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Nick Diaz: “I wouldn’t mind moving up. I’d just like to get paid for it, you know?”

Ending months of speculation, Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz has finally come out and openly addressed media regarding the company’s failed attempt at putting him in the ring with Jason “Mayhem” Miller. While it was originally believed the pairing’s point of contention was weight, in fact it appears money was the primary hold-up in convincing Diaz to temporarily abandon his focus on welterweight in favor of a fight at 185 pounds.

Diaz spoke about the situation in a recent conference call, as well as about a number of other subjects including his interest in facing a few of the UFC’s top names and, of course, his January 29 fight against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.

When asked about whether or not his plans for the future include a change in division, Diaz was open to the idea but only if the price is right.

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind moving up. I’d just like to get paid for it, you know? I don’t like when I hear people say I didn’t accept the fight with (Mayhem) Miller because I was too small. I never said anything about that,” explained the Stockton native. “I said if I’m going to go off-track and screw with my whole season and it’s going to screw with my whole year and screw with my capabilities fighting at 170 then I’m going to have to get paid in full. I’d like to have a reason for doing that. I’d like to get paid double or triple to do something that crazy. To screw with my weight like that? I’d rather move down than move up if you’re not going to pay me for it.”

Diaz continued on the topic, saying, “I might as well move down than up. Am I going to get paid for it? I’ll fight at 155 pounds unless they offer me a big money fight at 185 pounds. If they do then I’ll make it happen but I’m not going to do it for free; for the same as I would make at my normal 170 pounds. Why would I? It’s more work.”

“That’s why I never wanted to sign for that fight with Miller, because they were talking about me moving weight. I was like tell these guys to get in shape and make weight like I do. It’s hard enough for me to make 170 pounds. You know what I mean? He acts like he wouldn’t be able to do it. He doesn’t want to work hard like me. That’s the problem. So he can work his ass off and make 170 pounds or 175 pounds or someone can pay me a couple million dollars to move up to 185 pounds to fight him,” he continued. “I just want to get paid…I’m over here driving a Honda because my sh*t is breaking down.”

One former middleweight who has been open to making the extra effort to squeeze into a 170-pound frame, “Cyborg” Santos, also came up in relation to next weekend’s title fight with Diaz explaining he understands the risk involved.

“I think he’s a brawler and he kicks well. He’s a kick-boxer/brawler. He’s a good fighter. He has knockout power and he hits hard. He can hurt you with one punch. If you hit anyone right with a good punch they’ll go down.”

As far as other fighters he has his eye on, Diaz mentioned a few names who currently call the Octagon home including Josh Koscheck, Anderson Silva, and welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre.

“I think I got here first and I was fighting before most of them, including (GSP) in the UFC. I was at it first. I was mad that they were getting fights and getting all this recognition when I was at it first. I thought it was first-come, first-serve,” Diaz began. “Like Koscheck. I cornered a guy at a bar who probably had two fights in his life. They worked it like he was set up to fight Koscheck. Then he gets an ass-whuppin. That’s what I’m saying. They’ve made easy fights for those guys. These guys have got like six or seven fights. Like all easy fights. I’ve never got to fight a guy like the one they brought into fight Koscheck. So when you bring up fighters like that and tell me they are the best fighters in the world it’s a joke. Those guys are all ranked now but I was here first. So let’s fight then. Let’s make it happen, you know?”

Before moving on in the conversation, Diaz parted with one more closing shot saying, “People think (St. Pierre) is better than me and its bullsh*t. He went five rounds with Koscheck. I just told you about Koscheck, right?”

The proud Californian, who adheres to a vegan lifestyle and also runs triathlons in his spare time, holds an overall record of 23-7 with wins in his last eight bouts as well as twelve of his last thirteen. He holds past victories over Robbie Lawler, Josh Neer, and Frank Shamrock, and most recently had his hands raised as the result of a unanimous decision over K.J. Noons in October at “Strikeforce – Diaz vs. Noons II”.

Other action slated for “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg” includes a second title-fight with Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza putting his middleweight belt up for grabs against hard-hitting Lawler, as well Herschel Walker returning to the ring in a bout against Scott Carson and 3-0 Roger Gracie going for #4 against experienced competitor Trevor Prangley.

  • Guthookd says:

    Nick. You shouldn’t be talking about UFC fighters when you your self said not long ago that the UFC was interested but that you turned it down in favor of lengthening your SF contract. You knew when you did that you wouldn’t be fighting any zuffa fighters throughout the period. STFU and whoop Cyborg’s ass.

  • Rece Rock says:

    ” …someone can pay me a couple million dollars to move up to 185 pounds to fight him,” he continued. “I just want to get paid…I’m over here driving a Honda because my sh*t is breaking down.”

    1. Who does Nick Diaz think is paying him a million let alone a couple of million dollars to fight?? The guy has no history of being a MAJOR draw for a promotion and NO PPV #’s to back his desire to make upper tier salary…His persona and personal conduct are not what sponsors or promotions want from a fighter they would be willing to invest in. Win, lose or draw overall he hasn’t consistanly fought top tier competition to even make a statement like that let alone against a competitor like mayhem… shit I would love to see these guys fight BUT it’s not worthy of a main event PPV spot and that’s a pipe dreaming that SF would even ever have a PPV to begin with.

    2. If at this stage of the game your driving a broke down Honda, then possiby you should stop buying weed on a regular basis and put it towards a car payment.

    3. This behavior is exactly why Nick won’t be a superstar OUT SIDE of the cage. So when he looks back at his career and sees himself pigeon hold in a stagnant enviroment he will have no one to blame but himself….Nick Diaz will be remebered as the fighter whom never STFU about wanting more BUT never changed his ways to get what he wanted. Hey Nick you gotta give a ‘lil to get a ‘lil…

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Personally, I enjoyed Diaz saying Koscheck/GSP receive “easy” fights in comparison to him.

  • MCM says:

    Can someone explain to me how Not cutting weight is more work than cutting weight. If it’s hard for him to cut to 170, why would it be easier to make 155 than 185? (and yet it’s no big deal to make 180?)

    -I remember him crying like this before he fought Diego. Then Diego beat his ass, then Riggs beat his ass, then Sherk beat his ass. Diego then went on to beat Riggs and Karo (both of whom beat Diaz), and then lost to Kos. So how was Kos getting spoon fed easy fights?
    -“First come, first serve”!? Did he just equate getting top fights to waiting in line at the bank?
    -He says he never had an easy fight in the UFC, I guess that’s why Coker never let him fight Riggs, cause it was too hard. Of course, EXC never gave him easy fights,Corbbrey or Aina, even Koons was supposed to be a “gimmie”. He was bitching about having to fight him too.

    Some people love to swing on Diaz’s nuts cause he’s an exciting fighter and, love or hate him, is entertaining as hell. But an honest look at his record, shows a guy that has never been able to cut it with the best in the weight class and always complains about doing his job.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    I personally enjoyed the part of the interview where he said GSP will get his ass beat by Jake Shields. Wonder what excuse he’ll concoct after Georges’ tears Jake a new one. I like Nick but I realize he isn’t THE greatest, Id still like to see him the UFC though.

  • qat says:

    He should really learn to think first before opening his mouth.
    Or maybe he just lives in a different reality.

  • danw84 says:

    I can’t stand the Diaz brothers. I watch each of their fights just hoping to watch them get crushed, it’s too bad they aren’t good enough to ever win enough and be able to fight anyone good enough to smash them.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I read the part about Diaz wanting to get paid for fighting up at 185, and for the first time ever something he said actually made sense. Then I read his statement about Koscheck, and that made a little less sense. Not complete shyte, anyway. And finally I read the stuff about GSP and I came full circle. Diaz is an idiot. GSP toyed with Koscheck, giving him a fractured orbital from jabs! I don’t care if it went five rounds, Koscheck got schooled, and if Diaz didn’t see that, then has more damage to his eyes than Koscheck took from GSP.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Never fought anyone good? What about Dong Hyun kim in Nate’s most recent fight? The stun gun is undefeated and wasn’t close to finishing Nate once in the fight. Nate’s guard is as impressive as anyone in the UFC and though he lost the first 2 rounds due to being on his back, he battled and caused more damage in the final round than had been doled out by Kim in the entire fight. Albeit both Diaz’s are HARD to like sometimes, they both definitely belong in the upper echelon of MMA.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “…they both definitely belong in the upper echelon of MMA.”

    Fine put them up there…they both won’t be able to hang there that long.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Holy rece! Try and be at least a bit objective. Upper echelon doesn’t mean Top 5. Nate’s been fighting top 25 guys his whole career in the UFC (the premiere MMA organization). Top 25 for their weight in the WORLD. I would consider that top echelon. You talk like you’d consider a fighter average if he wasn’t a consistent contender to the crown, when the case is: He’d most likely walk through a 100 belt-wearing champs, from smaller organizations, in a row.

  • JOEgun says:

    He wants more money but didnt come to the UFC because he would be fighting at 170 along with his best friend Jake and brother Nate.
    I doubt Coker appreciates all this talk about “wanting to get paid”. Perhaps Nick is trying to get him to do something about it. Not sure if that will happen.
    I dont agree with his smack talk about others having easier fights than him. But anyway,
    After he beats Cyborg Santos hes got to fight Paul Daley and thats a fight I wanna see!

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I think what Diaz has said has been misunderstood. I think he was talking about when they were both in the UFC. Diaz fought Jackson, Lawler, Karo, Fickett, Oishi (20-8 with wins over Nate Diaz, Lytle), Riggs, Sanchez,and Sherk. All those guys are tough. Kos had Sanford, Sprat (21-19) Fickett, Changalov (half way through a 4 fight losing streak and 0-2 in the UFC), Menne, Goulet, Joslin (5-3) and has fought Yoshida 10-6 since. He has had some tough fights and is obviously good himself but he has been given some cans to open. I think Nick has a point. Not a really good point but what he is getting at is true to a degree. He did not get the easy fights that a few UFC WWs get given, he had tough fights from start to finish.
    MCM it is not just a matter of not cutting and you know this. He has to gain 15-20 pounds of muscle in order to be the same size as most MWs. How can you not get that. Do you really think that MWs are the same size as him but they just don’t cut?. That is stupid dude. They are 15-20 pounds bigger. You hate Diaz and are saying he complains about doing his job. How is going up a weight class his job?. As far as not being able to cut it with the best, Lawler, Gomi, Sakurai, Zaromskis, Fickett, Smith, Shamrock, Tibau, Neer and Lytle is as impressive as anything Kos has done or Paulo Thiago or Hardy or Hathaway or Lytle or Daley or 3/4 of any of the top WWs in the world.
    In all honesty there is no doubt the majority of the best WWs are in the UFC and if Diaz was to go there he may get to face a higher caliber of fighter (GSP) but Diaz has Noons, Santos, Woodley, Safadine, Daley, Misvisdal and a young Afghan called Siyar Bahadurzada to keep him occupied. Are they up there with the best? we don’t know because they can’t fight in the UFC but rest assured the only reason some of the fighters in the UFC get recognition and some of these guys don’t is because they have access to name making match ups and the UFC marketing machine. There are many fighters out there who are just as good but they don’t get the shot at Diego like Hathaway did etc.
    You guys hate Diaz, cool but you also let it cloud your judgement. Diaz is a good exciting fighter that is surely amongst the best in the world at WW. Don’t expect him to do what very few WWs do and leave WW for MW when WW is his natural fighting weight. I don’t hear calls for GSP, Kos, Fitch and Alves to toughen up and move to MW, so why demand Diaz does it. I know why, because you don’t like him. What Diaz is saying is, why would he make the jump to MW when it messes up his whole year and he doesn’t gain anything from it?. If people want him to fight at MW give him some compensation for the sacrifice or he will just keep fighting at HIS weight class of WW. That is fair enough isn’t it?.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Nick Diaz spent 3+ years in the UFC and during that time did he beat anyone that is actually still in the UFC?

    The UFC must just be punka*s motherfu*ckin haters. For real motherf*ckers. I hate that sh*t.

  • MCM says:

    LOGIC- it IS just a matter of cutting with Diaz, and you know this. He’s fought well within the MW range before and never asked for a pay raise. He is the same size as Miller and he even says so when he says that Mayhem should just get in shape like he does. Then he complains about how hard it is to make 170 but that he could still cut an extra 15lbs to make 155. He’d ducking Jason Miller plain and simple.
    But your right, it’s not his job to go up in weight to fight. And I didn’t mean to insinuate that it was. If he want’s to stay at WW for the rest of his career, he has every right to and nobody should try to force him out of it……….unless of course he keeps picking fights with Middle Weights.
    And yes, tons of people have called for both GSP and Alves to move up to MW. Kos and Fitch used to be MW’s and Fitch has even spoken about possibly moving back up.
    My remark about him complaining about doing his job had nothing to do with fighting Mayhem, and everything to do with his remarks about his opponents and other fighters. He complained about having to fight Diego because Diego wasn’t worthy, he complained about having to fight Noons because Noons wasn’t worthy, and he complains about other fighters with better records getting ranked higher than him. He just needs to shut up, fight the best fighters available, (help him out Coker), and not worry about what other fighters in more successful promotions are getting.

  • Sykotick says:

    Nick Diaz is a Wankster, or wangster, whichever it is,
    “its about money” well if it WAS about money then the UFC has more of that to offer,
    “its about fighting the best” weeelll the UFC has the (consensus) best WW stable
    “Why does everyone want me to jump to MW?” well asswipe, if you keep jumping middleweights EXPECT to be told to jump up and handle your business, thugabo just saying
    P.S. Yes I freakin hate this pot smoking loser

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    MCM do you know that MWs cut too?. If you think WWS are the same size as MWs you are an idiot. Not trying to be rude but seriously if you think that the MW and WW fighters are the same size you are really naive. MWs cut and WWs cut. If Miller is the same size as Diaz why does he not cut to 178 since Diaz cuts to 170. Really I can’t understand what you don’t get about that. Diaz walks around at 180-185, Miller walks around at 195-200. Seriously if you can’t grasp the fact that MWs and WWs are different sizes I over estimated your intelligence. He would have to lose weight to cut to 155. Do you think (since Mayhem is the same size) Miller could cut 40+ pounds to 155?. Really, use you brain. Diaz WW, Miller MW Miller cuts to 185 Diaz cuts to 170. Not same. Diaz does not cut 30+ pounds to 170. Stop saying he has fought in the MW range because so has GSP, Alves and every other WW out there. For fucks sake they fight at about 185 pounds but MWs fight at about 200. What the hell do you think cutting weight is?.
    Diaz walks around at about 180 at the present time, Miller walks around at 195 (approx). Look at those 2 numbers …wait a bit longer … can you see how they are different?. 180 and 195 are not the

    “unless of course he keeps picking fights with Middle Weights”

    Miller is picking the fight. I can’t remember any Ceasar Gracie fighters storming the cage getting in Millers face during his post fight interview. You can’t seem to grasp that either. Miller stormed the cage and got in Shields face, taking his moment of glory away from him and trying to jump the line to get a rematch. I’m not saying they should have all attacked him but he deserved a smack in the head.

    As for the UFC having more money to offer. Bull-shit. The UFC has more money but if it was to pay Diaz more and give him better conditions he would go there. Diaz chose what was best for him. Hendo, Arlovski, Werdum, Sylvia and others left the UFC for more money. Fedor gets $400, 000 per fight plus M1 gets a %.The UFC does not offer all fighters more money. That is not true. Carwin made 40,000 for 1 of the biggest title fights ever. Thomson made 50,000 for beating JZ (40,000). Cain Valasquez would have walked away from his main event with Brock with 30,000 had he not got FOTN and KOOTN. Scott Smith earns more than Diego Sanchez. Paulo Thiago gets 18,000 before any bonuses. the idea that the UFC pays more is not true.

  • Sykotick says:

    Ever notice how when people talk about fighters jump ship from the UFC they always name the same fighters?

    Or how when they try and inflate Nick Diaz they mention Smith(relevent where exactly?) Gomi, TECHNICALLY NOT A WIN, Sakurai(post prime) Zaromskis(see smith) Noons(see smith and Zaromskis).
    Meanwhile he lost in the UFC to Diego Sanchez who all Diaz fans will be quick to point out fought for the LW title yet they all forget EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER was yelling cuz he was undeserving, and Riggs, (see smith and Zaromskis and Noons)
    He lost to Sherk, which isn’t that bad.

    Yes Miller hopped the cage and stole Shields’ glory, yet Alves jumped into the ring when GSP beat Penn, and BJ did when GSP mashed Fitch, or what about when Lesnar walked in after Carwin beat Mir? What about Evans got IN literally in the face or Rampage when he had just beat his teammate? No, no brawls, so what made the Shields Miller Diaz Diaz Melendez 5way? Oh yeah the rest of em are freakin civilized adults and Team Thugganomics are…. Well…. Thugs, or at least nick and Nate are, or at least wannabe thugs

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Ever notice how haters just ignore information so you have to repeat it? or how they always try to discredit non-UFC fighters stats by saying diaz didn’t beat Gomi because he had THC in his system or Sakurai doesn’t count or Zaromskis is not a good win even though he was thought of as a top 10 and was the Dream champion. How about trying to discredit UFC fighters that he has lost to to make him sound even worse. How about when they try to discredit every thing non-UFC. That is the really sad part. The UFC is just a brand name and so is SF but for some reason, people form a bond with the UFC and try as hard as they can to tear the other down. If they really thought about it they would realize that the fighters are what counts and they are being really stupid attacking non-UFC fighters because they are no different from UFC fighters. Fedor has faced just as good opponents or better than 90% of UFC HWs recently and has proven himself more than any UFC fighter full stop. Diaz goes 12-1-1 since his 3 fight losing streak and faces some of the best LWs and WWs in the world as well as fighting catch weights against top 25 MWs but you say his opponents sucked and he should move to MW. You assume I am on the side of Diaz here but I am pointing out how f#cking stupid and bias people are being. They expect things of Diaz that they do not of any fighter. He has fought in 2-3 weight classes and fights catch weights but that isn’t good enough. He fights the Dreram champ but that isn’t good enough and he should have fought the lower ranked Hieron, he fights Noons in a rematch and beats him on the feet but that isn’t good enough, he beats Gomi at 160 but that doesn’t count, he fights Sakurai in Japan but he was past it, he fights Scott Smith at a catch weight and that is not good enough, he fights Shamrock at a catch weight but that isn’t good enough. Face it, nothing he ever does will be good enough for you because you will find anything possible to discredit non-UFC fighters because you are extremely bias and even say so.
    Now I want you guys to name the amazing list of fighters that Hathaway, Thiago, Lytle, Kampman, Ellenberger, Serra and Hardy have beaten each and then I want you to say F#ck I’m an idiot for tearing down Diaz because his stats are just as good if not better than 75% of top UFC WWs. As far as wins over good opponents there would only be 5 WWs (approx) that are better, if that (GSP, Hughes, Alves, Shields and Fitch).

  • MCM says:

    LOGIC, do you even read these articles anymore or do you just have the same talking points copied on you computer that you paste into these threads?

    Nowhere, in any thread on any topic did anyone say that MW’s were the same size as WW’s. All I did was repeat what Diaz said. Don’t scroll up, I’ll copy it for you…..

    “..I was like tell these guys to get in shape and make weight like I do. It’s hard enough for me to make 170 pounds. You know what I mean? He acts like he wouldn’t be able to do it. He doesn’t want to work hard like me. That’s the problem.”… Diaz.

    See that part where he says “get in shape” and “he doesn’t want to work hard”? Put that with “it’s hard enough for me” and what NIck is insinuating is that he believes it’s possible for Miller to make the same weight as him.
    From these remarks and previous ones, I followed a logical progression of thought that led me to deduce that Diaz believes Miller is comparable in size to himself. Not that every MW is the same size as every WW, just that NIck believes these two are. This is what you get when you actually listen and apply reason to what fighters say and not just type up a knee jerk, emotional response.

    It’s applying that same sort of logic (or reading comprehension) that leads all those posters to believe that SF is not paying Diaz well. Here, I’ll show you agian…..

    “I just want to get paid…I’m over here driving a Honda because my sh*t is breaking down.” Diaz

    No one is saying AA, or Smith or anyone else in Strikeforce is complaining about their paycheck, just Nick Diaz. If he was making good money, he probably wouldn’t complain about driving a broken down Honda. (do you see how we got there?)

    Stop making this a UFC vs. SF thing. Nick Diaz is making statements about opponent size and finances, all we’re doing is commenting on it.

  • Dufresne says:

    I personally like both Diaz brothers pretty much in spite of their attitudes and antics outside the ring. They both show up ready to fight each and every time, and they’re damn good at it. I’ve never seen a single Diaz fight where they got mauled or outclassed, even in defeat.

    If you want a win over a Diaz, you’re gonna have to earn it.

    As for wanting to get paid to go up in weight, it makes since to me. Nick is a triathlete as well as a fighter which means adding muscle and bulk will screw with his times. He’s figured out that the best size/weight for him that allows him to have the most success in the ring while still being successful in triathletes, and people want him to add weight for one fight? Sure, he could simply not cut weight for the fight, but that’s stupid. When intelligent fighters move up in weight class they don’t do it by getting fat. They do it by changing their diet and exercise regiment so that they can add muscle while still maintaining as much speed and flexibility as possible. Just look at Cain’s weight from when he came into the UFC up to his fight with Lesnar, that’s how you add weight.

    So what I’m saying is that in order for Nick to move up in weight to fight Miller he’s going to have to completely change his lifestyle for several months which will almost certainly make him worse at one of his favorite past times. I wouldn’t do that without decent compensation. Or Miller could lose some weight, which is significantly easier than putting on muscle, and meet him at say 178. Right in the middle for both of them.

    And just in case anyone is thinking “He’s a fighter, screw his triathletes,” that’s stupid. I love my job, but if someone told me I had to do more work for the same pay and it would cut into my rafting time, I’d tell them to eat a dick. Just because Nick chose to be a fighter doesn’t mean he should have to sacrifice his hobbies.

  • RicM says:

    Dufresne………………….well said. The rest of these posts…….well……………you all sound like a bunch of fuckin children………… freaking out and spassing out over things you have no control over……….I used to come here to read intelligent conversation………………now it sounds like the UFC Booster club vs. Strikeforce nut-huggers……………..sad……………………………………


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