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Vinny Magalhaes signs six-fight deal with M-1 Global

Ultimate Fighter Season 8 finalist Vinny Magalhaes has agreed to extend his partnership with M-1 Global after winning three of his last four bouts including a successful appearance last month against Russian Alihan Magomedov at M-1 Challenge 22. His deal includes six bouts under the organization’s banner according to an official press release from the company.

“M-1 Global is looking to expand its roster with fighters who are at the top of their game and Vinny is by far one of the best submission experts on the planet. The skills he possesses are unparalleled,” explained Director of Operations for M-1 Global Evgeni Kogan of the deal. “With the growth that M-1 Global is going through, extending a long-term contract to Magalhaes is the right thing to do for us a promotion. We have expectations that Vinny will become one of the greatest fighters in the world and are proud to have him on board.”

The 26-year old is a renowned BJJ practitioner with numerous wins on the tournament scene and all five of his professional MMA wins coming by way of submission including an armbar of Krzysztof Soszynski to advance to the finals of TUF 8. He subsequently went on to lose two fights in the Octagon, including to season-winner Ryan Bader, before his recent run of success. In addition to his December win for M-1 Magalhaes also tapped out TUF 3 alumnus Mike Nickels.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    good for vinny, he is an exceptional grappler, hopefully he keeps training and gets his game good for mma and not just grappling tournies
    wonder if this deal could get him a spot on strikeforce at some point?

  • Rece Rock says:

    Guess we will be seeing Vinny on Showtime some point in the future?? I think M-1 got a piece of the deal with SF and showtime to produce there own cards on the network?? either way Vinny is a good fighter just needs to add other tools to his arsenal, haven’t seen him in a while perhaps he has already.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Do you think M1 will be in direct comp with Bellator?. As in they will be pretty much the same concept except they will have multiple weight classes but in a tourney format , as they have done in the past.
    I wonder if SF and Dream will lend fighters to the show?. It would be a great way for guys like Amousou and Aleks to get fans in the US.
    I know you don’t like M1 or SF that much Rece but do you think this could be a really good thing for MMA by having M1 on Showtime?. I assume that the quality of fighter will get better with more money involved and it will give Euroean fighters the audience that a few of them deserve.
    Just assuming that M1 does everything right , clean and properly , this has to be good doesn’t it?.
    Is it going to be a season or is it just a few events?.

  • Rece Rock says:

    LP it’s not that I don’t like those promos it’s actually the way they do business and certain decision making that I just truly do not agree with BUT there is plenty of talent out there and YES I do think it’s a good thing for MMA to have more shows available on Showtime. As far as the length of this relationship with M-1 I would think it’s more dependent upon the viewship they can secure for Showtime to want to continue forward with them… As far as M-1 Competing with BFC due to the tourney format I think Bellator has a deeper roster and a more secure TV deal and really do not need to worry about M-1 at this time.

  • LiverPunch says:

    I would love to see a mix between Bellator, M1, IFL and TUF. A show where real camps such as AKA and Jacksons’ take promising young talent and put them through the training they need for a tourney against an opposing camp. Not so much of the pissing on pillows and bitch fights and more of the training and hardships that fighters must go through to become a top fighter , like cutting their hair short for example :) .
    As far as these type of series goes , Bellator is the best of the bunch by miles but it would be interesting to see what M1 and SF can put together if they end up working together for a series.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Just had to bring up the hair….


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