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Yves Edwards wins $60,000 in bonus money at Fight Night 23

The UFC did America proud earlier tonight at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, as Fight Night 23 provided both entertainment to troops in attendance as well as a forum to raise money for injured soldiers. Also on display at “Fight for the Troops 2” was fairly significant upset followed up by a Texas-sized promise from headliner Melvin Guillard.

Guillard took home the evening’s “Knockout of the Night”, as well as an attached $30,000 bonus, after damaging favored opponent Evan Dunham with a series of quick, powerful strikes and finally a few deal-sealing knees. The win marked the 27th of the 27-year old’s career and was his fourth straight. After the victory Guillard guaranteed an undefeated 2011 and subsequent title-shot shortly thereafter while boasting he was the best lightweight the world.

“Submission of the Night” – as well as a role in “Fight of the Night” – went to affable veteran Yves Edwards after choking Cody McKenzie unconscious in the second round of their preliminary bout. The result marked Edwards’ second consecutive instance of success in the Octagon since rejoining the promotion last year.

Comparably, the loss was the first of McKenzie’s career, though of course he at least took home thirty grand as a consolation prize for his participation in the “Fight of the Night” selection.


  • Dufresne says:

    Hopefully Cody takes his first loss as a learning experience and uses that extra $30k in camps that will improve his standup and possibly his own sub defense. I like the guy (largely for screwing with Kos and tapping his #1 pick in 17 seconds) and would love to see him do well in the future.

  • MCM says:

    “The win marked the 27th of the 27-year old’s career…………”

    Wasn’t it his 45th win?

    I think Cody has a ton of potential, but I’m not sure how far he’s capable of going in the UFC. He has very interesting grappling and his striking has really improved since tuf, so maybe he lasts longer than I think. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his next and is cut.
    I hope I’m proven wrong though.

  • Rich S. says:

    Nice to see an old favorite win big (as far as money goes, anyway). I’ll always enjoy watching Yves fight.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Cody will never amount to anything. Sorry but there you have it. He may stay in the UFC for a while but I just can’t see him going anywhere.
    Dunham got found out to a certain extent. The guy has potential but he has been thrown around as a top 10. He isn’t . He has 3 wins of note and 2 of them could have gone the other way against Griffin and Aurelio in split decisions. He may be a force for the future but he isn’t there yet.
    Meat Head looked OK against his opponent but by his own admission is yet to be tested. To say I want to be tested and then calling out Barry who has lost to the guy you just beat and who really struggled with Beltran is a bit of a joke. If you want to be tested be tested , don’t say something you don’t really mean. I would put him in against a top 25 fighter like Crocop , Schaub , Tuchscherer or Kongo. To be honest if you are 4 fights in the UFC and are not ready to face top 25s , what the hell are you doing in the UFC?.
    Melvin looks better every time I see him fight.

  • king mah mah says:

    Melvin looked great. Don’t like him, but gotta give him some props.

    I would have given Mitrione KOTN. He made Hague look like he shouldn’t be in the octgon and maybe he won’t be for long…….

  • Rece Rock says:

    LiverPunch he wasn’t calling out Barry, there friends and trained together- they drove to the arena together with Pettis for weigh in the other night… Just fucking with each other…

  • hindsightufuk says:

    barry/beltran is the epitome of a fight that should have been burried deep on untelevised prelims, same with mittrione/hague. when you have fighters like brown/Campuzano/Freire/Yahya on the prelims on fucking facebook it shows where ufc’s priorities are. give these guys a chance man, let them get some recognition, how the fuck are they ever gonna become known when they have to play second fiddle to these bullshit heavyweights, it sucks man

    hominick looked awesome, but lets not forget he was fighting george roop, he walked through him just like he should have. cant wait to see him fight again

  • Dufresne says:

    I think Pat Barry was making fun of Mitrione for firing his agent in a post fight interview after Mitrione fought Beltran.

    I know Pat Barry is a trainer at the Duke Rufus Academy where Mitrione trains, so I think he was screwing with him.

  • Angry Mike says:

    This was like Strikeforce’s Challenger series because the fighters are mid-level in their careers. That fine; they deserve some coverage and UFC has to find out who’s a prospect and who ian.

    Guillard increasingly impresses me. He’s been immature and under conditioned in the past. If he’s put that behind him, he’s a legit contender imp.

  • MickeyC says:

    Melvin was fast & crisp. I’m sure he knows with his division stacked, only he stand outs will remain. Matt M needs to be tested, and it’s seems that he wants to. I see him pulling Kongo next. Not sure if that is much of a test..

  • LiverPunch says:

    OK he wasn’t calling out Barry. Good. Give Mitrione the test he wants.
    I know this was the equivalent of a SF challengers card but Mitrione has fought 4 times in the UFC and twice on UFC cards. I thought the UFC was not a place you come to learn to fight.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Oh 1 other thing. I don’t see Cody going anywhere for 2 reasons. The 1st reason is that he got choked easily by a guy not known for his BJJ. Isn’t Codys’ strong point BJJ?. The 2nd reason is his hair. Sounds funny? well I’ll explain. What do Fedor, BJ, GSP, Aldo, A.Silva, W.Silva, Henderson, Couture, Nog, Gomi, Hughes, Chuck, Rutten, Rua and 99.9% of all top MMA fighters have in common? they either shave their head or have very short hair because it is better for MMA to have it either short or have none at all. If Cody is not willing to cut his hair for MMA, he will not go anywhere quickly. You can not tell me that Codys’ hair is good for his MMA. He would rather keep his long locks and look pretty than cut his hair and get serious about MMA.

  • Dufresne says:

    While I definitely agree with you on short hair being better for MMA fighters, I don’t think that’s one of his major handicaps. His problem is that he has elementary standup and so far he’s only really shown one dangerous tool: his guilotine. If you look at every fighter on that list you’ll notice that not one of them is a “one trick pony.”

    Besides, there are a few top guys with long hair in MMA so it can’t be that big of a deal. It doesn’t seem to get in Guida or Faber’s way. I think the reason most fighters cut their hair short or shave it is probably the same reason most guys keep their hair short, it’s just easier to manage.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    all fighters should shave their heads else they may be tempted to rock corn rows like faber, and being a 4 foot white jock with corn rows just isnt ghetto

  • LiverPunch says:

    I didn’t mean it was a serious handicap but it is a handicap and I would ask how dedicated he is to MMA if he is more attached to his hair than the idea of gaining something by cutting it off.
    Guida is a freak and next time you watch his fights count how many times he brushes the hair from his eyes or his hair is in his eyes.
    There is a reason 99.9% of MMA fighters have shaved heads or very short hair. It gets in your field of vision and it is a lot worse for grappling and there is another , more obscure reason but a reason nonetheless and that is that when you are hit in a striking exchange it exaggerates the force of your opponents blow when your hair flicks on impact.
    Point is you have nothing to gain by having long hair but something to gain if you cut it off. What are you more worried about , looking pretty with long hair or becoming a better MMA fighter?.

  • stone says:

    IMO, Yves Edwards is just a little too much of a seasoned vet for Cody. Everyone knows Yves’ weakness is his chin, we all know Cody wasn’t about to knock Yves out. Y-E would have been a nice “feather in his hat” but, just a little too much, too soon. Yves will most likely never be a UFC LW contender but on the same note, he’ll never be a LW stepping stone either. I wouldn’t mind seeing Yves vs J-Lau on a free Spike prelim… what you guys think?

  • Rece Rock says:

    Ben Henderson and clay guida fight pretty good with mops on there heads….

    I’m sure I can name a few more but if I want to talk about hair maybe I’ll go to Perez hilton

  • Yves not know for his BJJ? You do realize 16 of his 40 wins are by submission right? that’s one more than his KO’s? he was one of the first of the really well rounded fighters and I think Cody has plenty of room to grow and improve. He’s currently a one trick pony…but isnt everyone when they first get going?
    And Meathead looked better than OK against Hague, he beat that kid from pillar to post and ended it early. Im glad he wants to be tested, he’s got two things most HW’s struggle with badly and that’s Cardio and great movement. Watch the Beltran fight…in the third round he’s still duckin in and out throwin combos which is something most HW’s cant do 2 mins out of the second…plus I like his crazy demeanor…the guy’s a for sure up and comer, time will tell what the future holds but I see big things.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    also count the amount of times clays oonents have to sit out a mouthful of hair when he is on to of them, or brush his hair from their eyes, at least ben henderson ties his hair back and faber goes to the local black barber sho to have his shit pulled back. i think if you have long hair your opponent should be able to swing you around by it like a wee little girl fight

  • hindsightufuk says:

    my fucking p key isnt working proper

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…Mitrione has fought 4 times in the UFC and twice on UFC cards. I thought the UFC was not a place you come to learn to fight.”

    Well how else do you suggest they create home grown talent??

  • LiverPunch says:

    What is “home grown talent”?. Are you telling me the UFC is somewhere you go to learn how to fight?.
    I’m saying that the UFC should be somewhere that the best prospects and best fighters come to fight , not a fighters nursery. What are you saying?.
    You do know that MMA fighters shave their heads for a reason right Rece?. You do know that everything I said is true as far as it being a disadvantage right?. You do know that there is very little advantage if any through having long hair right?. You do know that nearly every single MMA champion in the major organisations over the last 10 years has their head shaved right?. You had nothing to add right?. Who the fuck is Perez Hilton?.

    “Ben Henderson and clay guida fight pretty good with mops on there heads….”

    Nelson and Cabbage fight pretty good with a beer belly and 20 pounds of excess weight. Are you going to tell me being fat is good for fighting?. there are always exceptions to the rule but I don’t think Guida or Henderson would lose a whole lot by cutting their hair. Hell they may even profit from it. What say you?.

    Stone Yves has lost twice thanks to his chin and both times it was to KO artists who have dabbled in pro boxing. His chin is not his weakness. He has lost more times by submission.
    My point is superdave , that Codys’ strong point is BJJ. Yves is well rounded and not known a elite BJJ fighter like Nog , Maia , Almeida , Filho , Jacare and Serra. So yeah he isn’t known for his BJJ he is known for being well rounded. Yves easily submitted Cody as soon as he took his back. If Codys’ strong point is BJJ , he may be out of his depth in elite MMA , that’s all.

  • king mah mah says:

    I have to say that I agree with the long hair thing LiverPunch.

    Never understood why you would want some headbanging hair flopping around your face while you’re trying to fight.

    Sure some people can fight good with the long hair, but everyone has to agree that it is a lot easier to see and I would imagine a lot easier to grapple.(I have to imagine because my head is shaved! LOL) Maybe i’m a little biased, but I agree with the point LiverPunch was making.

  • Rece Rock says:

    LP is going hard on the posts… you do realize your upset about HAIR right?

    YES, I agree and I understand your point and yes it is to there advantage to not have long hair interfere with there focus on the fight and even possibly slightly hinder their ability when grappling. BUT I’m certain a fighters skillset and training has alot more to do with there abilities and there success than there respective hair cuts…

    Perez Hilton is a pop celebrity gossip web site ran by a flamoyant homosexual blogger and I figured if we were going to discuss hair possibly that would be a better forum…

    Lastly, LP you suggested UFC was a place for “the best prospects and best fighters”…
    well a “prospect ” is one who simply has a probability or chance for future success… so I think Meathead fits that definition and you can’t tell me that when the UFC can mold and help develop a fighter from entering TUF to one day maybe fighting a top 1o guy in his division it’s not a good thing?!?

    Soo LP that’s what I’m “saying” and that’s what I’m “adding” since you are inquiring as to what my input means.

  • I get your point LP but the context in which you made it sound was that Yves is weak on the ground.
    and You may not like Mitrione being showcased the way he is but in the end its about viewers watching, and Mitrione gained alot of exposure by being a nutcase on TUF and then has looked nothing short of oustanding in his 4 UFC appearances so what would you have them do? Cut him and let him go to SF where a known figure can make the competition some money due to the fact he’s a well know and DAMN unique personality…oh yeah not to mention he’s undefeated and has one 3 of four by stoppage and a semi lopsided decision.

    So what do you sugges the ufc do with a money pit like him?


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