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UFC 126 preliminary action probable for Spike TV

After a recent run using ION TV and net-based streaming as options, it appears Spike TV will likely be home once again for a pair of preliminary fights come February 5 and UFC 126. The network last aired undercard action in November for UFC 123. The two bouts believed to be targeted for the broadcast feature WEC stand-outs Chad Mendes and Donald Cerrone making their promotional debuts.

News of the still-unfolding scenario was reported by MMAWeekly where it was explained sources have indicated negotiations between Spike and the UFC are moving in a positive direction.

If things continue as planned fans will have a chance to see Mendes and Cerrone in two of the biggest tests each has faced thus far in their collective careers. The 9-0 Mendes is set to mix it up with Michihiro Omigawa, a winner of his last five fights with past success in the ring against Nam Phan, Marlon Sandro, Hatsu Hioki, and others. Meanwhile, Cerrone will square off against 26-year old Brit Paul Kelly who possesses a well-rounded attack and five wins in the Octagon.

UFC 126 is headlined by a middleweight championship bout featuring title-holder Anderson Silva putting his belt up for grabs against Vitor Belfort. Other notable match-ups on the card include former champs Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin and Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about… No facebook BS.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Agreed. I can record a tv broadcast, and usually have to due to work. I don’t think I can record a live broadcast on Facebook. Hopefully it’ll stay on the site so I can watch it later. Cody is an off the wall cat, and I get a kick out of watching him. He’s like a bad-ass Garth from Wayne’s World. It’d be a little annoying to miss his fight.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Spike tv airs all the old ufc, tuf, and is mainly a man channel is dana white triyng to come out of the closet by putting fights on fb? Fb is for girls and I dont no many females that really like ufc. Give spike the ratings thats what I say.

  • Dufresne says:

    One of my best friends happens to be a very attractive female who will be sitting ringside at this card, so your point on females not liking UFC is moot.

    indicated negotiations between Spike and the UFC are moving in a positive direction.

    Why would they not already be in a very positive location anyways? The UFC has given SPIKE shows like TUF which has the highest viewer rating of any show in SPIKE’s history and airing the prelims is guaranteed to corner the market of the 18-35 age group more so than any other show/movie SPIKE can show on a Saturday night. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t just give the UFC pretty much whatever they want in return for the sole rights to broadcast these things.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Who did she have to let sit on her face for those seats?

  • mma.Australia says:

    As long as I have a face, she has a place to sit!

    I can’t wait to poke all the fighters on facebook. LOL, ROFL, WTF, HIV!

    Facebook… Are you f#cking serious???

  • mma.Australia says:

    UFC 129 Prelims on W.

    Followed by Twilight and Gossip Girl…


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