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Brock Lesnar and Junior dos Santos serving as TUF 13 coaches

The UFC resolved a number of lingering issues related to the future of their heavyweight division on Tuesday when Dana White announced former divisional title-holder Brock Lesnar and top contender Junior dos Santos would be acting as opposing coaches next season on the Ultimate Fighter. The two are then expected to face each other with the winner earning an opportunity at current champ Cain Velasquez’s belt once he has fully recovered from a torn rotator cuff sidelining him at the moment.

“It’s gonna be a very interesting six weeks of filming,” said White during a conference call with media.

On the subject of the UFC’s selection of Lesnar as a coach, the UFC President explained, “The guy’s a former world champion, he’s beat guys and held the title. No matter what his record is, what the guy has accomplished in the short amount of time that he’s been in MMA is incredible. He’s obviously got a lot that he can teach, and not only him, but the staff that he has around him have a lot to teach young, up and coming guys, and that’s what it’s really all about.”

White also praised “Cigano” for opting to put the shot at Velasquez’s championship he’d already earned up for grabs. “He’s been knocking everybody out, comes off a three round war with “Big Country” (Roy Nelson) and I love when guys do that because it’s good for them, it’s good experience, it gets them in better shape and it takes them to another level. And to put this guy on the shelf for a long time is ridiculous, and much credit to him for not wanting to go on the shelf.”

The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 will feature welterweights and is set to air on March 30 with the subsequent clash of coaches expected to occur at some point in June. Lesnar is 5-2 and had won four consecutive bouts before falling to Velasquez at UFC 121. Comparably, dos Santos has a record of 12-1 and is currently riding a streak of seven straight victories.


  • Rece Rock says:

    “It’s gonna be a very interesting six weeks of filming,”

    That is an understatement.

    I don’t know if I like these two on TUF but I like that they are fighting.

  • climbarock says:

    Good on ya for getting in there to fight, JDS (and Pettis, too). I’m glad that the Rashad Evans wait-it-out approach isn’t becoming a trend.

  • bigbadjohn says:

    Sweet Mercy. How will Brock teach a welterweight when he himself is the size of two? He can’t even begin to relate. Even though I’m a Brock fan, I can’t imagine him being an effective coach and would personally prefer to be under Junior’s tutelage. Under Junior, a fighter would learn BJJ from a Noguiera disciple and striking from one of the division’s best, whereas Lesnar would no doubt have a hard time translating his style into useful techniques for 170’ers. “Alright son, if your opponent tries to slip in a triangle from the bottom, simply place your hand around his neck and hammerfist his temple. To help with this, I suggest coming in at 30 to 40 pounds heavier than your opponent, having a half rhinocerous-half man frame and $100,000 training camps. Getting the hang of it now?”

  • Guthookd says:

    If I were going on that show I’d be hoping for JDS’s team to pick me. Brock is a great wrestler, but who would you rather train with..>Black HouseLesnar Farm Team<

    I'd pick Black House any day of the week. Well rounded and notorious. Not to mention he'll probably have Minotauro on the show and who the hell wouldn't want to roll with him.

  • climbarock says:

    “Alright son, if your opponent tries to slip in a triangle from the bottom, simply place your hand around his neck and hammerfist his temple. To help with this, I suggest coming in at 30 to 40 pounds heavier than your opponent, having a half rhinocerous-half man frame and $100,000 training camps. Getting the hang of it now?”


  • qat says:

    i agree with all of you who are saying jds will be the better coach and have the better team of coaches. however, i do think brock knows his limitations in that aspect, as does the ufc. im very sure that they/he will gather a neat group of trainers to make this whole thing interesting. moreover i think in a motivational aspect for the fighters, brocks charisma outshines jds entirely.

    its a smart move to take some wind out of the sales of the sf hw-tournament as well.

  • Rece Rock says:

    qat hit it on the head… Brock’s team will be hired guns as usual and he will probably have an allstar team of coaches and fighters teaching these young guns… I pray that Brock puts in the very best camp he has ever been in to prepare for JDS and for christ sakes Brock you got guys that can strike at your camp let them hit you!

  • fanoftna33 says:

    No Interim title at stake.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Lesnar as a coach could be as entertaining as Rampage. An entire season of rectal horseshoes, Coors Lite and getting on the wife!

  • stone says:

    When are they gonna do another “the comebacks” series?

  • boomnutz says:

    Rampage took down doors, what’s Brock gonna do? demolish walls? flip cars?

    Yea, i have to agree with Qat’s sentiments, and to add to it, Brock’s been wrestling his whole life, so for one he’ll able to add that knowledge, but he also probably knows how to train effectively, i’m sure his other coaches will have more technical acumen, but also Brock’s larger than life persona will probably only make his team respect him that much more, so i think they’ll train hard…Can’t disagree that Black house has a killer team, but i don’t think’s Brock’s team will be a buunch of slouches…

    As for the fight, very interesting…Brock may be able to take this, Cain was obviously a bad matchup for him, real bad, but he might be able to ground JDS and go to work. I love Brock, but I’d much rather see JDS and Cain go at it, IMO that would be the very best fight they HW division can offer, we’ll see

  • MCM says:

    JDS coaching staff – JDS, Noguiera’s, A Silva, Machida, and Stanky the boxer.
    Brocks coaching staff – Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk (?), Marty Morgan, Pat Barry (?), Cole Conrad (?)

    Yeah, I’d want to be on team JDS too. Especially since you know their gonna have that “family” dynamic that’s only gonna help the fighters get better. Unless their strength is wrestling, I don’t think most fighters are gonna get much more than strength and conditioning out of being on Brock’s team.

  • Rece Rock says:

    MCM do you really think either guy will be able to secure all those BIG names for that duration of time?? those guys MAY make appearances but theres no way they are spending a few weeks of there time there. I doubt Nog, Silva or Machida would be able to spend a few weeks in vegas for that type of training… and none of those guys really need the exposure.

  • MCM says:

    Aside from Stanky and Morgan, no I don’t think they’re gonna all be there all the time. But JDS and Machida were both there for over a week when Big Nog was coaching and Trevor Wittman and Daniel Cormeir were on the show for the full season, so who knows. I think Sherk might be on for the full season only because he’s a trainer at Minnesota Martial Arts and is closer is size to the competitors than anyone else Brock surrounds himself with.

  • Guthookd says:

    Oah wait…..Brock does have Cole Konrad so I take it all back.


  • boomnutz says:

    I have to agree with Rece I don’t remember any of Black House fighters training with Nog (i know they must have, i’m just saying i don’t recall any specific instances)

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Boomnutz I recall anderson coming in and doing striking with the guys and who could forget Machida eating that chick sandwhich? A lot of thoes guys arnt featured because of the language barrier.

  • MickeyC says:

    brock needs to bring in coaches and guests from outside of his own gym.last I heard his team was nothin but heavys. I hope he sits and watches old seasons prior.that way he gets some idea of how NOT to come off lookin like a dumbshit(KOZ). But with brocks history I could see him sayin stupid shit.oh, & withs JRs coaches, prepare yourselfs foralot os subtitle reading.

  • Dufresne says:

    Oah wait…..Brock does have Cole Konrad so I take it all back.


    Man Guthooked, even when you throw in a smiley face folks don’t quite get the sarcasm.

    I’ve watched every single episode of every season of TUF, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting tired of it. The same crap happens every single time. I’ll probably end up watching every episode of this season too, but something tells me that I’ll be using my trusty DVR’s fast forward button a lot.

    For the fight I think it all depends on if JDS can keep Lesnar from taking him down. Nelson wasn’t able to get him to the ground, but I’d put a month’s rent on the fact that Lesnar has far superior takedowns than Big Country does. I know JDS trains BJJ with the Nog brothers, but Lesnar has faced another top level submission guy in Mir and after their second fight it looked like Mir had stuck his face in a hornet’s nest and called their queen a whore. Sure Lesnar lost by submission to Mir in their first match, but it was the guy’s 2nd pro fight and they threw him in with a former champ.

    And let’s be honest, if Mazzagatti hadn’t stood them up from one accidental blow, which was entirely Mir’s fault by the way, that fight would have most likely ended in the next few seconds.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I don’t like or watch the TUF series. I like the way it gives up and coming fighters exposure but if I ever catch a show I try to see the last 20 mins so I get the fight and that’s it. Most of the time it is not a very good fight and the skills of the 2 fighters are ordinary.
    I like the idea of these 2 fighting and I think it will be a very good test of how Lesnar can adjust after his loss to Cain. Can Lesnar get his striking and wrestling transitions sorted?, will he panic if he gets hit again?. There are just as many questions about JDS. Is Jr capable of stopping top wrestlers from taking him down? is his ground game any good?.
    The UFC HW division has a lot of unanswered questions surrounding many of it’s top HWs. JDS has not fought on the ground since his first rd sub loss in 2007. Carwin has not been out of the 1st rd against anyone but Lesnar and he gassed and looked lost once taken down in the 2nd. I want to see these guys fight more top opponents and this is going to provide a few answers one way or the other.
    Nog vs Carwin and Dos Santos vs Lesnar on the same UFC 131 card in June? looks like the UFC is feeling the heat and is having it’s own tourney. Dana wants to keep the HW no.1 spot.

  • MCM says:

    “Nog vs Carwin and Dos Santos vs Lesnar on the same UFC 131 card in June? looks like the UFC is feeling the heat and is having it’s own tourney.” – MMALOGIC

    True. But the UFC is not having their champ fight in the tourney without the belt like SF is doing.
    I don’t understand this new move by Coker to have Overeem fight in the tourney but not allow any of his opponents a shot at the belt until after the tourney. At this rate the SF belt will have only been fought for twice since 2007 while the supposed champ will have had a minimum of 10 fights in that time. And that’s presuming that Overeem doesn’t win the whole thing, in which case he would have only officially defended his belt once in 12 fights. He shouldn’t call this a tourney and just make the matches like he’s supposed to, so that if a fighter does beat Allistair, he’s not gonna have to do it again two fights later just to get the belt.

    Sorry for the rant in this thread but there’s no other place to put this yet.
    And this is the only site I like posting on. :)

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Didnt know about this new move by Coker. That sucks.

  • BigDave says:

    This is gonna be as bad as every tuf series has been other then the first season. You have one side in the jds camp that will have his fighters well prepared and a other side being Brocks team that will just talk shit for the whole time and not really help with advancing there fighters skills. I will call it now and say JDS will have both fighters in the finals and will then go on to beat Brock to maintain his opertunaty to get destroyed by Cain when he comes back.

    And since it was brought up ill give my predictions for the Strikefarce Tourney,

    Barnett by tko rd 2
    Werdum by Sub rd 1
    Bigfoot by ko rd 1
    Arlovski by decision

    I’m guessing all you fedor nuthuggers are gonna bash and thumbs down that one! 😉

  • bigbadjohn says:

    If Bigfoot knocks out Fedor in Round 1, I will eat my own head. I’ve seen him take shots to the chin that would flatten a moose. He’s outpunched every stand-up specialist he’s ever faced. I am definitely not a Fedor-nuthugger either, though I don’t see how anyone who likesMMA could hate on that guy. You called the Cain-crowning long before he was a contender, for that you have my props, but I think this is crazy BigDave.

  • Dufresne says:

    I personally don’t know who I’d rather train with to be honest. Both JDS and Lesnar are incredibly talented athletes and you know they’re both going to be bringing some high caliber trainers with them. We pretty much know that most, if not all of JDS’s camp will be from Black House and considering that means you have the possibility of A. Silva, either/both Nog brothers, Jose Aldo, Machida, Thales Leites, Cavalcante, Diego Noons, and Pedro Rizo show up makes an almost irrefutable argument for Team JDS.

    But let’s not forget that Lesnar has a crap ton of money, a crap ton of connections, and a crap ton of name power, all of which mean he shouldn’t have that hard of a time luring some of the best in the game to his coaching team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets Randy and others from Xtreme Couture to show up. And with Vegas being so close to New Mexico, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he somehow got Greg Jackson and crew to make a trip out.

    Lesnar made a name for himself by acting like a complete jackass after UFC 100, but other than that one outburst and a few clips in the promotional videos leading up to UFC 100 he’s been more professional than many other UFC fighters. After his win over Carwin he was polite even if he was still a bit cocky, and after his loss to Cain he was polite, professional, and humble to the point of sounding like a huge version of Randy after his first loss to Chuck.

    So whichever team you end up on you’re going to be exposed to some insane level training with some of the best in the world. At that point it comes down to personality, and personally I think I’d get along okay with either.

    Plus, you know both of them have some ridiculous stories to share. JDS’s nickname “Cigano” translates into “Gypsy,” and as best I can remember he earned that moniker from traveling all over Brazil looking for work before discovering fighting. You know he’s got some awesome tales from all that. Then you have Lesnar with traveling/working experience with the WWE, trying out for the NFL, and finally landing in MMA. He could probably write an entire book just on his time in the WWE. Either way, guaranteed awesome tales.


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