid chin and greast grappling.
    Good show for SF now for the HW tourney.

  • Creature says:

    “Robbie Lawler is a very good fighter but when is the guy going to learn the jiu jitsu game?” id say he knows a fair amount of it by how he escaped that armbar and defended some other sub attempts, getting subbed by a world champ doesnt mean u dont know bjj.. i think he just gassed and had no more energy to defend

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Santos was doing well but I have to say that Diaz’s boxing is awesome. He is still a little too reckless but he keeps winning the stand up and against guys like Noons, Santos, Lawler, Zaromskis, Gomi and Smith. I would love to see him fight GSP and see how the fight would pan out. The stand up would be interesting and Diaz has the edge in BJJ but GSP has the better wrestling (which is overrated but very good). I would imagine GSP would try his luck standing with Diaz and use his wrestling if he was not getting his way on the feet but that has a great deal of danger against Diaz too. I wont say I wish he was in the UFC but I will say I wish he could fight a few of those guys. A fight with Daley or Masvidal would be interesting and I hope the Noons trilogy comes to a close in 2011. I just can’t get enough of this guy striking. Diaz could pro box without a problem.

  • Sykotick says:

    I will willingly say out loud that I hate Nick and Nate Diaz, and while I like fighters that show passion in the cage after a win there is a major difference between passion and what Nick did, Pat Barry beat Antoni Hardonk and showed passion, true emotion.

    The big difference is this: (Barry) I won I’m happy I’m over come with emotion I’m so happy
    (Nick) Fuck you fuck yes, fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck don’t be scared homie
    Example 2:
    Joe Stevenson after he lost to bj, broke down in tears from the disappointment, true emotion
    Nate Diaz after he got Batman in the triangle and threw up his half a peace sign, flexing for the cameras

    That kind of shit isn’t needed in MMA and anyone who thinks so needs to take a martial arts class.
    I’ve competed in lots of karate tournaments and I’ve been down right ecstatic that I beat an opponent in kumite, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to flick off his sensei or the crowd or whoever.
    There is a level of respect with all mma that needs to be shown cuz mma is mixed MARTIAL ARTS. Period.

    And as for the Brock Lesnar reference, I believe just about the entire MMA community was down right pissed off by his after fight antics, I’m sure you were too cause they were uncalled for. Why is is uncalled for with Brock but not with Diaz?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I have to disagree again sykotik ( not just because). While this is martial arts it is not Karate or Judo or whatever. It includes such sports as catch wrestling, kick boxing, Boxing and wrestling and in those forms of martial arts they are not so big on respect and honor or whatever. You are thinking of more traditional self defense martial arts from Japan, Korea and China. That is a cultural thing that is part of martial arts in those countries. Some of the best fighters and warriors over the centuries have been bad mother f#ckers and not huge on respect etc. What Lesnar did and Diaz does is be honest and true to themselves instead of being pretentious and faking modesty and respect. Do you want them to be angels and kiss and hug or do you want bad mother f#ckers?. One of the fantastic things about Diaz is just that, he wont fake humility or modesty he will just come out and say what he thinks. Don’t try and make people be something other than themselves.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    wow Rece. Almost won?? (insert the heartiest of laughs). A few leg kicks is almost winning?

  • bigbadjohn says:

    and Diaz was nothing but respectful in his post-fight comments about Evangelista. I thought he was possibly yelling at Mayhem? Whoever it was, they chucked a full drink into the cage.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    crappy card BigDave? Id give it a near perfect grade. What more could you have asked for? Stoppages, good stand-up, great ground work… Just because Nick isn’t a humble mouse like Cain Velasquez doesn’t mean he’s not a martial artist, or can’t be respected? I can’t begin to explain to you how messed up that line you dropped about “real MMA fans” is. Go sit in a drum circle or join a Buddhist temple if raw emotion and unchecked passion are too much for you because I like watching fights for the excitement I get from doing so, not the spirituality or respect they choose or choose not to show after. You’re hardly a sports fan, nonetheless MMA fan if a bit of unbridled competition is too mean-spirited for you.

  • Sykotick says:

    You can be a badass and be respectful and while you say some forms of martial arts aren’t brought up on traditions like respect, go to a boxing gym and take a class get a few fights under your belt then be a total douche in the ring after you win and see if your instructor doesn’t smack fire out of you

    I agree that that I’d just who Nick is, but the fact that he continuously does it makes me A. Not like him and B. Respect Ceasar Gracie that much less.
    Why? (I’m assuming you’d ask why)
    Cuz any Sensei who gave a crap about what he teaches would Ong Bak flying knee his students in the face for repping his dojo and acting like a neaderthal like that.

    I’m fine with them wanting to act like a badass but there is a time and a place to be disrespectfui and when you’re flying your dojos banner on national TV isn’t the time to do it.

    Dan Hardy, a badass who wasn’t disrespectful after his wins (minus the Marcus Davis crap)
    Clay Guida yet another badass who is always respectful,
    Hell Fedor is known as The Baddest Man on the Planet and when you have a nickname like that you HAVE TO be a badass and even in defeat the dude is a class act

  • Rece Rock says:

    Does it hurt SF to say Overeem is a K1 champion?- LP

    K-1 isn’t directly competing with mma Here in the states, and overseas mma cards have k-1 fights on there cards often… So no, it’s a different situation. Boxing still generates a ton of PPV viewership and dollars, K-1 not so much. Would it be ok for Brock to go back and forth with pro wrestling the way josh Barrnett does in japan? No because like it or not mma is competing with wwe for viewership, advertisers, sponsorship dollars, PPV, merchandise, ratings, revenue dollars.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Cyborg did alot more than a few leg kicks, if he did what he did to nick Diaz being a 18-13 fighter. Imagine nick fighting in the upper crust of the top 5…now that’s worth a laugh.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Why do we even care??

    Nick Diaz just defended his belt against a guy whose is 5-5 out of his last 10 and like 18-13 overall… From what i remember Diaz hasnt fought a ranked opponent since fighting Gomi like 4 yrs ago. Strikeforce is free for a reason and Nick fights there for a reason.

    Good lord when does Bellator season 4 start???

  • LiverPunch says:

    He is top 5. What you think Fitch , GSP , Alves , Kos and Shields are that much better?. Why?. I would back him against all of them except GSP and Shields. He has better BJJ than 4 of them and better striking than 3 or 4 of them , maybe all 5 of them. Santos is a better striker than 3 or 4 of them. You need to get it out of your head that fighters are better in the UFC. Diaz is very good and people that dont agree with that are people that dont like him for other reasons.

  • Rece Rock says:

    LP I never said UFC…. you did. I said upper crust of the division and top 5.

    Nick’s cardio is remarkable and he is skilled and dangerous both on the ground and standing up BUT my point is he hasn’t fought at an Elite level in years soo what we see of him is not an indicator of what he is capable of at a higher level of competion.

    Cyborg should not be in the same conversation of the aforementioned fighters in your post.

  • Madmax says:

    Both Diaz’ brothers are simply classless punks, and probably active gang-bangers as well! It wont be too long till Nick gets busted on Reefer again and is stripped as his next suspension will be a long one.

    GSP would just massacre Nick Diaz, not even a contest!

    Dana doesnt want Nick, because of his disrespect, and wouldnt sign him even if ND was available.

    Nate Diaz is one loss away from being CUT from the UFC, he’s going nowhere, and loses to anyone with some skills

    Both classless, disrespectful, gangland punks.


  • THEGUNNER says:

    It is what it is nicks a bad ass and he would beat anyone blogging on this site. Stop hating. Hes the champ for a reason great mma all around fighter leave the respect at home its a fight. Cyborg can go cry with his wife nick took what cyborg brought to the cage and cyborg couldnt take what diaz brought.

  • elsicilian says:

    Very enjoyable card. I’m not complaining, but I wonder why Dana White didn’t counter-program this with UFC 126 (heck, they didn’t even bother rebroadcasting 125 on Spike or anything). Is he mellowing out in his old age?

    @Sykotick … while believe that most people who lament Nick Diaz’s occasional boorishness probably aren’t fans of Lesnar’s over-the-top antics either, there is a big difference. Lesnar is a former WWE superstar, and the more he re-enacts his pro-wrestling persona in the octagon, the more he undermines MMA in general by associating it with that promotion. I am not sure I totally agree with that argument, but you have to at least concede the basic point.

    Personally, I love both Lesnar and the Diaz brothers! MMA shows aren’t a trip to the local dojo, they are SHOWS! Accordingly, I like to see tension, drama, antics and any sort of unexpected stuff (even if it’s born of disrespect or otherwise unsavory behavior). The Diaz brothers are polarizing figures for sure, but whether you love them or love to hate them, they are must-see TV..

    @MMA-LOGIC … I agree that Diaz has great striking, but I think GSP would simply swarm and smother him for five lackluster rounds and another unanimous 50-45 decision (just like he has done with other elite strikers lately). Yawn.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Not a bad night of fights.

    One thing I noticed was production value was off a bit.

    ref started Walker match before announcer was finished with judge intros another thing I noticed was Pat Militech ignored Frank Shamrock half the night.

    I thought they were sitting next to each other but, Shamrock would make a comment and try to pass it off to Militech for a comment and there would be dead air until Shamrock started talking again to kill the dead air.

    That happened at least 4 times by my count.

    Just something I noticed

  • climbarock says:

    A good night of fights, IMO.

    Cyborg/Diaz was a great back-and-forth battle with a slick finish.

    Souza/Lawler was also an exciting match. Jacare didn’t get the love from the commentators that he deserved for that performance (understandable since Lawler is a Miletich fighter), but he fought like a beast. I loved how, in the second round, after Jacare learned from his corner that there was only a minute left, he launched into a couple armbar attempts from improbable positions. Lawler escaped, but he certainly got gassed out in the process.

    Give Walker a tough matchup, the dude doesn’t have much time left.

    Roger Gracie’s groundwork is textbook. Prangley didn’t like Roger’s long jab either.


    The comment section here kinda reminded me of MMA junkie for a minute-Anyways-as far as Nick Diaz goes-He was cussing at Fernando Vargas and his entourage in the stands-Also the dude is just a bad ass MMA fighter-I personally love to watch his fights because he makes them look like actual fights-He probably took those leg kicks just to show the world that he could-Walker did his job and his transitions on the ground reminded me of Cormier and Velasquez-AKA probably has the best wrestling for MMA fighting in the biz at the moment-Last but not least: I think SF is really getting their ish together and are becoming a solid number two organization


    Also-very impressed with Roger Gracie’s stand up-using his length to create distance was a major improvement in his already deadly arsenal-looking forward to watching his progression in future fights

  • elsicilian says:

    I totally agree about Roger Gracie … he looks pretty competent on his feet, and obviously his jujitsu is top-notch. Plus he’s got a fighter’s body, but is still long enough to get good leverage on submissions. I think he will become an absolute nightmare in the LHW division … hopefully he will make his way over to UFC!


    I usually agree with ol Rece rock’s comments but Nick clearly was in control of that fight the whole way through-I feel that Nick Diaz is more about proving that he can beat any opponent at their own game-clearly he has done so thus far-Not to downplay the theatrics of the Jacare Lawler fight-I just thought that it was a given that Jacare would submit him-I mean how many years has Rob been in the game to not realize his weakness?-Even Brock has incorporated a high level BJJ instructor in his camp-Damn!!-Where’s my chapstick

  • I was gonna stay out of this but somethin sparked me…
    Mad max what fights are you watching? Nate Diaz SMASHED his first two guys at WW and I wouldnt call Marcus Davis a can even at his older slower age…..He lost by Dong going nothing but takin him down and never getting into a real dominant postition and then beat the hell out of him for the entire last five minutes doing better against him than anyone but Karo. He also lost a narrow split decision against the current number one contender of the 155 division……my god man ignorance like yours is dangerous…Nate Diaz isnt going anywhere.

    Good card last night. Glad to see herschel win, sad about Trevor, Good for Jacare and WAR 209!
    Rece you and I agree on almost everything but come on man, give Nick his due, he beat a tough competitor and its not his fault SF’s ww division sucks.

    Classless…maybe, a great fighter with an iron chin ever improving boxing and a stellar ground game….this kid still has all the potential in the world to be an all time great in the fight game. I mean come on he’s better than Tito ever was and that guy is thought of as an all time great and still hasnt won in 4 years. Plus both Diaz’s may talk alot of trash but I’ve never heard them make an excuse for losing.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    one thing i have never understood about sport is why some ‘fans’ vehemently despise some individuals. i can kinda understand teams from certain regions/cities clashing and hating on each other but thats mostly left for the gayer sports (sports with balls), but how can you just show utter contempt and despise a fighter or individual in a sport? i dont get it.
    there are fighters i dont like to watch, i watched herschel walker on ff cos i just dont get it, its an american thing i huess. i usually watch ryan bader on ff, i wish brock and lashley never stepped into this sport, same with many fighters over the years cos some i just cant show any support for. but i dont hate any of them. i just dont get it, maybe as this sport becomes more mainstream it will garner more of the idiot fans involved in ball sports. its just dumb, truly truly dumb


    Wayu to come out of the closet

  • Angry Mike says:

    Diaz’s behavior is not only obnoxious, it’s silly. He was only mediocre in the UFC. He has the belt in Strikeforce, but any one of top half (and maybe any of the bottom half) of the UFC could, too. Strutting and posing in Strikeforce is only slightly more legit than kicking the snot out of every toddler in a day care and then bragging about it.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    The one thing I really dont like is the announcers got upset when lawler lost. He was way outclassed on the ground to the point where if I fought lawler next I would take him down and go from there. Diaz knocked lawler out in the ufc and lawler seems to not be looking for a rematch. These announcers are on his nuts instead of whats right.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    the world in general and MMA specifically would be a boring place if everyone thought the same, acted the same, said the same things, etc. i cant stand hearing the same canned responses every time an NFL, NBA, or MLB player or coach/manager is interviewed. i usually dont even care what Nick is saying or who he is flipping off, i just sit back and enjoy the show.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Funny how all the people who dont like Nick personaly are the same that say he isnt that good. Bias trumps reason again.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    P.S. Boo hoo Nick is naughty.

  • Creature says:

    Logic i disagree, i dont like the diaz bros, but i do respect there skills, i dont think nate will ever be a UFC champ in any class, and nick is a great fighter, but also think he would get outclassed by GSP Fitch and BJ.. and ill also say Nick being an ass to the croud isnt exactly what MMA needs right now, but Nick was also very respectful and humble while talking with the announcer after his win and i give him respect for that. he seems alot less of an ass than his brother nate

  • Sykotick says:

    I don’t think either diaz brother is necessarily bad, look at Nates losses, Stevenson, fought for a title,
    Grey Maynard fought for a title, Guida is a machine whom I think is close to a title fight, and Dong’ champion Judoka.

    Nick on the otherhand IMO is NOT BAD but not as good as people think he is,
    Gomi was on his way down (I believe) and wether we like it or not, its not a win
    Riggs? How does he lose to Riggs?
    Now Diego Sanchez is one that a lot of people bring up cuz he fought for a belt, but we all forget that most people were outraged when he got his title shot, so that’s a grey area,
    Now Cynorg was like 18-15 or something like that and he beat Zaromskis which IMO goes to show how good he was cuz E-van finished him.
    Noons was fed people in Elite XC and his fight in strikeforce was a gimme. They threw him, A BOXER, in with a bjj black belt that ABSOLUTELY REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT HE IS and would stand with a heavyweight. A boxer in with a guy with average stand up and he still only won because of that late hit.
    Those are Nicks title defenses.
    Now something that people don’t take into consideration (weaksauce here I come) Nick hails from Cali and fights for a Cali promotion, is champ and keeps getting title defenses against people who are obviously overmatched against him.
    Is that just a coincidence or is it something people should think about?


    Bottom line is Nick Diaz is a real fighter-I would even argue that he is the most exciting fighter on the planet at this point in time-other than that Mexican dude on the commercials-That being said-every time he fights it questions our American MMA judging system-I honestly think that the only opponent that Nick could face that would actually “school” him would be against Anderson Silva-but it would go the distance unless a doctor stoppage was evident

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    He lost to Sherk, Riggs and a fully greased Sanchez 5-6 years ago. He has improved out of sight in those 5 years.
    Lets put it this way. Josh Koscheck has lost 4 times since 2005 and has big wins over Daley, Sanchez, Lytle and Trigg. Not bad, in fact pretty good.
    Thiago Alves has lost 3 times since 2005 and has big wins over Alessio, Lytle, Parysian, Hughes and Kos. Even better.
    Nick Diaz has lost 3 times since 2005 and has wins over Gomi (It is a win), Shamrock, Zaromskis, Sakurai, Noons, Tibau and Neer. He has been the champion of Elite and SF in 2 divisions.
    He has defended his belt twice and once it was against a guy who had beaten him sykotik, he won it against the Dream champion Zaromskis. Now I will try to explain this to you guys one last time. Why is a UFC fighter worth more than a non UFC fighter?. I’ll tell you why because he has been marketed as the best and all of the guys who he fights against have been marketed as the best. Are they? we don’t know. Hathaway gets recognition for beating Sanchez because Sanchez is a big promoted name but how would Sanchez go out of the UFC? I’ll try to tell you this but you wont listen. You don’t know how he or Hathaway would do out of the UFC. This is a 100% fact. You … do … not … know. All you can do is guess. If Daley had never been in the UFC and had access to Kampman and Hazlett I would also 100% be sure that he would not even be a blip on the radar. Guys like you would say ” who has Daley beaten?” and “Daley would get beaten by 3/4 of the UFC WWs” but since he has been in the UFC he has recognition. It angers me that people are so easily led but I can see why, I just wish more of you could too.
    But hang on to the fact that over half a decade ago Diaz lost to Sanchez and Riggs around the same time Anderson Silva lost to Ryo Chonan and Chuck Liddell was considered the best at 205.


    Just watched the Main event of the Strike force event for the tenth time and have come to the conclusion that unless UFC signs Nick there will always be a debate for who has the best MMA fighter in their respected weight class-Lombard in BFC would get destroyed by Nick-I just hope that Coker and Showtime are prepared to pay the Stockton native his worth


    Valid points indeed LOGIC-You actually had me look at things from a different angle-It is so hard to base any assumptions from MMA math-That being said- I have to say that Strike Force(as much as i hate the fact that they run their business on a last minute basis)-has quickly become a solid number two org.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    By the way Guida, the guy who is a “machine” and may fight for the title has lost 8 times since 2005 (10-8) and his biggest wins were Nate Diaz, Mac Danzig and a Gomi that is way past “on the way down”. Don’t say “but he faced the best” because losses to Yusuke Endo, Tristan Yunker and wins over Samy Schiavo, Joe Martin, Justin James, Shannon Gugerty in that time says bullshit.
    Are his wins better because they were in the UFC perhaps? or has marketing done the trick AGAIN!.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Last post but 47 posts already about SF and Nick Diaz. Think about it.


    As far as Guida goes-He got destroyed by Sanchez(watch the fight)-Does he bring an energy to all his fights?-YES-Is he a legitimate competitor in the UFC LW division?-NO-The next logical matchup for him would be against Dunham

  • boomnutz says:

    yo, i watched this fight yesterday, and i’m a HUGE Diaz fan, i like Nate too, although Nick has clearly learned to use their style more effectively. Butttt, I couldn’t help but think there was virtually no movement in their fight and the way Diaz was willing to take punches from Cyborg leads me to believe Daley is going to knock him out, eventhough i think Diaz is ten times the fighter Daley is. It’s been a while since Diaz faced an imposing wrestler, i’d love to see how he fares against the UFC WWs, i think he’d be a top 10 if not a top 5….i really wish he didn’t sign that stupid extension with Strikeforce…Gike, i have to disagree, I would put Bellator up there as a better org., right now…for one reason, CONSISTENCY!!!! maybe if SF would put on shows like this on a regular basis (but then again Herschel Walker as a 3rd main event, pathetic) its a shame it’ll be another 6th months until Diaz fights again….

  • Sykotick says:

    1st I’m not making this a UFC vs Strikeforce debate, you are.
    You’re not going to sit there at tell me that 6 months ago Fedor is P4P the best because he doesn’t have a loss like a Matt Serra or a Ryo Chonnen to his name yet today (or yesterday) its Well it was so long ago that its kind of irrelevant which I agree with.
    The only reason I brought up Sanchez and Riggs is cuz they are losses,

    Btw Gomi is not a win, be logical, look his record up, its an NC.

    The reason I called Guida a machine isn’t cuz the dude is a world beater, its because he starts off a fight at 90 miles an hour and never slows down.

    Now let’s talk these facts, Noons is a LW version of Robbie lawler only without all the wins, who only beat diaz cuz of a cut.
    Zaromskis got finished by Cyborg who is 18-14 (still can’t remember) and had no business being in the ring with Nick, nor did Noons.

    The same way I felt about Anderson fighting Patrick Cote and Thales Leities and Demian Maia is the way I feel about Nick fighting K J and Evangelista.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Zaromskis was top 10, Dream champ and was coming off stopages of Sakurai and High. Noons had bdaten him amd he also went the distance with him in a war.You are one of those guys that say he isnt that good and complain that every fighter he faces is not good enough for him even if he it is a rematch or a top 10 and Dream champion. You dont make sense. He isnt that good but too good for everybody he faces. You guys made it a UFC thing when you mentioned his losses from 5 years ago and the fact that he hasnt faced any real comp. When you guys say that you mean UFC instead of real. If not who do you mean?. You use the same reasoning with Fedor, it doest matter who he beats, it doest count unless he faces a UFC fighter.

  • boomnutz says:

    sorry to chime in on you’re argument, but isn’t that what these things are for?!? Dude serious? The Gomi fight wasn’t a win??? He failed a post fight drug test for weed…how is that not a win? what’s he smoking super weed, laced with steroids??? Anyway, I do agree that he hasn’t had any real/UFC competition…and i use those terms interchangeably because lets face it, outside of a few guys here and there, the UFC is the REAL competition. If you took Tarec and Woodley and had them on a UFC card, it’s going to be a free Spike prelim, and chances are the fight would be a lot better because they’d be fighting to prove something and not fighting to lose…instead, because of the lack of quality competition, Woodley is probably a fight or 2 from a title shot…Logic, i know you have this thing against the UFC, but you have to admit, their collection of talent is absurd compared to ALL OTHER PROMOTIONS…the UFC champs are the best are their weight classes…period.

  • boomnutz says:

    i was just skimming through the comments, and everyone can say what they will about Nick Diaz, but the one thing they can’t deny is he gets people talking, good for him, and luck for SF, I say it all the time, the only time they have a good card (just about) is when he’s on it…it’s a shame they can’t get him some solid competition

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Oh no you dont. I hate exclusive contracts because they prevent fighters from fighting each other. That is the purpose of them. To say the UFC has the best in every division is belief without evidence. I dont do that. I like to see proof. So if wanting to see the best compete and wanting to see some evidence that non-UFC fighters are not as good as UFC fighters is having a thing against the UFC then count me in. I would like to know what you base your assumptions on. You are just guessing. That is my whole point.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Holly shit it’s still going.
    Diaz is good but we don’t know how good. How he would do against the UFC fighters is a mystery. That also means it is a mystery how they would do against him

  • mma.Australia says:

    Super weed, laced with steroids. It’d make cutting weight tough!.

    Fuckitty fuckitty fuck fuck… Homie.

    Most entertaining banter thread for some time. Nice one gents!

  • boomnutz says:

    do you think the CFL has better players than the NFL? or MLS has better players than English premier league? What does just about every fighter aspire to? that’s right fighting in the UFC, the guys that are cut what do they say most times? I’ll be fighting in the UFC again…you’re living in a dream world if you have expectations for all these promotions to operate at the same level and for dream fights to get lined up left and right, it just won’t happen, it’s socialism, doesn’t fucking work… you know what does work though, as evident in any other sport, one organization rising to the top with a collection of the best fighters in the world today. The UFC is the measuring stick for everyone else, you might as well realize it

  • boomnutz says:

    * like socialism…

    it’s not guessing, it’s an educated opinion based on a shit ton of evidence…just like that dude said earlier you can cut just about any mid level fighter from the UFC and they’ll be the guy to beat in any other organization…the proof is in the pudding

  • Dufresne says:

    one thing i have never understood about sport is why some ‘fans’ vehemently despise some individuals. i can kinda understand teams from certain regions/cities clashing and hating on each other but thats mostly left for the gayer sports (sports with balls), but how can you just show utter contempt and despise a fighter or individual in a sport? i dont get it.

    I personally hate certain fighters’, but I always try to keep my personal opinions on them from skewing my opinion of their skills. I can’t stand listening to Rashad talk, but I’m not gonna say he’s a bad fighter.

    thats mostly left for the gayer sports (sports with balls)

    I know I already quoted this once in this post, but dammit that’s funny.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Boomutz. You my friend have no idea.
    Who aspires to be in the UFC?. Hendo? Fedor? Arlovski? Overeem, Mousasi?, Aoki? Kawajiri? Barnett, F. Shamrock?, BigFoot, Sylvia? Aleks?, Diaz, Lawler, Mo, Cavalcante?, Jacare, Hansen, Melendez, JZ, etc etc.
    Who from the UFC has ever EVER left and just taken over in another org?. Hendo? Arlovski, Sylvia, Jardine, Duffee. Some fighters have left and 5 years later have become champions in other orgs but when has a UFC fighter proven that the UFC has the best?. NEVER EVER. Arlovski and Sylvia lost multiple times after being top 5 UFC HWs and have dropped from top 5 to low teens since being exposed to outsiders, Jardine lost to a guy who spends most of his time as a MW, Duffee got Koed within 30 secs against Overeem, Hendo lost to SFs MW champion (a natural WW) after beating Franklin, Bisping, Palhares etc, Liddell got beaten in Pride by Rampage but my friend there has been many many occasions that fighters from outside have come in to the UFC and run through divisions. Like Machida, Jones, Shogun etc. The UFC has the most marketed fighters by miles but where is the evidence that they are the best? or that mid level fighters are better than top non UFCers?. How can you say what you are saying without evidence? you are a sucker plain and simple.
    You said the proof is in the pudding so where is the proof … YOU DIDN’T GIVE ANY!!!! because there is none. They just are though, right?. They are better cuz you feel it. Well I don’t trust your “educated” gut feeling.
    Give me examples where a mid level fighter proves that the UFC is better. Guys like you just dismiss all the evidence to the contrary like Arlovski’s last 2 DOMINANT wins being Nelson and Rothwell and Fedor finishing 2 former UFC HW champs in rd 1.
    If you want to debate it, lets go but don’t just say that they would and not back it up. I do not pretend that the UFC does not have a lot of top quality fighters and they PROBABLY have the majority of top 10 fighters but I do not have faith in an org that claims that Yvel was a top Pride HW.
    I ask for evidence and to see fighters from the UFC fight outsiders and what do you say. They are the best. Great argument dude. What have title contestants Leites, Lutter, Monson, Gonzaga, Cote, Horn, White, Ortiz etc done since their moment in the sun?.
    Look at Anderson Silva’s opponents since entering the UFC. Irvin, Leben, Leites, Cote, Lutter etc. You give me an example of a mid level UFC fighter making a name for himself out of the UFC besides Diaz or Santiago’s rise (5 -6 years after they left the UFC) and I will give you 10 for each one that were not mid level but champions or top level UFC fighters that have failed and struggled like every other fighter.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Look you think that the UFC has the best. You THINK that but have you seen…
    Mousasi vs Rampage, Machida, Evans etc
    Overeem vs Valasquez, Carwin, Mir etc
    Jacare vs Silva, Maia, Sonnen etc
    Diaz vs Koscheck, GSP, Shields etc
    Alvarez vs Edgar, Maynard, Florian etc
    … and on and on. I have just picked 1 of the guys that I think could well be 1 of a few contending for the best outside of the UFC. I don’t know how they would do against the UFC and neither do you.
    For your info I do have fighters I think are the best in the traditional UFC weight classes but I know that it is just a guess. At HW it is Overeem, Fedor and Valasquez, at LHW it is Jones, Shogun and Mousasi, at MW it is Jacare, Hendo and Silva (fuck Sonnen), at WW it is GSP Diaz and Shields, at LW it is Alvarez, Melendez and BJ (edgar out pointed BJ twice but that does not mean he is a better fighter). Most of those guys are UFC fighters but I know I am guessing.

  • Sykotick says:

    Why do I always argue with you Logic?

    Shogun ran thru his division? Really?
    Griffin, L
    Coleman, W
    Liddell, W
    Machida, L
    Machida, W

    Daaaamn he SERIOUSLY cleaned out that division.
    Jones has yet to be tested, his biggest wins are over the Janitor and Vera.

    Silva is a different story, he has cleaned out his division.

    You’re seriously going to talk about title challengers when we JUST SAW Nick Diaz fight Cyborg for a title on Saturday! Before that we saw Nick take on Noons, oh yeah THAT dude was deserving,
    Not to mention Overeem fighting Rogers for the title, you’re right THAT made a ton of sense. I would add more of Overeem’s defenses but he has none since winning it cuz he is busy fighting for other orgs due to non exclusive contracts.

    You’re asking for evidence that the UFC fighters are better, well what’s the evidence that Strikeforce fighters are better?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    what’s the evidence Strikeforce fighters are better?
    THERE IS NONE!. For fucks sake are you retarded?. I’m sick of this I say you can’t tell who’s the best and you can’t grasp it?. You can’t tell can you? How can you? they don’t fight out of the UFC. You do understand that an exclusive contracts purpose is just that, to stop them fighting non-UFC fighters.
    You are like talking to a brick wall. You can’t tell. That is a 100% fact. They don’t compete.
    I have never claimed SF fighters are better but YOU claim UFC fighters are better without any proof and I am trying to tell you this but you are too fucking hell bent on not getting it.
    YOU are the one claiming something and I am telling you that there is no proof.
    Can you grasp it?.
    Fuck me. Whats the point?
    You couldn’t even understand that snow was cold.
    If there is, point it out. I have had this argument over the last 10 years and so far no one has come up with ANY evidence over that 10 years BECAUSE THERE IS NONE.
    I told you I was guessing about Jones and the rest of my best fighters list and you don’t get it. I don’t know and neither do any of you. To say any mid level UFC fighter would dominate SF is dumb, just as dumb as if I was to say Noons would dominate the UFC LW division. Like I said name ANY UFC fighter that has been dropped by the UFC or left for more money or what ever that has dominated Dream, Pride, WVR, SF or Bellator after leaving the UFC. It has never happened but fighters that were top of the heap have left and lost like Sylvia, Hendo, Arlovski. To me that says that the UFC does not have all of the top fighters but to guys like you it means that they lost their special UFC power when they left the org. Guys like you will find every single excuse there is to deny the possibility that your faith (FAITH!) in the UFC may not be all that right. Open your minds to the idea that the UFC does not have all of the best and in fact may be CREATING top fighters through marketing, exclusive contracts that prevent any exposure and carefully planned match making.
    I mean when Arlovski was ready to fight Nelson and I said that it would be a challenge, guys like you were saying “Nelson! who has he beat?” since then he has lost 2 won 2 against a top 30 and a 4 fight “veteran” and people are saying he might be top 10. Why? because he is now promoted by the UFC. If he had of lost 2 and won 2 against Schaub and JDS out of the UFC he would be way way further down the rankings because “who has the non-UFC JDS beat?” I can see through it. There are fighters out of the UFC that would or will mow through the UFC in the future and guys that were thought of as the best like Tito and Liddell once were will look average. It happens all the time but because those fighters can’t come and go because of the UFC contracts the UFC will always lay claim to the best because it is the biggest and it’s fighters never get exposed to others that have not signed that exclusive contract. I’m not saying that those fighters are in SF but they are probably out there somewhere.
    If I was to say SF had all of the best could you prove me wrong?. Think about it. If Edgar was in SF and I said he would beat Penn 2 out of 2 would you have believed me?. No way.


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